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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


February 1992 - Eleni Andros and Alan-Michael Spaulding marry.

February 1992 Nick McHenry and Mindy Lewis get engaged.

February 1992 Eve Guthrie first appears in Springfield.

February 3, 92 Vanessa is nearly raped.

February 14, 92 Holly Norris and Daniel St. John elope.

February 14, 92 Holly Norris and Daniel St. John are taken hostage.

February 14, 92 Harley Cooper is kidnapped.

February 14, 92 Daniel St. John dies.

April 1992 Jenna Bradshaw first appears in a storyline.

April 1992 Harley Cooper poses as a personal assistant for Jenna Bradshaw.

April 1992 Harley Cooper is coerced into stealing a ring for Jenna Bradshaw.

April 1992 Frank Cooper poses as his sister, Harley Cooper's, boyfriend.

April 1992 Nick McHenry receives a journalism award.

April 15, 92 Harley Cooper graduates from the police academy.

April 30, 92 Gilly Grant and Hampton Speakes get married.

April 30, 92 David Grant first appears in town.

May 1992 Hart Jessup leaves town.

May 1992 Billy Lewis and Nadine Cooper split up.

May 4, 92 Frank Cooper keeps money that he knows was stolen.

May 4, 92 Alex Spaulding hires Roger Thorpe to bring Eve Guthrie to town.

May 13, 92 Blake Marler steals a file on Jenna Bradshaw from Ross Marler's office.

May 13, 92 Gilly Grant is fired from WSPR so that Blake Thorpe can take over her job.

June 11, 92 Roger Thorpe breaks into Mindy Lewis' boathouse.

June 25, 92 Nick McHenry is arrested.

June 26, 92 Mindy Lewis and Nick McHenry split up.

June 26, 92 Springfield blackout.

July 1992 Alexandra Spaulding leaves town.

July 1992 Vanessa Chamberlain is named president of Spaulding enterprises.

July 1992 Eleni and Alan-Michael Spaulding divorce.

July 1992 Blake Thorpe leaves town.

August 21, 92 Nick McHenry punches Roger Thorpe.

August 24, 92 There is a car bombing at Towers.

September 1992 Musette and AC Mallet are caught in an explosion.

September 1992 AC Mallet looses his hearing and is paralyzed.

September 1992 Eleni returns to Greece.

September 1992 Lillian  Raines is cured of breast cancer.

September 1992 Bridget Reardon becomes pregnant.

September 1992 Nadine Cooper fakes a pregnancy.

September 1992 Billy and Nadine get back together.

September 7, 92 Frank Cooper punches Alan-Michael Spaulding.

September 21, 92 Vanessa Chamberlain cancels her wedding to Fletcher Reade.

September 30, 92 Holly Norris humiliates Blake Thorpe at the Lakeland Country Club. 

October 1992 Lillian Raines and Ed Bauer begin to have an affair.

October 1992 Intimate photos of Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler are made public.

October 1, 92 Nick McHenry goes to Paris to sear for clues about Musette.

October 6, 92 Nick McHenry is falsely arrested for stealing Spaulding documents.

November 1992 AC Mallet regains his hearing.

November 1992 Ross Marler wins an election and becomes a Senator.

November 1992 Ross Marler gives up his election seat.

November 11, 92 Nick McHenry breaks into Spaulding Enterprises.

November 17, 92 Nick McHenry installs a bug in the Spaulding Mansion.

December 1992 Harley Cooper is taken hostage.

December 1992 Pierre dies.

December 1992 Bridget Reardon pretends to leave town.

December 1992 Nick Spaulding and Eve Guthrie get involved.

December 1992 Holly Norris attempts suicide.

December 1992 Roger Thorpe saves the life of Holly Norris.

December 25, 92 Jenna Bradshaw finds out that she's not related to anyone in town.

December 25, 92 AC Mallet begins to walk again.

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