General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/16/12


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Michael: "The end."

Carly: Did you like the book, sweetie? No? You're not feeling very good, are you? Oh.

Michael: I'm gonna go get Steve.

Carly: Okay.

Starr: Look, trey, if you want me to keep this secret for you, you owe me an explanation. If your dad's not the person you said he is, then who is he?

Trey: You don't understand. My dad -- he's complicated.

Starr: Oh. And I don't understand complicated dads?

Trey: Right. Sorry.

Starr: Come on. What is it about your dad that is so hard for you to talk about?

Joe Jr.: Listen, don't get me wrong. I'm glad to be getting out of here, but I can't furnish your personnel if I don't know the details of the job.

Jerry: Oh, I'll tell you what I want when I want it.

Joe Jr.: Yeah. Do I at least get to know what the target is?

Jerry: Not what. Who.

Kristina: How you feeling?

Alexis: I'm dizzy. I don't know why.

Sam: Listen, mom, this is important. Do you know how many times you fainted?

Alexis: I don't know. I was at Wyndemere, and I...

Kristina: Why didn't you tell us you passed out?

Sam: It's okay. The doctors are running tests. They're gonna have you feeling better in no time.

Kristina: We should call molly.

Shawn: So, you guys had fun, right?

Molly: Yeah, sure. How could you not have fun at an amusement park?

T.J.: Yeah, especially when u get to pack all that fun into one hour.

Shawn: Look, I'm sorry we had to cut things short. Rosie feels really terrible about it, too.

T.J.: Yeah, I kind of doubt she felt terrible right when she puked all over my shoe.

Shawn: Look, all right, a little compassion wouldn't be out of order.

T.J.: How about some compassion for me? I still smell like fried dough.

Molly: Come on, T.J., That ride made her feel really sick.

T.J.: Then why couldn't she just wait for us at the entrance?

Shawn: Rosie didn't want to feel left out.

T.J.: You know what? Next time, just leave her, okay? Seriously, there has to be someone better for you, okay?

Alexis: Don't call molly. Let her enjoy her day with T.J.

Kristina: I get that you don't want her to worry, but she needs to know.

Alexis: Needs to know what?

Sam: [Sighs]

Alexis: It's not serious.

Sam: Well, we'll wait for a doctor to decide that. We don't know if you had a reaction to your bug bite or it's a fever or something.

Alexis: What bug bite?

Sam: This one on your arm.

Alexis: Where?

Sam: Does it itch or anything? Do you remember when it happened?

Alexis: No. It's probably just a spider bite. Wouldn't surprise me in a creepy place like Wyndemere.

Sam: What if it's not a bug bite at all? What if it's something entirely different?

Jason: You got your gun?

McBain: Yeah. It that kind of place?

Jason: Yeah, never know with this place.

McBain: All right. You got keys?

Jason: My sister was married to Nikolas Cassadine.

McBain: You, uh... you probably know your way around the place pretty good, then.

Jason: Yeah, somewhat.

McBain: Good. Should have brought a six-pack to be a decent fellow. So what do we know so far, huh? Alexis Davis, she gets a call telling her to do a walk-through after a break-in, except there was no break-in, and the security company's got no record of the call.

Jason: Somebody wanted Alexis out here.

McBain: Exactly. But who?

Jerry: You know, it's cleaner when the target is an inanimate object like a briefcase or a building. It's the people who are troublesome. But that's the price of doing business.

Joe Jr.: Okay, then. Who are you after?

Jerry: I would like to discuss that in a more private spot.

Joe Jr.: You mean that spot you mentioned before -- Wyndemere?

Jerry: Ah, you were paying attention. Bravo.

Joe Jr.: You're asking me to get you personnel. That implies that you expect opposition.

Jerry: Well, there are several third-parties involved that could be an impediment -- one in particular. He's been hard to kill in the past. Now he's overdue.

Joe Jr.: Unless he gets to you first.

Jerry: Oh, I can assure you, the main objective for me is to cheat death once again.

Elizabeth: Her temperature's up.

Steve: Just a little. We'll figure out a way to get it down.

Michael: Excuse me. Do you know what's wrong with Josslyn yet?

