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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Pages

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

2006 General Hospital Predictions and Rumors

11/13/06 by Michelle

Helena was giving Laura drugs while she was in the hospital and this is why she remained in her previous state of mind. Jax and Carly will actually get married, but it will not last for long. 

7/3/06 by Randee

From GH: 2:

SID reports that Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) and John Reilly (Sean) are in talks with GH to return this summer. (From what we hear, negotiations are going very well!)

False Memories?.
Speaking of mind control (see further below), we may discover that Laura was not responsible for her father's death after all...and that may not be the only occasion upon which Laura's memories were altered. "A curse upon you Luke and Laura!"

Interest in psychiatric pharmaceuticals may rise to the forefront.

Another Jax/Sonny competition over a woman could be on the horizon, this time with Carly in the middle.

From Soap Sistas

-Tyler Christopher is taking a couple weeks off. Watch for Nik and baby to disappear while Nik takes drastic steps to protect John.

-TIIC are once again trying to get Genie Francis back, even short term. They've put out another offer and are awaiting her response. Both GV and JB are hoping she accepts.

-The Drake's might get one more family member. Could be related to the rumor that Liz gets a new love interest.

-TIIC are ready to recast Serena. An initial storyline has Jason saving her life. Also, Stavros may finally be returning with a new face.

- Some writers are begging for a Ric/Sam hookup, while others are fighting it. No one is giving up yet, so it's still a possibility. Prepare yourself, looks like the Sam/Alexis story will get even more disgusting and icky. For the record, both Rick Hearst and Kelly Monaco are opposed to the story. NLG and Steve B. have no problems with it.

-A few possible stories coming up for the teen scene, it's still up in the air as to which road TIIC will take, or if it will be a mixture of all of them. Scenario 1: teen pregnancy scare coming. Lulu and Diego will find themselves in a bunch when she realizes she's missed her period in August. Scenario 2: Lulu lies to Dillon, claiming she witnessed Diego/Georgie in bed, and tricks Dillon into sleeping with her. He ends up falling for her for real, and then her games are revealed. Luke will have a part in this scenario. Scenario 3: Dillon and Georgie make a move to California, on screen.

-Some small rumor tidbits for August and beyond: Ric teams up with Lorenzo. Carly gets a new business. Robert moves in with Robin. Patrick loses his license to practice medicine.

-In related news, there are rumors that Becky Herbst is pregnant with her 3rd child.

Colleen will get very protective over Nik and the baby, despite being on Helena's payroll. Look for some very 'Hand That Rocks the Cradle' issues. Let's just say she won't be too happy with Emily in Nik's life either.

- Cameron is soon to be SORASed to 4 years old.
Donít be surprised to see a renewed friendship between Alexis and Sonny. And Ric will be seeing green.

from Soap Dish

- Guza still wants to do ONS with Ric/Sam, along with Lulu/Dillon, Maxie/Lucky and Carly/Patrick in order to "shake things up." But Frons is still against it.

- Jason flip flops and will now be telling Alexis that after he finds Sam "nobody will keep them apart." 

- Alexis makes a choice that may cost her a husband and gain her a "daughter."

- Lorenzo's dangerous choices appear to cost someone else their life and Lorenzo and Diego will never be the same.

- When Jason fails to rescue Sam on his first attempt, Sam will suffer major consequences that will leave her with permanent emotional and physical scars.

- When Nik leaves, expect Emily to go with him. July is all about Carson.

GH: Sam Rumors:

- There is no Ric & Sam sex.

- Sam tries to make it seem as if she is dead to pay Jason and Alexis back. But circumstances arise that make it difficult for her to keep this lie.

6/19/06 by Randee


Rumor has it that Alec Mazo, (Kelly Monaco's dancing partner on "Dancing with the Stars") may visit Port Charles when Sam starts working at the Haunted Star. Sam may be crying wolf too many times. If she leaves GH, it could be a dramatic and violent exit.

6/15/06 by Randee

From: Jason and Sam Always and Forever

There will be a montage on June 23rd featuring the song Giving In by Adema, involved in the montage will be Emily, Sonny, Carly, Robin, Patrick, Jason, Ric, Sam and Alexis. It ends with Sonny lying on the ground with bleeding wrists. The montage will lead into June 26ths' show.

