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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


1/93 Mindy Lewis returns to town.

1/8/93 Maureen Bauer dies.

1/8/93 Harley Cooper and AC Mallet travel to Washington DC and learn that Buzz Cooper did not die in the Vietnam War.

2/5/93 Buzz Cooper is introduced.

2/8/93 Eleni Andros learns that Frank Cooper is the father of her baby.

2/15/93 Bridget Reardon gives birth.

2/25/93 Roger Thorpe and Jenna Bradshaw take control of Spaulding Enterprises.

3/1/93 Alan-Michael Spaulding and Nick McHenry take over the Springfield Journal.

4/93 Hart returns to town.

4/93 AC Mallet learns that Rex Mancini really is Buzz Cooper.

4/93 Alan-Michael Spaulding and Eleni Andros divorce.

5/93 Billy Lewis and Nadine Cooper divorce.

5/12/93 Frank Cooper and Eleni Andros marry.

5/12/93 Marina Cooper is born.

5/12/93 Harley & Frank Cooper learn that Rex Mancini is really their father.

6/93 Macaulay West appears in town, along with his boathouse.

6/93 Billy Lewis and Vanessa Chamberlain marry.

7/93 Eve Guthrie is released from a psychiatric hospital.

7/4/93 Roger Thorpe proposes to Holly Reade.

7/12/93 Vinny Morrison is killed.

8/93 Josh Lewis returns to town.

8/93 Dylan Lewis burns down his house.

8/10/93 Roger Thorpe and Jenna Bradshaw marry.

9/93 Hart Jessup leaves town.

9/93 Dylan Lewis buys the Jessup Farm.

9/93 AC Mallet and Harley Cooper marry.

9/93 Lucy Cooper arrives in town.

10/8/93 Bess Lowell moves to Springfield.

10/22/93 Marina Cooper has surgery on her ears.

11/93 Patrick Cutter appears in Springfield.

11/93 Eleni Andros Cooper is kidnapped.

11/93 Tangie Hill moves into Springfield.

12/93 Nick McHenry and Mindy Lewis become engaged.

12/93 Roger Thorpe is shot.

12/93 Holly Reade finds Roger Thorpe alive.

12/93 Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler become engaged.

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