Steve: We'll have a much better idea of what it is and how to treat it when joss' blood work comes back.

Carly: Well, do you think you can put a rush on it?

Steve: Look, I know you're anxious --

Carly: Yes, I'm anxious. We've been here for hours, and you still have no idea what's wrong with my daughter.

Steve: Right now, all Josslyn has is a temperature and what might amount to a bug bite. There's no reason to think it's worse.

Joe Jr.: You know, if you plan to live through this, allow me to give you some free advice. Don't get cocky. You know, when people get overconfident, they make mistakes. Look at me, for example. I survived for decades in new Orleans. How? By lying low.

Jerry: [Chuckles] Really? It's funny. When you said, "look at me," all I could see were these bars. After all these decades of lying low, you still ended up at the mercy of sonny Corinthos with no one to turn to but me.

Joe Jr.: Not necessarily.

Jerry: Do you see anyone else? Or are you referring to the son that you think that no one knows you have?

Starr: Whoever your father is, he can't have a worse reputation than mine.

Trey: Okay. Okay, look. I will tell you, but you have to promise me that this stays between us.

Starr: Trey, I can't keep this from Michael.

Trey: This isn't your secret. This is mine. And why are you being so protective? It's not like this is gonna hurt Michael.

Starr: Are you sure about that?

Trey: Look, my dad is... the one who's hurting. He's sitting in a jail cell right now, and there's no one else to help him. He doesn't have enough money to pay for a defense lawyer. I'm the only thing he's got, so I'm doing everything that I can.

Starr: And I'm sure you are doing everything that you can. You are, trey.

Trey: Yeah, yeah, exactly. I'm the only thing he's got. And so I've got to go with whatever I can, unless -- you know, even if it goes against Michael's -- whatever this thing is that you've got.

[Cell phones ringing]

Starr: Even if you go against who?

Trey: It's Kristina.

Starr: It's Michael.

Trey: Hey, what's up?

Kristina: Can you come meet me? I'm at the hospital, in the emergency room.

Starr: The hospital? Is everything okay?

Michael: I'm fine. It's, uh... it's my little sister, Josslyn.

Kristina: It's my mom.

Molly: Rosie's not that bad. I mean, she's nice, and the way she dresses is so distinctive.

T.J.: Are you hearing this? "Nice"? "Not that bad"? "Distinctive"? Even "Vicker man" got better reviews.

Shawn: Well, it's a good thing you're not the one dating her.

T.J.: Might as well be. Why do I have to dragged along when she wants to go antiquing?

Molly: I actually like the antiquing.

T.J.: Why can't you guys have a nice, romantic dinner for two? Why do I have to be there so she can force-feed me quiche?

Shawn: There's nothing wrong with her quiche. Molly likes it, right?

Molly: Well, um... it's just she makes hers vegan, and quiche usually has eggs in it, so...

Shawn: [Sighs]

T.J.: You can do so much better, man. You need someone with some life... some surprise... some challenge. Now, where can we find you someone who fits that description?

Alexis: You know, I'm probably just dehydrated 'cause it's been really hot.

Sam: Steve is concerned about that red mark. He's waiting on your blood work. Mom? Hey. Come on. Stay with me.

Alexis: Honey, I'm sorry. I really -- I can't keep my eyes open.

Sam: I know -- I know you're tired, but I need you to stay with me for a minute, okay? In the past few days, have you experienced any dizzy spells?

Alexis: [Sighs] Mnh-mnh.

Sam: No? Not light-headed or anything?

Alexis: Nothing.

Sam: Are you sure the first time you fainted was at Wyndemere?

Jason: All right, from what Sam said, Alexis passed out in this room.

Main: So, how do Alexis and Josslyn contract the same disease at the same time in opposite sides of the town?

Jason: I don't know. But I don't believe for a second that Josslyn left the house on her own.

McBain: Agreed. So someone broke in to Carly's house, and they took Josslyn. The question is, what was the point?

Elizabeth: Josslyn, I have something for you. It's nice and cool to help you feel better. Want to put that on her head?

Carly: Yes.

Elizabeth: You have been such a good little patient. And you know what good little patients get? Lollipops!

