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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Mar. 17, 2006

  On the box for this week, Alan rises from the grave, Sandy meets his maker, Cassie goes over the deep end, Lizzie strikes again, Alan-Michael comes to his senses for about a minute. Olivia is all a Buzz about her latest lover. Reva and her threesome.

This weeks GL was only three days long. Which is a bit of a bummer, but they did a good job with those three days introducing new plot twists and turns. They are paving the way for some serious story lines for summer. So since it was such a short week I decided to try something a lil different. I know present to you…

”3 Days of Light”
a poem by the stayhomegoddess

As Alan makes his great return, he’ll still have bridges left to burn.
A lie was told of Gus’s fate, Will Beth and Alan keep their stories straight?
If Gus is found chaos will ensue, cause Harley’s got some splaining to do!
A child will be born unto Lizzie’s mother, is it considered an uncle or a baby

Sandy Foster joins the cast of “Thriller”, Tammy was the accidental killer.
He’s dead and gone his days are done, Now Tammy and Jon can start having fun!
But not until Momma Cass steps in, exposing Tammy to her old world of sin.
Mrs. Winslow’s plan did not succeed. So next she does a dirty deed.
Locking Tammy in the Morgue was just plain wrong. And Cassie claims to be
When she finally realizes she’s one crazy mother, Jonathan has already rescued his Cousin slash Lover.
When Coop discovers that Lizzie’s still a liar, he promises Ava he’ll feed her to the fire.
Hiring an escort was really low, Ava was right, Lizzie you’re a skanky hoe!
But of course Coop wimps out and falls for Lizzie’s charm. Here’s to hoping that Ava will do her some serious bodily harm!
A-M dumped Marina, I was so relieved. How silly of me, I actually believed?
Of course there’s a scene. Of course Marina cried, She even tried to muster up a lil Cooper pride.
So why in the next minute is she out of her dress and making out with A-M on his big Spaulding desk?
OK I give up I’m tired of fighting, I guess these two make for some pretty good writing.
In the end I’ll expect for Marina’s heart to break, when A-M is exposed as a liar and a fake.
Olivia and Buzz are grossing me out, with his thinning hair and her exaggerated pout.
I know she needs a man that will let her be wild, but compared to Buzz, Olivia is a child.
Were the Early Bird Specials with Alex getting boring? Will Olivia embrace your farting, your napping and your snoring?
And what about poor Frank? The man is clearly smitten. What happens when he discovers Olivia is his father’s Sex-Kitten?
Reva asks Billy to come live at her place. To help them both “heal” did you see Josh’s face?
It’s obvious to me that he wants his darlin back. He’s clearly not cool with Billy invading his shack.
So Josh has a plan, he’ll join in the fun. Two men in love with Reva….(like this hasn’t
been done)?
They’ll all live together I’m sure it’ll be grand! He’ll show that Reva Lewis who’s clearly the better man.
But Billy’s not afraid to show his true feelings, get ready for some laughs, and a lot of scene stealing!
So this is the end of my poetic plight, I hope u enjoyed “3 Days of Light”.

Till next time, this is Natali the stayhomegoddess, stepping off the box…. For now.

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