General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/17/12


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Starr: [Breathing heavily]

[Monitor beeping]

Michael: Must be pretty hard for you to be here.

Starr: Sorry. It's just not right for a little girl to be sick, for a little girl to be in pain like that, and it's not right for a little girl to die.

Michael: Come here, Starr.

Starr: [Sniffles] OH.

Michael: Starr, you don't have to be strong all the time.

Starr: Oh, are you kidding me? I'm a blubbering mess.

Michael: You don't blubber.

Starr: [Sighs, chuckles]

Michael: Well, much.

Starr: [Sighs]

Michael: Look, if it's too hard for you, it's fine, okay? She's asleep anyway, and -- it makes all the difference that you gave her a magic frog.

Jason: What happened?

Carly: I don't know. That's why I'm trying to get Steve to tell me. He's saying someone injected Josslyn with a chemical.

Jason: You're saying the mark on the arm was from the injection?

Sam: Yeah, Alexis, too. They were both given the same thing.

Jason: Well, how do you treat it?

Steve: At this point, we don't have a protocol.

Carly: You can't help my little girl?!

Steve: We're doing everything we can for Josslyn and Alexis, but right now, all we know is that it appears to have been intentional.

Jason: You're saying somebody did this on purpose?

Sam: Who would want to make Josslyn and my mom sick?

Joe Jr.: What do you plan to do with those?

Jerry: Something very necessary.

Joe Jr.: Oh, come on, jerry, enough with the riddles. You know, you got me out of lockup -- many thanks. I agreed to get you a support team. They're on their way. Why don't you tell me what the hell it is they're expected to do?

Jerry: What I tell them to do.

Joe Jr.: Yeah, I got that part, too. You know, I thought the whole point of being out here was so that you could speak freely.

Jerry: You see, the main reason I chose this location is because of its owner. He's living abroad, and his aunt is taking care of the place, which is why it was so simple to lure her here.

Joe Jr.: Yeah, lucky gal, huh?

Jerry: I don't believe you've heard of the lady in question, but you know of her. Your son's dating her daughter.

Joe Jr.: Kristina? You're talking about her mother?

Jerry: Yes, Alexis Davis -- a wonderful woman, as I'm sure her daughters will agree.

Molly: T.J., This conversation is a waste of time.

T.J.: How come?

Molly: I just can't imagine Shawn ever being interested in my mom like that. Can you?

T.J.: Guess not.

Shawn: All right, let's go, you two. We need to get you home.

Molly: Wouldn't want to be late.

Shawn: Come on, your mom's waiting.

Molly: You think? She's probably at the window with her binoculars out, just making sure it was actually you who chaperoned us.

Shawn: Okay, how about this? I'll walk you to the door and prove it.

Molly: Okay.

T.J.: What's up?

Molly: Um, Kristina left a voicemail and a text. She says it's important.

[Monitor beeping]

Trey: Okay, look, maybe this isn't the right time or place.

Kristina: For what?

Trey: I need to tell you something about my dad. He's in jail.

Kristina: J-jail? Seriously? What did he do?

Joe Jr.: I'm here to do a job, jerry, not to listen to tales of your latest romance.

Jerry: You wanted answers. I'm about to give them. Alexis wasn't my only guest last night. I had an associate, dr. Ewen Keenan, kidnap my niece.

Carly: What kind of lunatic injects a little girl?

Steve: I wish I had the answers.

Carly: What was in the injection? H-how are gonna you treat it?

Steve: We're counting on the medications to do their job and keep the fevers down. I'll be back with an update.

Carly: How did this happen? When did this happen?

Sam: My mom had to go to Wyndemere last night, some security issues, but she doesn't remember anything after she got there.

Carly: That's where she fainted?

Jason: And possibly where she received the injection.

Carly: You're trying to tell me that Josslyn was at Wyndemere?

Jason: We're gonna figure it out, okay? You just -- you just need to focus on Josslyn. That's it.

Carly: Jax, you need to call me as soon as possible. Josslyn's in the hospital. [Sighs]

Johnny: Hey. I got here as soon as I could. How is she?