Carly: Wow. What do you say?

Josslyn: Thank you.

Carly: Yeah. The last time you were here, you were too little for lollipops.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] That's right. I remember. And everyone was so upset that you were stuck in this hospital bed. And the doctors worked really hard to get you better.

Carly: You know, Elizabeth helped a lot. You know how we talk about Jake and how Jake helped you get better and how you have a piece of him inside of you? This is Jake's mommy. And we're really grateful.

Elizabeth: You're welcome.

Jerry: How is Joe iii? Or does he prefer "trey"?

Joe Jr.: How the hell do you know about him?

Jerry: Oh, I make it a point to know everything there is to know about my would-be associates, inside and out.

Joe Jr.: I'll get you the people you need, but I don't want my boy anywhere near this. If trey gets hurt --

Jerry: Do what I ask in a timely manner... and your son will not be involved. But if you're so concerned about your boy's safety, advise him to stay clear of sonny Corinthos.

Joe Jr.: Trey's in no danger from sonny.

Jerry: I take it you're relying on trey's relationship with sonny's daughter Kristina to ease the way.

Joe Jr.: She's part of it.

Jerry: I wonder, does your son have any idea to the extent of which you're using him... and how far you'll go to destroy all things Corinthos?

Trey: Wait. Your mom's sick?

Kristina: She fainted. They're still trying to figure out what's wrong.

Michael: It could just be a bug bite, but after everything that Josslyn went through with cancer and the transplant, my mom just... she wants to be really sure about this.

Starr: I'll be right there.

Trey: Kristina's mom's in the hospital.

Starr: So is Michael's little sister.

Trey: I'll drive.

Starr: Okay. Oh, I have to get something first.

Mac: Hi.

Molly: Hey.

Mac: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn: Hi. How's life after the PCPD?

Mac: Oh, not bad, actually. You know, it turns out I don't miss murders, burglaries, or organized crime as much as I thought.

Shawn: Yeah. So what are you doing? You taking some time off? You got any other prospects?

Mac: Truthfully, I am perfectly happy at the floating rib. You know, I used to own a bar/restaurant, and it's kind of fun getting back in touch with my roots. But I really can't pass up on the burgers here.

Shawn: So you're working at the floating rib?

Mac: Yeah. Didn't Alexis tell you?

Shawn: Alexis?

Mac: Well, yeah, I just thought -- [Chuckles] Never mind.

Shawn: Never mind what, man?

Mac: Well, I just thought you two would have already... you know.

Shawn: No. Know what?

Mac: Gone out on a date.

Sam: Do you remember the ride over in the launch or the walk up to the house? Was there anything unusual?

Alexis: No.

Sam: No. Did you...let yourself in or was the door open?

Alexis: I don't know. I, uh... I must have used my key.

Sam: Okay. Were the lights on?

Alexis: [Sighs] I don't think so.

Sam: Okay. So you used your key, you let yourself in, the lights were off. What happens next? Mom? Do you remember anything that happened at Wyndemere before you fainted?

Ewen: What are you guys doing here?

Jason: You first.

Ewen: I, uh -- I got a call from the security company -- said there was some kind of break-in. I've got some stuff in storage here, and I just wanted to check if anything was missing. Is -- is that what you guys are doing here?

McBain: Oh, it's a little more complicated than that, doc. Alexis Davis got a similar call last night. She came out here and had a seizure. Had another one again this morning.

Ewen: Really? Uh, is she going to be all right?

McBain: She's been admitted to the hospital.

Jason: So has a little girl named Josslyn jacks.

McBain: They have the same symptoms.

Jason: What about you, dr. Keenan? You feeling sick?

Shawn: Hey, so, why would you think Alexis and I had gone on a date?

Mac: You know what? Forget I said anything.

Shawn: No, you brought it up.

Mac: Shawn, I clearly had the wrong impression. I should have left it alone.

Shawn: Look, did Alexis say something about me?

Mac: No. No, she didn't. I did.

Shawn: So you said something about me and Alexis?

Mac: Alexis stopped by the rib, you know? And, uh -- I don't know. We were talking about me getting back with my ex, and conversation eventually turned to Alexis and her social life. And I told her about the fact that I heard about her most recent game of strip pool.

