General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/14/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason thought about his and Sam's goodbye kiss, then knocked on Carly's door. She let him in, and he greeted her and Josslyn. Carly was still feeling overprotective of the girl and explained that she'd gone missing the night before. Jason was alarmed and wanted details. Carly filled him in about Josslyn seemingly sleepwalking outside. Jason didn't buy it. At first Jason suspected that Johnny took Josslyn, but Carly said he was with her the whole time. Jason then wondered if Jax had taken Josslyn outside so he could visit with her without being seen. Carly gently asked Josslyn if anyone, including Jax had taken her outside. Josslyn didn't remember seeing anyone. Carly told her she knew she missed Jax and that Carly missed him too. Carly and Jason agreed that what happened was weird, then they dropped it. Jason said he came by to tell Carly in person that he and Sam were getting a divorce. Carly told Josslyn they needed to go; she planned to go talk to Sam. Jason told Josslyn to keep drawing. Jason thanked Carly for trying to help before, but told her not to try and fix things this time. Carly angrily said Sam said she could accept Jason, then ran off as soon as things got tough. Jason told Carly to stop. Carly said Sam knew Jason was a good man and she should have known he'd accept the baby, but instead, she ran off with John. Jason didn't want to talk about this, but Carly railed about Sam always being the victim. Jason said they made the choice to stop hurting each other and that when something was this damaged you had to let it go. “But you love her, Jason,” Carly yelled, “regardless of whether you should or if I think she's right for you.” Carly asked Jason if he wanted to give up. Jason said what he and Sam had was gone, and there was nothing left to fight for. Carly said she was sorry. She hugged Jason and said he didn’t deserve this. Carly apologized to Josslyn for getting loud. She explained that Jason was sad. Josslyn hugged Jason to make him feel better. Carly noticed the injection mark on Josslyn's arm and asked if she bumped it. Jason suggested that it could be a bug bite. Carly was especially concerned because Josslyn was still on anti rejection medicine. Jason said maybe they should take her to the hospital. Carly agreed and they all left.

Sam thought about the goodbye kiss, too. A groggy Alexis walked downstairs looking for coffee. She couldn't figure out why she was so tired. Sam had heard the message about the alarm being tripped at Wyndemere and asked Alexis if everything was okay. Alexis didn't remember anything between going to Wyndemere and waking up on the couch. She figured she must have fainted. Alexis said security never showed up. She didn't understand why Nik had a security system and she felt that anyone who rowed their boat over to Wyndemere should be free to take what they wanted. Alexis chalked the alarm going off to the place being cursed. Alexis said she was going to the office to work on the restraining order against John. Alexis asked where he was, and Sam said he was still in town, at the Rendezvous motel. Alexis was glad he'd taken her advice and not gone back to Llanview. Sam told Alexis she was divorcing Jason. Sam told Alexis how Jason walked in on her comforting John. Sam said Jason hadn't been thrilled to see that, but that wasn't why they were getting a divorce. Alexis asked if he understood she needed someone to talk to. Sam confirmed that they talked about that. Sam said she tried to get past the loss of the baby, but she couldn't. Alexis agreed to help her, but warned her that divorce proceedings often took on a life of their own and urged her to make sure this was what she wanted.

Crying, Sam said it had been hard for her to marry Jason and that she was only able to do it because of how much she loved him and strong she thought they were together. She said she thought they'd last forever. Alexis told her she still had time to think, but Sam said no matter how much she wished things could go back to the way it was, her marriage was broken and no amount of trying could fix it. Alexis asked if John was part of this. Sam said yes, although John didn't intentionally set out to hurt her marriage. Sam said the connection she and John had what was what provoked Jason into doing the unforgivable thing. Alexis asked if that would change if John went back to Llanview. Sam said it would still be too late for her and Jason. Sam said she knew Jason was sorry, but she missed her son and every time she looked at Jason, she saw the person who abandoned her when she needed him the most. Alexis held Sam, who tearfully said she couldn't believe what she and Jason had was gone. Alexis gently said she understood, and she agreed to represent Sam. Sam thanked her and said she wanted to do this simply. Sam told Alexis that Diane was representing Jason. Alexis feared that Diane would turn things nasty, but Sam said Diane would do what Jason told her to. Sam hoped Jason wouldn't force her to take alimony or a settlement. Alexis said she was sorry Sam was going through this after the baby. Sam said she'd be okay. Alexis admired how strong Sam always was, but she wished she didn't always have to be. Sam agreed. Alexis vowed to try and make this as painless for Sam as possible. She kissed Sam, and Sam thanked Alexis and said she appreciated her. They hugged and Alexis said Sam never had to thank her. Alexis said she didn't feel well, then she suddenly collapsed.

