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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Apr. 21, 2006

This week on the box, pregnancy verses parenthood storylines. Weds. ďInside the LightĒ revealed that little Lizzy Spaulding is indeed pregnant. What will not be revealed for many, many, many, months is who is actually the father. My bet is that itís Jonís, but itís hard to say if this baby will actually ever come to be. Perhaps Lizzy will secretly give it up for adoption when she finds out that the baby is Jonathans, or maybe the dreaded miscarriage will rear itís ugly head back in Springfield. I am a mom myself, and I love it. But Soap Moms, not so much. When pregnancy turns into motherhood, it really makes for a dull character. And the new child becomes a burden who can only be seen at Company, I suppose because itís the only family friendly joint in town. When Olivia was preggers, it was great! We loved seeing that whole story unfold. But she is by far the worst soap mom in the history of soap moms. Emma has proven to be nothing more than a decoy, cleverly placed in scenes (so a hopeful suitor can prove his worth as a ďfamily manĒ) to give the illusion that Olivia is a hardworking single mom looking for her soul mate as well as her daughterís next father figure. In all actuality, a single mother of a 4 year old would hardly ever be seen without her only child. I know, I know itís just TV. Some things should just be addressed so that the writers know we notice stuff sometimes. Thatís all Iím saying.

The pregnancy story line has always been a jewel for all soap writers at sweeps time. There are usually questions of paternity leaving us on the edge of our seat. In turn, writers can hurry pregnancies along (in the case of Beth) when no one really cares, or stretch them out when it proves to be useful (again in the case of Beth when she was pregnant with James). For right now, this is a hot story. The so much potential, yet oh so boring Coop and Ava coupling does not have the goods to survive this mishap. And the whole Oxford thing with Coop is so redundant. Henry is never leaving Springfield, thereís no one else to wait tables at Company now that Marina is a cop. The real drama will come from the backlash that will occur when Jon is forced to face his responsibilities. Being a child that was given up himself, he would never turn his back on his child, and in the end if faced with a choice he would probably have to let Tammy go. Since it has been confirmed that Tom Pelphrey will leave GL next year, it does pose the question of a possible recast. At first I was against it, cause Tom is amazing as Jonathan and I canít see anyone filling those shoes. But at the same time, a character like that is just way too good to just be written out. Only time will tell I guessÖ.

Put your party dress on, cause this Friday @ 8pm (EST) on ABC we have the Daytime Emmys. It should be a huge night for GL!

Till next time, this is Natali the stayhomegoddess, stepping off the boxÖ. For now!

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