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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Mar. 3, 2006

  On the Box this week I have just one word to describe this past weeks events and that is …Potential. There are a lot of juicy or at least potentially juicy story lines brewing for the Springfielders. Obviously there is this supposed wedding that Tammy assumes (thanx to Lizzy) is happening. Which I totally don’t think will happen but the outcome should be good. I was surprised to see how open and excited Tammy was to the idea of actually marrying and having kids with Jonathan. That’s a little hard to swallow, even for me! Obviously at some point and time Gus and Alan will return to Springfield and the fallout between Alan-Michael and Alan as well as the potentially explosive reaction to finding out that Harley and Mallet slept together that both Dinah and Gus will have is absolutely titillating. I have a feeling this guy Lizzie has hired to occupy Ava is going to go too far and since Ava mentioned she kick boxes she will probably beat the guy down and get the info from him and spill the beans to Coop about his beloved Lizzie. That will truly end the once adorable and now annoying relationship of Coop and Lizzie. I like the new Lizzie I see a lot of potential for some good storylines for her in the future. I think Dinah’s new position at Spaulding along with Alan-Michaels false “support” will put her in a position to be an Olivia type in the future. She will be the sexy powerful vixen who goes for what she wants but has a weakness for love, I hope that after the smoke clears she and Malet can reconcile or at least Dinah can be matched up with someone who will treat her right for the first time in history. I am still routing for Alan-Michael, they did have a relationship a million years ago before he and Harley married. I see an inevitable reunion between Reva and Josh, and I guess now Olivia is completely over the idea of she and Josh getting back together she will just stir up a little trouble with the Cooper men. But I know big Billy hasn’t given up on his Reva Darlin just yet. Sandy is still lurking and making threats and stirring up the Jonathan pot hoping to make something happen that will put him back in Tammy’s favor, with little left for Sandy in the way of storylines and with the rumors that he may be leaving GL, I think we may see Sandy hurting Tammy or maybe even Cassie and Jonathan saving the day. Sandy will show Cassie what a real psycho that would hurt her daughter looks like. And though I doubt Cassie will ever accept Tammathan as an honest couple. I think she will let up considerably once Jonathan runs Sandy out of Springfield for good. I think this weds. “Inside the Light” was boring, but it did give Alan-Michael a little method to his madness. I think he and Marina have potential to make this work. I predict she finds out all of the scheming Alan-Michael has been up to, but forgives him anyway by just chalking it up to horrible childhood, with a little side of trying to prove something to his non-supportive and disapproving father. Not that I am encouraging this relationship but at least Harley finally commented on the relationship and how everyone in town hooks up despite their pasts. Which is true. Harley made me realize just how twisted this town really is when it comes to love. But in a town that only occupies about 30 people you’re gonna end up bumping heads every now and again… Till next time, this is Natali the Stayhomegoddess stepping off the SOAPBOX ,for now!

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