Carly: She's getting sicker and sicker by the minute.

Johnny: They know what it is?

Carly: Some kind of chemical compound. I mean, what the hell is that? Steve said he's never even seen it before.

Johnny: Chemical compound? How would that even happened? What?

Carly: They're saying someone did this to her on purpose.

Elizabeth: Alexis and Josslyn's marks are both on their forearm, as if somebody chose that site for the injection.

Sam: I-I just -- I still don't understand who would do this. Why?

Jason: Maybe dr. Keenan can answer that.

Molly: My mom's sick. She's in the hospital.

T.J.: Sick with what?

Molly: They don't know.

Shawn: What do you mean they don't know?

Molly: That's all the message said. Oh, my god, I can't believe I was just making fun of her. Shawn, could you please drive me? I need to see my mom.

Shawn: Of course. And nobody's gonna leave until we know she's okay, all right? Come on, let's go.

Johnny: Back up a second, all right? What happened to the whole theory that this was a bad reaction to a bug bite?

Carly: It's not a bite. That red mark on her arm, that's where someone gave her an injection.

Johnny: Someone shot her up? Who?

Carly: I don't know. Apparently, the same thing happened to Alexis. She has the same red mark on her arm, and they both started coming down with a fever at the same time.

Johnny: All right, so there's got to be some sort of correlation between Josslyn and Alexis, right?

Carly: I don't know. They haven't even been around each other. A-Alexis says she was at Wyndemere. She fainted. It must've happened there.

Johnny: I found joss near the swing set. She was nowhere near spoon island.

Carly: That we know of. We have no idea how long she had been missing.

Johnny: So you're saying that you think somebody broke into the house and took Josslyn while we were there?

Carly: Alexis doesn't remember anything that happened at Wyndemere, just like Josslyn doesn't remember leaving her bed.

Johnny: But if Josslyn was sleepwalking, she wouldn't remember anything.

Carly: It's pretty clear she wasn't sleepwalking. Someone broke into my house, took my daughter, and deliberately made her sick.

Ewen: It's understandable you're upset, Jason. It's possible you're just projecting.

Jason: No, I'm not.

Elizabeth: Why would Ewen have any answers about Josslyn and Alexis?

Jason: McBain and I saw him at Wyndemere today.

Elizabeth: Wait. You and john went to Wyndemere together?

Jason: We were checking on any evidence of what happened to Alexis. And all we found was dr. Keenan.

Joe Jr.: Why bring the kid and that lady here in the first place?

Jerry: I needed them here to inject them.

Joe Jr.: What'd you give them?

Jerry: Something that's gonna make them very, very sick.

[Monitor beeping]

Kristina: If you don't want to talk about it, I understand.

Trey: Look, Kristina, it's just seeing you here with your mom -- how important she is to you, I-I just felt like I had to tell you the truth.

Kristina: And I'm glad. Hey, I promise I'll never judge you. I mean, look what my father does for a living. So, what happened that landed your father in jail?

Trey: He was framed.

Kristina: Oh, my god. Framed? That's awful. By who?

Joe Jr.: Assuming that you ever tell me what the hell you expect me to do and how it relates to Alexis Davis and your niece, what was the point of shooting them up?

Jerry: Well, the injection causes severe systemic inflammation.

Michael: Look, it's okay if you don't want to be here.

Starr: No, hey. Josslyn is your sister, and you are you, and I want to be here for the both of you, okay?

Michael: I hope they don't wake her up. She's been so good, you know? Not fussing or complaining.

Starr: Hey, did you mean what you said when you said you would take her out on that boat?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, my dad has a couple speed boats that he lets me take out, and sometimes I bring Josslyn with me. And I put her in front. She drives, and -- well, she steers. She thinks she's driving, but --

Starr: She's not even afraid?

Michael: No, no. She actually yells for me to go faster. My mom better be prepared because someday --

Steve: Do me a favor. Go get your mom for me.

Michael: Why? What's going on?

Steve: I just -- I need to speak to her.

Jerry: In layman's terms, I gave Alexis and my niece a dangerously high fever. The kind that could kill someone.