Ric deviously uses Sonny's bipolar condition against him.

An innocent child becomes Manny's pawn in his vendetta against Sam and Jason.

Helena dreams up an evil new Cassadine plot.

Alexis makes some unethical compromises in an effort to protect her daughters. Will Ric use what he knows to make a grab at power?

6/6/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Sam and Ric agree to get along for Alexis's sake. Sam will be moving into Wyndemere and Samexis will be trying to repair their relationship as will Jasam. Sam doesn't trust either of them anymore and will be bonding with Nik, his new baby and (ironically) Helena. Helena tells Sam she knows about her father. Ric will be engaged in an unholy triumvirate against Sason. Nikolas is going to rename John and call him Aleksander - in honor of Auntie Alexis, who will be named his godmother.

from SoapZone

First of all, Sam will be in Manny's clutches as his kidnapping (possible rape) victim by mid June... and kidnapping is rumored to last at least 3 weeks taking us into early July by the time Sam is rescued with Liz (and maybe Lucky too) playing a role in her rescue. JaSam reunite.

It was rumored late April that Sam will begin to question Ric's motivations toward Alexis, and start giving Alexis something to think about re: Rexis relationship. This is a scenario which may play out after the kidnapping and during the Samexis/Father storyline... and today's scene seemed to substantiate that rumor. It said more about RIC than it did about Sam. Imo, Sam will now become suspicious of Ric as it relate to his relationship with her mother, and since she already don't like him, she can effectively turn the tables on her mother since Alexis is trying to convince Sam that Jason is no good for her, sounds like Sam might be returning the favor.. as the Father story is playing out.

From that point, as already previewed in the mags, Sam's Father story will then kick in for Samexis, early July timeframe.

6/1/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

The story is about both women, but up to now there has been more focus on Sam than Alexis. That will even up pretty soon. especially when Sam starts asking questions about her birthfather and Alexis realizes some things just don't add up regarding her own past. Near the end of this arc, the focus of this story will once again focus upon Sam, but Alexis will be involved in plenty of other things as well.

Will Rexis receive any focus?
For now, the focus is on their individual pursuits and the complications that result (Sam/The Cassadines/Sonny/Legal Issues). Eventually and inevitably, those interests will have more and more of an impact on their marriage. Up until this point, Ric has been very supportive of Alexis. Soon he will be distracted, as will she.

5/22/06 by Randee

From GH: 2

According to SID, set side sources say Thorsten Kaye wants to trade his AMC hat for a GH one. (They also report their sources say Ingo is leaving.)

Mark Teschner, GH's Casting director, says to expect some new men on GH.

5/15/06 by Randee

From: Jason and Sam Always and Forever

Yes the rumors are true!
Anders Hove who played "Caesar Faison" (perhaps GH's most evil All-Time villain) and Ian Buchanan who played Duke Lavery will be returning to General Hospital and will be appearing in Port Charles in late July. Buchanan is wrapping up his commitment at All My Children as the evil Dr. Madden and reprise his role as Duke Lavery while Hove returns as Faison a role he was last seen on in 2000.

GH will have their 2 most acclaimed villains Caesar Faison and Manny Ruiz as well as the Cassadine family wreaking havoc on Port Charles for the fall sweeps.

GH reps have (wink) denied these reports but industry insiders and friends close to the actors say its a done deal.

5/12/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Sam is not at a private clinic. She is at Wyndemere with a private medical staff arranged by Nikolas and Alexis. This is how Helena finds out about Sam being a Cassadine. Remember Alfred the butler? She also does not find a "creative way" out. She simply asks Alexis to let her leave or let Jason come to her. This sets up a scene with Jason and Alexis where what Alexis says to Jason about almost killing Sam and him needing to get out of the mob world hits home. Jason tells Alexis that he will think about and she says, that's all she's asking for now. Jason thinks that Wyndemere is the safest place for Sam right now, but Sam isn't so sure. That's where the eventual conflict happens between them over where Sam should be living. Don't be surprised if Alexis wants all her children to live at Wyndemere with her for a while. Ric doesn't want to live there or welcome Sam (and Jason by default) into their lives.