Shawn: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Mac: Since you were her opponent, I -- I mistakenly assumed that maybe something was going on between you two.

Shawn: And what? Did Alexis say that there was?

Mac: Would you like there to be?

Alexis: I walked in to the living room, and [Sighs] I assumed that the security people were already walking through the house.

Sam: And then what?

Alexis: I woke up on the sofa.

Sam: Okay. How long were you out?

Alexis: It couldn't have been too long because I got tired and lied down on the sofa.

Sam: Okay. Mom, was there anything out of the ordinary? Was there anything out of place? Did you notice an odd sound or smell?

Alexis: Just dank and musty. Even in the summer.

Sam: What? What is it? Do you remember something?

Jerry: Are you certain it's wise to leave your son in the proximity of sonny Corinthos? He has a notoriously short temper. Although he insists that he doesn't target children, your son trey's hardly a toddler.

Joe Jr.: You take care of your business, jerry. I'll take care of mine.

Jerry: Well, fortunately, our businesses will dovetail quite nicely.

Joe Jr.: I wouldn't know, considering you've not told me a single thing about what you're doing.

Jerry: Well, you agreed to provide me with a team of professionals.

Joe Jr.: Can't make the arrangements if I'm stuck in here.

Guard: It's your lucky day, Scully. You're getting out.

Jerry: You were saying?

Jason: Seriously, dr. Keenan, I asked how you're feeling.

Ewen: No, I-I'm fine. Uh, why? Why wouldn't I be?

McBain: Whatever led to Alexis' and Josslyn's hospitalization might have originated right here.

Ewen: But how would I have caught it? I haven't been here in months.

McBain: Well, you and Alexis both got calls from the security company, right?

Ewen: Right.

McBain: Well, the calls are bogus. There was no alarm tripped. Security company confirmed they never made those calls.

Ewen: Well -- uh, wait. I'm not sure I quite follow you.

McBain: What's the point of having all those diplomas, doc? I mean, obviously, someone tried to lure Alexis here. Since you got a call, they were trying to lure you here, too. You have any idea who'd want to do that?

Jerry: Isn't it convenient? You're being released on the very day that I'm here to provide transportation. Fantastic.

Guard: You can get changed while they finalize your paperwork.

Jerry: Congratulations on your impending freedom.

Joe Jr.: Thanks. You know, it's amazing how fast this all happened once you got involved.

Jerry: I know, but I had incentive. In this case, time really is money.

McBain: Hey, come on, doc, concentrate here, all right? Can you think of anyone that would want to get you and Alexis to the island?

Ewen: No, not that I can think of.

McBain: No. All right. Well, hey, why didn't you come out here last night when you first got the call?

Ewen: Well, I actually didn't check the message until, um, the morning.

McBain: You mind if I borrow your phone?

Ewen: Sure. Um... oh, but the -- the message is on my office line.

McBain: Oh, that's too bad. Well, I'm sure the PCPD can send someone over to trace it.

Ewen: Sure. Um, just curious -- why do you think that whoever lured Alexis out here would be connected to her illness?

Jason: We're looking for any possible link... between Josslyn and Alexis.

Ewen: Oh, certainly Josslyn couldn't have got a call and asked to come out.

Jason: Josslyn doesn't have a phone.

McBain: She's just a little girl.

Ewen: You're right. Look, I hope you -- you figure out what's going on. Um, if you'll excuse me.

McBain: Hey, doc. You look a little woozy, you know? You start coming down with something, you make sure you get yourself to the E.R.

Ewen: Of course, yeah. Um, I'll actually head over there now and see if I can be of help.

McBain: Mm.

[Door opens, closes] Kind of a nervous fellow.

Jason: I'd say.

McBain: Makes me think he's hiding something.

Jerry: [Coughing]

[Cell phone rings]

Jerry: What?

Ewen: You said they'd be all right.

Jerry: Calm down.

Ewen: I don't want to calm down. Josslyn and Alexis are in hospital because of you, and you need to tell me what you did to them before it's too late.

Starr: Hey.

Kristina: I'm so glad you're here.