Joe Jr.: Well, don't leave me in suspense. Are they gonna die or not? It's time to change the way we clean.

Elizabeth: If Ewen knew something about your mom, he would have told you.

Sam: What were you doing out at Wyndemere?

Elizabeth: He used to live there.

Sam: Used to.

Ewen: Yes, as I explained to Jason and lieutenant McBain, I left a number of my belongings at the house.

Elizabeth: So you went back today to get them or --

Ewen: No, actually, I got a call from the security company. Apparently, there was a break-in, and they just wanted to let me know in case any of my things had been disturbed.

Sam: Why didn't you go out last night?

Ewen: I only checked the message this morning, and I don't keep anything of value there anyway.

Sam: It's kind of like the same call my mom got.

Jason: Yeah, that call was a fake.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Jason: The security company has no record of getting in touch with Alexis.

Sam: So there was no alarm?

Jason: It was a setup. Somebody wanted Alexis out at Wyndemere.

Jerry: By now, the doctors at general hospital are probably chasing their tails, trying to figure out what's wrong. [Chuckles]

Joe Jr.: You know, I'd pretend to be sorry about all this, except you obviously wanted it to happen, so why don't you cut the B.S. And tell me where I fit in?

[Monitor beeping]

Kristina: Trey, do you know who framed your father?

Trey: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. We're supposed to be focusing on your mom, not -- not my family.

Kristina: There's nothing I can do for her now except be here. So please tell me what happened with your dad.

[Beeping continues]

Dr. Rashi: I'm here to check on miss Davis.

Kristina: How is she?

Dr. Rashi: Just a second.

Sam: What are you saying -- that somebody set my mother up? They got her to go out to Wyndemere just so they can inject her with something? What kind of a psycho would do that?

Jason: I'm trying to find out.

Sam: What if we don't have time, Jason?

Molly: Sam, what happened? What's wrong with mom?

Sam: Um, come with me.

Elizabeth: It's a good thing you didn't pick up that message till this morning. For all we know, you could have been injected, too.

Ewen: I have a patient waiting, but please page me if, uh, their conditions get worse, okay?

Elizabeth: He's really lucky he waited to go to Wyndemere.

Jason: You sure it's luck?

Elizabeth: Aren't you?

Carly: How does someone get into my house and up to Josslyn's room and I didn't even know about it? This is my fault.

Johnny: No.

Carly: Yes, it is. I should have been paying attention.

Johnny: Don't even say that. Come on. Don't think that.

Carly: [Sighs]

Michael: Mom, Steve needs to talk to you.

Carly: Okay.

Johnny: I'll be here. You okay?

Starr: [Sighs]

Kristina: My mom's gonna be okay, right?

[Monitor beeping]

Molly: Kristina.

Kristina: Oh, thank god, you got my messages.

Molly: I'm so sorry!

Kristina: Stop, stop, stop. You're here now. That's all that matters.

Molly: [Inhales deeply]

[Beeping continues]

Molly: She looks so weak. [Voice breaking] Mom? Can you hear me? It's molly.

[Beeping continues]

Dr. Rashi: I'd like to speak with you and your sisters alone, please.

Trey: Kristina, come find me when you're done, okay?

T.J.: Molly, you know, like Shawn said, we're not going anywhere until we know it's all good, okay?

Sam: What's happening?

Molly: She's gonna get better, isn't she?

[Beeping continues]

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: [Sighs] If it's so important, then where is he?

Michael: I'm sure he's gonna be here soon.

Steve: Sorry, I wanted to recheck something in Josslyn's labs.

Carly: What did you find?

Steve: I'm sorry. I-I have bad news.

Ewen: [Sighs]

Jerry: Oh, trust me, your role is a very important one.

Joe Jr.: Just so we're clear, I don't have any experience giving people shots. And neither do any of the guys I'm getting for you.

Jerry: Now, don't worry. I have a way to collect on the debt that you owe me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jerry: Oh, if you'll excuse me. How tedious. Ah, I'm gonna have to take that call.