From the scripts to be filmed after Memorial Day weekend:

This week is also the first time that Alexis starts hearing a voice from the past in her head reminding her that Sam is HIS daughter too. And he will not be denied his child. This is after Sam pressures Alexis to find out about her father. Helena finds out that Sam is a Cassadine. And John is not. Jason and Sam are on the opposite sides of the issue about her moving to Wyndemere temporarily.

How will this affect Ric/Alexis, if at all?

There isn't going to be much of Ric/Alexis over the next few months from what I have heard. There will be some supportive scenes like yesterday, but frankly, RH is in no-man's land right now. Guza is ramping up the Cassadines again (seeing how he is in a nostalgic mode) and "Natasha" will be a big part of it. Along with Sam, Nik, Jax, Helena, Kristina, and Molly as well as being DA with the end of Jason's turn in the mob - Alexis will be quite busy.

5/10/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Yes Lucky receives confirmation from Lt. Rodriguez that Liz and Patrick met at a hotel and were seen leaving together.

Liz will refuse Lucky's help to get her out of jail. Also remember Lucky will still be overmedicating himself on morphine. So what he thinks he's seeing between Patrick and Liz, really isn't, but he thinks it is.

Alexis will take action regarding Sam and move her out of the hospital without telling Jason where Sam will be. Carly and Jason both try to get Sam's location out of Ric. Ric then goes to Alexis and tries to convince her to tell Jason where she has Sam. That's about all I have for Rexis.

All I have on the location of Sam, is Alexis moves her to a private clinic. And I'm not sure on how long Alexis will keep Sam from Jason or how long Sam is at the clinic.

Alexis asks Jason to stay away from Sam after he is arrested.

Lady Jane and Carly have words and Jane finds out Carly is very much a worthy opponent. Jane also surprises both Carly and Jax when she informs them, she is planning their wedding. I don't know if Carly will be moving.


5/9: I refuse to believe the rumors out there that Sam isn't really Alexis' daughter. Too much build-up and awesome scenes between these ladies will make me a very cranky wubqueen if they turn out to be true.

I am hearing Ingo is staying (I never heard he was leaving)-- and that they are trying to get Finola Hughes to come on board for a summer story. (She's currently only on limited appearance)

The teen-scene heats up this summer. There may be a newbie in town to shake things up!

5/3/06 by Randee

From Soap Sistas

Emmy Gossip: Seems that Renee Goldsberry and Rebecca Budig might have been interested in more than just friendship with Jason Thompson. Greg Vaughan is rumored to have NOT been acting very engaged at the parties. and LL, KS, and FF ( Mimi, Days) apparently got hammered together.

From GH: 2

Newly returning vets were caught being a little too cozy by his wife at an after-Emmy party.

We'll soon discover that GH's new, no-nonsense nurse Epiphany already has family ties on the canvas. We'll find out who she is related to later but rumors point to a Jason connection somehow. Could she be a long lost relative of Jason's birth mother, Susan Moore? ****This is exactly what I have been thinking.

If all else fails, blame the Cassadines....
The virus outbreak story is not over. We will get more of who caused it. Think Cassadines. Actually, think Stavros Cassadine?
Nik finds out heís Johnís father, and after a few tears and snot, will AGREE with Jax and Carly that John is better off away from the Cassadines. Heíll give them his blessing to keep the boy.
Did you hear that Alexis will lose her mind and return to Natasha? Well, actually Ric will think Alexis is losing her mind. There will be an episode where it will appear Alexis is trying to kill herself. Alexis isnít losing her mind, but will question
But, here's a plus:
More Dillon/Luke upcoming stuff during the Spencer/Cassadine war heat up.

Sonny tells Ric that Alexis/Sam are mother/daughter. Ric is stunned.
Alexis breaks down into Jasonís arms. They will disagree on Samís treatment.
Patrick will continue to come between Liz and Lucky, without meaning to. Lucky finds a note in Lizís things from Patrick. In reality, Patrick is helping Liz study for a job promotion. Within a few weeks, sheíll be a surgical nurse.

