General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/15/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Epiphany noticed Patrick packing his things in his hospital room. Patrick explained that Ewen released him and that he was going to get outpatient treatment. Epiphany walked inside, closed the door and said that meant they could talk about Patrick having stolen drugs from the hospital. Patrick admitted that he stole the amphetamines. Epiphany said she would have reported Ramon for that if Patrick hadn't talked her out of it. She reminded Patrick that Ramon could have been fired. Patrick wished he could say he would have turned himself in if things had gone that far, but he was so messed up back then that he wasn't sure he would have. Patrick said he was clean now and he took responsibility for betraying Epiphany's trust, breaking hospital police and the law. He made it clear that he would understand if Epiphany turned him in. He said if Monica fired him or called the police, it was what he deserved. Epiphany read Patrick the riot act for lying to her and using drugs while he was in the OR. Patrick piped up that he never operated on anyone while he was high; the OR was the one place he felt like he was in control. Patrick admitted that he did use at home and anywhere else that reminded him of Robin. Epiphany said he'd been through a lot, but that was no excuse. Patrick agreed. He said it was important to him that she knew that he didn't jeopardize any patients. Epiphany said what about him jeopardizing his daughter, himself, his friends, and his colleagues.

Patrick said he let everyone down including Epiphany. She replied that her hurt feelings were the least of his problems. Patrick said he couldn't admit he needed help. He said Robin always told him he was arrogant and now he knew he was selfish and irresponsible too. Epiphany said it was time to pay the piper. Patrick agreed and asked if they should go to Monica together. “Who said anything about going to Dr. Quartermaine?” Epiphany said, surprising Patrick. She said he admitted he stole the drugs, went through detox and was in recovery. Epiphany said Patrick had to prove himself and he had a lot of apologies to make. Epiphany said Monica trusted her to make the decisions and she didn't feel that Patrick needed to be turned in right now. Epiphany warned him that she was watching him like a hawk and wouldn't hesitate to turn him in if he slipped up. Patrick understood. He thanked her for her faith in him and Epiphany shook his hand and welcomed him back. Patrick thanked him and said he didn't know what he would have done if he couldn't go back to work. Epiphany warned him that it would be tough, but she reminded him that he had friends, including her. She said she was a good listener, even if she did throw her two cents in. Patrick teased that it was more like 200 or 2000 cents. Epiphany teased him back, then Patrick said he thought they were in a good place, unlike when he first came to the hospital and she couldn't stand him. Epiphany said he was arrogant and thought he was God's gifts to surgeons back then, but she put up with it, because he really was as good as he thought he was. She said he was her friend and she would be disappointed if he didn't come to her when he needed help. Patrick said he would, because he didn't plan on relapsing. They agreed that he had to take it one day at a time. Patrick said he just had to figure out how to do it without Robin. Patrick said he started using because he couldn't function without Robin; there was so much Robin did that he didn't realize until he became responsible for it all. Patrick said Liz helped with Emma, and so did his family, but every morning he'd get up, sometimes without having slept and it would feel like there was a massive hole blocking his path. Epiphany made sure he knew the drugs just made that hole deeper. Patrick knew. Patrick said he was scared to go home. He knew he had to acknowledge those feelings and remind himself of what he tells Emma – that Robin was looking after them and wanted them to be happy. Patrick said he wasn't sure it was possible to be happy with a broken heart. Epiphany said first he had to let it heal. Patrick thought that was happening; it was starting to feel comforting instead of torturous to think about Robin. Patrick said he had to let Robin rest in peace.

After Patrick got packed, Epiphany brought Emma down from the hospital daycare, then left to tell Mac he didn't need to pick Emma up. Emma asked Patrick if he had to stay there so long because he was sick. Patrick said yes, but he was better now and it would never happen again. Emma looked worried and asked if he was going to die like Robin. Patrick said no. Emma made him promise. Patrick said he missed Robin so much that he got sick, but he was better now. Patrick said Robin was watching over them and they had to remember the good times they had. He and Emma smiled as they talked about some happy times with Robin, like pajama Sundays. They made a deal to remind each other of Robin's love. Patrick picked her up and took her to get a sundae.

Joe called Trey to get an update on their scheme for Kristina. Starr and Michael walked into the apartment, just as Trey told his dad that there would be a wedding. Starr was curious about who was getting married. Trey quickly hung up and snapped at Starr for eavesdropping. Michael pointed out that this was Starr's living room, too. Starr told them to relax and asked who was getting married. Trey stammered that Kate told him Sonny and Kate were. Michael was taken aback and decided to go check out Trey's story. He asked Starr if she was okay with Kate being able to go on with her life like nothing happened. Starr was happy that Kate was healing, just like she had, thanks to Michael. They kissed, and Michael left. Starr noted that Trey and Kristina were going closer. She asked if he'd told her his secret about his father being in jail. Trey said his dad asked him not to say anything for legal reasons. Starr didn't think it was fair that Trey's dad didn't want Trey to tell anyone he was framed. She asked Trey why he told her. Trey said she badgered it out of him. Starr said Trey needed to open up about this, but it was more appropriate for him to confide in his girlfriend than in her. Trey refused to tell Kristina. Starr said Kristina would understand, because Sonny had been on trial for murder multiple times. Trey said this was different. Starr said yeah, Trey's dad wasn't in the mob.

