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Guiding Light Articles

THE SOAPBOX Natali the Stayhomegoddess
Year in Review for 2005


 Greetings and Happy New Year fellow GL fans! I trust everyone had a great holiday and are back from their vacations or settling back in to their normal routines. It’s been an amazing year for the folks at Guiding Light. There have been ups and downs. Great story lines, horrid story lines, cast changes, contracts renewed, contracts ended, new sets, and the return of some old familiar faces. I’ve compiled an awards list for the best and worst moments of GL for 2005.

And now for the 1st Official Soapbox Award Ceremony

Biggest Disappointment: Sandy’s “BIG Secret” ..yes it sux to be Tammy finding out you new husband ain’t  really your husband cause he’s already married, but when Ava revealed to Johnny boy that Sandy was her hubby I was hoping she’d add, ”oh and he’s a Serial Killer or Philip Spaulding’s long , lost son out to exact revenge on the town of Springfield”. Hey it could happen!!!

Worst Storyline: It’s a tie between Harley in prison and Reva’s “Big Change”. I realize both SL’s were just a way to reintroduce Mallet and break up Josh and Reva for the umpteenth time, but for the viewer it proved to be a long and boring roller coaster ride. And for those who tape or have TIVO, thanx to these snoozers, our FF button on the remote was rubbed clean off! Honorable mentions to Edmund stealing Michelle’s baby via inducing her labor while she sleeps (it takes one tough broad who can sleep while being injected with a labor inducing drug), Sebastian becomes Alan’s “hit man”/kidnapping Lizzie for 5 minutes, each and every occasion when Jeffrey O’Neil became the resident rock star, last but not least; Harley is the CEO of Spaulding. Gosh, I know the writers love the Coopers especially Beth Ellers, but she has reached her quota of screen time for this year and next.. And I am a fan of hers.

Worst Acting: Sandy Foster: (AKA Alexander/Xander Foster, Wet Blanket) Sorry I know Scott Bailey is really cute and he started off being OK when we thought he was Reva’s son but he is now, by far, the biggest waste of writing GL has going right now. They don’t know what to do with this guy and it is painful seeing this guy bounce around from emotion to emotion, not knowing what direction to take his character in. Creepy Sandy, lurking in the shadows, violent Sandy, shoving Josh, vowing the old “If I can’t have her, no one will”. And am I alone in this, or don’t you cringe whenever Sandy refers to Jeffrey as Jeff? I mean where does this guy get off? SNOOZE wake me when this guy falls off the side of a mountain would ya?

Biggest Loss of the Year: This one is hard to narrow down to just 1, but if I had to pick I will go with Paul Anthony Stewart AKA Danny Santos…I admit I hated where they took this guy at the end of it all but he was just a doll and really had a lot to do with some of the most successful storylines that GL has had in years. Danny and Michelle will be known as one of the Super Couples in Springfield and will be sorely missed. Honorable mentions go to (DAM) Edmund Winslow, who isn’t quite gone yet but will never be forgotten, (NSA) Michelle Bauer the best Michelle ever, (DC) Bill Lewis for the greatest chemistry with every cast member he was onscreen with, (JVD) Mayor Ross Marler without him, Guiding Light will never be the same, and (LW) the old Cassie Winslow, umm not missing her so much (sorry Laura).


Biggest Surprise/Best Scene in 2005: Another tie.. Michelle gets her memory back and proceeds to make love to Danny (thus creating Hope) Oh yes people, I shed a tear for this one. I loved these two from the beginning. Their chemistry is legendary and I hated every second of Michelle’s amnesia. There was nothing else these two should have done but to consummate their reunion on this blessed turn of events. The birth of Jammy/Tammathan. Tammy finally declares her love of Jonathan, to Jonathan: Yes, after enduring day after day of the most annoying song (Unbelievable) each time these two met eyes with one another, and after a year of agony for fans that have been routing for the kissing cousins (we are a sick bunch aren’t we?) Tammy finally tells Jonathan she chooses him, that she is head over heals, butt crazy in love with him (my words not hers) Another tear-jerker for me and for Jonathan. Of course shortly after that proclamation they manage to burn that lovely “starter home” down, but I was till moved.

