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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Pages

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

2007-2011 General Hospital Predictions and Rumors

Rumors By Suzanne 4/25/11

This was a rumor posted today by Donna on Facebook: FYI, I heard from a source of mine who works on the crew at GH that the entire cast and crew has been given notice and told they were NOT allowed to speak publicly that the last air date for GH will be 9/20/12. My source did not want to speak publicly about this because he says he still has to work there and he needs his paycheck as long as he has it.

Predictions By Suzanne 10/21/10

Who is the Balkan? If it's not Jerry Jax, then I think it is Ronnie. If not him, I will say Siobhan. If not her, then I will say Suzanne. If not her, then I will say Alcazar.

Claire will leave town for good after trying to destroy Sonny and failing.

Sonny will not be upset that Dante and Brenda had something going on previously, but Lulu will be very upset that Dante lied to her.

Predictions By Suzanne 8/25/10

Lisa will be murdered. Suspects will include Robin, Patrick, Steve, Jason, Maxie, and Sonny.

Lulu will find out that Carly and Spinelli have been plotting behind her back. Lulu and Brook Lynn will have a major rivalry that may last for years.  Lulu will warn Johnny about Brook Lynn.  This will also cause problems with Ethan.

Epiphany will get a story of her own (Okay, I can dream, can't I?)!

Predictions By Carrie  4/22/10

Sonny’s trial:  Dante will do the right thing.  Michael won’t have to testify against his father.  Sonny will be acquitted (of course) and Claire Walsh will probably lose her job.  Sonny, Dante, Michael, and Morgan will be able to go see a Yankees game – finally.

Kiefer’s hit-and-run investigation/Kristina’s assault:  Warren Bauer will continue to harass Alexis and the entire Davis family.  Lucky and Dante will try everything they can to help Ethan and Alexis.  In the end, Alexis will be exonerated and not have to serve prison time.   The Bauers eventually disappear from the canvas.

Franco:  He will return in the summer to wreak havoc on Port Charles residents.

Couples:  Sonny and Carly get back together – they always do!  Jax will either leave the show or hook up with Skye.  Ethan will remain in Port Charles and be introduced to a new love interest.  Dante and Lulu might actually have sex.  Maxie and Spinelli break up.  Maxie will think about becoming an interior decorator.  Robin and Patrick’s relationship will fizzle; Robin will turn to Steven, Patrick to Lisa.  Not sure about Olivia and Johnny.  Sam and Jason contemplate getting married due to Molly’s constant nagging.  Mac and Alexis grow closer mainly because of the investigation.   Luke and Tracy remain together unless Helena becomes a distraction.  Which brings me to Elizabeth/Lucky/Nikolas!  I anticipate the baby’s true paternity will be revealed later this summer.  Elizabeth and Lucky marry again (the third time?) and live happily ever after … or until Valentin Cassadine shows up.  And there’s always Maya … will the writers try to set her up with Lucky?  Who knows? 

Rumors By Suzanne 10/6/09

Here are some rumors I've heard online recently.

  • Since James Franco is joining the show, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) will be coming back with him.
  • Since Jonathan Jackson is taking over as Lucky, Tony Geary (Luke) is leaving the show, and Laura (Genie Francis) will come back to say goodbye with him.
  • Head Writer Bob Guza is leaving and being replaced by former Y&R writer Lynn Marie Latham.
  • Stefan Cassadine is coming back.

Rumors By Suzanne 2/8/09

  • Ethan Lovett is Luke's son
  • Johnny will keep Sonny from killing his father.
  • Sonny will forgive Claudia and Johnny.
  • Lulu and Spinelli will hook up.
  • Kate will die.

Predictions by Michelle 12/8/08

  • Jason and Sonny are actually working together to find the person that shot Kate and has caused so much damage.
  • Kate will find out that she is pregnant. This will be the end of Carly and Jax.
  • Sam and Lucky will go closer and Jason and Liz will grow apart. Jason feelings for Sam will return, and Sam will be torn between Lucky and Jason.

Rumors By Suzanne 10/8/08

Many message boards are saying that Sebastian Roché has been let go.

Predictions By Suzanne 8/13/08

  • Jason saves Sonny's life.
  • Claudia goes after Nikolas.
  • Alexis is pregnant.
  • Anthony is murdered.

11/18/07 By Lilit

So far General Hospital’s been great, but there are a lot of things that viewers already know that are coming. For example, probably everyone knew that Jason would risk his life for Elizabeth; and now that he has claimed his son, Sam has nothing on them and they can be together. I predict that these two would eventually be together, I can’t say how long but they will be together. I think Nikolas will try to remember what happened to Emily and who killed her, but I also think that Emily will help Nikolas by visiting him and trying to calm him down and make him move on with his life and get help. Now that Sonny confessed to Carly that he loves Kate, I think Carly will finally focus on her marriage with Jax and stop thinking that she’ll always be the one woman that Sonny will love.

There’s some real tension between Johnny and Logan. I predict that these two will eventually get down to business and each claim Lulu for their own. Johnny will finally tell her the he has feelings for her, and Logan will finally admit that he was jealous all this time. Even though Sonny saved Ric’s life, I honestly think that Ric’s not going to care. This character is a type of person that just doesn’t change, sure he might say, “ Thank You” but that’s all.

