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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to Guiding Light or CBS.


Guiding Light Soap Links

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Add Your Guiding Light Link!                                      Links checked 10/5/09 By Suzanne

Official Sites

Please note: Anyone can put up a web site, or a blog, or Twitter account or Facebook page and claim to be a celebrity. We try to only put sites we are fairly sure are that person, but we don't claim to be perfect! So just please be aware of that when visiting these pages...

Official GL Twitter
Find out the latest from the show on Twitter!


Mandy Bruno on myspace page and Facebook
Official sites for the actress who plays Marina.

Orlaugh Cassidy on Twitter
Official Twitter site for the actress who played Doris.

Beth Chamberlain Fan Club
Love the actress who plays Beth Raines-Spaulding? Here's where you can spend hours pouring over her biography, a gallery as well as information on where Beth will be in the coming months. Also, follow her on Twitter.

Crystal Chappell's Official Website
The official site for Crystal Chappell (Olivia).  Here you can register to become part of her fan club or communicate with other fans via the chat room and message board. Also, here's her official Twitter Page and the Venice Site (online series she created that stars in.

Jordan Clarke
Official Site for the actor who plays Billy Lewis.

The Official Site of Tyra Colar
For the actress who plays Leah Bauer.

Bradley Cole Official Fan Club Site
Site for the fan club for the actor who once played Prince Richard and now plays D.A., Jeffrey O’Neill.  Also, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Frank Dicopoulos on Twitter
Follow the actor who plays Frank!

Marj Dusay’s Personal Site
Official Page for the actress who portrays the dynamic Alexandra Spaulding.

The Official Elizabeth Keifer Fan Club
Nice fan site for the actress who plays Blake.

Yvonna Kopacz-Wright (Mel) on Twitter

Follow Jessica Leccia (Natalia) on her official Twitter page.

Karla Mosley
For the actress who plays Christina.

Michael O'Leary (Rick) on Twitter

Naelee Rae on MySpace
The actress and singer who played Clarissa.

Ron Raines Online & his Twitter Page
Official site for the actor and singer who played Alan.

Changing Shoes
Tina Sloan's site for her one-woman show. Also, Follow Tina Sloan on Twitter!

Krista Tesreau's Official Site
Find out more about the actress who played Mindy Lewis.

Kim Zimmer Fan Club
Official fan club site of Emmy Award winning actress Kim Zimmer. Reva Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light. Pictures, Message Board, Spoilers, Poll, and much more.


Teja Anderson on Twitter
Frank Dicopoulous' lovely wife.

Laura Bell Bundy - The New York Kentucky Belle!
Official site for the actress who played Marah Lewis. Additionally you can find her fan club information here.

Joan Collins Website
Official site of the woman who once portrayed Alexandra Spaulding. Read notes from her, or see some of the many other highlights of this site.

Official website for Nicole Forrester
Official site for the actress who plays Cassie Winslow.

Stephanie Gatschet's Official Website
Official web site of Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy). Stephanie posts exclusive interviews, pictures and extras on her web site every month for her fans. Visit her galleries and message boards for everything Stephanie!! Also, follow her on Twitter!
For the actor who played Gus. Enjoy fan club information, photos, a calendar and even a store! Also, here's his official Twitter Page!

Doug Hutchinson Official Site
Site of the actor who portrayed the evil Sebastian Hulce.

Vincent Irizarry Site
Vincent Irizarry (ex -Nick McHenry Spaulding; ex Brandon "Lujack" Luvanoczeck) Fan Club

Julie Lancaster
Official site for the actress who played a hospital comptroller.

Monti Sharp Official Site
Not much there for the actor who played David Grant. Also, follow him on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) on Twitter

Gina Tognoni (Dinah) on Twitter

The Official Jerry verDorn Fan Club
Official site and fan club for the actor who played Ross.

Follow Jordi Vilasuso on Twitter
Get to know the actor who played Tony Santos.

The Official Montel Williams Site
Site for the talk show host, who also sometimes played Clayton Boudreaux.

General GL Pages

Addi's Guiding Light Page
A website that not only has a picture gallery, but character bios for both active and inactive Springfield residents.

AOL's Guiding Light Site
Info, photos, video etc.

Buddy TV Guiding Light Site
Articles, news, and a lot more!

Watch GL episodes online

Guiding Light Bugs Club @ Yahoo Groups
A club devoted to Guiding Light, our favorite daytime soap.

