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Guiding Light Articles

Opinion By Elizabeth

Beth - Bad Girl or Blonde Bimbo?

Thereís a new villainess in town, and her name is Beth Spaulding!

Despite however I may feel about this current storyline that has Beth playing the captor (and Iíll get to that in a moment, trust me), Iím glad that the writers have finally decided to use some of their recurring or background characters. For months it seems that we see some of the same residents of Springfield over and over again, day after day on our TV sets ad nauseum. (Ahem, Harley, Cassie, and Mallet!) It brought a smile to my face to see Beth Chamberlain being used once more, as more than a mere afterthought in town.

That being said, there are so many ways that the powers that be could improve this storyline. Show us some flashbacks! Perhaps a fight with Alan, something to do with the whole Professor Blackburn saga, or even have her take from her experiences in captivity when she was married to Edmund. Donít make her a two bit wannabe bad girl. Give us the whole enchilada! Make us want to hate her!

Showing Beth as a captor one moment, and then caring for Phillipís children the next makes me wonder if sheís really changed all that much. Perhaps she is merely the indecisive, soft hearted, blonde bimbo that everyone in Springfield always thought she was.

There is plenty of room for this storyline (and Beth as a character) to grow, expand and get viewers to tune back in. Now, letís see what they do with it.

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