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Guiding Light 2003 Predictions & Rumors

9/23/03 by Eva

Aubrey Dollar may not re-sign her contract when it expires in December.

Looks like Paul Anthony Stewart's dressing room may be cleaned out.

A certain headwriter may have to clean out her office very soon.

5/20/03 Sarah's GL predictions for the rest of the year

Eden is going to somehow make Marah disappear, and then she'll "be there" for Tony while he's hurting. Reva and Josh will blame Tony for Marah's disappearance, but then Tony will get to be the hero and rescue Marah. Bill will find out the truth about Eden, and it will send him straight into the arms of Tammy!

Lucia is going to stick around, and Alan will rekindle his romance with her. Alan will also rediscover his love for painting & singing with lots of encouragement from his sons. Gus and Phillip will bond and decide to run Spaulding together. Harley and Gus will finally get married, and they'll be expecting their first child together soon.

Frank and Cassie will somehow find feelings for each other, but their daughters will have a hard time adjusting to their parents dating, and it will affect their friendship. Marina is going to find out about Ben's "job," and it will send her into Shayne's arms for her first time.

Lizzie is going to go wild and end up in lots of trouble, then she'll develop a crush on the new DA, Jeffrey. Of course, he and Beth will have already been seeing each other on the sly, so Lizzie will have one more thing to blame for her being so messed up.

5/10/03 by Ryan

*Jeffrey, the new District Attorney, will go for Cassie, while Edmund still tries to prove his love for her. Whose heart will go to Cassie?

*Mrs. Hendon will start to get an obsession over Ben, and she will try to break up Marina and him.

*Blake and Ross will have a summer wedding, but Tory, who escaped from the mental ward, will try to stop it! Will she succeed?

*Alan will give Alexandra a dose of her own medicine, literally!

5/1/03 by Mandi

*Alex is exposed by Alan, Reva, Gus, and Harley for setting Alan up for Reva's stalker and for drugging Alan. She is also exposed as Reva's stalker!

*Michelle finds out that Danny is dealing with the "mob" again and they get into another fight, this time landing Michelle back into Bill's arms, for good!

* Marah finds out that this whole "mob" thing isn't over and her and Tony have a big fight, but they try and work things out.

* Marina finds out about Ben's "So-Called Job" and decides to leave him and pursue her relationship with Shayne.

* Lizzie is caught! Beth and Phillip finds out that she WAS the one who started the fire at her boarding school.

* Cassie and Edmund decide to give it a try with each other, When "Richard" walks in the door of the Beacon and she passes out. Then she realizes what she is doing and decides to tell Edmund that it is a big mistake to try and hook up.

3/4 by Eva

Gus's parents will turn out to be Alexandra Spaulding and Miguel Santos. Alexandra had an affair when she was very young. Gus was then adopted by Joe August and his wife. When this shocking secret is revealed it will cause more friction between Philip and Gus which will place Harley in an awkward position. Danny will surprisingly be glad to have a brother since he lost his brother Mick. Danny and Gus will develop a close brotherly bond. The triangle between Danny Cassie and Michelle will continue and will be complicated by the arrival of a man who looks just like Richard.

The relationship between Ben and Marina will be tested when he meets a mystery woman named Ramona.

Alan will use Mindy as a pawn to somehow get control of Spaulding again.

Edmund will be revealed as Reva's stalker and we will also find out that he had help from Alexandra because she wanted to frame Olivia in order to get her out of the lives of the Spaulding men.

Rick and Mel will have a baby

Ross defending Olivia against stalker charges causes tension between Ross and Blake. Beth and Bill will try to have a romantic relationship again. Philip will be the father of Olivia's baby.

1/19 by Suzanne

The triangle between Beth, Bill, and Michelle will heat up, with Danny in the mix.  One of them will find someone new and leave the triangle for good.

Carmen will return; she will be released on a technicality but lived a reformed life.  Still, she will cause problems for Danny, Michelle, and Tony.

Gus & Harley will get married in an unusual way.  His sister will leave town.

Annie causes lots of problems for Reva & Josh, who don't think she is the one phoning Reva because she's in an institution.  Tony and Marah will also be threatened by her.

Gus will decide to fight for Holly.

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