Starr: Michael, how's your sister doing?

Michael: Uh, the doctors still don't know anything.

Starr: Sorry.

Steve: Lizzie, could you get Sam and Carly? I have Alexis and Josslyn's blood work.

Elizabeth: And? What's going on?

Steve: We have a real problem on our hands.

Molly: T.J., Um... maybe you should give Shawn a break about Rosie.

T.J.: [Scoffs] Why? I mean, he obviously doesn't like her.

Molly: Then why is he dating her?

T.J.: Because she's there.

Molly: Men!

T.J.: I mean, I get that he's lonely, but, like, shouldn't he go out with someone that he actually likes?

Molly: Sure. But who?

T.J.: If I knew that, we would still be riding roller coasters.

Molly: Well, the only people I know are in high school. And my mother.

T.J.: [Laughs]

Mac: Are you interested in Alexis?

Shawn: You know what? I'm seeing someone, you know?

Mac: I'm sorry. I mean, if I'd have known, I wouldn't have pushed Alexis into making a move with you.

Shawn: You pushed her into doing what?

Mac: Well, like I said, I've recently gotten back with my ex, and you know how couples like to match everybody up. I may have, uh... nudged Alexis in your direction. I mean, not that it matters. Obviously, she chickened out.

Shawn: Or maybe I shot her down before she had the chance.

Sam: Mom? Can you remember what happened?

Alexis: Thought I could. But it's gone.

Sam: Get some rest. Maybe it'll come back on its own.

Alexis: Mm.

Sam: [Sighs]

Kristina: I'm sorry I'm such a basket case.

Trey: No. No, no, no. If it were my dad in the E.R., I'd be worried, too.

Kristina: I just don't want you to think it's your job to prop me up or anything.

Trey: No, Kristina. No. I'm right where I want to be, okay?

Kristina: This is where I want you to be, too.

Michael: These tests are taking forever.

Starr: I'm sure the doctors are doing everything they can.

Michael: I don't know who I feel worse for -- my mom or Josslyn. You know, Josslyn had a kidney transplant a little more than a year ago, and she was in the hospital for a few weeks, and... we kept telling her that she was gonna be okay. And now here she is -- back at the hospital. And now they're drawing her blood. You know, and she's doing really good. She's not fighting the nurses, she's not crying. I just -- I just wish I could take this on for her, you know? Be the one getting stuck with needles and being sick.

Starr: Hey, hey, hey. You're her big brother. If you tell her she's gonna be okay, she'll believe you.

Michael: I wish that would work for my mom. She's been in Josslyn's room this whole time. She's acting all cheerful, but I know underneath that, she's terrified. So am I.

Starr: Hey.

Ewen: Just tell me what you did to Alexis and Josslyn so I can help them.

Jerry: They're not your concern.

Ewen: They are my concern. I'm your accomplice.

Jerry: Be a great comfort to you that the ultimate responsibility will be mine.

Ewen: Please. I just want to help them.

Jerry: I assure you, I'm monitoring the situation.

Ewen: Are you monitoring what's going on at Wyndemere? Jason Morgan is here with the police, and they know Alexis was lured here last night, and... well, soon enough, they'll know everything else.

McBain: So, what kind of personal items do you think the doc left behind? Couldn't have been real important, considering he rushed off like that. Didn't even bother to check on them. You notice how he wasn't real concerned when he found out the calls from the security company were bogus?

Jason: 'Cause he's lying.

McBain: 'Course he's lying. Question is, why is he lying? We need to find out what the doc's hiding and how does it relate to Josslyn and Alexis.

Jerry: I didn't anticipate that Jason would put the pieces together so quickly. What did you say when he confronted you?

Ewen: No, the cop did all the talking. Jason barely spoke.

Jerry: And I hope you followed his example and kept your mouth shut.

Ewen: Well, that might have been a little suspicious, don't you think?

Jerry: Lose the attitude and tell me exactly what you said.

Ewen: I-I told them that I'd had some things in storage out here and that I'd received the same phone call Alexis did about the break-in.

Jerry: You idiot! Did it not occur to you that they could trace you?

Ewen: Well, maybe you should have thought of that first before you lured Alexis out here in the first place.

