General Hospital Update Monday 8/13/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu and Dante return home joking about how “far fetched” it would be for someone to believe that she could be pregnant. But when she’s alone, she pulls out the home pregnancy test to reveal that the stick has turned blue

Sonny and Kate are out on a romantic dinner and ready to get back on track.

Dr. Keenan is trying to prevent Jerry Jacks from carrying out his dastardly deed He is inside Carly’s home while she’s ready to sleep with Johnny and distracted.

Jerry chloroforms Alexis and she’s passed out on her couch unaware that he’s there. He them pulls out a syringe telling her he’s never “wanted” any harm to come to her. But he “simply does not have a choice”.

Lulu envisions herself pregnant by holding a couch pillow to her belly. Dante is unaware and casual, telling her he’s hungry and inviting her to eat some leftovers with him> But she’s not hungry and feels nauseas. He can see that she appears to be running a fever and gives her a thermometer. She is in denial but the truth is staring at her/.

Sam and Jason declare that they are at the end f their marriage and the only thing left is to eta divorce. She cries and tells him that he must know that it won’t be as simple as breaking off the previous relationship and marriages they have had. She admits that nothing she’s ever had in her life has felt as real to her as being with him and she does not ever want to forget what they meant to each other. He tells her he wants to make this as painless as possible.

Carly and Johnny are happily together suspecting nothing and distracted while having fun with handcuffs. Dr. Keenan hides and spies upon them.

When Alexi is unconscious, Jerry injects her arm with a needle syringe.

While Carly and Johnny are “in dispose”, Dr. Keenan takes a sleeping baby Josslyn out of the house.

Dante proves that Lulu is not running a fever. She then tells him they need to talk about something that happened at the hospital today. Hearing that, he asks her if she means something is “up” with Maxie. Lulu admits that yes. Maxie was having “issues”. And before Lulu can get to the “point”, Dante pulls out the pregnancy stick to ask if “this” has to do with Maxie.

Kate and Sonny relive their old times together. They smile and talk about their future together during their romantic night together.

Sam tells Jason that she will have her mom draw up legal papers and handle her divorce unless that’s a conflict of interest with him, knowing that her mom also represents Sonny in legal matters... She does not want anything that will make him uncomfortable. He assures her he’s perfectly ok with her having Alexis represent her. They both assure the other that they do not wish to fight over money and wish no ill upon the other. She then asks why they are doing this.

Jerry is alone with a sleeping Alexis, looking like he may be read to “have his way” with her, when Dr. Keenan enters, not happily carrying baby Josslyn. Jerry smiles that he has been reunited with his “niece” and remarks that she’s an angel.

Carly is completely distracted and unaware that her daughter has been taken while she gets Johnny into handcuffs and ready to have fun. He asks her if they might be awakening Josslyn. She assures him no, she’s sure her little girl is out like a light.

Dr. Keenan regretfully informs Jerry that he felt he had no choice except to give Josslyn something to put her to sleep since he was very worried what might happen if she awakened and noticed a stranger kidnapping her and if Carly and her boyfriend had caught him. Jerry scoffs and tells him not to be so “dramatic”. Dr. Keenan tells Jerry he (Jerry) “has” his niece and “has Robin”. But when he notices Alexis passed out on the couch, he demands to know what Jerry did to her. Jerry again scoffs and remarks “Isn’t she cute?”

Carly tells Johnny she will go upstairs and check on Josslyn. They both still suspect nothing. But when she goes into her daughter’s room, she comes back panicking and announcing to Johnny that she’s gone.

Dr. Keenan tells Jerry these are innocent people and demands to know what he wants with them. Jerry “clamly” tells him he mustn't get ahead of himself. Dr. Keenan asks if he wants money or some type of revenge or what.

Sam cries and tells Jason she cannot bring herself to do anything to hurt him regarding their separation. She admits she’s going around in circles knowing she cannot forgive him but she cannot stop loving him. He tells her that just because one loves someone does not mean that it’s going to work between them. He tells her that he can’t keep hurting her and knows if they don’t split that’s what will happen. She cries and tells him she knows she’s hurt him but asks how they are going to say.

Sonny tells Kate he wants her in his life. He wants them to be together forever and he asks her to marry him.

Dante concludes that Maxie must be pregnant and that is the reason she was acting so weird. He jumps to many conclusions about who got her pregnant until Lulu urges him to stop it and spells out to him that it is she who is pregnant.

Sonny gives Kate her engagement ring and talks about how throughout their lives since they were young, they have been through the wringer so many times and he now knows that they could change history and maybe she has changed him. When she asks how she “could” change him. He replies that he has looked at everybody and everything as all or none where a person is either “in” or “out” of his life. He learned how to forgive her when he realized that she was sick. He realized that the people who cared for him accepted him for his mistakes and helped him through it and were there for him. And that is what he wants for her. She cries happily but asks him what they will do if Connie comes back.

Sam tells Jason she wishes it wasn’t “all or nothing”. He asks her what she wants. She tells him they could get a divorce yet still be friends and hang out. She tells him he’s not just her husband. He’s her best friend. He admits to her that the same is true for her.

Jerry tells Dr. Keenan that he is really a pain to him and more trouble than he’s worth. Dr. Keenan asks him why he’s doing this to an innocent woman and to a child. Jerry asks if he’d like to be released from their agreement. But if they do that, then he does not owe Dr. Keenan any “loyalty”. He tells him that Elizabeth Webber will stay out of this if Dr. Keenan agrees to “cooperate”.

Carly panics with Johnny about where Josslyn could possibly have gone. He suggests that the little one might have gone outside and tells her he’ll look for her daughter and she can call the cops.

Dante is wondering how to react to hearing that his wife is pregnant. She admits that the home pregnancy test may not be 100% accurate.

Carly calls Dante and urges him to pick up the phone. But he is “otherwise engage” finding out that he and Lulu are going to be parents. Lulu asks if he’ happy about this. He tells her of course. They have talked about having a family. He asks her if she is happy.

Kate remembers when Sonny first asked her to marry him, he asks her if she believed she deserved better. She cries and tells him now she is worried that he deserves “better” that what could happen. He tells her he believes she is the best for him and he loves her with all his heart. It doesn’t matter to him if she is “crazy”. He knows he’s crazy also. And that is why they fit. He promises he will never leave her. And he promises her if she will let him, he will spend the rest of his life making her happy. And he asks her again if she will marry him? She tells him yes.

Jason tells Sam that he only wants her to be happy. But they know they have to say good bye. But before he leaves, they hold each other and kiss.

Alexis finally comes to on her couch and cannot figure out what happened. Jerry is gone and she walks to the door and gets ready to go home. She suspects nothing. But Jerry is nearby. He coughs and appears like he might be getting sick.

Carly calls the cops and identifies her daughter as having blond hair and blue eyes and the pink and blue pajamas when Johnny suddenly walks inside carrying her in his arms. Carly is extremely relieved but hasn’t a clue how it is that Johnny found her right outside in the yard asleep knowing that her daughter has never had any sleep walking episodes before.

Dante declares to Lulu that he loves her. And he tells the baby in her belly that he loves him or her also. He gets up and yells out the window that they are having a baby. They kiss happily.

Sonny is happily with Kate.

Jason and Sam are alone apart and reliving their history together. And we see flashbacks of all of their scenes together. They stand together alone in Alexis’ home admitting that they still love each other. She cries and he has difficulty tearing himself away form her.

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