[Ringing continues]

Jerry: What now?

Ewen: They're on to you.

Jerry: Being cryptic is my job. Elaborate.

Ewen: Steve Webber, Josslyn's doctor, figured out that she and Alexis were injected with something, and now everyone's thinking that it happened at Wyndemere.

Elizabeth: You pretty much just accused Ewen of lying.

Jason: He is lying.

Elizabeth: How do you know?!

Jason: Why would dr. Keenan get the same fake phone call that Alexis did?

Elizabeth: And why would Alexis and Josslyn, two basically unconnected people, be shot up with the same mystery toxin? And why is it strange for Ewen to be a target?

Jason: I don't know, but it doesn't add up.

Elizabeth: Okay, so the alternative is what? That Ewen is somehow involved in all of this?

Jason: It's possible.

T.J.: I hate waiting.

Trey: Yeah, me too.

T.J.: Wish there was something we could do. Hey, uh, where are the cameras? Shouldn't you guys be here shooting the drama?

Trey: Oh, uh, no, not anymore. We're just about done with "mob princess."

T.J.: Got another project in the works?

Trey: I did, but, uh, yeah, I think that one's done, too.

[Cell phone ringing]

T.J.: Hollywood's calling. Hey, let them know I'm a free agent, man.

Trey: [Chuckles] You got it. Hello?

Joe Jr.: Trey, it's me.

Trey: Dad. Hey, sorry, I didn't recognize the number.

Joe Jr.: Yeah, well, there's a reason for that. I got news, kiddo, but first, I want to hear all about what's going on with you. I mean, last time we talked, we got cut off. Someone come in?

Trey: Yeah.

Joe Jr.: I hope now is good. I want to hear all about your marriage plans with Kristina. You pick a date for us to take back what's ours?

Trey: Uh, look, dad, things are different, all right? There -- there's not gonna be a wedding.

Dr. Rashi: I wish I had better news to report, but your mother isn't responding to the medication.

Sam: Her fever's still going up?

DR. Rashi: And so is her heart rate.

Carly: Okay, the antibiotics aren't working, so what else are you gonna give her?

Steve: We've tried acetaminophen, ibuprofen, cooling her down. Nothing seems to be having an effect.

Michael: There's something else you can do.

Steve: [Sighs]

Michael: What else can you do?

Steve: Right now, we don't know what that is.

Carly: What happens if you can't bring the fever down?

Steve: As her fever rises, so does her risk for seizures. But right now, there are other concerns we need to address.

Johnny: I didn't burst into flames, so that's a start. I need your help. I need it more than I've needed anything. I know what you're thinking. I don't deserve it, but you know what? I'm asking anyway. I'm begging. [Sighs] Help Josslyn, please. Don't make her pay for what I did.

Michael: What's worse than Josslyn having a seizure?

Steve: Fevers this high increase the risk of brain damage.

[Monitor beeping]

Dr. Rashi: If we can't get her temperature down, she risks damage to her major organs, especially the brain.

Molly: Oh, my god.

Dr. Rashi: And if the brain shuts down, so does the body.

Kristina: [Inhales sharply]

Carly: We have to get her fever down.

Steve: We've got ice packs. We've got a-a cooling blanket.

Carly: It's not working.

Steve: I'm sorry. A fever this out of control -- I'm sorry.

[Monitor beeping]

Johnny: You can't take Carly's little girl away from her. Is that how you work, huh? A little girl battles back from cancer just so you can take her back? Huh? Like I took hope? I know that's what's going on here, right? I took Starr's daughter and boyfriend away from her, and what, this is punishment? Well, you're punishing the wrong person. If you're mad at me, you take it out on me -- not Carly. You got to save Josslyn and punish me.

Starr: Johnny?

Johnny: [Sniffles]

Elizabeth: I can't believe we're even talking about this. Ewen is a doctor. He would never do anything to hurt anyone, especially a child.

Jason: Then why is he lying about what happened at Wyndemere?

Elizabeth: So what if he got the same phone call as Alexis and he went to Wyndemere this morning and not last night? That doesn't make him a liar. It doesn't prove that he's done something wrong.

