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Guiding Light Articles

By James

Jonathan Randall comes full circle in the game of life   It's uncommon for a character to give several years worth of impact with a two year showing. In effect, that's what Jonathan Randall's character has done for Guiding Light.  Upon Philip Spaulding's departure and a consequent declining quality of this daytime soap, Jonathan Randall was a life saver at a time I least expected.  He mystically and frighteningly arrived in Springfield, keeping his identity secret and allegedly the perpetrator behind the phone threats to Reva.  Upon making cheap drug deals about and targeting Tammy for a quick lay, I predicted he would last all of about a month or two. Yes indeedy, this was one sleazy little ragamuffin!  

He scoped out the Shanes and Lewises and devised schemes to make their lives hell but of course his main target was Reva. Reva was the biological mother who left him in a hell hole with a brutal foster father and a weak foster mother. Of course we could measure only as much pain Jonathan endured by the rage he was showing, and more of it seemed to be showing each and every day. He schemed his way into Tammy Winslow's heart while hiding the fact he was Jonathan, her first cousin. He achieved his goal of taking her virginity before driving the knife home to the heart of Reva and those she loved. At this point I got really interested because I'd never seen the soaps tackle controversy quite like this before. A friend of mine who normally watched this soap with me bailed after watching Guiding Light for 20 years with me. Jonathan Randall was the main reason she stopped watching. He was just too powerful for her to watch.  

Jonathan would continue his rampage through Springfield, including testing the ire of the Lewis Boys (Josh and Billy). He fast proved himself to be a true Shane however, creating fires (in numerous ways) and taking the bruises as they came. He was one tough kid!  He wasn't as tough as he figured in the long run though. His avenging Reva through Tammy backfired as he fell in love with her and she with him.  His nemesis, Sandy Foster had earlier stolen Jonathan's identity and then his true love, Tammy. Another unexpected blow came when his foster father came to town and resumed his mental and physical abuse. Houses of cards fell:  Sandy Foster turned sicko and was accidentally killed as was Jonathan's demented foster father.  

Jonathan Randall rebuilt his life including ownership of a bar, reconciliation with Reva and the Lewises and Tammy's mother. His mistakes were never far behind him though as he'd slept with Lizzie Spaulding one night after a fight with Tammy and as a result, Lizzie got pregnant. This raises Alan Spaulding's hackles and Jonathan didn't need either a baby or Alan Spaulding on his back. Incredibly he faced up to both challenges and didn't need Mama Reva to fight his battles for him. She had her own river to cross with cancer and it was he who helped her deal with that.  

So with a baby arriving and a fake marriage, Jonathan again learns the pains of being accountable for his mistakes and that he doesn't always have control of events around him.....some of them consuming him.  Through many snares in his life, he finally found that blood was much thicker than water and that blind hate is a lonely road to despair.  In time he dusted off his shoes, took ownership of what was in his heart and eventually united with the true love in his life (Tammy).  The ceremonial setting was fast, the characters were incomplete, the timing was sudden - but timing was never Jonathan Randall's strong suit.  

As with Romeo and Juliet, the consequences of indulging in forbidden fruit can prove deadly. Jonathan Randall over two years has danced with blinding speed through labyrinths that would have befallen men beyond his years and wits.  He may have just lost his Juliet, but after confronting and reconciling his demons in Springfield, Jonathan Randall has a lot more living to do.

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