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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Week Ending Friday, Jan. 6 2006

  On the Box this week I will explore the ins and outs of Sandy’s Psyche, a new approach, why Guiding Light writers are determined to join together Alan-Michael and Marina, New couples, and Rick and Mel and their ever rapidly aging daughter Leah.

Debuting this week was Guiding Lights first ever “Inside the Light”, which featured (big surprise) Beth Eller’s Harley. I wouldn’t have minded so much except for the fact that I hate the storyline we have going on right now with her as CEO, and Gus who may or may not be dead because Alan may or may not be a threat to his wife and family. It was interesting though to see Guiding Light is testing the waters in an effort to regain it’s status as a successful soap and hopefully save the Light from being turned off for good. I think they will go in order according to fan favorites, or at least writer favorites. As long as they keep out the newbies such as Sandy I will be happy. Next week is Reva and Josh, I look forward to seeing my favorite stars getting to carry an entire episode of GL it’s a nice change so Kudos to GL for that!

I would like to give a special “shout out” to the joining of Dinah and Mallet. I feel that the conversation Harley and AC had was the closure needed to allow Mallet to move further with Dinah. I love this couple together, they compliment each other perfectly and the love scenes have been steamy, in a very tamed/respectful Guiding Light sort of way .I want to thank GL again for bringing us Robert Bogue who is an amazing contribution to the Guiding Light cast.

I was delighted to see the last standing Bauer’s featured on several episodes this week. Rick and Mel are such a great couple and epitomize what the Bauer’s mean to the show. Although I realize they are being featured to make way for a new and improved “older Leah” (don’t get me started) and that the intention is hopefully not to imply that Rick and Mel actually have valid marital problems, but that they just need their little girl home to feel more like a family. I look forward to seeing more Michael O’Leary (Rick) in 2006 and am also glad that there will be some much needed ethnic diversity in featuring Mel and Leah and hopefully uncle Remy can stop by every now and again. I’m jes sayin…

Ummm OK I consider myself to be a very hip person, open to just about anything that GL can conjure up. (Tammathan for example) But, I refuse to get on board with the Alan-Michael/Marina coupling. I was glad at New Years when it was made clear to Marina by A.M. that she was a kid in his eyes and that it was just harmless flirting. Silly me I assumed GL came to it’s senses and realized that Marina just ain’t all that, oh and also that she is his ex-stepdaughter/niece (by way of Harley and Lucy) and according to GL’s timeline 23 years her senior. EEEW I know I know it’s a Soap, there are no rules, this new Alan-Michael is clearly in his 30s while Marina (born onscreen in 1993) is supposed to be over 21 years old along with Tammy (born in 1990) and Lizzie (Born onscreen 1990 set back to 86 when she turned 18 on screen in 2004) . It’s not even the age thing that bothers me really, it’s the fact that I haven’t like a storyline starring Marina since Aubrey Dollar filled the role out so nicely and had the pleasure of driving Ben Reid to commit suicide. Since then the writers have scrambled to figure out what kind of person Marina Cooper should be, settling on making her a mini-Harley, all self-righteous and a Cop and always gotta have a man and fight for what’s right. I think Mandy Bruno (Marina) is a beautiful girl and a very good actress but she just doesn’t have chemistry with any of her leading men, and doesn’t ooze the sexuality that the writers continue to press upon her. Just My Opinion.

Last but not least.. Psycho Sandy has got to go! I have “mentioned” how unrealistic this character is. He is not likeable or unlikable just intolerable. I could care less about the welfare of this character and the way they make it seem as though he is unstable and dangerous is just laughable. The whole obsessed with Tammy thing and trying to scare her back into loving him is so cliché and sooo boring. I do not want to see another Cassie and Edmund story played out through Cassie’s offspring. Tammy and Jonathan will have enough problems trying to maintain their relationship without the wet blanket turned villain, Sandy Foster getting all up in their mix. Word of advice for Sandy, “ Lose the full length, black, “scary” trench coat.. Put the motorcycle jacket back on and hop on a Harley and get outta town!

Well that’s it for this week. I think there are some great story lines a brewing for 2006. Jeffrey revealed, Inside the Lights, the birth of Tammathan, the death of Sandy (God willing!) Leah comes home, Josh and Olivia give it another go, or just drive Reva crazy in the process. And much, much more. Till next time, this is Natali the Stayhomegoddess stepping off the SOAPBOX ,for now!

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