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Guiding Light 2002 Predictions & Rumors

11/30 by Eva

Danny/Michelle/Bill/Ed/Cassie- Carmen will go to jail after Gus finally gets the truth out of her but will Michelle be able to forgive Danny for making her think he was dead.? I don't think so, at least not for a long time. This will make Danny and Cassie's bond grow stronger. The fact that Ed knew Danny was alive will also drive a wedge in Ed and Michelle's already strained relationship. All of Michelle's problems will cause her to rely more heavily on her friend Bill for support and friendship which will eventually turn to love for Michelle and Bill. Bill will be put on the spot because he will be in love with Beth and Michelle.. After some time Michelle will realize that she will always love Danny and go back to him, leaving Cassie to turn to her friend Ed. They will develop a strong bond and begin to date, which will only add more tension to the Bauer house.

Beth/Philip/Olivia/Edmund?/Alexandra.- When Bill chooses to pursue a relationship with Michelle and leaves Beth behind, she will try to get back together with Philip, who will latch on to her to get over Olivia, who will be thrown out of the Spaulding mansion now that everyone knows she was the one who published Lorelei's Diary. Alan will be heartbroken and seek revenge on Olivia . When Alan and Olivia get divorced Philip will no longer have a reason to control his feelings for Olivia and they will begin a secret relationship. When Beth finds out about their secret relationship, she will be heartbroken and all the insecurities she has always felt about herself will surface again. Beth will decide to go after Edmund, who will be with Alexandra. Will Edmund choose to go back to his first real love or stay with Alexandra for the money?

Ben/Marina Lizzie/Shane - The fear of being poor will cause Shane to break Marina's heart and pursue a romance with Lizzie. This will finally give Shane the chance to show Marina how he feels about her.

Tony/Marah/Eden. Tony's romance with Marah will get strong as he once again tries to change for the woman he loves. Eden will try to take Tony away from Marah . Once Tony finds out that Eden killed his father Tony will be so angry at Eden he will seek revenge. That will tear him and Marah apart once again.

Gus/Harley/Eden- Eden and her revenge against the Santos clan will continue to test Gus and Harley's love for each other. There will also be a big secret revealed by Alexandra that will put a strain on the love birds.

Buzz Holly/ Ed/ Cassie.- Ed's emerging feelings for Cassie will cause Holly to be very jealous and go after doctor Ed. Will Buzz sit back and let Holly go? I don't think so he will fight for her. Eventually Holly will realize Cassie and Ed love each other and let them be happy together. Holly will open her heart to Buzz and they will get married.

Rick and Mel will have a baby.

Josh will be angry at Reva for knowing that Danny was alive and keeping the secret from him.

11/19 by Nicholas

*Carmen goes too jail for attempting too kill Danny.

*Danny and Michele will reunite.

*Claire will return and fight for Ed.

*Richard will have an identical twin.

*Cassie will end up with Edmund!

*Olivia will divorce Alan and go after Philip when the truth about Alan faking his heart attack comes out.

9/18 by Nicholas

Reva will get out of jail when Richard's living will comes to light. Tony and Marah will reunite.
Eden and Tony will turn out to be sibling or cousins. Beth will lose interest In Bill. Harley and Philip will reunite for a limited period.

9/18 by Eva

Eden/Tony/Marah - Look for Tony to start dating Eden in order to get over Marah. Eden will start dating Tony to get her revenge on the Santos family but she will end up falling in love with him. Marah and Tony will continue to fight the feelings they have for each other.

Harley/Gus - Eden will continue to be a strain to their relationship when Harley discovers Eden is a prostitute. Will Harley tell Gus and risk hurting him? Or will she use the secret to blackmail Eden into telling Philip and the court the truth about what happened on the roof to get Zach back. Gus will eventually find out that Eden was a prostitute and that Harley knew about it and didn't tell him. This will tear the couple apart briefly but they will eventually get back together.

Philip/Beth/Alan/Olivia/Bill/Michelle- Philip who is surprised by how much he is attracted to Olivia will try to forget about his feelings for her because they feel guilty about the heart attack Alan suffered because of them. Bill and Michelle will get closer because of there shared problems and deep friendship. Beth will mistake their bond for love and get very jealous. In reality Michelle will be unable to let go of Danny. When Alexandra comes to town she will discover that Alan is faking his heart attack in order to keep Olivia. Thinking that Olivia is unsuitable for her brother she will do everything in her power to take care of the situation. Since Alexandra wants to take control of Spaulding Enterprises again she will not tell anyone that Alan faked his heart attack instead she will take advantage of the situation to take over the company.

