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Guiding Light Articles

Opinion By Elizabeth  8/6/07

The Harley/Gus/Natalia Love Triangle

Now that Harley knows Gus cheated on her, one can only guess that she will be furious. Leaving with Dylan was only the first step. The real anger, I think, will begin when she returns to town and has to face Gus. Viewers are wondering whether or not the Aitoro family will stay together or beak up. Personally, I think that they will stay together initially, but eventually split up. I don't think Harley will be able to trust Gus being around Natalia. And Gus won't be able to stay away from his ex. He'll use the excuse that they have a child together.

Through this storyline though we were subjected to some terrific acting. Kudos to the writing and casting team! Beth Ehlers did an amazing job portraying a heartbroken wife in her scenes with Jessica Leccia on Monday, August 6th. And Gus and Natalia had some spectacular chemistry during their lovemaking scenes. They all played their parts perfectly in this storyline.

One does have to wonder though if Natalia is a bit more calculating than she is being portrayed as. Sixteen years is a long time to be alone and pine after a high school sweetheart. I am guessing that Natalia isn't all that innocent and sweet. I think she has an agenda, though I don't know what it would be. She either wants Gus, or part of his Spaulding money. Maybe Rafe isn't even Gus's son. There were no paternity tests done. Then again I could be wrong. She could be a nice person caught up in a bad situation.

I will give Natalia credit where she deserves it. When she and Gus were together it was Natalia who stopped them. She did not coax him into bed, and in fact, it was Gus who insisted that they make love. 

It will be interesting to see how Natalia evolves as a character, and if being in the Spaulding Mansion reveals her true colors.

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