Best Storyline: This is a toughie. I think I will go with the Josh and Reva breakup. Although I despised every second of Reva during menopause, and resent the writers for breaking these two up yet again, this made for some amazing scenes coming from these two. Props to Robert Newman (AKA Josh Lewis). This storyline allowed Josh to really assert himself as a force to be reckoned with, and removed him from being the comfortable old shoe that Reva has been wearing for way too long. I am proud of GL for giving Josh more screen time and reminding us of just how strong, passionate and sexy this guy still is. Although the Josh and Reva breakups/makeup’s have been done to death, Both of these actors proved why they have been Springfield’s greatest assets for 2 decades. This was by far the most believable and sincere event that happened this year. Honorable Mention goes to David Andrew Macdonald (Edmund Winslow) who took what was one of the worst storylines and acted his arse off to the very end to make something so ridiculous, so watchable.

Best Acting: It’s a three-way tie Tom Pelphrey and Gina Tognoni and Stephanie Gatschet (AKA Jonathan, Dinah, and Tammy) As I have said Tom Pelphrey is the best thing that has happened to Guiding Light since Kim Zimmer..He attacks every storyline with a fierceness unlike any I’ve ever seen. He has so much passion and fire (no pun intended) and chemistry with everyone he shares a scene with. I absolutely love, love, love this guy. Props to GL for putting TP on the roster. The same goes for GT, when I saw that this is who they recast as Dinah, I admit I was put off by her. I mean the old Dinah played by Wendi Moniz oozed Dinahness out of every pore. She even looked like Vanessa. So seeing this Dinah who was rough around the edges and not at all in the likeness of Ross and Vanessa take a virtually forgotten character and breath new life into her was amazing she too has dealt with writers not knowing quite where to take this girl and nailed every storyline thrown her way. She has chemistry to the 3rd degree with each and every member of the GL cast she is a huge reason why I tune into the show these days. When SG came on the scene a few years ago, the most I could say for her was that she looked a lot like Cassie. She was given some pretty good storylines and did a great job of blossoming on screen physically, but up until this year, I wasn’t a fan. Since the kissing cousins storyline Stephanie has really shown that she has what it takes to “stomp with the big dogs” she has become assertive, sexy, strong, and likeable. She has TP to thank for that but she has also been holding her own during recent scenes with Sandy and her mother and some amazing work with Ritchie Coster (AKA Nate) during the whole Nate VS the Lewis’s SL. All in all Tammy has proven to all of just why she is worth fighting for. She is one heck of a woman!

Greatest Gain: This is a no-brainer Robert Bogue (AKA A.C. Malet) When I heard that Mallet was returning to Springfield, I naturally assumed Mark Derwin would be reprising his role. Upon finding out that RB was trying his hand at the role I was less than excited. There was way too much history for this guy, I didn’t wanna see a bunch of reminiscing scenes between Mallet and Harley knowing full well Bogue probably wasn’t even watching Guiding Light back then. One of the best couples ever was Beth Ellers and Mark Derwin on screen and off. How could anyone compete with that? Well, if you have watched even one scene with Ellers and Bogue you have witnessed the impossible! The chemistry is amazing, the acting is superb, Bogue is gorgeous, sarcastic, passionate, charming, and funny. He has actually made me believe that he has been Mallet since the beginning. He looks longingly at Harley as if replaying the scenes of their life in his head and has been successfully matched with the amazing Dinahmite. The casting of Bogue almost makes up for some of the bad decisions GL has made this year, including the oh-so-sexy but oh-so-wrong Michael Dempsey (the new Alan-Michael). The jury is still out on Nicole Forester (AKA new Cassie)  the chemistry is there but something just isn’t clicking with me.

Well, that’s it folks congrats to all the winners and better luck next time to all the losers. Despite a lot of disappointments this year, Guiding Light remains my favorite show on TV. I will forever be a loyal viewer even though many have “turned off the light” due to all the losses that occurred. It is thanks to the phenomenal acting of the winners that I awarded this year that Guiding Light continues to make it work. Till next time, this is Natali the Stayhomegoddess stepping off the SOAPBOX (for now).

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