Starr thought that Trey was embarrassed to tell Kristina his dad was in jail. Starr knew what it was like to be ostracized over having a dad in prison, and she told Trey Kristina would understand and wouldn't break up with him over this. Starr said if she Kristina did break up with Trey, she didn't deserve him, not that an ice cream stealer like Trey was a dream come true. Trey got uncomfortable and asked to drop the subject. Starr theorized that Trey's dad would see it differently if he knew Trey was dating Kristina. Trey said his father did know. Starr was shocked Trey's father would want him to hide this from his girlfriend. She asked if his dad didn't approve of the Mob Princess. Trey said actually, his father was thrilled about the relationship. Starr didn't understand why Trey's dad could know about Kristina, but she couldn't know about him. Trey said it was complicated. Starr asked if he cared about Kristina. When Trey said yes, Starr urged him to be honest with her. “Enough!” Trey said. He told Starr that he couldn't say anything about this and neither could she. Starr said keeping secrets wasn't good for a relationship. She told Trey she didn't know if she could keep this from Michael. Trey was adamant that she couldn't tell Michael, because he'd tell Kristina. Starr said there had to be more to this story. She asked if his dad was a serial killer. Trey said no, but his dad wasn't the guy Trey had said he was. Starr remembered that Trey had told her his dad wasn't the man Trey thought he was, earlier. She asked if Trey was starting to think his father was guilty. Trey wasn't sure how to explain his thoughts. He said he'd been away at school and he'd been a kid the last time he spent a lot of time with his father. Trey wondered if maybe he was just growing up. Kristina said Trey would have to be specific if he expected her to keep his secret.

Joe wondered about the dropped call. The guard returned for the phone and told Joe he had a visitor. Jerry walked in and told Joe it had been to long since their last visit. Joe had contacted Jerry and he was surprised that Jerry decided to respond at all, let alone in person. Jerry said he needed Joe's services. Joe said he wasn't able to help at the moment, due to being in jail. Jerry lamented their pasts catching up to them. Joe asked what Jerry had been doing recently, and Jerry said he'd caught up with a family member. Jerry looked around and said this was a very nice prison. Joe said he didn't belong there, but Jerry said he'd done his research and he knew Joe really did murder John's sister. Joe said he couldn't get what Jerry needed from behind bars. Jerry assured Joe that he'd get him released, but Jerry had something else to take care of first. Joe was furious; Jerry's associate had promised he'd be freed weeks ago. Jerry said Joe would be released when he needed to be out. Jerry said Joe owed him quite a lot for delivering him from a life sentence and Joe would need to repay it. Jerry said he put the first step in motion and Joe was going to help with the rest. Joe asked what Jerry wanted him to do. Jerry said last February, in a painstaking yet worthwhile process, he made a body disappear. Jerry said a body was found, but not the one everyone was expecting. Jerry said it was quite the magic act and with Joe's help, he was going to perform the ultimate feat. Jerry found it convenient that Joe was in jail right now. He said if he hadn't embarked on this plan, he wouldn't have felt the need to come to his rescue. Jerry said not to worry, because everything was going according to schedule. Joe asked whose schedule. Jerry said he was self employed for once, and this was all his plan. Joe asked what Jerry needed. Jerry said he needed confident personnel who weren't burdened with morals or scruples. Combat training was a plus. Joe revealed that he'd found the people who Jerry used for the Metro Court job. Joe said it wouldn't be easy to find more people to work for Jerry, because most of the people Joe recruited for Jerry's Metro Court job were killed. Jerry started to walk away, and Joe quickly said he'd do it. Jerry smiled and called Joe's support a “shot in the arm.” Jerry left, then returned and told Joe he'd be free in no time. Joe was thrilled. Joe asked for details on the job, but Jerry wouldn't tell Joe what was going on until they got to the destination – Wyndemere on Spoon Island. Jerry added that it was in Port Charles, where Sonny lived.

Alexis collapsed on the floor of her home and sent Sam into a panic. Sam unsuccessfully tried to get Alexis to wake up. John happened to show up. He rushed in and knelt down by Alexis while Sam called 911. John noticed the injection mark on Alexis' arm.

Carly and Jason took Josslyn to the hospital and asked Steve to look at the red infected mark on her arm. Jason waited in the lobby while Carly and Josslyn followed Steve into the cubicle.

Carly told Steve she was probably overreacting about Josslyn's wound. Carly filled Steve in about finding Josslyn sleeping outside and wondered if the mark was a spider bite. Carly got Josslyn dressed in a hospital gown and onto a hospital bed. Steve wasn't worried, but he wanted to take some blood just to be sure. He asked about the sleepwalking, and Carly said it was something new. She said her property was far from the road and fixed in, but Josslyn wandering outside made her think of what Liz went through with Jake.

