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Guiding Light Timeline

Timelines By Elizabeth


1970 – 'La Lumiere' becomes the theme song for Guiding Light.

1970 – Eric Luvonaczek is paid (by Brandon Spaulding) to steal Lujack and leave Alexandra Spaulding.

April 1970 – Ken Norris appears in town.

April 1970 – Mike Bauer and Charlotte Waring wed.

July 1970 – Holly and Stanley Norris appear in town.

August 18, 1970 – Frederick 'Rick' Bauer is born.

December 31, 1970 – Sara McIntyre and Joe Werner marry.

1971 – Ed and Leslie Bauer divorce.

April 1, 1971 – Roger Thorpe appears in Springfield.

July 2, 1971 – Leslie Bauer and Stanley Norris marry.

September 1971 – Stanley Norris is killed.

December 1971 – Lee Gantry dies.

March 1972 – Janet Mason and Ken Norris marry.

April 1972 – Flip Malone kidnaps Charlotte Waring.

August 1972 – Johnny Fletcher has a nervous breakdown.

September 18, 1972 – Roger Thorpe attempts to rape Janet Mason.

1973 – Mike and Charlotte Bauer divorce.

1973 – Roger Thorpe borrows money from loan sharks to open "The Metro."

February 13, 1973 – Papa Bauer dies.

May 1973 – Ed Bauer and Holly Norris marry.

June 1973 – Mike Bauer marries Leslie Jackson.

August 1973 – Kit Vested murders Charlotte Bauer.

February 1974 – Kit Vested is killed.

November 1974 – Meta and Bruce Banning leave Springfield.

April 1975 – Ken Norris shoots Ed Bauer.

June 1975 – Christina 'Blake' Thorpe is born.

February 1976 – Roger Thorpe and Peggy Fletcher wed.

May 1976 – Jackie and Justin Marler arrive in town.

June 1976 – Leslie Bauer dies.

June 1976 – Ed and Holly Bauer divorce.

July 9, 1976 – Joe Werner dies.

November 12, 1976 – Malcolm Granger dies.

1977 – Roger and Peggy Thorpe divorce.

May 23, 1977 – Hillary Bauer appears in Springfield.

August 19, 1977 – Bill Bauer Sr. returns from the dead.

October 17, 77 – Maryanne Caruthers dies.

November 7, 1977 – Alan, Elizabeth and Phillip Spaulding arrive in town.

November 7, 1977 – Diane Ballard moves to Springfield.

1978 – Alan and Elizabeth Spaulding divorce.

1978 – Ramon de Vilar claims (after being bribed) that he is the lover of Elizabeth Spaulding.

April 1978 – Alan Spaulding convinces Mike Bauer to remain silent about the adoption of Phillip Spaulding.

May 1978 – Sara McIntyre and Dean Blackford marry.

May 1978 – Ben McFarren and Eve Stapleton marry.

July 13, 1978 – Amanda and Lucille Wexler appear in town.

July 13, 1978 – Gordon Middleton move to Springfield.

September 1978 – Amanda Wexler and Gordon Middleton wed.

October 13, 1978 – Roger Thorpe rapes Rita Stapleton.

November 1978 – Ed Bauer and Rita Stapleton marry.

1979 –Brandon Spaulding lies about the paternity of Amanda Wexler.

January 1979 – Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris marry.

January 26, 1979 – Dean Blackford dies.

February 1979 – Alan Spaulding and Jackie Marler wed.

March 6, 1979 – Roger Thorpe rapes his wife, Holly Norris.

March 23, 1979 – Ross Marler moves to town.

March 27, 1979 – Ross Marler argues with Holly Norris.

March 27, 1979 – Ross Marler fights with Hillary Bauer.

May 25, 1979 – Ed Bauer and Roger Thorpe get into a fight.

May 29, 1979 – Alan Spaulding helps Roger Thorpe hide from the police.

June 5, 1979 – Roger Thorpe "dies."

September 1979 – Brandon Spaulding dies.

October 1979 – Justin Marler and Elizabeth Spaulding marry.

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