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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


January 1989 Fletcher Reade & Alexandra Spaulding crash on deserted island.

January 1989 Roger Thorpe returns to town with alias, Adam Malek.

January 9, 89 Reva Shayne & Alan Spaulding are kidnapped.

January 13, 89 Will Jeffries attempts to kill Alan Spaulding.

January 18, 89 Sonni Carrera attempts to kill Reva.

February 1989 Samantha Marler returns to town.

February 2, 89 Sonni Carrera testifies that Josh Lewis attempted to kill her.

February 8, 89 Anita Ybarra is kidnapped.

February 13, 89 Sonni Carrera's house is set on fire.

February 14, 89 Harley Cooper & Alan-Michael Spaulding get married.

February 16, 89 Sonni Carrera attempts to kill Reva Shayne.

February 17, 89 Will Jeffries is fired from Cedars Hospital.

March 1989 Ed & Maureen Bauer separate.

March 1989 Holly Norris returns from Europe.

April 1989 Sonni Carrera is sent to a mental hospital.

April 1989 Reva Shayne learns that Josh Lewis is Marah's biological father.

April 1989 Meredith Reade suffers a miscarriage.

April 1989 Rusty Shayne & Rose get married.

April 1989 Hawk & Sarah Shayne get remarried.

April 1989 Holly Norris begins to run WSPR.

April 25, 89 Marah Lewis is kidnapped.

May 1989 Gilly Grant is introduced.

May 1989 Alan Spaulding & Nadine Cooper's engagement is called off.

May 1989 Adam Malek is exposed to be Roger Thorpe.

May 1989 Dylan Lewis moves to Springfield.

May 5, 89 Rose McLaren Shayne is killed.

May 13, 89 Holly Norris attempts to smother Roger Thorpe.

May 26, 1989 Roger Thorpe is shot.

May 29, 1989 Phillip Spaulding is shot.

June 1989 Alan Spaulding goes to jail.

July 1989 Mindy Lewis returns to Springfield.

July 1989 Phillip Spaulding & Blake Thorpe get married.

July 1989 Beth Raines kills Professor Blackburn.

July 14, 89 Reva Shayne & Josh Lewis get married.

July 14, 89 Hampton Speakes is introduced.

July 14, 89 Vanessa Chamberlain returns to town.

August 7, 89 Roger Thorpe steals papers regarding the burial of Beth Raines.

September 1989 Dana Jones pretends to be Beth Raines.

September 1989 Reva Lewis learns she is pregnant.

September 1989 Johnny Bauer & Chelsea Reardon get engaged.

September 1989 Gary Swanson arrives in town.

September 1989 Beth Raines & Neil Everest return to Springfield.

September 15, 89 Roger Thorpe swindles one million dollars from Phillip Spaulding.

September 29, 89 Roger Thorpe bribes Sonni Carrera to keep her quiet about his dealings with Phillip Spaulding.

October 1989 Harley & Alan-Michael Spaulding separate.

October 1989 Sonni & Roger Thorpe separate.

October 1989 Sonni Carrera is fired from Cedars Hospital.

October 5, 89 Holly Norris drives recklessly in an attempt to scare Roger Thorpe.

October 10, 89 Bradley Raines is knocked unconscious.

October 24, 89 Alan-Michael Spaulding kidnaps Susan "Daisy" Lemay.

October 30, 89 Mindy Lewis Jeffries is held hostage by her husband.

October 31, 89 Will Jeffries dies.

November 1989 Dylan Lewis learns who his biological parents are.

November 1989 Blake Thorpe Spaulding has Phillip Spaulding committed to a mental institution.

November 1989 Ed & Maureen Bauer renew their vows.

November 6, 89 Reva Shayne accidentally hits Dylan Lewis with her car.

November 9, 89 Phillip Spaulding assaults Blake Thorpe.

November 13, 89 Phillip Spaulding exhumes the grave of Beth Raines.

November 29, 89 Bill Lewis is expelled from school for one month.

December 1989 Sonni Carrera leaves town.

December 1989 - Rae Rooney moves into Springfield.

December 4, 89 Phillip Spaulding sees the 'dead' Beth Raines.

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