Jason: Yeah, but there's too many inconsistencies, starting with the night that you met him.

Elizabeth: He saved my life.

Jason: No, he walked away and left you after you almost drowned. He was covering then, and he's covering right now.

Elizabeth: Are you sure this is all about Ewen?

Jason: What does that mean?

Elizabeth: Maybe you're trying to be Sam's hero by figuring out what's going on with her mom.

Jason: Alexis isn't the only one who's sick. We're talking about a little girl who was taken out of her bed in the middle of the night.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I know you're scared for Josslyn. So am I. But I think Ewen may be right. I think you might be projecting because you feel helpless, and for whatever reason, you don't like Ewen.

Jason: No, I don't trust him, and I don't think you trust him, either.

Elizabeth: Don't tell me how I feel.

Jason: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: I have finally decided to date him, and you know what? I like him.

Jason: Then be careful.

Elizabeth: Don't try to protect me. I can take care of myself.

Ewen: Do you hear me?

Jerry: I'm not deaf, dr. Keenan.

Ewen: Oh, good. 'Cause they're getting really close to figuring it all out.

Jerry: No, no, they only think they are. Someone at the hospital figured out that Alexis and Josslyn got a shot in the arm.

Ewen: Yes, last night, and they think it happened at Wyndemere.

Jerry: So what? They couldn't possibly know what I injected them with, nor will they know it was me. Until I want them to. Now please don't bother me anymore. I have a houseguest.

Ewen: Who?

Joe Jr.: Hold on, hold on. I thought you said that Kristina agreed to the wedding.

Trey: Yeah, she did, but now her mom's in the hospital, a-and she's got some mystery illness. The doctors don't even know how to treat it.

Joe Jr.: I'm sure she'll make it.

Trey: Yeah, but even if she does, she's -- dad, Kristina's going crazy here, I mean, you know, with her mom this way. I don't -- I-I just can't -- I would be a total ass if I added to that.

Joe Jr.: Trey, I need you --

Trey: Dad, hold on just a sec, okay?

T.J.: Shawn and I thought of something we can do to help. You want in?

Trey: Listen, dad, I got to run. I'll talk to you later.

Joe Jr.: [Sighs]

[Beep] Damn it.

Sam: Wait. There must be something you can do.

Molly: Please, you can't just let her die.

Dr. Rashi: I'm sorry.

Sam: [Sighs]

Molly: [Crying]

Kristina: It's okay, it's okay.

Carly: I want to know the treatment plan you have set up for Josslyn.

Steve: We're doing everything we can to treat the fever. We're pumping in antibiotics. We've got ice packs, a cooling blanket.

Michael: So more of the same.

Steve: We're doing everything we can.

[Monitor beeping]

Starr: If you want me to leave you alone, I can.

Johnny: No, no, no. Stay. Josslyn can use all the prayers she can get, right? You hear anything new?

Starr: No. Sometimes I wonder what's worse -- knowing or not knowing.

Johnny: You're thinking of hope.

Starr: I keep trying to -- focus on Michael's sister, send positive thoughts her way, but every time I look at that little face, I think of hope. [Sighs] I just can't believe -- I can't believe that she's gone. [Sniffles] It just doesn't seem real. [Sighs]

Johnny: I'm so sorry.

Starr: No, I should -- I should be focused on -- on Michael. I-I'm here [Sniffles] For him, to support him and his little sister and to be there for them. Johnny, when I see that little girl in that big hospital bed, it makes me think of hope at the bottom of that ravine and her just covered in a whole pile of metal. [Exhales sharply] Okay [Sniffles] No. I'm gonna pray [Sniffles] For Josslyn. [Breathing heavily]

Johnny: It's okay. You don't have to be strong. You don't have to pray -- not with me.

Starr: [Crying]

Johnny: It's okay.

Michael: Josslyn, I promise you, as soon as you're better, we're gonna go out on the boat, okay? I'm gonna have to get you a new vest because you're growing so fast, you're almost out of the old one.

Carly: We'll make it pink since that's your favorite color.