Danny/Cassie/Ed/Lilian/Buzz/Holly- Danny and Cassie will get closer because of the debt Cassie owes to the family. Although they will start a relationship Danny will still be torn by his feelings for Michelle Ed will step in and try to protect Cassie from ruining her life by getting involved with Danny and will eventually develop feeling for Cassie which will make Holly and Lillian very jealous because they also have feelings for Ed. Buzz will continue to fight to keep Holly.

Ben/Marina/Shane/Lizzie- Ben will be surprised by his feelings for Marina. Frank will disapprove of the relationship because Ben is to old for her. Marina will continue to use Shane and the feelings he has for her and ask him to pretend to be her boyfriend so she can sneak away and see Ben. It will be hard for Shane to do this once Lizzie goes after him since she has a crush on him. Shane will eventually develop feelings for Lizzie and it will be impossible for him to pretend to be Marina's boyfriend.

Ross/Blake- will do everything they can to help Reva when she goes on trial for the mercy killing of Richard.

Josh/Reva- There love will be tested once again by the decision reached in the court room. It will also put a strain on all the members of the Lewis household. Mindy will return to lend emotional support to her family during the trial but the longer she stays the more trouble she will cause in Springfield.

Look for Philip's ex-wife India to return for a short time and add even more tension to Philip's life.

8/24 by Nick

*Reva will go to jail, but it won't last long.

*Richard will come back as a twin.

*Cassie and Edmund will become a new Supercouple.

*Tony and Marah will reunite because of a tragedy.

*Ben and Shayne will fight over Marina.

*Eleni will return.

*Frank will be a love interest for Gus's sister.

*Alexandra will cause trouble for Alan.

*Philip and Beth will break up.

*Lorelei will come out again.

8/13 by Megan

Tony is leaving...or at least Jordi is.

I predict that Danny and Cassie are going to get together, also.

7/20 by Eva

Philip/ Beth/Bill/Olivia/Alan --Beth's past as Lorelei will continue to cause a problem between Philip and Beth. Beth's need to find out about her past will draw her closer to Bill, who will use the opportunity to his advantage, given his feeling for Lorelei. Olivia will use the publication of Lorelei's diary by giving the diary to Philip, and when Philip finds out about the romantic nature of Beth's relationship with Bill, it will drive Philip and Beth farther apart. Olivia will be Philip's shoulder to cry on, which will make Alan even more jealous.

Blake/Ross --Blake's lack of trust in Ross will continue to tear their family apart and possibly force them to seek marital counseling.

Lizzie/Shane Marina --Lizzie's crush on Shane will grow, but so will Shane's feelings for Marina, who won't give Shane a second glance because she will be chasing after Ben.

Tony/Marah/Ben/Marina --Tony will continue to fight his feelings for Marah because of his guilt over what he did to her. Marah will also continue to fight her feelings for Tony by focusing on school and her friendship with Ben. Marina will do everything in her power to keep Marah and Ben apart and try to get Ben to notice her, without success.

Gus/Harley/woman from Gus's past --The woman from Gus's past, who I think is his sister, will cause problems for Gus and Harley's relationship because Alan and Philip will bring her to Springfield because they think she is the key to gaining custody of Zach, but all their plans will blow up in their face. Gus's sister will be a troublemaker and cause more problems for Gus and Harley at the police station.

Ed/Holly/Buzz --it looks like two of Springfield's more eligible bachelors will fight for Holly's affection. Will Holly choose her new love or her old love?

Edmund's digging into the circumstances surrounding Richard's death will cause him to accuse Mel of pulling the plug on Richard. Either Mel will tell everyone about what she heard Reva ask God in the chapel, or Reva will come forward and reveal the truth. Either way, the shocking revelation will cause a big rift between Reva and Cassie.

Mel and Rick --Mel and Rick will remain happy for a while until Rick gets involved with the custody battle for Zach. Will he take the side of his lifelong friend or the mother of his son?

Edmund and Carmen's relationship will grow more intense and intimate.  Carmen will help Edmund uncover the truth about Richard's death.

Michelle and Danny will get caught up between their two families because for once, Michelle will agree with Edmund and Carmen and think that Mel pulled the plug on Richard. Danny will think that Mel couldn't possibly do such a thing. This will tear the couple apart for a while, but when the truth comes out, things will be okay again.

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