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Guiding Light Articles

Opinion By Elizabeth

Where O' where is Ms. Marler?

Have any fans out there, besides me, been wondering what has become of the fiery spitfire that was wreaking havoc on Springfield not so long ago? I am of course talking about Blake Thorpe Marler, or as Roger used to like to refer to her as, Chrissy.  I can only guess that she's in a bamboo and green colored room at Cedars with Mrs. Santos as her roommate.

I have some serious questions! What is happening with her? Where are her children? And most importantly, why did they give her a major storyline only to drop it and leave her in what we can presume is still a coma for months on end.

Worse than us not seeing her at all is that it seems no one in town is even asking about her! Harley and Cassie, her good friends havenít even uttered her name in months. Dinah, half sibling to Kevin, Jason & Clarissa hasnít mentioned them either, let alone seen them. One would think in the small town of Springfield that there would be at least a mention of their names here and there. Regrettably, this has not happened.

Liz Keifer is a phenomenal actress, and I hate to see her with no airtime. This is especially hard when viewers were anticipating a shocking conclusion to the Springfield Burns storyline. Unfortunately though, it looks like we won't get that ending that many of us would like to see. I guess itís just another ball dropped by the writers, which has this fan reeling.

With actors dropping like hot cakes from our screens, I don't understand why they don't use as many characters as possible in the stories instead of having the same characters dominate our screens. Call me crazy, but I like to see a variety of talent on my television. 

Blake is a huge part of Springfield history, and sadly, has been left waiting in the wings for a substantial storyline for some time now. Personally, if they're (the writers) are going to keep her in a coma indefinitely, I'd prefer for her to be written off the show.  As much as it would anger me to lose Keifer, it would anger me more to see her lie in a coma for another 6 months.

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