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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Jan. 20, 2006

  This week on the box, well there’s not so much. Seems GL has slowed the pace down quite a bit. Ricky Paul-Goldin was quoted a year or so ago on Soap Opera Digest as saying that Guiding Light stories would move at a much faster pace and meet there conclusions quicker with the replacement of the producers and writers. I anticipate good things to come soon but this week was a snoozer! I usually watch about 2 to 3 episodes at one time but this week it took me quite a while to get through each episode. Things I am fed up with are:

Ghost Gus (or whatever he is) appearing to Harley and now to Mallet. It seems when it comes to Beth Ellar’s “Harley,” story lines just seem to drag their heels. Please stop torturing us cause no one really cares where Gus is or if he is alive. It is making for some great scenes with Harley, Mallet, and Dinah but enough already.

Jeffrey O’Neil is everything we knew he was. There was no big secret. We have known for years that he and Dinah posed as the Prince and Princess of San Cristobal. There had better be more to this story because without it Jeffrey O’Neil’s character is boring with a capital B. Maybe say he caused Prince Richard’s accident in the hopes of being with Cassie and upon coming to Springfield discovered that she was already involved with Edmund so he just waited in the wings knowing that Edmund would screw it up all by himself. I also heard that although he told Cassie he never was “Prince Richard” with her he will flash back recalling a time when he made love to her while impersonating dear old Richard. All I can say is ICK!

I did however love the scenes with David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund) he looked sooo good and was in rare form. How I wish that GL wouldn’t have wrote this amazing character into a corner and tossed him into Soap Oblivion.

Tammy and Jonathan. I guess things are more exciting when you can’t have them. I know I wasn’t alone when I wanted these two to finally hook up. But now that they are a couple they are at a stand still, thank God they wrapped up the arson trial quickly, but it wasn’t necessary in the first place. Why was Cassie so anguished about her daughter possibly going to prison? She is the reason why Tammy was arrested in the first place! This new Cassie has even more denial issues than than the old one, and although I see some serious potential from her right now she is just a little annoying. To say the least.

Sandy Foster. I have heard rumors that Scott Bailey’s Sandy is on his way out, though nothing has been confirmed. Seems the big wigs at GL agree with me that there is just no place for this guy in Springfield. They wasted a major opportunity to bring depth to this character instead opting to find an easy way to end his relationship with Tammy to make room for the Tammathan scandal that has rocked the country. I find Bailey to be a very good actor, and handsome as heck to boot, but this is a soap about family and history. Outsiders cannot find permanent residence in Springfield. They are a means to an end, a way to stir the pot. (See Tori Granger) Once they have served their purpose, they are put in the “Company” dumpster along with last night’s Baklava. Ava will be there to pick up the pieces when Lizzie breaks Coop’s heart and unless Coop and Ava tie the knot she could have the same fate as Sandy. Although I must say she has a lot of Cooper qualities so she could be an exception to the rule.

Josh in the Dark?  Does anyone else find it strange that Josh is the only one in town that doesn’t know that Olivia was instrumental in throwing Billy off the wagon? Why does he think Bill wanted a divorce? This is another case where we will be taken on a ride with he and Olivia (which I don’t mind) but cannot end well because the truth is bound to come out. Although I find it horrible that Olivia would do what she did to Billy. But, I would hope if you have been sober for 13 years one tiny sip of Martini wouldn’t send you into a drunken binge followed by rage and complete and total alienation of friends and family. Unless that Ava really does make one heck of a Martini!

Well that’s it for this week. Except I forgot to mention the 1 bright spot in this weeks o-so-slow-story lines was the Inside the Light with Dinah. I loved seeing her and Mallet reconcile and go on their date. They are such an amazing couple. I want these two to have a real future together. I mentioned in my Year in Review that these 2 were the best additions and actors in 2005. They showed us just why that is on Weds.

OK so now that’s it for this week. I hope next week gets the ball rolling, I am looking forward to seeing what the Coop and Lizzie story has to offer.

Till next time, this is Natali the stayhomegoddess, stepping off the box…. For now!

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