General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/15/12


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Carly: Steve? Do you have a minute?

Steve: Sure. What's going on?

Carly: I may be overreacting, but can you take a look at Josslyn's arm?

Steve: Yeah. Let's see.

Epiphany: You're checking out of our five-star establishment?

Patrick: I'll be back for out-patient counseling, but, yeah, Keenan's releasing me.

Epiphany: Good. Then we can, um... discuss the drugs that you stole from the hospital.

Trey: So, yeah, how you holding up?

Joe Jr.: I'm fine. Hey, how's it going with our mob princess? You making any headway?

Trey: I'm working my way up to it. So, yes, there will be a wedding.

Starr: A wedding? Who's getting married?

Joe Jr.: Trey? You there? Trey?

Time's up.

Joe Jr.: Ugh! Thank you.

You got a visitor.

Joe Jr.: It's about time you got here.

Jerry: Joseph Mitchell Scully Jr. It's been too long.

Carly: So, she has this scratch on her arm. It wasn't there last night. And it's red and swollen.

Steve: Let's take a look at it. Trauma one is free.

Carly: Okay. Hey, will you wait?

Jason: Yeah. Be right here.

Carly: Okay. Thanks. Come on, baby.

Elizabeth: Jason?

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Is everything okay?

Jason: Yeah. Carly brought joss in. She had what looks like a little infection -- I don't know -- maybe from a bug bite or something. She wanted a doctor to take a look at it.

Elizabeth: Just in case.

Steve: Hi, baby, how you doing?

Josslyn: Good.

Steve: You're getting so big.

Carly: I'm sure she's fine. I mean, I know it's summer. It could be a bug bite. Do you think it could be a tick? I'm sure it's nothing.

Steve: Let's take a look, okay?

Sam: Thank you for everything.

Alexis: No thanks necessary.

Sam: I knew you would say that. Just, it means a lot -- you helping me.

Alexis: All right. I will help you, but you're gonna have to let me go so that I can go over there and get the paperwork.

Sam: Mom? Is everything okay?

Alexis: Uh, yeah. [Exhales] I don't...feel...

Sam: Mom? Mom? Hey! Answer me! Mom!

Trey: So now you're eavesdropping.

Michael: Well, Starr lives here, too, so if you don't want her to hear your conversations, then don't take a call in the living room.

Starr: Okay, relax. A wedding is great news, right? Who's the lucky couple?

Trey: Kristina told me her father is, uh, gonna propose to Kate. I thought you knew all about this. You are the favorite son, right, the one he confides in?

Michael: Shut up, all right? Shut up. I, uh, I'm gonna check on this, okay? I'll call you later.

Starr: Wait, wait, wait. Do you think that Kristina was over exaggerating?

Michael: [Sighs] I don't know. Sometimes she can be impulsive and jump to conclusions, but... look, if she's right about this and my dad and Kate are getting married, are you gonna be okay?

Starr: Me?

Michael: Well, yeah. Kate gets to go on with her life like nothing ever happened.

Starr: You know that I want Kate to heal. Just like I have, thanks to you.

Michael: I'll see you.

Starr: Bye. So, you and Kristina have gotten pretty close, huh?

Trey: Yeah, well, what makes you say that?

Starr: She told you something that her brother didn't even know.

Trey: It's not gonna be a secret for long.

Starr: And what about your secret? Have you told her that your father is in jail?

Joe Jr.: I wasn't sure I'd hear back from you. I certainly didn't expect to see you in person.

Jerry: I know. As it turns out, I have need of your services again.

Joe Jr.: Well, unfortunately I'm on an indefinite leave of absence.

Jerry: So tedious when the past comes back to bite us. Indiscretions we thought we'd put behind resurfacing when it's most inconvenient.

Joe Jr.: Mm. Well, you know my situation. How 'bout yourself? What have you been up to?

Jerry: Oh, you know, this and that.

Joe Jr.: Such as?

