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The General Hospital Top Ten Pages

General Hospital Top Ten Lists!

Top 10 Most Hated GH characters:
by Nikki (03-21-05)

#10. Dillon Quartermaine

What can I say? The kid annoys me. I used to love him (when he was
with Sage) but he does nothing for me when he's with Georgie. And
that hair! Someone get that boy to the hairdresser, stat!

#9. Courtney Matthews

She bugs me. She's indecisive (I love Jason! No I don't! Yes I
do! etc.), irritating, and just plain boring. I do, however, like her
with Jax, so hopefully this pairing will last.

#8. Edward Quartermaine

Aaah the Quartermaine patriarch. I suppose I would still like him if
John Ingle were still in the role. Maybe I just don't like Jed Allan's portrayal of him. (Nothing against Jed, I just love John Ingle!) But that's beside the point. He's mean and insensitive and I just don't like him.

#7. Rachel Adair

I thought I would like her, because I've known for a while that she has ties to A.J. (And I adore A.J.), but I just don't. She doesn't strike me as a real villainess. (Now, Faith, she was a real good bad girl, but of course TIIC had to kill her off; but I digress) She just doesn't scare me. And she's not even a likeable baddie.

#6. Nikolas Cassadine

He is Emily's little puppy. And he wanted my Zander dead! Sure, he looks yummy with a beard, but that's just not enough to make me a fan.

#5. Sonny Corinthos

Everyone's favorite mobster right? Well, the writers sure seem to think so, considering GH has become "The Sonny Show". But I disagree. I would much rather see, well, anyone rather than Sonny. And if I have to watch another of his breakdowns, I think I'll be forced to kill myself.

#4. Bridget Daly

Courtney's latest charity case. Well, come on, were we really supposed to like her? She gave Sam her baby, only to change her mind about the adoption and take her away. Then she, too, loses the baby to her Grandmother. Now she lives above Kelly's, only coming out to help Rachel ruin Courtney's life, and hit on Diego.

#3. Michael Corinthos The Third

I'll admit to being sad when I thought he was dead, but that's only because he's a child. Other than that, he has no redeeming qualities. He's shaping up to be a Sonny-in-training, and what a cute little mobster he is. Not.

#2. Georgie Jones

How do I describe Georgie? Whiny, spoiled, irritating, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. She's very obviously insecure, seeing how jealous she was of Sage.

and for your #1

Emily Cassadine!

I know, I know, I should be feeling bad for her because she was raped, but I just can't bring myself to. Saint Emily makes me sick. She's an immature little twit. Enough said.

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Page updated 8/9/12

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