4/13/06 by Randee

from Soapzone

-Jason tries to take over Sonny's territory and partially succeeds.
-Ric comes running to fill the void of Jason leaving.
-Ric encourages Sonny to save his company and move Jason out where he can't hurt him.
-Sonny puts a contract out on Jason to have him eliminated.  He tries to cancel it but it's too late.
-Somehow, Sam is the one shot and it's serious enough for Jason to tell her mother that her daughter's dying. Maybe she needs blood.
-Alexis will find out that Ric had a hand in it and cause them problems.
-Most importantly Jason will know Sonny had Sam shot and nearly killed trying to shoot HIM.
-Somehow he ends up with Robert most likely trying to bring Sonny down.

4/11/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Things get worse for Sam when both Alexis and Jason try to play hero. Manny will end up having all three of them hostage and after Alexis lets it out that Sam is her daughter in front of Manny he will make Sam choose between Jason & Alexis which one gets to live. As the outline lays it out now, Sam will say to save Jason and just after that the three of them are saved by Sonny & Ric.


One of Alexis' first cases as ADA will involve Luke/Robert/Holly

The rest of the town hates Sonny and wants him in jail . Alexis will help Sonny go to trial. For some reason , Alexis understands him and doesn't think that would be fair to send him to prison while he is having a breakdown. Alexis helps him clean up and prepares him for his upcoming trial that will last for weeks. Alexis and Sonny's friendship starts up again

4/10/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Ric doesn't like Alexis' idea about moving their law practice into the apartment.  This is the Auction that RH mentioned, it'll benefit .

The couples are: (for one night)

Luke & Robin
Patrick & Alexis
Ric & Elizabeth
Lucky & Georgie
Dillon & Carly
Jax & Skye
Lorenzo & Tracy

Alexis finds out about Sam in an intense situation with Manny.  I can't say for sure who Sam's parents are either.  Alexis memories are about dark figures.  Her memories are triggered by Ric...

4/4/06 by Randee

General Hospital Happenings Two

Sonny will be led to believe that Emily is dead. In reality, she is taken by Nikolas (who is determined to protect her).

Alexis begins to have flashes of frightening memories after Ric inadvertently reminds her of Mikkos...Stavros...and the secrets buried deep within her unconscious mind.

Alexis has forgotten (among other things), what her earlier dreams involving the white light tried to tell her: her baby birth.

When Sam and Alexis uncover Helena's secret they unknowingly place themselves in "grave" danger.
Will Alexis' experiences allow her to help Laura?

Lorenzo gets left at the altar.

Nikolas is not alone at Wyndemere.

4/1/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

Alexis child was stillborn, which often happens to children of incest.  It was so horrible that she blocked it out.  Sam is Nikolas's Twin.  Sam and Alexis will remain close. She will be her mother figure. Alexis will try to help Laura, whether she succeeds will depend on if GF returns. They were both the victims of mind control. Helena is hiding something and it will be left to Alexis and Sam to discover- which leads them to great danger. We all know Cassadines never really "die".

The story is to play out into the Fall. This is the outline of the story. They need Sam and Alexis facing a lot of danger in case NLG or Kelly decide to go elsewhere. Their characters will not be killed off is what I am hearing if one or both decide not to comeback. They are both welcome back anytime.

From Soap Sistahs

Backstage gossip is that two stars of GH have been spending a lot of time together of late; one is married (RH?), one is not (GV?), and the spouse of the one is not too happy with the situation. This is NOT a romantic relationship, but it seems the married guy spends a lot of time out and about with the not-married one, and is never home. Mr. Single is totally hot and his buddy's wife may be concerned about the company the pair keeps. We hear an ultimatum has been issued but no one believes it will be obeyed.

There may soon be an influx of new blood to GH; we hear that a very successful agent has been shopping several of his clients to TPTB. That's very likely as we understand that several current GH actors are ready to leave and pursue pilot season.

Is the notable absence of any bedroom scenes of ANY kind for GH's hottest, and arguably most popular, couple due to the fact that someone's wife didn't like him sharing space with another woman in that type of setting? Sounds too silly for words, but some people have been sleeping on the couch an awful lot lately!
Is this the face of the NuNikolas?

3/31/06 by Randee

General Hospital Happenings Two


Is there a connection between Cryllium Industries, the Cassadines, and ELQ? Remember the beginning of the Ice Princess story? What does Eddie have up his sleeve now?


