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Guiding Light Articles

Opinion By Elizabeth  8/30/07

The Lewis/Spaulding Partnership

Let me preface this by saying that I really like the Billy/Lizzie interaction that we’re seeing now. In fact, its one of the best storylines, in my opinion, that they have going on the show right now. That being said there are definitely some things about this that need to be mentioned.

Part of the reason that the Lizzie and Billy storyline works so well is that it makes sense. It wasn’t thrown together haphazardly. It’s actually a well thought out pairing. Lizzie has desperately been looking for a father figure since Phillip was shot, and Billy has only wanted someone to care for. Once Reva got better he just seemed like a lost soul. So in that sense, this is perfect.

However and here’s the big but - this duo will only work with the two as friends and mentors. And nothing more.  I don’t know if we can trust the writers, especially after the fiasco that was Alan-Michael and Marina, not to make this an inappropriate relationship by throwing romance in as well. I really hope that they keep things as they are between the two instead of making the viewers want to retch uncontrollably.

It’s great to see more of Jordan Clarke on the show, especially as an employee of Lewis Construction. It had seemed, for a while at least, that those days were over. I’m only saddened that Lizzie and Billy had to start their friendship as we found out about Billy falling off the wagon yet again. Sometimes I wonder if the writers can even write Billy without including alcohol.

All that being said, I look forward to this storyline evolving into a real treat to watch. Billy’s son, Bill, is on his way back into town, and it looks like Alan wants to make Phillip’s dreams of transforming Springfield into “Spauldingville” a reality. From this vantage point it sounds like another turf war in Springfield, with one Spaulding on the opposite team.  If those in charge at Guiding Light  make the right decisions, we’re in for some good Guiding Light  moments in the days ahead.

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