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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Jan. 13 2006

  On the box for this week, the infuriatingly long storyline I have entitled “The Case of the Missing Gus”, Josh and Olivia…again!!??, Reva and Josh “Inside the Light” and Predictions for the Jeffrey O’Neil/Richard Connection.

So this week focused on who else, but Harley and Gus! Folks forgive me for saying so but I just don’t care anymore. The writers gave these guys a week off for a “Honeymoon” once married, and that was the only time they have not had any drama. We can’t let these guys have normal for at least a couple weeks? Even Josh and Reva settled down every now and again . And can I tell you that I am hating the whole Gus appearing to Harley in her dreams reassuring her that he’s alright? We get it…they are sooo in love. I don’t even wanna comment on the Mallet and Harley kiss as it is just a way to stir up more drama for her and Gus and meaningless. I love Dinah and Mallet together, Mallet would you get over Cooper already and hop on the Marler train?

Wednesdays’ “Inside the Light”, with Josh and Reva was amazing. The acting especially on Robert Newman’s side was superb. With all the ups and downs this couple has and is facing, you’d think I would be fed up with it all, but their drama is just so watchable. I don’t know what or who to route for, by I am routing none the less for all things that Josh and Reva are connected to. I literally grew up watching these guys and I want to see them on the show until the very end. Favorite scene is when they finally break down and tell the kids they are separated and Josh is practically crying. Second place goes to Jonathan telling the camera how amazing Reva is, introducing himself as “your brother Jonathan.” I sooo want Marah and or Shane to come back and interact with this new and improved Jonathan and see how they stand on the whole in love with cousin Tammy deal.

Here’s where I think we are headed with the Richard and Jeffrey connection. As you may have read Edmund will be returning next week to shed some light on this situation. My prediction is that Jeffrey and Richard are twin brothers and that it was necessary in order for Richard to be Prince to have someone be identical to him protect him during the dangerous times that had befallen him towards the end of his term. Also I believe we will find out that several of the precious moments shared between Cassie and Richard were actually between Cassie and Jeffrey. I hate to think that they would taint that whole relationship by saying something like Jeffrey is actually Richard. The love story between Rassie was so magical and beautiful, if it was all a complete lie well that would just be a shame…but hey that’s Soaps for ya!

Originally I was against Josh and Olivia rekindling the old flame, but these two are really a force to be reckoned with on-screen. They are oozing chemistry out of every Jolivia pore. If Olivia and Josh give it another go, I won’t be mad at them..I can’t blame Olivia for wanting Josh back he is the quintessential gentleman and so handsome and sexy, and Olivia ain’t too shabby herself. And any confrontation between her and Reva promises to provide great scenes loaded with sharp wit and jabbing insults sprinkled with a lil diva on the side. I have two words to describe these women….ME-OW.. Let the cat fights begin!!!!

That’s it for this week. Till next time..

This is Natali the Stayhomegoddess stepping off the Soapbox…for now!

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