-Thanks to Manny...Another cop bites the dust (Det. Rodriguez).
-Alexis becomes the Assistant DA.
-Lucky and Jason will both be working with Robert.
-Three people make a pact that is sure to bring disaster.

3/24/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

-Look for increasing Laura refs in April by Luke, Lulu, Lucky, and Nik.
-Also a few glimpses of "Laura's" chair and a shadowy figure - probably by mid to late April if the timeline holds and at about the same time that Alexis learns the "truth"
-The Luke/Robert/Holly "triangle" is not all its cracked up to be and will be over by the end of May, at least for one participant.
-Robin/Patrick screen time should increase by late April/May over the Noah situation and interaction with Robert.
-Diego will be getting an "unexpected" ally
-Helena has been REAL busy since we last saw her.
-GF is coming back. It's a done deal.
-TPTB are considering putting at least a temporary end to the Jarly friendship, but they keep changing their minds. I have seen long term plans written both ways. Last version (and the last one I will see before it hits the screen) have Jarly and Sason on the outs, but TPTB are very indecisive on this topic so we will see what happens. A certain writer may water it down by the time she gets it and translates it to screen
-Sam will not be leaving Jason.
-Jason will have more screen time with the Q's in April and Jason/Robert will share screen time and a B story in about a month...
-There is no chance for a Luke/Skye reunion.
-Laura and Stavros did not give up Sam, she was taken from them. And not by Helena. (Think Mikkos or Stefan)
-Alexis and Sam will form a bond even though they will not remain 'mother/daughter'.
-Soily will soon have a reluctant supporter that will make most viewers want to hurl their breakfasts.
-Liz/Lucky had a romantic scene cut at the end of sweeps. Great scene in the locker room. Very tastefully done, but in the end, it was cut.
-In March, Liz and Lucky were supposed to have a small story of their own, but because of rewrites to accommodate Skye's pregnancy (was originally supposed to be Sam getting pregnant, so JaSam had to be rewritten) and other changes, it was dropped. It also affected how the Sam/Alexis connection would play out and they had to rewrite Manny to go after Lo instead of Jasam and give Manny a reason for doing so. In order to do that they also had to push back Helena's reappearance and her interaction with Sam, which ****ed up Nik's story, which affected CarJax. Its a domino affect. And since they were focused on shifting stories around from their original plans (in a hurry I might add), B plots and stories that haven't changed per se (scrubs and LL2) were placed on the backburner until their other ducks get reorganized and caught up for next sweeps.
-A man of the law will lash out at a healer--Lucky/Patrick: Lucky implies that Patrick allowed Jesse to die because he wanted Jesse's liver for his father.
-A couple makes love Jax/Carly
-A person keeps a secret from their spouse Liz/Lucky
-A duo get a warning Sonny/Emily
-A heartbroken soul gets some comfort Maxie: Lucky and the whole town comfort her.
-A lady gets a slap (Monica, while Emily defends Sonny
-A gal gets the wrong idea a young gent Lulu/Dillon: Lulu will believe Dillon has a thing for her but once she finds out he's a paid companion for her she's humiliated and hurt. Dillon is really truly her friend but he's short on cash and he desperately needs it. Luke also knows Dillon needs cash and won't take charity. He gives him a job to a) keep Lulu out of trouble and b) supply him with cash.