Jerry: Well, I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with a family member.

Steve: So, this bump wasn't there last night?

Carly: Well, I can't be 100% sure. I was so frazzled when I found her that I just scooped her up and tucked her back in bed.

Steve: When you found her?

Carly: Uh, yeah. Josslyn had a little adventure last night. She decided to go sleepwalking, huh.

Steve: Outside?

Carly: Well, I went to check on her. She wasn't in her bed. I searched the whole house. Johnny found her outside, laying next to her slide. That could be a spider bite, right?

Steve: Yeah, it's possible. Let's see. Come here, baby.

Jason: Josslyn seemed okay except for the mark on her arm, but Carly was worried.

Elizabeth: So she called you?

Jason: Uh, I was already at the house.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, that's nice you were able to bring her here. She's really lucky she has you to support her.

Jason: It just kind of worked out.

Elizabeth: You seemed really worried. Is it just Josslyn, or is there something else going on?

Jason: Sam and I are... are getting a divorce.

Sam: Mom? Mom, come on. Answer me.

McBain: What happened?

Sam: I don't know. She just -- mom. Hey, hey, hey.

McBain: Easy.

Sam: You just fainted. Mo-- oh, no!

McBain: Call 911. I'll stay with her. Hey, Alexis, your favorite client. All right, I'm gonna put my hands on your neck. All right, don't slug me.

Sam: Hi. Yeah, this is Sam Morgan. I need an ambulance at 57 lake road, please. Yeah, cross street vista.

Patrick: You're right. I stole amphetamines from the supply closet.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm. I almost reported Ramón for those stolen drugs, and I didn't because you defended him. You know that he could have lost his job.

Patrick: I would like to believe that if it got that far, I'd have come forward. But to be honest, I was a mess, so I'm not sure.

Epiphany: At least you admit it.

Patrick: I'm clean now. I need to take responsibility for what I did. I betrayed your trust, I violated hospital policy, and I broke the law.

Epiphany: Yes, you did, doctor.

Patrick: So you need to do what you need to do. And if Monica fires me or she calls the police, it's what I deserve.

Epiphany: How many times did I come over to your house, huh? And you sat there on that couch and lied right to my face. Then you come back to work before you're ready. Then I find out that you're operating on patients under the influence! You better be glad that nothing happened in that O.R.

Patrick: I was not using in the O.R. That was the only place that I felt like I had control. But I was using everywhere else -- at home and any other place that reminded me of robin.

Epiphany: You've been through an awful lot. But that does not excuse your actions.

Patrick: I'm not making excuses, but it's important to me that you know that I didn't jeopardize any patients.

Epiphany: What about jeopardizing yourself? Hmm? Your daughter? Your friends, colleagues?

Patrick: Yeah, I was wrong. And I let everybody down, including you.

Epiphany: My hurt feelings are the last of your problems.

Patrick: I couldn't face it if any -- I couldn't admit that I needed help. Robin always said I was arrogant. Well, it turns out I'm selfish and irresponsible on top of it.

Epiphany: So now you got to pay the price.

Patrick: Yep. You're right. So you want to go to Monica together?

Epiphany: [Sighs] Who said anything about going to dr. Quartermaine? You admitted to stealing the drugs. You went through detox. You're in recovery. Now you have to prove yourself. And you're gonna have to apologize to a lot of people. I think that's enough of a burden without adding the chief of staff to things.

Patrick: What are you saying?

Epiphany: Dr. Quartermaine trusts me to make the right decisions. But let me tell you something, doctor. I will be watching you like a hawk. And the minute that I think that you are relapsing or jeopardizing any patient or yourself, I will go to dr. Quartermaine and I will report you so fast that you will not have time to take off your lab coat before that door closes behind you. Are we clear?

Patrick: We're clear. Thank you for your faith.

Epiphany: Good. [Chuckles] Welcome back, dr. Drake.

