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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Mar. 24, 2006

  On the box for this week, Tammathan breaks up, Dinah starts getting that old feeling, Harley and Gus reunite, or do they? And the worst Inside the Light ever!

            First and foremost GL broke up the controversial cousins in an unexpected twist. Right after these two consummate the relationship, Jonathan gets all righteous and decides to tell Tammy the truth about what really happened with Sandy and Ava’s divorce. Here’s the problem I have with this. When Tammy suspected that Jon may have killed Sandy she wasn’t all that upset. She still stuck by his side and even gave him an alibi when Chief Cooper came a knockin. So Tammy thinks that because Jonathan messed up Sandy’s divorce proceedings, that’s the reason why everything got all screwed up? So she ends it with him? The reality is the girl was making out with her cousin every time Sandy wasn’t around, and sometimes when he was. They nearly had sex in the barn the night Sandy came to propose. As well as the night before she planned to marry Sandy. Had she went through with it and found out Sandy was actually legally married the entire time she and him were together and that Tammy in fact was cheating on Sandy continuously throughout their courtship, it would have been a lot harder to deal with. Jonathan did her a favor the way I see it, by bringing the truth to the light before things got wayyy too complicated. Anyway I don’t much mind that they broke up, they were beginning to get really redundant with the whole “us against the world” thing. And bringing Joey Lupo was pretty ingenious. He was looking pretty good and there is a shortage of young folks in this town which forces relationships with kids like Marina to be joined with middle aged Alan-Michael. I hear rumors Tom Pelphrey may actually be leaving GL when his contract is up….he is really talented and I will miss him a lot. His role as Jonathan though is getting a little stale.

            A.C. Mallet is getting on my last nerve, what with all the rescuing his damsel in distress every other scene. Harley ain’t all that and she is emotionally unavailable as well as extremely selfish and hard headed. If Mallet spent more time treating Dinah with all that love and concern, instead of wasting it on Harley, he could be truly happy. When Dinah finds out that those two slept together I suggest Mallet keep his bullet proof vest on after his shift, the way Dinah was carrying on after Mallet left in a rush when Harley came a calling really left her with a bad taste in her mouth. And when Dinah feels betrayed, Dinah goes a lil loco. I am interested to see how this all plays out, also I noticed Blake saying Ross is coming home next week. I have heard no news of a recast or a of an appearance by J.V.D. so I think maybe Ross may have to die in a plain crash or something to add more pressure on Dinah’s already stressful life. Maybe put her in the damsel role again.

            Thank God!!!! Harley finally found Gus. Or at least I hope she did and that this isn’t “Ghost Gus” a figment of Harley’s imagination. Oh boy the Springfield is really about to hit the fan! Watch for all the fireworks when Gus and Harley come back to town. Alan, Beth, and who ever else gets in their way, this will be a day of reckoning until Gus discovers Harley hasn’t been the grieving wife, and Mallet wasn't the loyal partner he claimed to be. I wanna see Gus get crazy and go on a drinking binge. Maybe he and Jonathan can team up and go partying and have their fill of wine and women! Gus, Olivia is on the prowl if you’re interested….

Speaking of Olivia. This week’s Inside the Light was so off the mark. I have loved Olivia for years. But the whole portraying her as the “Super Mom” who juggles 2 demanding jobs a love life and raising her daughter the best way possible was really far fetched. Emma is the second most ignored child on the show after the Marler kids. We are hardly ever reminded of the fact that Olivia even has a child on the show, so they shoulda just let Mrs. Chipwood or whoever Emma’s nanny is watch her like she normally does and delved more into Olivia’s life as a lonely overworked under appreciated woman torn between a life she should have and an attraction she can’t ignore. Man I need to write for this show! Well that’s it for now. I am looking forward to some exciting developments in the coming weeks…

Till next time, this is Natali the stayhomegoddess, stepping off the box…. For now!

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