3/14/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

-Sonny feels unworthy of Emily's love and fears he'll hurt her. Emily assures Sonny she isn't afraid to be with him. Jason finds out about them but doesn't tell them he knows...Not going to be pretty.
-Robin insults Patrick but later realizes she jumped to the wrong conclusion...What does she catch him doing with Carly at Jake's when she goes to apologize?
-Nikolas tells Alexis and Liz that Jax and Carly are sleeping together.
-Luke tries to rekindling things with Skye...No luck
-Carly tells Patrick she wants to be with Jax
-Where's Sonny? That's what Jason wants to know when there's a problem with Michael. And business decisions need to be made...Maybe he should ask his sister.
-Lulu tries to play matchmaker
-Georgie gets a warning from Maxie
-Tracy tells Luke make a profit or she's selling the HS
- Tempers rise between Sonny and Jason
- Robin tries to do the right thing regarding Noah and Patrick.
-Sam gets mad when Ric tries to talk to her about Alexis
-One family grows.
-One family shrinks.
-Just because no one wants to see it doesn't mean it isn't there.
-Lainey is unsettled after an encounter with Frank.
-Patrick is their new, shining star. Get ready to see LOTS of him. Audience response has them all grinning.
-ABC's consultants are responsible for the current shift & focus. It'll continue to improve.
-GH/ABC has big plans for this Carly. In a word: They love her
They are together for the foreseeable future. In fact, their relationship strengthens as Ric stands by her throughout this search for her daughter. And we will see some traces of Crazy Ric as he learns that Manny is sniffing around Kristina. We may actually see the Ric/Lorenzo alliance revisited as GH sets up another murder whodunit with Manny as the corpse. The audience will be shown several viable suspects and of course, there will be a red herring or two thrown in. But this will be the summer storyline.
Well, the conversation that Liz had with Lorenzo was foreshadowing. Robert's return pulls Luke and Lucky into something deadly and Cameron is thrust into danger. Liz will have to do something unpleasant and ask for help from an unlikely source to save her son and her husband. The Liz and Lorenzo interaction is not sexual. Liz and Lucky may have some drama for awhile but they will make their way back to each other.
Carly and Jax will soon be having a heart to heart about failed relationships and Carly will reveal that she never loved Lorenzo the way he loved her. That she used him to get back at Sonny. Jax will come close to admitting the truth about Little John's paternity but Michael interrupts the conversation. I've also seen info on Carly being jealous of the attention that Lorenzo is showering on Skye. It causes her to plan a romantic dinner for two, for her and Jax to take her mind off of things.
Lorenzo asked Skye if there was a question of paternity and she said no. She has nothing to gain by lying. And what will happen next? Skye and Lorenzo having each other's back against the world as this Manny situation unfolds. Monica won't have to kick Skye out. Skye will have already decided for herself that she wants to give her relationship with Lorenzo a serious chance and will move into Casa Alcazar. Lorenzo will be thrilled. And Manny will be watching. Wink, wink I never said Skye would not be pissed when she discovered Lorenzo's actions, but she's not perfect and although they will have harsh words, Skye will realize that she loves him and vice versa and will forgive him and staunchly defend him to all.
-Skye tells Lorenzo that Diego is hiding something.
-Georgie begins to feel overwhelmed by all the secrets she's keeping from Dillon.
-Manny pushes Lucky's buttons.
-Sam instructs Maxie on the fine art of seduction.
-Carly and Liz play a rousing game of "What if?"
-Ingo is gone and so is TC. There'll be others. It's about to get interesting.

3/13/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

-Lulu's love interest will be Patrick's lil' bro.
-The discovery of Baby John's paternity will split all of the couples (L&L2, SOILY, Rexis, JaSam) on the canvas when people are forced to take sides. May sweeps will finally have the one event which will truly turn PC upside down and no cataclysmic event is necessary.
Emily learns the truth about Sam and Alexis, from Sonny.
-Luke throws a big party, when he re-opens the Haunted Star.
-Sonny, Sam, and Jason vow to keep the truth from Alexis.
-Georgie finds herself in danger when she's in the company of Diego.
-Lorenzo will have Manny and Diego troubles, but he will also be in the company of Skye over the next few weeks.
-Baby John's going to get ill. Treatment will determine that Jax is the father. The baby may or may not die after.
-Soily was going to end soon, but was changed to later to accommodate other storyline changes.
-RKK (ex-Stavros) has also been casted

3/10/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

-Skye tells Lorenzo that Diego is hiding something.
-Georgie begins to feel overwhelmed by all the secrets she's keeping from Dillon.
-Manny pushes Lucky's buttons.
-Sam instructs Maxie on the fine are of seduction.
-Carly and Liz play a rousing game of "What If".
-Ingo is gone and so is TC. There'll be others. It's about to get interesting.
-Michael Easton will cross over to GH in may they will be a big mob war on both GH&OLTL

3/9/06 by Randee

From Soap Sistahs


-Very small whispers are out there that Skye's baby will turn out to be Luke's. This is so wrong on so many levels, not least of which is that Skye and Luke have never, to our knowledge, slept together. Also, this means that Skye had unprotected sex with two men, one of whom has had a woman who is arguably "the town pump" in his bed. Not a very sterling move from the first show on daytime to address HIV/AIDS.