Kristina: Mom? Sam? Molly? Anyone home? [Sighs] Just as well. How do I begin to tell them there might be a wedding?

Michael: Well, you can start by telling me.

Kristina: Michael. Oh, I didn't know you were here.

Michael: Hey. I just wanted to check in and make sure trey wasn't lying about this wedding.

Kristina: He told you.

Michael: Is that a surprise? I think I deserve to know when somebody in the family is getting married, don't you? Unless you misunderstood and dad and Kate aren't getting married.

Trey: I haven't told Kristina or anyone else about my father being locked up.

Starr: Why not? You didn't do anything wrong, and if your dad was framed, neither did he.

Trey: Look, he asked me to be quiet, okay. It's a legal thing. I have to respect his wishes.

Starr: You know, it's not really fair for him to ask you to keep a secret like that.

Trey: Still, it's what he wants.

Starr: Then why did you tell me?

Trey: Well, you pretty much badgered it out of me.

Starr: Well, you needed someone to talk to about it. And I understand because I've been there with my dad. And I was happy to listen, but the more I think about this, the more I realize you should be confiding in your girlfriend, not me.

Trey: No, no, no. I'm not telling Kristina.

Starr: It's not like she wouldn't understand, trey. Her dad has been on trial for murder two or three times, at least.

Trey: Yeah, but this is different.

Starr: Yeah. Your dad's not up to his neck in the mob.

Jerry: I'm rather a connoisseur in prisons, but this is considerably better than many. Nevertheless, I'm sure you're quite eager to leave here.

Joe Jr.: Hell, yes. I'm innocent.

Jerry: Oh, of course. Yes. You claim to have been framed by sonny Corinthos, which we both know is a lie.

Joe Jr.: Oh, you seem to be misinformed there, Jer.

Jerry: Oh, on the contrary. I make it a point to do thorough research.

Joe Jr.: Mm.

Jerry: Which is why I know about that past that haunts you. Doesn't it include the shooting of a dancer in Atlantic city? Unfortunately, she had a brother who was an FBI agent. What's his name again? Uh, john McBain? Yes. As I understand it, he recently left the bureau but clearly had enough pull with law enforcement to see you arrested.

Joe Jr.: Well, you see, that's where you come in. I stay locked up here, I can't provide what you need.

Jerry: Oh, I'm gonna get you out. I simply have to attend to other matters first.

Steve: The redness, the swelling, little pin-prick-like contusion are all consistent with a bug bite.

Carly: Oh. So she's gonna be fine.

Steve: Well, her temperature's elevated a little bit, which may or may not be related, but I'd like to take some blood and have it analyzed.

Carly: Aw. Our favorite -- needles, huh?

Steve: Casey will take care of it.

Carly: Coward.

Steve: Hey.

Carly: [Chuckles]

Steve: Figure that extra eight years of school earned me something. [Chuckles] So, how long has the sleepwalking been going on?

Carly: Last night was the first time. And hopefully the last. It scared me to death. I mean, we're far from the road. The whole property's fenced in. But it made me think about Elizabeth and what she went through with Jake.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry you and Sam couldn't find a way to make things work.

Jason: Holding on was just hurting the both of us.

Elizabeth: Does she still blame you for what happened to the baby?

Jason: Yeah. I can't -- I can't change what happened. Yeah, at least a divorce is a kind of closure, and Sam will be free.

Elizabeth: Do you think that's what she really wants?

Jason: I don't know. Some other things got in the way. Other people.

McBain: Hey! Hey, we need a little help here!

Elizabeth: Did you call this in?

We spoke to dispatch en route. She was unconscious at the scene. Pulse is steady, respiration normal, but her temperature's elevated. Release me, momigus!

Elizabeth: Take her to cubicle two. I'll call the on-call.

Jason: Sam. What happened?

Sam: She just collapsed. They don't know what's wrong with her.

Jason: [Sighs]

McBain: I went to see Alexis about my case --

Jason: You don't owe me an explanation.

