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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Feb. 24, 2006

  On the box for this week…This is a two-week review because I was on vacation last week. Watching back to back episodes of two weeks worth of GL was kind of a downer. I like being left in suspense and having to wait for the next day for issues to be resolved. This was of course not the case..So, forgive me if the excitement of these episodes doesn’t come through in this article and I highly suggest to all soap fans to not have a “soap marathon.” Part of the appeal is having something to look forward to every day. With that being said…I will just point out the highlights that really excited me and what irked my nerves.


The fact that Harley is no longer the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. (Not exactly sure what went down as my episode was interrupted for about 10 minutes due to some news report .


Why is it so easy to get employed in this town? These people jump from job to job like most people change undies. Partnering Harley and Mallet together again as “COPS” is just too much too soon. Why is GL so focused on hurting Dinah? Can the girl get a break?


Josh putting a stop to the cat-fighting duo of Olivia and Reva , and finally declaring his independence and stating that the “New Josh” stays out of peoples lives trying to make everyone do the right thing is real good, cause Mrs. Winslow sure does enough of that for another 50+ years of GL viewing.


This proclamation drove Olivia into the arms of every available man in Springfield and lead to what for me was the most uncomfortable and campy love scenes I have ever witnessed in GL history! Olivia and Buzz is just wrong on soo many levels I love J.D. but he just isn’t cut out for that kinda lovin anymore! And Olivia….for shame, for SHAME!


The budding relationship between Coop and Ava…The fact that Ava actually said “Lizzie is a hoe and you are way to good for her” was really cute and out of character. I know a lot of people aren’t feeling Ava, but I just like the girl. I think there are big things in her future who knows what. I hear speculations about her being Olivia’s long lost daughter. Which would be a shame for Ava because Olivia seems to have forgotten she has Emma who is only a few years old so she isn’t gonna be the best of mommies for dear sweet Ava.


The blooming relationship with Alan-Michael and Marina, this one was put in fast forward. That every scene has been them trying to get it on is annoying. I don’t like these two. The man slept with your mom! That is just not cool. Not to mention the fact that Marina is supposed to possess all these “instincts” and “Aunt Harley-ness” but she is just getting straight lied to day in and day out. I just don’t remember how or when these two actually connected and that no one is really addressing the fact that they are together (except for Frank but not for the right reasons)is just poor writing. Ava, Olivia, even Dinah would be great with him, but Alan-Michael with Marina is just boring with a capitol Gross.


The Gus and Alan kidnapping coming to a close or at least I think so. This was slower then the who murdered Ben trial. I was also glad that Beth was actually Beth and not Lorelei. Also happy that Beth and Lizzie reconciled even though it was with money . I just need my Spauldings served up with a side of rich and powerful. The whole Lizzie poor sans her trust fund had run it’s course months ago. Oh if only Beth new what money whoring lengths Lizzie had to go to in order to maintain her high maintenance standards. But she is to busy going psycho and jamming table legs into Gus and Alan’s injuries.


That in creating characters with longevity on GL mistakes are made and by that I mean too many times do we see the writing pushing your redeemable villains to unforgivable and unredeemable characters. And it happens way too much on this soap. How is Beth to recover from this? I mean if I were Harley and found out that Beth had been not only hiding the fact that my beloved was alive from me and the rest of the world, but drugging him, torturing him, and chastising him. There would be a lot of hell to pay. Not that I care so much about Beth’s character but if we lose another GL icon I may have to tap into MY inner Lorelei!


What I thought was another great “Inside the Light” featuring Kim Zimmer yet again. I thought this was the beginning of a new relationship with her and her buddy Billy. Loved the scenes with them and the scenarios was really good going back and forth with how life would be like if Reva had been with Billy. I love to see big Billy thriving lately even though his status is recurring he brings a lot to the Josh and Reva dynamic.


That the best we can come up with for Billy is to bring him back to alcoholism? And I really hope that Reva has a great insurance plan cause this woman goes in and out of hospitals more than the amount of jobs Blake and Harley have held combined.

Finally I have some thoughts on this Cassie and Jeffrey situation. Now that she knows that Jeff slept with her under the guise of Richard and that she would actually consider being with a man that has lied and manipulated his way into her heart is fine cause it’s a soap and I won’t point out the obvious problems that go along with that, but why won’t anyone point out the fact that Jonathan did the same thing to Tammy pretended he was someone else and took advantage of her and ending up falling for her. And while it may be true that both couples probably shouldn’t be together at all, Cassie has no right to cast judgment on Jonathan because at least Tammy knew what she was getting into and had reconciled all of that before delving into a relationship with her cousin. Jeffrey didn’t even allow Cassie to decide if it was something she could live with, waited until she was already good and in love with the guy and then drops some serious truth bombs on her with what seems to me to be little to no remorse. He is taking the yeah I did it so get over it stand which is way worse than kissing your cuz if u ask me! Again I am speaking Soap world not real world. This is Natali the Stayhomegoddess getting of the Soapbox….for now!

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