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Guiding Light Articles

Opinions By Eva  8/5/07

I have been watching Guiding Light since 1977.  Although I have left it a few times, I always come back to it, because I love the characters and actors in the show.  The stories in my opinion have not been that good of late, which is why I have been getting bored with it.  I have no idea why Guiding Light won the Daytime Emmy for Best Writing when the stories last year were not worthy of a writing Emmy, with the exception of the Tammy/Jonathan exit story which, I must admit, had me on the edge of my seat, even though I was never a fan of Tammy and Jonathan as a couple.  The show still has a lot of work to do to get back to the wonderful stories it used to have when I first began watching it in 1977.

I have two all-time favorite storylines since I have been watching Guiding Light.  The first one is the Nola, Kelly, and Quinton triangle when Nola passed off Floyd’s baby as Kelly’s baby and later met and married Vanessa’s half-brother Quinton Chamberlain.  My second all-time favorite story is the beginning of the Philip and Beth love story when they were teenagers and ran away from home because her step-father Bradley Rains was abusing her.  These stories are my favorites because they contain what I consider to be the two best moments of acting in Guiding Light history.  The first moment is when Kelly Nelson, Ed Bauer’s nephew, who of course is a doctor, finally after several months discovers that Nola has been lying to him about her child’s paternity and confronts her in the backyard of the Bauer house.  My second favorite moment is when Philip discovers his real father is Justin Marler and not Alan Spaulding.  Grant Aleksander had taken over the role of Philip for only a few weeks when they decided to age the character from 12 to 17-years-old.  That day he displayed his fine acting ability as he would many times in the role of Philip Spaulding. 

I opened this article with my two favorite Guiding Light moments because they also reflect what is most lacking in Guiding Light today:  its core families.  I miss the Bauers, the Reardons, the Spauldings, and the Marlers, because there are only one, two, or at most three members of these families left in Springfield.  The show needs to get back to its roots and bring members of these large core families back to town.  The only core family that is for the most part still intact is the Cooper clan, even though they as well as the Lewis clan have many family members missing.   I know that budget cuts in daytime drama have pretty much forced all the shows to cut everything to the bone, but without good characters and storylines people won’t want to watch daytime dramas anymore.

I love Guiding Light and always will.  I like some of the storylines that are on now, except for the fact that this year instead of having the infamous Bauer BBQ at the Bauer house they had it on the street outside of Company.  It just completely took away from the tradition of the Bauer BBQ and didn’t have the feel of a BBQ with family and friends.  I do, however, like that they brought back a few of my favorite characters like Matt and Vanessa Reardon who I had missed.  I had even missed Dylan Lewis and hope they continue to bring back more of the Lewis clan.  I am happy that if they couldn’t persuade Morgan Englund, who originated the role of Dylan, to return, they chose Brian Gaskill to replace him.  I think Brian Gaskill is a wonderful actor, and I have followed his acting since he was on the now-cancelled General Hospital spin-off Port Charles.  I do understand though why the audience is having a hard time accepting him in the role of Dylan Lewis: the writers are ignoring Dylan’s history.  Dylan would never go after Harley while she was married to Gus.  What he would do is wait until they had separated or divorced and then take advantage of Harley’s vulnerable state to get back together with her.  I hope the writers read back through Dylan’s history and fix the mistakes they have made with the character, so that Dylan Lewis will stick around Springfield for a while. 

I am enjoying two storylines in particular right now:  Dinah’s struggle to reclaim her life after her brain injury and Coop and Ashlee’s budding romance.  I love Dinah’s struggle, because the writers have done a great job in capturing Dinah and Mallet’s feelings as they deal with this latest crisis.  I love Coop and Ashlee’s budding romance, because it has built up slowly and continues to grow instead of having it come up out of the blue like the Marina/Cyrus romance, which started one day and then the next day Marina was kissing a guy she just met who to top it off was a thief.   I also wish that Marina’s father, Frank, would get a romance, because he hasn’t had one since before Marina was born.  They had a good one going with him and Darcy, but the writers dropped the ball on that story. 

Guiding Light is celebrating seventy years on the air both on radio and television, and it is my hope that this year the show will return to the things it does best:  wonderful storylines that center around its wonderful characters dealing with real-life problems that teach viewers the strength of the word family.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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