McBain: That's not how you felt yesterday. What changed?

Jason: Sam and I decided to end our marriage.

McBain: I didn't know.

Jason: Now you know. [Sighs]

Patrick: Thank you. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't come back to work.

Epiphany: Don't kid yourself. Even with a job, it's not gonna be easy. But don't forget that you have friends. Right? I'm your friend. I'm a good listener. Even though I throw in my two cents every once in a while.

Patrick: Two cents? Be good if it stopped at two cents. Usually it's 200, sometimes 2,000 cents.

Epiphany: Well, you would like every single one of them, wouldn't you?

Patrick: Yeah, you're right.

Epiphany: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: You know, we've come a long way. You couldn't stand me in the beginning, but now I think we have like a good thing happening here.

Epiphany: What do you mean "in the beginning"? [Both chuckle] I had your number the minute you walked into this hospital. You were arrogant. You were demanding. You thought that you were god's answer to surgeons everywhere. And if you weren't as good as you thought you were, I wouldn't have put up with any of it.

Patrick: Right. So you only love me for my skill. Is that it?

Epiphany: [Chuckles] You're my friend, drake Jr. And I will be deeply disappointed if my friend didn't come to me when he needed help.

Patrick: Well, you can count on it. I'll be coming to you, because I don't plan on relapsing.

Epiphany: One day at a time. Isn't that what they say?

Patrick: One day at a time. I just got to figure out how to face those days without robin.

Starr: You know what? This has nothing to do with Kristina. This is because you are embarrassed that your dad is in jail. And I get it. My dad has been in and out of jail since before I was even born. And it is awful what people say and the way they treat you afterward when they find out. But Kristina is not like that. She's not going to break up with you just because you tell her the truth.

Trey: Oh, she might.

Starr: Well, if she does, then she doesn't deserve you. Not that you are some kind of dream come true. You are an ice-cream-stealing Wi-Fi hog. Kristina seems to really like you, though.

Trey: [Scoffs] Can we just drop this? I promised my dad I wouldn't say anything.

Starr: I'm sure it would be different if he knew that you were seeing Kristina.

Trey: He knows.

Starr: He knows and he asked you to keep this secret from her? What, does he not approve of the mob princess?

Trey: Actually, my dad's thrilled that I'm dating Kristina.

Joe Jr.: Listen, we had a deal. Your mouthpiece said I was supposed to be out of here weeks ago.

Jerry: You'll be out when you need to be out -- not a minute sooner.

Joe Jr.: What the hell are you talking about?

Jerry: You see, I'm not a great believer in charity. Any favor you've done will need to be repaid, and given that I'm delivering you from a well-deserved life sentence, it appears that you owe me quite a lot.

Dr. Rashi: So, what have we got?

Elizabeth: She's in and out of consciousness.

Sam: She fainted without any warning.

Elizabeth: Her temperature is slightly elevated, but everything else seems normal.

Dr. Rashi: Does your mother have a history of low blood pressure?

Sam: Well, she's a cancer survivor. I know that she had chemo several years ago and she fainted a lot. But as far as I know, she's cancer-free.

Dr. Rashi: So no current health problems you're aware of?

Sam: No, not until last night.

Elizabeth: What happened last night?

McBain: So, what brings you down here?

Jason: I came with Carly. She was worried about her daughter, Josslyn -- had some kind of red mark on her arm.

McBain: A red mark?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah. Kind of like a bug bite. Why?

McBain: Alexis has this odd little red mark on her arm, too.

Jerry: You see, I've already put the first step in motion. You're gonna help me with the rest.

Joe Jr.: Yeah? What do you want me to do?

Jerry: Ah, I thought you'd never ask.

Patrick: Started using 'cause I couldn't function without Robin. I'd get up in the morning, and I'd have to take care of Emma, have to get to work, do all the things in the middle that robin used to do that I didn't realize until she was gone.

Epiphany: Well, you know you have people that would help you with that.

