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Guiding Light Articles

By Kris J

Reva Lewis, is one of the best characters to ever appear on daytime, in my opinion. She's spunky, funny, feisty, sassy and just a little bit crazy. She is also adaptable. I can just as easily see Reva sporting a fancy, sparkling, red, "Christen me the slut of Springfield, snazzy dress, as I can seeing her whoopin and hollering it up in the neighborhood watering hole or brandishing a gun to protect her family, when need be.

She's no innocent. The girl's been around the block. She's scraped her way to the top and left many in her wake. From the Oklahoma maid's poor little daughter, to the wife of the CEO of Lewis Oil ,and his brother and his father and his.....oh forget about naming all the Lewis men that Reva has captured, branded, released and captured again. The list is endless. But she's fun!

She can be a soft-hearted Mama to her four wayward children or a tough bitch to whoever stands in the way of what she wants. She will fight to the death for her "Bud" and I'm waiting to see the day when she's had enough of her disloyal, ex-stripper of a sister, Princess Cassandra, and puts her in her place! Yes, Reva Shayne Lewis has overcome too many obstacles to let one trampy sister ruin her life.

She' s married Billy Lewis, Josh Lewis, H.B. Lewis and almost their 1/2 brother Kyle Sampson. She's had her fling with Alan and Noah and married Buzz Cooper. She' s dealt with the death of her mother, a mental ex-hooker sister and a reunion with a long-lost son. She's gone back in time, beat breast Cancer and driven her car off a bridge (I'm coming Bud) and yet, she still remains.

She is as strong as ever and ready to win back her true love. Joshua. Will it happen soon? I don't know, let's ask Psychic Reva to peer into her crystal ball and get a premonition. That's right, Dionne Warwick, our Reva is a psychic too. Ain't nothing this ole girl can't do! Look out Tammy's Mama, cause she's coming after you.

And that, in my opinion, is Reva Shayne Lewis.

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