Lulu kissed Dante's back until he woke up. Both were still giddy about her being pregnant and called each other mom and dad. Dante brought Lulu a glass of milk, which she moaned about, because she didn't like milk. Dante told her it was good for the baby. Lulu started getting freaked out about the idea of being a mom, and she asked Dante if they could drop the nicknames until she got used to it. Dante agreed that it was scary to think of someone depending on them for everything. He called the baby “she” and Lulu wondered if he had a preference. Dante didn't as long as he or she was sweet and smart and beautiful like Lulu. “Or like you” Lulu said, then they kissed. Dante said they'd love the baby, which was all anyone could ask. Lulu took a sip of the milk. Lulu didn't know she could be so happy about something she didn't know she wanted. Dante wanted to tell everyone right away, but Lulu didn't think it was a good idea. She said she hadn't even been to the doctor yet and she didn't want to have Luke flip out unnecessarily. Dante agreed that they should wait until they had the facts to tell Olivia too. He put his hand on her stomach and said it was their secret. The three of them against the world. They kissed. Lulu was able to get an appointment for the same day. Dante asked if they'd get to find out if it was a boy or girl. Lulu wasn't sure, but she thought they'd learn the due date. Dante knelt down to Lulu's abdomen and told the baby they were going to find out when they'd meet him or her. He kissed Lulu's belly.

At Wyndemere, Jerry took one of several glass vials out of a briefcase and studied it. He was suddenly overcome by a coughing fit that produced blood. He pulled himself together when Ewen walked in. Ewen announced that they had to talk about Jerry drugging Alexis and Josslyn. Jerry brushed off Ewen's disapproval by saying Josslyn was honoring the Jacks family tradition by going on an adventure. He said Josslyn was home with her mother and everything that happened last night was just a dream to her. Ewen wanted to know what was in the vials, since as Jerry's accomplice, he'd be facing murder charges if Josslyn and Alexis died. Jerry said Josslyn and Alexis wouldn't have side effects from the injection. Ewen asked why them and Jerry said his reasons would become clear very soon. Ewen said he took an oath to first do no harm, but Jerry reminded him that he'd already broken that oath. Jerry was frustrated that Ewen was always on the verge of panicking, so he decided to make him some tea. Ewen asked if Jerry was going to drug him, and Jerry said no, because he needed Ewen to be fully functioning.

When Jerry walked out, Ewen picked the lock on the briefcase. Just as he got it open and picked up a vial, Jerry returned. Ewen said he had to know what Jerry injected Josslyn and Alexis with. Jerry took the vial and drank the liquid and told Ewen it was water. Jerry said he knew Ewen would snoop around once he had the chance. Jerry said he wanted Ewen to know Jerry was always one step ahead of him, so he shouldn't waste his time. Jerry offered Ewen tea, but Ewen was focused on getting answers. He was convinced that Jerry didn't force him to kidnap Josslyn just to inject her with water. Jerry ignored him and noted that Josslyn was going to be tall like Jax. Ewen refused to take part in hurting a child. Jerry swore that no harm would come to Josslyn and Alexis. He asked if that was good enough and Ewen said no. Jerry said he understood, since most people didn't think his word was worth much.

Luke left a message for Anna. He was concerned because he hadn't seen her since Heather told her Robin was alive. Steve walked in just as Luke cautioned Anna not to fall for Heather's lies. He asked what his mom had done now. Luke said she played a mind game on someone. He decided to spare Steve the details. Steve apologized for helping Heather get out of Ferncliff. Luke said the doctors at Ferncliff had made a bigger mistake by telling Steve she was ready to leave. Luke said they were even now, since Steve saved his life. Steve said Luke and Olivia would make a full recovery and Heather couldn't hurt anyone anymore. Luke asked about her accomplice. Steve didn't understand, and Luke told him that Heather sent a man to take care of him while she was holding him captive. Luke's memory was just coming back to him, so he hadn't told the police that Heather had a partner. Luke declared that the partner was Jason Voorhees, like in Halloween. Luke explained that the man had worn a mask to hide his face.