Patrick: Yeah, I understand that. I mean, Elizabeth helped out so much with Emma -- taking her to daycare and the late nights that I was working. I had matt, Maxie, Anna, Mac, but it didn't matter. I'd wake up in the morning, if I actually got sleep -- it would feel like there was a massive hole in front of me, and I didn't know how to get to the other side.

Epiphany: You know that the drugs just dug that deeper.

Patrick: Yeah, I know that. Now I know that. To be honest, I'm actually scared to go home.

Epiphany: Well, that's a good thing.

Patrick: Yeah, you're right. I have to acknowledge those feelings, and I have to remind myself what I tell Emma -- that robin is there and she's taking care of us and that she wants us to be happy, but I don't know if it's possible to be happy when you've got a broken heart.

Epiphany: First you got to let it heal.

Patrick: Well, I think that's started. You know, I used to think about robin -- felt more like torture. Now it's a little more comfort.

Epiphany: That's a blessing.

Patrick: I got do what robin would want. I got to let her rest in peace.

Jerry: It was a painstaking and worthwhile process. Last February, I made a body disappear?

Joe Jr.: What, as in the body will never be found?

Jerry: Well, technically there was a body involved, except not the one people were expecting.

Joe Jr.: [Chuckling] You know what? I remember you now. You talk in riddles. It's annoying!

Jerry: I'd like to think of it as keeping things interesting. How else are you gonna amuse yourself in this wretched place?

Joe Jr.: Well, you got me there. Fine. Enlighten me. How did you make this body disappear?

Jerry: Oh, it was quite a magic act. But with your help, I'm going to perform my ultimate feat.

McBain: You got any idea where the little girl got the red mark, got this -- this bug bite?

Jason: Well, her mother said that she was sleepwalking outside last night.

McBain: You don't sound convinced.

Jason: Well, it's a big house. Josslyn's room's on the second floor. Seems kind of strange that she would go all the way downstairs and then outside.

McBain: Yeah.

Jason: Hey. How's -- how's Josslyn?

Steve: We're running some tests. She had some kind of bite or bump on her arm.

Jason: Okay, you should know that Alexis Davis was just brought in with the same red mark on her arm.

Steve: I just heard about Alexis. Where are we?

Dr. Rashi: Uh, patient's daughter described syncope preceded by fatigue and headache.

Steve: Okay, I'm a friend of the family. Mind if I take a look?

Dr. Rashi: Of course.

Sam: I'm gonna call Kristina, let her know what's going on.

Steve: Hey. Do you know how your mother got this mark?

Sam: No. I mean, she didn't mention it. Does it matter? She fainted. Would that have anything to do with it?

Jerry: You know, it's a stroke of luck, really, that your legal troubles timed out this way.

Joe Jr.: That's not how it feels from this side of the bars.

Jerry: You see, if I hadn't embarked on this operation, I would never have had the incentive to come to your rescue.

Joe Jr.: So far, all I've heard is a lot of talk. Why don't you fast-forward to the rescue part?

Jerry: Oh, don't worry. Everything's going according to schedule.

Joe Jr.: Again, what do you mean "everything"? You on a job for someone?

Jerry: Oh, no, no. This time, I'm self-employed.

Starr: This makes no sense. Your father is allowed to know about your girlfriend, but your girlfriend can't know about your father?

Trey: It's complicated.

Starr: Yeah, that's what you said when you first told me that your dad was in jail.

Trey: Yeah, well, that should have been your first hint to back off and give me some privacy, huh?

Starr: Okay. Do you care about Kristina? Then you should trust her. Do you trust Kristina?

Trey: Yeah, of course.

Starr: Well, then you shouldn't keep her in the dark.

Trey: Enough already, okay?! I-I can't say anything, and neither can you.

Starr: Keeping secrets is not a good way to start off a relationship.

Trey: Oh, apologize, miss total honesty.