Guiding Light Livejournal Community
If you're not only a Guiding Light addict, but a livejournal one as well - look no further.

Guiding Light Lovers
Nice forum with info, spoilers, updates, games and more.

Guiding Light Monthly
Fan Fiction, continuing where the show left off...

The Guiding Light Project
Blog about the show

Guiding Light: Sentieri Online
The Guiding Light shines all the way to Italy, where this ardent fan lives. The English version of the site gives its American counterparts a run for their money with detailed show and cast info and plenty of photos.

Guiding Light at TV Buzz
Active discussion forum also featuring extensive spoilers and casting information.

A fun/informative mailing list for all things GL. Past and Present Including a Wednesday night chat.
Site with cast and episode information, photos and more

Jennifer's Guiding Light Page and Weekly Poll
Stop on by and subscribe to a weekly poll, read a newsletter or get to know the residents of Springfield a little better.

Keep Guiding Light on air
Petition to keep the show running

The Lighthouse
A weekly or so column about Guiding Light

Marvel Comics
See the comic book they made for Harley

Media Domain’s Guiding Light Discussion Group
Chat about Guiding Light with other GL pals!

MJayne's GL Page
Download some wallpaper, look at some photos or listen to some great clips of Guiding Light.

(The Original) Guiding Light Central
With over 1200 members, we always have a lively discussion going. Also, we have the most comprehensive spoilers on the net!

PGP Classic Soaps
Official P&G blog that continue both Another World and Guiding Light via text stories.

Guiding Light on Twitter
Find out what GL actors are doing now and share your favorite GL memories with other fans.

Shrine to the Soap Hunks of GL
Lots of great photos.

Soap Opera Digest
Their Guiding Light section - tons of photos, interviews and more!
GL recaps, news and tons more

Springfield Gathering
Includes cast bios, picture albums and personal encounters.

The Spauldings of Springfield
Read about Alan, Phillip, Elizabeth, and their sordid past.

The Springfielder
Website about Guiding Light with games, poll, and the latest scoop.

Springfield Insider's Channel
Actors' Interviews, Behind the Scenes Videos on YouTube.

Topix Guiding Light Forum
Small forum for posting
Summaries, information and more

TV Guide Online
Great site with news, daily recaps, and a lot more

The online encyclopedia's page for GL.

Yahoo Guiding Light Page
Photos, Videos, info and more

Yahoo Groups
Guiding Light fans on Yahoo

Fan Pages for Current Characters/Actors

Blake and Ross

The Carriage House
Site dedicated to the couple of Ross Marler and Blake Thorpe.


Marcy Rylan Fan Group
Yahoo group for the actress

Marcy Ryland Forum
Message board with screencaps, videoclips and more


Daniel Cosgrove Fan Site
Small site for the actor who plays Bill.


Buzz and Jenna Fanpage
All about the characters, Buzz Cooper & Jenna Bradshaw. Includes character histories, actor biographies, transcribes scenes and more!

The Unofficial Buzz an Jenna Fan Page
Great site! It has audio clips, a clip of the week, scene transcripts & more...

Josh and Reva

Josh and Reva Forever
Great Josh and Reva fan site - tons of info and nice design.

Always Reva...Always Bud
This site is dedicated to a favorite couple on daytime, Josh and Reva. It contains photos, dialogue, sound clips, songs, and info about the super couple and their family.


Jessica Leccia Fanpage on Facebook
Dedicated to the wonderful actress who played Natalia.

Jessica Leccia Fanlisting & Photo Site
Very nice page for the actress.

Natalia & Olivia

Big Purple Dreams
Great message board for Otalia fans.
A Fan Site Dedicated To Olivia & Natalia

YouTube - Otaliafan's Channel
YouTube page with tons of Otalia clips.

The Olivia & Natalia Fanlisting
Show your love for the duo! Photos, wallpapers and more.


Marj Dusay Facebook fan page
Facebook group about the actress who played Alex

Vincent Irizarry Facebook Fan page
Facebook group for the actor who played Lujack.

Murray Bartlett Fan Board
Message board for the actor who plays Cyrus; you must register to see it.

Bogue Beat
Visit the 'Bogue Beat' and chat with other fans of the 'New Mallet.'

Crystal Chappell Fanlisting
Join the list of her fans (Olivia)

Guiding Light: Dr. Rick's Office
Apparently Dr. Rick Bauer requires house calls for his attractive Springfield patients. An ardent fan presents a tribute to the dashing doc here, with a history, photos and an account of his relationship with Abby.

