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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Mar. 31, 2006

On the box for this week…Last week brought a close to what has been the most drawn out and milked scenario since Caroline Caruthers came to town to stir up trouble for the “3 M’s”. Yes folks, Gus is back! In what was a very anticlimactic rescue by his “unwavering” wife Harley, Gus was whisked away to safety and is once again part of the Springfield community. Strangely enough I as well as most viewers were really anticipating some serious fireworks when Beth and Alan discovered that the “jig was up”, but as usual the Spaulding’s get away with committing yet another crime. Or do they? Dum dum duuuum.  So with that being said I would like to just highlight what else happened last week by bringing back the ever popular Excited About, and Irked My Nerves. Since with the closing of one storyline door always comes the possibility of a lot more doors opening.


The possibility of Dinah having true happiness, after going Psycho for a bit when Mallet left her high and dry, he finally comes to the conclusion that his heart resides with Dinah and that he needs to fight for his woman. Telling Dinah that he slept with Harley was very risky, but both characters handled it beautifully, their chemistry is really amazing.


Sadly what I don’t want to see is Dinah as CEO of Spaulding. I know that would put the cream in her coffee but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s Spaulding not Marler certainly not Cooper Enterprises. All this seat changing is just paving the way for what I pray is the inevitable…"Phillip Spaulding returns to take his rightful place at the helm while he and Alan-Michael struggle to find some middle ground and perhaps share a love interest or 2".Grant Alexander we need ya, that’s all I’m sayin…


What looks like Alan-Michael and Marina about to break up. Now that the truth has been exposed about A-M’s true intentions. It would be in Marina’s best interest to walk away.


More than likely this will really only create another layer on the forced complexities of their impossible romance and draw them closer together. The whole “I wish I could quit you” mentality is floating around a lot in Springfield. Lizzy and Coop are hardly acting broke up nor are Tammy and Jonathan, Josh and Reva, Cassie and Jeffrey..etc. Come on GL we gotta break these chains and do some partner switching. Now that Lizzie is a sexier older version of her self, I vote for a hookup between her and Jon-Jon. They have a history together and they could terrorize the town before Tom Pelphrey moves on.


What’s in store for Harley when Gus finds out she slept with Mallet and still has strong feelings for her ex-husband. Remember A-M still has the recording of Harley spilling the beans to Cassie, and now Dinah knows too. It’s only a matter of time before this whole thing blows up in Harley’s face. Who will be there to pick up the pieces? Mallet, don’t even think about it! 


In a moment of weakness Dinah was about to go crawling into the bed of Jeffrey O’Neal, until Cassie interrupts and gets an eyeful. That grossed me out. It was so slimy and just wrong. Jeffrey was horrible to Dinah they have a diseased past and not one that should ever be rekindled. Let’s just let Cassie and Tammy roll around with the slime balls of Springfield and up our standards a bit mmkay Dinah?  

Till next time Soapfans!

This is Natali the Stayhomegoddess getting of the Soapbox….for now!

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