Michael: You have to get better so you can drive. Maybe we'll take mom with us.

Carly: [Laughs] I'd have to watch her drive that boat.

Michael: Oh, she's fearless. When we take the boat out, it starts smacking across the waves, and she just laughs.

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: [Sighs]

Michael: It feels great, doesn't it? The wind in your face, the spray of the water to keep you cool. You feel like you're flying. Like you can go anywhere. Like you are completely free.

[Beeping continues]

Michael: Look, you can do this, Josslyn. I know you can. And I'm not the only one who's counting on you. You've got Fred now. You got to keep him safe. For Starr and hope. They're counting on you to protect him. Like I'm counting on you to beat this.

Carly: [Sniffles]

Michael: I love you so much.

[Beeping continues]

Michael: [Sighs] I'm gonna get some air.

Carly: [Sighs] [Sniffles] Elizabeth, can I have a minute with her?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Of course. Here, why don't you take this rag?

Carly: Thank you.

Elizabeth: I'll be in the hallway if you need anything.

Carly: [Sniffles] [Sighs] Hey, baby. I need you to fight. Do you hear me? I need you to fight. And I know this isn't the first time I've asked this of you. And you may be tired. But a year ago, no one thought you would survive, and you did because you're strong. If you feel like that your strength has run out, you just reach over to me. And you can have some of mine because mommy loves you, baby girl. I'm never gonna let anything bad happen to you.

Starr: [Crying] [Sniffles]

Johnny: [Sighs] I'm so sorry.

Starr: [Sighs] Stop apologizing.

Johnny: I can't. [Sniffles] There's something that I -- [Sighs] Maybe this won't help. And maybe you don't want to hear this, but -- we're in front of god, right? I need to tell you something I did.

Starr: Johnny, what are you talking about? Johnny, look at me! What did you do?

Johnny: Starr -- I'm the one who --

Starr: Michael. Hey. What happened?

Michael: The [Sniffles] The doctor said that joss might not make it.

Starr: Oh, god. Oh, god.

Johnny: I'm gonna go talk to Carly.

Michael: [Sighs]

Starr: [Sighs]

Michael: I told joss when she got out of here -- that I'd, uh -- I'd take her out on the boat. I know she believes me, but what if, uh -- what if she never gets out of here and the last thing I said to her was a lie?

Starr: Hey.

Michael: What if she --

Starr: Michael, hey, come here. It's okay. It's okay.

Shawn: Michael?

Michael: Hey, um -- Josslyn's alive. The doctors just -- there's not much more they can do.

Shawn: [Sighs]

Michael: Uh, how's -- how's Alexis?

Shawn: Uh, same. We -- we came here to send some good energy their way. You know, Michael, look, there's more power in all of us praying together.

Michael: Okay.

Shawn: Dear lord, we heard that someone may have purposely harmed Alexis and Josslyn. If that's true, please, give this person the grace to come forward before it's too late.

Jerry: Goodbye, doctor.

Ewen: Don't hang up. [Grunts]

Jason: Thought you had a patient?

Shawn: Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Joe Jr.: My boy's all bent 'cause Kristina's mom is sick, and you made her that way.

Jerry: Oh, relax, joe-joe. It'll be all over soon.

Ewen: He wasn't able t-to come in. It's just frustrating. I had to do the session by phone. Excuse me. Dr. Webber, uh, any progress?

Steve: Not yet, and time is running out.

Ewen: Anything I can do?

Steve: The only thing left to do is wait.

Sam: You can't just give up on my mother. There has to be another way, another medicine to bring down the fever, please.

Steve: Let's take another look at her.

Shawn: Please be merciful to Carly and her beautiful little girl. Let Josslyn grow up to be as strong, caring, and giving as her mother. Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

Carly: I should have been paying attention. What kind of mother doesn't know her daughter's not in the house?

Johnny: This isn't your fault.

Carly: What kind of mother is having sex with her boyfriend, too busy to know if her daughter's been kidnapped?

Johnny: You're a great mother. Y-you checked on her just like you always do, and she was in her bed.

