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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Apr. 7, 2006

On the box for this week…This is going to be short and to the point. I am very disappointed in GL this week for all of the developments or underdevelopments that occurred in the show. I hear from fellow fans constantly about how Guiding Light is falling so short of what it was that separated this soap from the others, what made it great. Family. A soap opera that focused on family and values was unheard of, during the 80’s there was so much scandal, sex, and intrigue to be found on other shows, and of course GL had its share, but it was G rated. And at it’s core it had strong characters who were the backbone of the town. The Bauer’s for one but more importantly Ross Marler, (Jerry ver Dorn who has been GL’s “voice of reason” for over 2 decades. We are all pretty familiar with how GL slapped him in the face by putting him and other veterans on recurring status and he can now be seen on OLTL, but now on what was the worst Guiding Light episode in some time, they spit on Ross’s good name by not only killing him off in a freak plane crash, but throwing accusations around of an affair, corruption with the o-so-sleazy Alan-Michael, and the icing on the crap cake..a funeral for the “Mayor of Springfield” in which only a handful of Springfielders attended and it was held at C02? The Cooper’s Coffee Shop!? For shame GL writers, for shame! Regardless of what bad blood was shed between JVD and GL producers, the man deserved a proper send off. I am not even going to get started on the fact that yet another “Inside the Light” which was supposed to spotlight one character, (Blake Marler) had the last 30 minutes focus on Dinah and the other characters and Blake was to be seen no more. I am really getting sick of GL playing favorites and focusing on competing with other soaps by trying to come up with outrageous storylines that ignore history and lack anything resembling genuine “Guiding Light” morality. When building a set to accommodate 1 scene of cousins having sex, overrules paying homage to the exit of one of the shows strongest actors in a classy and dignified way, I have to say something. Never have I witnessed a funeral being held at an outdoor coffee shop, in front of a movie theater. Did Ross even ever step foot in C02?

Anyway, the scene with Frank, Olivia and Buzz equally disappointed me, when Frank over hears the other two talking about their little “tryst”. It was poorly written, the actors were clearly uncomfortable saying the lines, especially Frank Dicopolous (Frank Cooper). Well since I am a loyal fan of GL and have vowed to watch the show for as long as it remains, I will continue to stay tuned. I did however; need to voice my opinion about the downward spiral that GL is headed towards. One of my readers is also very disheartened about GL’s current direction. I would like to share his comments with you, and encourage all of you to send your questions and comments in to me.

Reggie Smith writes:

I use to watch GL for some time ago when it was still good. I love Reva and Josh, Billy, Holly, Roger, Blake, Ross, Michelle, Danny, Drew, Selena, Jesse, Harley, Phillip, Gus, Ben, Beth, Alan, Susan, Buzz, Jenna, Rick, Ed, Mel Vanessa, Cassie, Dinah, Hart and many other characters. Now the show is so in disarray that I don't know what the show is about anymore. It completely change history or ignore it, push vets aside and show lackluster newbies, crappy s/ls, character assassination and so on. I don’t know what the show is about and don’t watch it like I use to. I don’t feel JVD feel obligated to the show when they put him on recurring. I loving him on “OLTL” and the show is using his talents to the full extend. I wish him luck on the show and hope he more success than before. I do believe the show isn’t going to last if the writing and the acting on the show continues the way that it is doing.

I want to end this article with the vows recited by Blake and Ross at their wedding. It is a reminder to GL about how strong of a bond these two characters had. Theirs’ was a marriage that endured plenty, but endured none the less, this is my way of honoring what I believe to be one of the end of one of the most dynamic and successful relationships in soap history BLOSS…Blake and Ross may their memory live on forever.

Taken from the wedding of Ross and Blake on June 13th of 1994:

Blake: "My love, I've waited so long for you that I had begun to believe that there was no such thing as real love. And, that I would spend my life, in vain, searching for that perfect someone for me. After many missteps and sorrows, after I had given up hope, you came to me like a miracle. A single, elegant star in the darkest of nights. Loving you has forever changed me. You are my friend, my teacher, my accomplice, and my lover. With you I feel joy, I feel hope, and I feel that anything's possible. They say that no one knows what the future holds but I do know this: I will cherish you, and respect you, and love you, and give thanks for you until the day I die."

Ross: "My beloved Blake, it's difficult to remember my life before you came into it. I was only half alive; measured, controlled, incomplete without you to unlock the doors that I'd closed so long ago. You came into my life like a summer storm. I enjoyed the chaos of your happy thunder, and the warm rain of your embrace. I threw caution to the wind and expected to be punished for it, but instead I was rewarded with the privilege of loving you for a lifetime. And, that, I will do, my dear. I will love you and honor you, in good times and in bad, enjoy you and console you, astound you when I can. I will be thankful for you always, and cherish you dearly, until God brings to an end our earthly days."

Until next time soap fans, this is Natali the Stayhomegoddess getting of the Soapbox….for now!

Remember to email me with you opinions, questions, and comments @ and check out my weblog for all things GL @

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