Elizabeth chatted with Jason. He told her about Josslyn, and Liz asked if Carly called him for a ride. Jason said he'd been visiting Carly. Liz said that it was a good thing Carly had his support. She noted that he seemed really worried and asked if something else was bothering him. Jason told her he and Sam were getting a divorce. Liz said she was sorry they couldn't work things out. Jason said holding on was just hurting both of them. Liz asked if Sam still blamed him for the baby's death. Jason said yes, and he couldn't change things. He felt that the divorce would be closure and said at least Sam would be free. Liz asked if Jason thought that was what Sam wanted. Jason didn't know. He said other things and other people got in the way. Just then, John and Sam followed Alexis's stretcher into the hospital. Jason and Sam's eyes met. Sam turned to go with her mom, but Jason called out to her and asked what happened. Sam said she just collapsed and the doctors didn't know what was wrong. She went to Alexis' cubicle. John looked around awkwardly, then said he went to see Alexis about his case and... Jason cut him off and said he didn't owe him an explanation. John asked what changed and Jason told him about the divorce. John said he didn't know. “Now you know” Jason said in a brusque tone. He sighed and walked away and leaned against some chairs with his head down. John asked why he was there and Jason told him about the mark on Josslyn's arm. John shared that Alexis had one too. Jason told John about the sleepwalking theory, and he explained that he didn't buy that Josslyn wandered all the way downstairs and outside. Steve walked over to the nurses station, and Jason told him that Alexis had the same mark Josslyn did.

Sam and Liz went into Alexis' cubicle. The doctor walked in, and Liz said Alexis was in and out of consciousness. The doctor asked Sam about Alexis's health. Sam said she was fine until last night. She added that Alexis was a cancer survivor who fainted a lot during chemo, but now she was cancer free. Steve walked in and drew Sam's attention to the mark and asked her about it. Sam said Alexis didn't mention it.

Back in the other cubicle, Carly stroked Josslyn's forehead. She offered her food, but Josslyn wasn't hungry.

Kristina came home and realized no one was there. She wondered how she was going to tell them there might be a wedding. Michael walked in and said he could start by telling him. He explained that Trey told him about the wedding. Kristina was surprised Trey told him. Michael said he thought he had the right to know if his relative was getting married. He asked if Sonny and Kate really were getting engaged. Kristina told him not to get upset because she knew something first for once. She explained that Sonny only told her because he wanted her opinion on the ring, and Trey overheard her talking about it. She said she should have told him to keep his mouth shut, especially in case Kate said no. Kristina was sure Kate would accept, but she said it was the principle. Michael asked if she was sure that was the only reason Sonny went to her. Kristina asked if Michael was shocked Sonny confided in her. Michael said no, he was happy for Kristina and he hoped things worked out for Sonny and Kate. Kristina did, too. Sam called and filled Kristina in on Alexis. Michael drove her to the hospital.

After Sam was gone, Steve told Liz that Alexis's mark was very similar to Josslyn's. He ordered more blood tests.

Sam went back to the lobby and told Jason and John about Alexis passing out at Wyndemere the night before. Jason asked why she was there and Sam told him about security saying the alarm had been tripped. John had never heard of Wyndemere. Sam told him it was a house her family owned on Spoon Island. She said Jason could tell him about the things that happened out there. John and Jason both wanted to know more about the first time Alexis fainted. Sam told them about Alexis going there because the security company told her the alarm went off, but no one from the company met her as planned. She explained that Alexis didn't remember getting dizzy, just waking up on the couch. Both men seemed suspicious. John asked which security company. Sam told him, then John left to make some calls Kristina rushed in, with Michael following her. Sam and Kristina went to sit with Alexis. Jason told Michael that Carly was there, and he went to see her. John returned and told Jason that the security company said alarm had never gone off at Wyndemere. Someone had lured Alexis there. John wondered if this was tied to Sonny, but Jason said no one would target Alexis because she was strictly a defense attorney. Jason didn’t think the Cassadines were involved, either. John asked Jason if there was any connection between Josslyn and Alexis. John started walking out, intending to go to Wyndemere. Jason asked if John even knew how to get there. John didn't. Jason asked if John had a boat, and John said no, but he could get one. Jason announced that he had a boat. John wondered why Jason was being so cooperative. Jason said he didn't believe Josslyn coincidentally wandered out of her house at the same time someone tricked Alexis into going to Wyndemere. “What are we waiting for?” John asked. The two headed off to investigate things together.

Kristina was shaken to see Alexis. Sam asked Steve if he had any news and he said not yet. Kristina called Alexis, who briefly opened her eyes and said Kristina's name. Sam told Kristina about the earlier fainting spell.

Michael greeted Carly and Josslyn and told Carly about Alexis. Carly asked Michael if Josslyn had any trouble sleeping when he babysat for her last week. He said no, and she told him about the sleepwalking. Michael thought it was strange. Michael asked if Carly needed anything. Carly said she was fine and was glad Michael was there. Carly was starting to get worried. Josslyn was spiking a fever and was sick out of nowhere, just like last time. Michael asked about the transplant and Carly said the doctors checked and it was working fine. Michael tried to reassure her that this was probably no big deal. Carly said he was right. They hugged.

John went to the nurses station and asked Liz to tell Sam he had to leave for a little while.

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