Carly: Yeah, until she wasn't.

Johnny: [Sighs] Carly, what were you supposed to do -- stand guard by her room all night? Hey, this isn't your fault. You blame the person who did this to her, not yourself.

Carly: I hope they burn in hell.

Shawn: Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

[Monitor beeping]

Johnny: I'm gonna go talk to Steve, all right? There's got to be something more they can do.

Carly: [Sniffles] I'm gonna tell you a secret, okay? You're a lot like me. But better. Better and sweeter. You get that part from your daddy. See, he believes in good things. He believes in miracles. And you're our miracle. You're the best of Jax, and you're the best of me. [Sighs]

Jason: It's okay.

Carly: [Crying] I'm not gonna lose her.

Jason: I know.

Carly: I'm not gonna lose my little girl.

Shawn: Please heal Alexis for her daughters' sake and for all the people who love her. Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

[Monitor beeping]

Steve: I'm so sorry.

Molly: No.

Steve: Dr. Rashi was right. There's nothing else we can do.

Sam: How much time?

Steve: Not long.

Molly: [Sniffles] [Sobbing] Oh, please, please wake up! Please, tell them they're wrong!

Shawn: Let Alexis hear our voices, and may they give her strength to survive.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Molly: [Sobbing]

Shawn: Let Josslyn feel the love in this chapel today. Let her hear our voices, and let them heal her. Lord, hear our prayer.

All: Lord, hear our prayer.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Carly: Josslyn? Josslyn?! Josslyn, baby! Josslyn!

Jerry: You know, they say that the tragedy is to die young, but I don't agree. To die when you know what death means -- when all the illusions are stripped away and you realize that -- you're really quite frightened after all -- that's the tragedy.

Joe Jr.: So Alexis' death counts for more than your niece. Is that what you're saying?

Jerry: It should be ending just about --

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Jerry: -- Now.

Ewen: Johnny, Johnny, what's going on?

Johnny: I don't know. It doesn't sound good, though.

Carly: Josslyn, you got to hang on. Josslyn -- we need a doctor in here!

Jason: Help!

Carly: Baby, wake up! Wake up, baby, come on!

Jason: Carly, Carly, come on.

Carly: You got to save her! You have to save her!

Steve: Move.

Kristina: What is it? Why is it making that noise?

Molly: Mom's not dead! She can't be dead!

Sam: What's happening to our mother?

Joe Jr.: If your niece and Alexis Davis are dead, just say it.

Jerry: Oh, quite the contrary.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Jerry: I'd never do anything to harm my niece. I love that child.

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: Josslyn?!

Josslyn: Mommy?

Carly: Yeah, baby.

Josslyn: I'm thirsty.

Carly: You're thirsty? [Laughs]

[Beeping continues]

Carly: You're thirsty.

Jerry: By now, her fever must've broken. Josslyn must be out of the woods.

[Monitor beeping]

Jerry: As it turns out, I'm also quite fond of Alexis, as well.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Molly: [Crying]

[Monitor beeping slowly]

Molly: Mom?!

Kristina: Can you hear us? We're all here -- Sam, molly, and Kristina.

Alexis: Is there a reason that you think I wouldn't know your names?


Elizabeth: Alexis and Josslyn's fever broke. They're stabilizing, and they're gonna be okay.

Starr: Oh, my god!

Jerry: I imagine their loved ones are currently celebrating. Hugs and kisses all around. [Chuckles]

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: [Sighs]

Jerry: I do feel badly that Alexis and Josslyn endured a day of suffering. But it was necessary to keep them safe.

Sam: Don't you ever scare us like that again. [Chuckles]

Jerry: And now they will be.

Shawn: [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Starr: Fred wants to go on the boat, too. He wants to drive really, really fast and see you drive.

Alexis: [Chuckles]

Carly: Yay!


Starr: Oh, she looks so great.

Carly: Yeah.

[Telephone ringing]

Jerry: What I gave them last night was an inoculation -- a vaccination of sorts. Or as I prefer to call it, protection.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: She's doing better.

Jason: Good.

Joe Jr.: Protection from what?

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