Jerry: I don't have time for regrets. I'm gonna have to speed up my timetable.

Ewen: To hell with your timetable. I'm going to the hospital right now and I'll find out what you did to Josslyn and Alexis... and I'll reverse it.

Jerry: That would be extremely unwise... not to mention very futile.

Kristina: How's mom?

Sam: Resting. I think she --

Steve: Uh, Sam, can I have a word?

Kristina: Go. I'll keep an eye on mom.

Sam: Okay. She's gonna be fine.

Michael: Hey, mom.

Carly: Hey.

Michael: I hope you don't mind. I called Starr.

Carly: No, I don't mind. We can use all the support we can get. We're just trying to, um, bring her fever down, huh, baby? Yeah.

Michael: Joss... you just, uh, got to hang in there a little longer, okay? Let the doctors make you feel all better, and I can take you out on the boat. Hey, I'll, uh -- I'll even let you drive again.

Carly: No, you won't let her drive again.

Michael: She's a pro. You're a pro. You drive better than me, right, joss?

Carly: Oh. [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: Carly, dr. Webber would like to speak with you.

Carly: Okay. I'll be right back, okay, honey?

Michael: We'll stay with her.

Starr: Hi.

Michael: I bet you're wondering who this pretty girl is, aren't you? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. She's actually my girlfriend. Yeah, her name's Starr, like a star in the sky.

Starr: Hi, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Hi, Starr.

Starr: Hi. It's nice to meet you. You remind me of a little girl that I used to know.

Josslyn: Who?

Steve: We got Josslyn and Alexis' blood work back, and... uh, there's an indication that they have the same condition.

Sam: Which is what?

Steve: It's definitely not a bug bite.

Sam: That narrows it down.

Carly: What is it?

Steve: Well, I don't want to alarm you any further, but as far as I can tell, what they have isn't the result of a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Sam: What does that mean?

Steve: [Sighs] It's not something we've seen before, and while it appears not to be contagious, we don't know how to treat it.

Shawn: Alexis came in here the morning after our pool game.

Mac: That would have been after our conversation at the floating rib, the one where I encouraged her to go for it.

Shawn: Yeah, said she wanted to talk to me about something, but we got interrupted -- or, more accurately, Rosie came in and kissed me.

Mac: Which explains why she backed off.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mac: Unless...

Shawn: "Unless" what?

Mac: Unless you really are available.

T.J.: Are you suggesting that Shawn go out with your mom? Like, seriously?

Molly: I don't know, but let's not dismiss this prematurely.

T.J.: Okay, okay. We can think it through... and then dismiss it.

Molly: Well, getting them together could be a good thing.

T.J.: I mean, I suppose your mom does have a cool side. I mean, the side she keeps hidden in deep, deep, deep -- I mean, down deep --

Molly: Yeah, yeah, you made your point.

T.J.: But on the other hand, your mom is really smart, and, uh, she doesn't seem all clingy and phony sweet like Rosie. I don't know. Maybe she could be good for Shawn.

Molly: Yeah, there's that. But this could be even better for you and me.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Trey: Thirsty?

Kristina: Oh, thanks.

Trey: Mm-hmm. So, did you get ahold of molly?

Kristina: She's probably having too much fun on the rides to notice her phone.

Trey: Well, I can go track her down if you want. Want me to do that?

Kristina: Let's let her have fun. Thank you for the offer, though. You've been really... really great.

Trey: Just want to help.

Kristina: Just you being here's helping a lot. But, um... what'd you want to talk about that was so important?

Trey: Oh, it -- it's nothing. I'm okay. It's good.

Kristina: No, we were gonna talk about it at Kelly's, and we got interrupted, and then you left me that message on my phone. I was about to call you back when this whole thing happened with my mom.

Trey: Yeah. Well, that's where your focus should be is on your mom. My thing can wait. It's not, you know...

Kristina: All I'm doing is standing around here going crazy. I mean, you could at least distract me.

Trey: [Chuckles softly]

Kristina: Okay, now I'm starting to worry. Did something happen?

Trey: Okay. The production company for "mob princess" is gonna sue me if I don't deliver a series.

