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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Feb. 3, 2006

  On the box for this week, Harley and Mallet do the deed, Reva returns to Lewisville, Sandy doesn’t look like he’s leaving, Beth the next Spaulding Psycho, and what is Alan-Michael’s point?

So I knew it was coming (thanks to spoilers) but still felt absolutely horrified when I witnessed Marley and Hammer hit the sheets. Harley has been throwing back quite a few since the whole Gus thing went down and seeing the drunk Harley nearly take home a stranger was disturbing. Of course Mallet came to her rescue as if it was what he was born to do, but ends up climbing into bed with her himself. Harley can be so self –righteous and annoying sometimes and you would think after how destroyed she felt when Mallet cheated on her she wouldn’t be so quick to dish out the same pain to her new best friend Dinah. I am so mad at these two for being so irresponsible and sharing yet another secret that could potentially kill the people they love. Look GL writers, pairing Dinah with Mallet was the smartest thing you’ve done as of late. We want to give these guys a chance, leave the home wrecking to the Olivia’s of the world and just let theses two be happy puh-lease! I’m jes sayin.

It was fun watching Reva strut back into Lewis construction or Oil or whatever it is they are pedaling these days. It looks to me like Billy Lewis is crushing on the former, self-proclaimed, “Slut of Springfield”. It could work; Reva and Billy really connect like dear old friends with a ton of history. And Josh has obviously decided to ride the Olivia train for the time being. So, I say why not? Just don’t show us any “love scenes” between those two, let’s just say that ship has sailed for the aging actors. Seeing Billy entertain a “paid escort” over the holidays was damaging enough, thank you very much.

Well, much to my disappointment, it seems there is a new story line brewing for “The Sandman”. I guess he plans to insert himself in every non-threating aspect of Tammy’s life and make Jonathan look like the one who is crazy. It’s very cliché and has been done to death and I really hope for Tammy’s sake she isn’t stupid enough to think that all this supposed coincidence is just that. Whatever, as I said before, the Tammathan fire is starting to fizzle for me anyway.

One thing we were privileged to see on Weds. “Inside the Light”, is that Beth is keeping Gus and Alan hostage. What I hate about this is that Beth is such a lost cause character, you can slut her up, class her up and screw her up, and it really doesn’t matter. She has zero likeability and not since she was the kooky Lorelei Hills have I been interested in her story. What I love about this is that 1. Seeing Alan as the normal guy is always fun, when he was being drugged by Alexandra and loved Harley’s Mac and Cheese he was loveable, his devotion to Gus despite their differences is being made clear during this captivity and I like it, I like it a lot! 2. I find it very amusing how naturally the idea of kidnapping and keeping prisoners keeps popping up on GL. Olivia locked up Gus in a closet at Spaulding when she felt threatened by him, Edmund has locked up his share of people in tower’s and the replicated farm houses. Lizzie turned the tables on Alan and locked him up as well! Why do we have exhaustive trials for accidental fires yet there are dozen’s of kidnapping crazy’s walking around Springfield free and clear? Also as a side note I wanted to complain about this Wednesday’s “Inside the Light” which was supposed to star Gus. They had little to no scenes with Gus and decided to showcase Harley and Mallet and takes us to work with Reva on her first day back at Lewis, what that has to do with Gus, I dunno but I gotta say, I feel cheated.

Which leads me to my next topic. Alan-Michael. I was so psyched to have this guy return, especially after the untimely loss of Philip, we needed a familiar Spaulding to take over the legacy. But what is the appeal of running this company? Especially if you can be elected CEO by simply standing up and spouting out some nonsense about honesty and integrity, blah! Spaulding is the big bad Company that stomps all over the competition and Lewis is the honest and forthright company that provides excellent personal relations at reasonable prices. Some things must remain Black and White on soaps; too many shades of gray can lead to channel changes! Don’t get me wrong I want Alan-Michael heading up Spaulding, no doubt about it. I just don’t get his angle and still am so stupefied by the pairing of him and Marina. (Who by the way has been dressing like a 60 year-old Jewish woman on a Las-Vegas vacation.) He’s already shown that the love of a good woman can make all the difference when he and Lucy were a couple. If GL is trying to play that card again with Lucy’s much younger niece, and that Marina is going to save Alan-Michael from himself just in time to save Harley from losing her company, I say snooze and puh-lease. We have got to give Marina someone to hang out with instead of saving lost causes.

Lastly I am really excited for next Wednesday’s “Inside the Light” with Tom Pelphrey’s Jonathan. Although Tammy and Jonathan are at a stand still right now, Jonathan is by far my favorite character and I look forward to seeing an entire hour of him. I know I am not alone on that one!

Well, that’s it for this week. Till next time..

This is Natali the Stayhomegoddess stepping off the Soapbox…for now!

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