Starr: I'm just saying you don't have to tell Kristina, but I'm not sure if I can keep this from Michael.

Kristina: Don't get all upset just because I knew first for once, you know. The only reason dad told me is 'cause he wanted my opinion on the ring. Then, of course, trey overheard me talking about it, and I should have told him just to keep his mouth shut. I mean, what if Kate says no? She won't but still, it's the principle.

Michael: And you're sure that's all it was?

Kristina: Yeah. Why? Do you really find it that shocking that dad would confide in me?

Michael: Look, I'm happy for you, okay? I am.

Kristina: Thank you.

Michael: I just -- I really hope that it works out this time between dad and Kate.

Kristina: Yeah, I do, too.

[Cell phone rings]

Kristina: Oh, sorry. Sorry. Hello?

Sam: Hi, Krissy. It's me. Where are you?

Kristina: I'm at home. Where are you? Where's mom?

Sam: That's why I'm calling. Don't panic, but she's in the hospital.

Kristina: Is she all right? What happened?

Sam: She was leaving for work, and she fainted.

Kristina: I'm on my way.

Michael: What's going on?

Kristina: My mom's in the hospital.

Michael: Let me drive you.

Kristina: Michael, I don't need a --

Michael: Kristina, we're wasting time. Let's go.

Sam: My mom is in and out of consciousness. They're running a bunch of tests, trying to figure out why she passed out twice in the past 24 hours.

McBain: Twice?

Sam: She passed out last night while she was at Wyndemere.

Jason: What was she doing out there?

Sam: Well, apparently the security company called and said the alarm was tripped and they wanted to have her make sure nothing was taken.

McBain: What's Wyndemere?

Sam: It's a house my family owns out on spoon island.

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: [Sighs] You're gonna be okay. You hungry? No? Not hungry?

Elizabeth: Her temperature's gone up another degree.

Sam: Jason can tell you nothing good ever happens at Wyndemere.

Patrick: [Sighs]

Epiphany: I've got everything you need right here, doctor.

Patrick: Come here.

Emma: Daddy.

Patrick: Hi, baby.

Epiphany: Should I tell Mac that you don't need him to pick her up from daycare?

Patrick: Mm. Yes. Thank you. Hi. How are you? Come here.

Emma: Daddy?

Patrick: Yes, sweetheart?

Emma: Why did you have to stay here so long? Were you sick?

Patrick: Yeah. I was. I was sick, but I'm all better now, okay? And I'm sorry that I was here for so long. I know you missed me at home. But it's never gonna happen again.

Emma: Are you gonna die like mommy?

McBain: You okay?

Sam: Yeah.

McBain: Hey, did, um, did the house -- had it been broken into?

Sam: My mother didn't see any signs of a break-in.

McBain: Okay. Did the security company send someone out to check it out, or did they call the cops?

Sam: No, there must have been some sort of a mix-up, because my mom said when she went out to do the run-through, nobody showed up.

Jason: Were you with Alexis when the call came in?

Sam: No, she was on her way to the office. But she didn't seem overly concerned.

Jason: So, Alexis went to Wyndemere because the security company called. They never showed up, and, what, she just -- she fainted?

Sam: I don't -- she said that she got dizzy and she thinks she may have laid down for a minute.

McBain: She thinks. She doesn't actually remember.

Sam: No. Which I was worried about, and I thought that it was weird, and I tried to kind of push on it, and she blew it off, and I probably should have pushed harder. [Sighs]

McBain: Do you have the name of that security company?

Sam: Harbor view security. I think it's listed. Why?

McBain: If you don't mind, I might just check it out.

Sam: Yeah, of course.

Kristina: Where's mom?

Sam: Hey. Um, she's with the doctors. They're running some tests. I know she's gonna want to see you, but you got to stay calm, okay?

Jason: Hey, your mom will be glad to see you.

Michael: My mom? Why? Did something happen?

Trey: Look, you can't tell Michael.