Luke had a heart attack. Those kind of things don’t just come and go, I think he’ll reflect on his lifestyle and realize that he’s a human being not a super hero. At first maybe it was revenge against Elizabeth when Sam slept with Lucky. But I predict that she’s going to seriously fall for him, and they’ll be together. Again I don’t know how long they’ll be together, but these two are looking hot for each other. These are solely my opinions about the show and my predictions hope you enjoyed reading.

10/17/07 By Lilit

These are solely my opinions about what I think will eventually happen down the line with General Hospital. I think that Lulu and Logan will get closer and they will fall crazy in love with each other, but Lulu might do something with Johnny.  Even though she'll regret it, I think that she and Logan will break up over it. Then again I think that breaking up won't help the situation and over time Logan will come to realize that everyone makes mistakes, and he'll  forgive Lulu and they'll get back together. 

I think Alexis and Jerry will grow closer. Robin will find that special guy to be her baby's daddy, but I have a feeling he's not only going to be that baby's  father but a new romance that will bloom in Robin's heart. I think that either Nikolas will be cured, or he will become someone none of us expected him to be. Someone dangerous and daring who'll end up pushing Emily away and yet again we'll see how Emily and Nikolas will overcome another obstacle which will make them one of the favorite couples in GH. I predict that Jax and Carly will face marriage problems sooner or later. 

Cody and Dr. Winters might have something between them, and if it happens I would be happy to watch it. Sonny might finally come to his senses and realize that Anthony Zacchara is not the man he wants to deal with. I predict that Zacchara will take someone as a hostage and it might be someone related to Sonny whether it's the woman he loves, Jason, or even Carly. Patrick will realize that he still loves Robin. I just hope by the time he goes back to her she won't be available… 

8/29/07 By Liz

These are my personal predictions for upcoming General Hospital storyline paths:
1.  A love child will surface from Kate/Trevor's past that is a half-sibling to Ric Lansing.
2.  Jerry Jax will hook up with Brenda Barrett upon her return to the show.
3.  Lulu will hook up with Spinelli after being dumped/crushed by Logan.
4.  Sam will end up pregnant with Lucky's baby (even though she "can't have kids") - surprise!

8/7/07  By Laurie

  • When Jerry finds out what Irina has done, he’ll kill her. 
  • Spinelli and Georgie will fall in love – they are perfect for each other as they are both really intelligent.  Also, Mike Corbin will turn out to be Spinelli’s father, making Sonny Spinelli’s brother. 
  • Logan is really the son of Scott and Laura.  Can Luke handle another stepson?  Most likely not. 
  • Courtney is alive – she’s been held prisoner by Helena (like Laura was all those years ago).  She’ll come back to claim her son and his father.  Nikolas will choose Emily.

General Hospital:  Night Shift

  • Last month, Epiphany told Noah, Patrick, Robin, and Leo about a musician that changed her life when she was a teen.  That musician will turn out to be Toussaint, the janitor.  It will also come out that Toussaint is Stan's father. 
  • Dr. Lee obviously has some issues with men.  In the next few weeks or months she will find out that she is HIV positive.  Or maybe she already knows that she is HIV positive and that's why she's behaving so destructively.

4/27/07 By Ryan T.

  • Baby "Stonecold" is born, but the newborn may need some sort of blood transfusion or transplant, and Lucky will not be a match.  But, we all know who will be.  Yep, Jason.
  • Skye and Ric grow closer after Alcazar dies, and Ric's lies will finally be exposed.
  • Logan is the son of one of PC´s most popular residents.  Could it be Sonny or possibly, Luke?
  • Logan and Lulu become an item, and Maxie tries to keep them apart.
  • Craig/Jerry and Alexis fall for each other, but Alexis slowly begins to realize his true identity.
  • Once Jason finds out about Sam's horrific past, he will not be able to forgive her, and they split.

4/4/07 By Destiny Eve Pifer

  • Lorenzo Alcazar will die during May Sweeps
  • Skye will seek comfort in Ric and possibly Sonny
  • Craig will woe Alexis and together they will become a couple
  • Alexis won't know Craig's identity right away but will begin to put the pieces together
  • Robin and Nicholas may be pretending to be lovers now but down the line they won't be pretending
  • Emily will seek comfort from Patrick
  • Carly and Jax will marry but Carly will still be yearning for Sonny
  • Jason will fight for his rights as a father
  • Many will be shocked to learn that Jason is the father of Liz's baby

4/4/07 by Amanda K.

  • Lulu will become romantically involved with Logan.
  • Sam's past, whatever it is, will be something Jason cannot forgive.
  • Carly and Sonny will reunite, again, as such seems to be inevitable
  • Emily and Patrick will get involved when neither can quite reconcile with Nikolas and Robin respectively following the Craig debacle.
  • At some point, Luke and Scott will exchange blows.
  • Cooper will find a way to break from a life of crime and become a truly decent guy.

Just my two cents,

1/3/07 by Shanna

I watch GH religiously, so I tend to think about things that may happen in the future. Here are some of my GH predictions.

    1. Liz's baby is really Lucky's. I think Maxie switched the paternity tests. She was in the background when Liz received the tests, which is suspicious.

    2. When Courtney died, I decided the writers would eventually make her come back (either as a recast or have Alicia come back) after Nikolas and Emily found their way back to each other. Then Nikolas will have to choose between Emily and Courtney again. I predict he'll choose Courtney.

    3. I predict Lulu and Milo will get together. It would show real parallels between Carly and Lulu, since Carly always seems to go for the bad guy.

    4. The no-brainer prediction - Carly and Sonny will get back together. It's inevitable.

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