Kristina: Production company? I thought your dad was the main investor.

Trey: He was -- is -- but he didn't have enough to cover all the costs, so, you know, I did this deal with this company in exchange for some rights. And I -- I thought that, if I pulled the plug, that I could I still get his money back.

Kristina: That's not the case?

Trey: No. They own his investments, and... he's gonna go bankrupt unless I deliver 10 episodes of "mob princess"... plus a wedding.

Kristina: A-a w-wedding?

Trey: Yeah, the producers, they want me -- they want me to marry you.

McBain: So, how long since this place has been occupied?

Jason: Nikolas has been gone for more than a year, and Keenan moved out a few months ago.

McBain: Doesn't exactly feel abandoned, does it? And either these people have a world-class caretaker or... someone else has been here.

Jason: Let's start looking around.

McBain: Yeah. Then again, it could be disease central. You know, might be nice if we had a doctor with us -- you know, a real doctor -- before we go any further.

Jason: You want to call the CDC?

McBain: That's a good call. Might take them a little long to get here. I'd settle for anyone you knew in port Charles that's good with contaminants and biohazards. You know any --

[Cell phone rings]

McBain: Excuse me. McBain.

Joe Jr.: I tell you, the only good thing about lock-up is I think I lost a little weight, huh? [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Jerry: Now all we need is to get you processed and released. After that, port Charles awaits.

McBain: Yeah, all right. I'm on my way. That was the Atlantic city district attorney. Someone is pressing for a hearing to arrange for Joe scully's release.

Jason: You knew there was a chance this could happen.

McBain: Yeah, I did. The alternative was to let sonny blow his brains out.

Jason: That would have been justice.

McBain: But it would have got all over my new suit, and that's not justice. That's murder. Look, if there's a virus here, we should come back with professionals -- guys with masks and stuff like that. And, quite frankly, the Atlantic city D.A., They need me there about 10 minutes ago. Can you take me back to the mainland?

Jason: You can't swim?

McBain: Let's go.

Jason: [Sighs]

Starr: So, Josslyn, I brought a friend with me to keep you company. His name is Fred, and he has magic powers, and we call him Fred the magic frog.

Michael: Wait a second. Frogs don't have magical powers.

Starr: What? Don't listen to Michael. He may be able to drive a boat really fast, but he doesn't know everything. Now, I grew up with Fred the magic frog. So did my brothers. And so did my little girl, hope. See, we saw Fred's magic powers up close and personal, and whenever we wanted to talk to someone that we missed, that we couldn't see, that we loved... we would talk to Fred, and he would send them our messages. You know, I still talk to Fred sometimes... when I want to talk to the people that I love who I miss. Hmm.

Michael: That is really, really nice of Starr to share Fred with you.

Josslyn: Okay.

Starr: No, I don't want to share Fred. I want you to have him.

Michael: Are you sure?

Starr: Yeah. It's time that I let go. Here.

Michael: Now, you are one lucky girl, Josslyn. Got your own personal magic frog.

Starr: [Sighs]

Michael: Thank you.

Steve: I've sent samples to another facility for further analysis, but I think our best bet is to nail down Alexis and Josslyn's movements over the last 24 hours.

Carly: They haven't been near each other. Josslyn's been at home. I can't remember the last time we've seen Alexis. How could they both be sick with the same thing?

Steve: I've ruled out the most likely methods by which the compound could have entered their bloodstreams.

Carly: What's left?

Steve: Injection.

Mac: Felicia's probably wondering what's taking so long.

Shawn: Yo, Mac, hold up. Uh, you know Alexis pretty well, right?

Mac: Yeah, I'd like to think so.

Shawn: So if I ask her out, do you think she'd be open to it?

Mac: You won't know unless you try. See ya. See you guys.

T.J.: Bye.

Molly: Bye. All right, think about it. If your guardian and my mother got together, they'd have to loosen up about us.

T.J.: Yeah, but what if it goes really badly and they have some big, nasty breakup and they can't stand the sight of each other, even hear each other's names?

Molly: That's a little dramatic considering they're --

T.J.: Or worse -- what if they fall in love and get married and we become messed-up step-siblings?