Starr: I'm sorry, but Michael is my boyfriend. There's no way I can keep a secret from him.

Trey: He is Kristina's brother. You tell him. He tells her.

Starr: You are making this --

Trey: She can't find out!

Starr: It can't just be that your dad is in jail. It can't! Unless he's some sort of serial killer. Is he?

Trey: No, no. Of course he's not a serial killer. It -- but he's also not the guy I said he was.

Joe Jr.: If I'm gonna be of any use to you, I need to know what you expect.

Jerry: And what do your clients expect, Joe? I need competent personnel not overburdened by morals and scruples.

Joe Jr.: Like you wanted on the metro court.

Jerry: Well, combat training is preferred, but not a must. Also, I need to cut the number of people in half.

Joe Jr.: You know, it's not gonna be easy finding people willing to work for you. I mean, most of the guys I put on the metro court job wound up dead.

Jerry: Really? Well, if you can't help me, then I can't help you, either. Goodbye.

Joe Jr.: Hey, take it easy, cowboy. I'll set it up.

Jerry: I knew you'd come through. You know, your support -- it's like a shot in the arm.

[Monitor beeping]

Steve: Gonna need another blood sample. This mark is really similar to the one I just saw on another patient.

Elizabeth: Are you talking about Josslyn?

Steve: Yeah, that's right. I want to see if the marks are related.

Michael: Mom?

Carly: Hey, honey. Hi.

Michael: Hey, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Hi, Michael.

Carly: What are you doing here? Did Jason call you?

Michael: No, I came with Kristina. Her mom's in the hospital.

Carly: Alexis? What's wrong with her?

Michael: I don't know. What's going on with Josslyn?

Carly: Oh, we don't know. We don't know. Hey, when was the last time you babysat?

Michael: Uh, last week -- Tuesday night, I think. Why?

Carly: Did you have trouble getting her to sleep?

Michael: No, she fell asleep on the couch watching a movie, and I carried her up to her room.

Carly: Did you check on her later to make sure she was okay?

Michael: I checked on her once, I think. Mom, what's going on?

Carly: It's probably nothing, but last night, Josslyn was sleepwalking. Yeah, she went all the way downstairs, outside, next to her swing set. Johnny found her laying next to the slide.

Michael: [Sighs] That's a long way.

Carly: Yeah, it's a long way. I mean, as far as I know, it's the first time that it happened. I mean, I'm sure Mercedes would have told me. Whatever. I'm sure I'm worried about nothing and... Steve's running some tests. Soon as he comes back with the results, we can go home. Huh? We can go home.

Michael: Look, mom, do you need anything? I can go across the street and get you a decent cup of coffee if you want.

Carly: I'm good. I'm glad you're here.

Michael: Yeah, me too. [Sighs]

Kristina: Mom?

[Monitor beeping]

Kristina: She looks so sick. Do they know what's wrong?

Sam: Steve, do you have any answers for us?

Steve: Not yet. But we're gonna find out what's going on.

McBain: You're absolutely sure? Okay. Thank you.

Jason: What'd they say?

McBain: They have a computerized call log. They record every event. There was no alarm tripped.

Jason: So the security company never called Alexis.

McBain: No. Someone did. Which means she was lured to Wyndemere.

Patrick: I'm not gonna die, Emma.

Emma: Promise?

Patrick: Yes. I promise. And I know you miss mommy, and I miss her so much that I got sick. But I'm better now. [Sighs] And all those things are true that I said, all right? That she's watching over us. And she loves us so much, she's always gonna take care of us. And we have to remember her like that. We have to remember all those good times and all those happy memories that we have. Like when she would brush your hair when you got out of the bath tub.

Emma: And when we got to stay in our pajamas late on Sundays.

Patrick: The best, right? She invented pajama Sundays. She had so much love for us, and we have to keep that in our hearts. And we have to help each other with that, okay?

Emma: Okay.

Patrick: So you remind me, and I remind you. Deal?

Emma: Deal.