Guiding Light Rassie Friends Message Board
This message board is a place to come and discuss royalty on Guiding Light – Richard & Cassie.

Marj's Place
A website dedicated to the incredible, multitalented Marj Dusay, who plays Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light.

Beth's Chamber:
Great site for fans of Beth Chamberlain, a woman who's definitely come into her own as of late!

Brad's Circle of Friends:
EZ Board for fans of Bradley Cole, the musician who has portrayed both Richard Winslow and Jeffery O'Neill on GL.

LAM Land
This website is dedicated to the love between Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding.

Roger and Holly Worldwide Website
A great site dedicated to the complicated love once shared between Holly & Roger.

Fan Pages for Actors No Longer on the Show


Fan page for the actress who played Cassie.

Group dedicated to Laura Wright and fans of her!

Danny and Michelle

Guiding Light's Michelle and Danny
Photos, video, back story, message board and more! Mainly based on the Danny/Michelle pair when actress Joie Lenz was on the show.

Rustle of the Sheets
Danny and Michelle quotes, pictures, fan fiction, and more.

Gus and Harley

The Importance of Being Jake
Forum for fans of Jake and his portrayer, Ricky Paull Goldin

Insatiable Gus and Harley
Message board for the couple who recently won the ‘Most Irresistible Couple’ award at the 2005 Daytime Emmys.

Gus & Harley Fan Site:
On this blog, you will find all kinds of stuff for Gus & Harley fans, and lots of general GL stuff as well.


The Beth Ehlers Board
Another fan group for the actress who plays Taylor.

Beth Ehlers Fan Club
Great mailing list about the actress.


Guiding Light: Phillip's Shower
Be warned, the title is just a lure! There are no immodest photos here, but this fan does provide a Phillip's romance story line, focusing on the Beth and Harley triangle.

Phillip's Room
Small fan page for the Phillip and Harley romance.

Save Phillip!
Petition to keep the character of Phillip Spaulding on the air. 

Quint and Nola

Guiding Light's Quint & Nola Page
Take a step back in time to see a site devoted to the characters Quint & Nola Chamberlain.

Quint & Nola Fan Page
Historical site of GL's couple Quint and Nola Chamberlain from 81-85. This site is extremely comprehensive and loaded with hard to find vintage material.


Stephanie Gatschet fansite
Great site for the actress who played Tammy.

Tammy/Jonathan Community:
A good place to go to chat with other Jammy fans.


Suave: Matt Bomer Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (Ben).

The Unofficial Charissa Chamorro Website
Come read a biography, post in a message board or share your Charissa encounter with other fans. Charissa played Tory Granger on Guiding Light.

Curly Locks, Inc.
All about Rick Hearst (ex-Alan-Michael Spaulding). Announcements, photo album, message board and more.

Beth Ehlers Fan Club
Great mailing list about the actress.

Fiona Fest
Unofficial Fan page for Fiona Hutchison (Gabrielle, OLTL – Jenna Bradshaw, GL) spanning her career in soaps, theater, ballet, film and TV. Dozens of articles & interviews, hundreds of photos and more. 

David’s Den
Website and message forum for fans of David Andrew Macdonald (Edmund Winslow). Articles, forum, biography, multimedia center all available.

Danny & Marina Fan Site
A site dedicated to the Danny Santos and Marina Cooper relationship.

The Rick and Abby Home Page
This self-proclaimed world's biggest “Rabby” fan presents a shrine for the couple at this site. All Guiding Light fans will appreciate character histories, scads of photos, previews, rumors, and actor bios.

Silence - Doug Hutchison Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (Sebastian)

Melina Kanakaredes (ex- Eleni Andros Cooper) Livejournal Community:

Dennis Parlato Theatre Credits
Site about the actor who played Roger.

Sherry Stringfield (ex- Blake Thorpe Marler):
 Livejournal Fan Site

Fiona Hutchison Fan Center (Yahoo! Group)
Site dedicated to to the actress who once portrayed Jenna Bradshaw on Guiding Light.
The only online source for Tom, who played Jonathan.

Blessed Allure - Wes Ramsey Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (Sam)

Brittany Snow Online
An unofficial website for the actress who once played Susan 'Daisy' Lemay on GL.

The Unofficial Sonia Satra Webpage
Here you can peruse the photo gallery, read about Sonia in the news, check out links, or read the biography of the woman who once played Lucy Cooper Spaulding.

Captivating - Paul Wesley Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (Max)

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