Molly: Well, it's not like Shawn's your father.

T.J.: Close enough. Do you really want to risk it?

Molly: No. Shawn and my mother can never, ever be together. Deal?

T.J.: Agreed.

[Cell phone beeps]

Kristina: You want to marry me for the show?

Trey: The producers of "mob princess" claim that it needs an event, like the Kardashian wedding.

Kristina: Please. No one even knows who I am.

Trey: But it doesn't matter. As long as I deliver 10 episodes, plus a wedding... I fulfill my contract, and then my dad gets his money back.

Kristina: So you're doing this for your dad.

Trey: What other reason would I be doing it? Okay, I'm sorry. No, that didn't -- I didn't mean it the way it sounds.

Kristina: No, it's okay.

Trey: No, no, Kristina, it's not. Look at me. Look, I care about you an awful lot. I think we could be -- I think we could be so good together, and I just -- I don't want to mess this up by rushing in to some sort of, you know, fake marriage. You know what? Just forget I even said anything.

Kristina: No, trey, trey... I want to help.

Trey: It's not fair of me to take advantage of you.

Kristina: No, I'm glad you told me. I want us to be honest with each other.

Starr: Okay. Do you care about Kristina? Then you should trust her. Do you trust Kristina?

Trey: Yeah, of course.

Starr: Well, then, you shouldn't keep her in the dark.

Kristina: I could almost see myself pretend-marrying a guy like you.

Trey: Okay, before you make your final decision, there's something else you need to know. About my dad -- he's in jail.

McBain: I'm here to see Joe Scully Jr.

Guard: He and his buddy just left.

McBain: On his way to the hearing?

Guard: Got a straight release.

McBain: On a murder rap? How the hell does that happen?

Guard: Tell me about it. Scully's friend walks right in here, and before you know it, the guy's walking Scully right out, free as a bird.

Joe Jr.: It's atmospheric, I'll give you that much.

Jerry: Why don't you take a few choice pieces for your little shop in new Orleans?

Joe Jr.: God, I wouldn't mind taking a commission on most of these items. Huh. It's French, hand-carved, from the Russian imperial market. It's hard to believe someone's just letting it sit here.

Jerry: Yes, Nikolas Cassadine was always careless about his possessions.

Joe Jr.: You know, speaking of careless, aren't you worried that Jason Morgan will be back?

Jerry: Oh, I take it you're acquainted with Mr. Morgan?

Joe Jr.: Oh, he burst into my shop in new Orleans, gunned down two of my best people before they even had a chance to line up their shots.

Jerry: [Chuckles] Well, I have to admit, Jason Morgan is quite an efficient killer.

Joe Jr.: Yeah, well, this is a good place to drop us both. No witnesses, and the harbor's right there to get rid of the bodies.

Jerry: Well, you know, that had occurred to me, but... we'll only be there long enough to finalize the arrangements.

Joe Jr.: Arrangements for what, exactly?

Jerry: All right. See for yourself.

Michael: Hey.

Starr: Hi.

Michael: I can't believe you gave her your frog.

Starr: It was just a stuffed animal.

Michael: Yeah, one that carries messages to people that you love that you can't see anymore?

Starr: It really does work, I swear.

Michael: You giving that to Josslyn was absolutely amazing.

Starr: Amazing is just how I roll.

Michael: Must be pretty hard for you to be here.

Starr: It's not right for a little girl to be sick... or in pain... or to die. [Crying]

Carly: Okay, I'm trying to understand this. Someone gave Josslyn a shot?

Steve: That appears to be the case.

Carly: I don't want to hear what it appears to be. I want to know why my kid's sick.

Jason: What happened?

Carly: I'm trying to get Steve to tell me. He's saying someone injected Josslyn with a chemical.

Jason: You're saying the mark on her arm was from an injection?

Sam: Yeah, Alexis, too. They think it might be the same thing.

Jason: Well, how do you treat it?

Steve: I'm sorry. At this point, we don't have a protocol.

Carly: You can't make my little girl better?

Steve: We're doing everything we can for Josslyn and Alexis, but at this point, all we know is it appears to be intentional.

Jason: You're saying somebody did this on purpose?

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