Patrick: Deal. Good girl.

Emma: [Giggles]

Patrick: So, what do you say we get out of here, all right?

Emma: Yeah.

Patrick: Go get some ice cream. How about a big ice-cream sundae from Kelly's, like the biggest one you've ever seen?

Emma: Just you and me, daddy?

Patrick: Yes, baby. Just me and you. Okay?

Starr: First you tell me that your dad is not the man you thought and now you're saying that he's not the man you said? What does that mean, trey? Did he change his name or something, or are you starting to believe that he might be guilty for what he was arrested for?

Trey: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I'm just -- maybe I'm just growing up. You know, I was away at school, and it's been a long time since I've been there with him full time. You know, I mean, and I was a kid then. So maybe...maybe I just didn't see that...

Starr: See what?! Trey, if you expect me to keep this secret for you, I need an explanation. If your dad's not the person you said he is, then who is he?

[Door opens]

Jerry: Good news. The arrangements have been made. You'll be a free man in no time.

Joe Jr.: Ha! Outstanding. Hey, while we're waiting, why don't you give me some details on the job?

Jerry: I'll fill you in when we get to our next destination.

Joe Jr.: [Sighs] Again, what next destination? Where are we going?

Jerry: Mm-hmm-hmm.

McBain: So, any idea who would want to get Alexis to spoon island?

Jason: No. Not a clue.

McBain: Well, she works for sonny. Has there been any trouble at the office lately?

Jason: Sonny's associates wouldn't target Alexis. She's strictly a defense attorney.

McBain: No privileged information?

Jason: None.

McBain: How about family?

Jason: Family -- Cassadines. Nikolas Cassadine -- I think he's living in Europe somewhere. And there's Helena. But I don't see why she would knock Alexis out and leave her lying on a couch.

McBain: Okay. What about the mark on Alexis' arm, right? You said the little girl had one, too.

Jason: Right.

McBain: So what do Josslyn and Alexis have in common? Is there a connection?

[Monitor beeping]

Carly: Oh, this is driving me crazy.

Michael: Mom, have they checked on the transplant?

Carly: First thing. Her antirejection meds are working. Transplant's fine. Why is she spiking a fever?

Michael: Look, the doctors will figure it out, what's wrong.

Carly: She's getting sick out of nowhere, just like she did the last time.

Michael: Josslyn has been healthy ever since the transplant. I'm sure this is no big deal. They'll just give her some medicine, and then they'll send her home.

Carly: No, you're right. I know you're right. It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be... [Sighs]

Michael: It's okay.

McBain: Hey, excuse me. Um, Elizabeth, isn't it?

Elizabeth: Yes.

McBain: I'm john McBain. Would you do me a favor? When same comes out, would you tell her I had to leave for a little bit, I had to take care of something?

[Monitor beeping]

Kristina: Mom?

Alexis: Kristina.

Sam: Hey. Don't worry. They're running some tests. They're gonna figure out why you keep fainting.

Kristina: This wasn't the first time?

Sam: No, she fainted last night at Wyndemere.

Jerry: We'll be taking a little trip to an island accessible by boat.

Joe Jr.: Does this island have a name, or am I supposed to follow you blindly on faith?

Jerry: Well, a little degree of trust would be helpful.

Joe Jr.: So would a certain amount of information.

Jerry: All right, it's called spoon island. It's an island off the coast of port Charles. That's where your good friend sonny lives.

Joe Jr.: You're gonna take me to port Charles.

Jerry: Yes. We'll be using an old house known as Wyndemere.

Jason: You even know how to get to Wyndemere?

McBain: No.

Jason: You got a boat?

McBain: No, but I'm sure I can find a boat.

Jason: I got a boat docked at the warehouse.

McBain: Why so cooperative all of a sudden?

Jason: Because I don't buy that Josslyn just wandered out of her house last night at the same time Alexis was lured to Wyndemere.

McBain: So what are we waiting for?

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