Dante and Lulu went to the hospital for the appointment. The doctor was running late, so they decided to visit Luke. Dante went to see Olivia, but she was asleep. Lulu reminded Dante not to say anything about the baby. Dante touched her belly and agreed that it was just between them. They went to Luke's room and Steve mentioned that he was on his way to sit with Olivia. Steve told Luke to tell Dante about Heather's partner. Dante met Steve in the hallway and warned him that the Memphis police would probably be in contact. Steve said he understood. After Steve left, Luke told Dante and Lulu that Heather's accomplice seemed to consider letting him go when he said he had a daughter that he needed to get back to. Lulu wondered if the man had a daughter too. Dante wasn't sure anyone tied to Heather was reliable, but Luke repeated that the man seemed to soften when he mentioned Lulu. Lulu was surprised Luke was thinking about her; she said she didn't realize he was so sentimental. Luke said he didn't think it was sentimental to think about your loved ones when you were dying. He told Lulu she was his only daughter and she was on his mind more than she knew. Dante and Lulu smiled and took each other's hands. Dante wondered who would work for Heather. Lulu said someone crazy. Luke said she might be blackmailing him. Dante added that it could be a professional. Lulu questioned whether it could be the Anthony lookalike. Dante's gut told him that man and the forger were just in it for the money. Luke said his Jason Voorhees was wearing expensive shoes.

Carly, Jason and Josslyn made it to the hospital and Steve took a look at Josslyn's arm.

A guard took Heather to a visiting area. She wondered aloud if it was Luke, or Steve and if she was forgiven. “No, no and no” Todd said. Heather said she thought Todd was avoiding her. Todd acknowledged that she'd left him 97 messages. Heather told Todd that it wasn't good to avoid his problems, and she reminded him that she could still ruin his life. Heather threatened to tell Sam the truth about the baby if Todd didn't find a way to get her out of Ferncliff. Todd said she'd been found to be a danger to herself and others – no one could get her out of there, but Heather said she had faith in him. Todd recounted some of the things she'd done – poisoning Olivia, kidnapping and shooting Luke, trying to kill Anna – and told her there was no way he could clean all that up. Heather hissed that he had a problem, then. She slammed her hands on the desk and made him jump.

Todd told her she'd only hurt Téa if she told the truth. Heather taunted Todd by pointing out that he'd go to prison and everyone would hate him. Heather felt that she needed to get out and be with the people she loved. When Todd scoffed at the idea that people would want to see her, Heather admitted she'd made some mistakes, but she thought she could make amends. Todd didn't think anyone would forgive her. Heather adopted a crazed tone and said she was Steve's mother; he needed her and no one would go to the lengths she would for him. Heather said she saved Steve's life and that he'd be rotting in jail in Memphis if it weren't for her. Todd picked up on that and realized she killed Maggie to protect Steve. He pointed out that the cops might reopen the case on Steve now that they knew Maggie's confession was fake. Heather swore she wouldn't allow anything to happen to Steve, but Todd said it was just a matter of time before Steve went to prison. Heather yelled that that couldn't happen.

Todd calmed her down by assuring her that Steve's case would probably fall through the cracks, then in a roundabout way, Todd threatened to use his money and newspaper to make sure Steve got arrested. Once Heather got riled up, Todd said he could pay off certain people to make sure the cops never came after Steve. He asked Heather what she'd do in return. Todd said he couldn't get Heather out of Ferncliff, but he could keep Steve out of trouble as long as Heather promised not to call Sam. Heather asked how and Todd told her to just stay there and macramé potholders and he would make sure no one knew Steve killed a patient. Heather said she'd do anything to save Steve including staying in this miserable place. They made a deal and shook on it. The camera panned down and showed Todd's shoes. Todd told Heather one needed to know they were associates. Heather pantomimed zipping her lips, then she left.

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