-How will this affect the very real affection and commitment blooming between Luke and Tracy? Probably, the news will come out just about the time the two of them start to realize that their marriage really does matter to them and is no longer just a business arrangement. That's the plan, anyway.

-Alexis may not be the only person in the Davis/Lansing household to get a long-lost relative. Could Ric be getting a baby brother who isn't a Corinthos? It's also possible that Ric's dear old daddy may show up just about the time Ric discovers his new sibling.

-Is John Ingle coming back just to kill Edward? There is speculation...

-Word about the 'net is that a certain GH actor is not too thrilled with the hoopla surrounding the return of "legacy" characters; he's afraid that his "front and center" status on the show is threatened. There is some indication that the writers are pegging Sonny down a notch every chance they get (eg... Soily, CarJax...) to facilitate this potential storyline:

-Does Robert Scorpio have what it takes to lure Jason away from the mob and into life as a WSB agent? One thing this would do for Steve Burton is provide him time-off (while he's out chasing bad guys off-screen) to pursue those "other projects" he's always talking about. We hear Burton is very enamored of those early-80s spy stories that GH was once famous for.

-Break out your slickers, galoshes, and inflatable rafts; we hear May sweeps will involve a flood.

-Sam may seem to be Alexis' daughter, but don't get too invested in appearances. Turns out, Alexis' girl died in a car accident. Sam still turns out to be Nik's twin, Lucky and Lulu's half-sister. Now, the question is, when this is revealed in May (while Tony Geary is off!) will Laura be there to welcome her into the fold? Rumors abound.

3/5/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

All men by nature desire knowledge... Or in this case, women.
-Sam and Alexis. Sam does have a desire for her mother's love and acceptance which leads her to desire knowledge of a different kind.

A man is not completely born until he is dead.
- Stavros. I've heard something about him coming back. Before you ask, I don't know if it has anything to do with the twin theory. Stavros does have a place in the story though, along with a place in a story with Helena, Luke and Robert.

Look for Sam to spend a lot more time with Nikolas in order to get more info about Alexis/Cassadine's history. Sam will get more than she bargained for when she starts to feel sorry for Alexis and the life she had growing up.

They are saving the big reveal till May sweeps (end of April). Anyone who's ever watched a soap can see it coming a mile away. They'll find a way to drag it out. Mother's Day?

Insider Will Sam be trashed during this storyline by sleeping with Rick or kidnapping her sisters?
And one more thing before I'm gone for a bit...
I mentioned the Ice Princess story...just think about it wink.gif
I see there is some headscratching going on with the IP story. Just think about the main players.

IP main players: Luke, Laura, Robert, Tiffany, Mikkos, Victor, Tony, Alexandria Q, & Edward Q

Helena's return will not be about the Spencers. She won't even give them a second glance. She will be more interested in Nikolas' change of personality, not to mention Alexis and Sam. She will also suspect John is Nikolas'. Once it's confirmed, lookout Carly and Jax.

Sam will become enamored by Alexis' life and her past. Jason will be of the mind-set that she needs to let Alexis know the truth and find out about her that way or just to let it go. Sam will tell him she's letting it go and will focus on their life but she won't be able to. Alexis and the childhood she thinks she lost out on will occupy her every waking moment.

It will look like Manny is a threat to Kristina.

Sam will try to be a stabilizing force in Nikolas' life. She's never appreciated anyone else having an influence in Nikolas' life.

The child that Alexis gave birth to is a stain on the Cassadine family. She wants it to stay "buried". She has no idea it's Sam. Mikkos made sure he covered his tracks. The only catch is even when Helena learns the truth she can't bring herself to kill Sam.

3/4/06 by Randee

from Soap Dish

-Alexis mentions Mikkos as the person who put baby Sam up for adoption.
-Before-BS or NOT-someone appearing to be an insider mentioned a Cassadine behind Alexis's Baby drama.
-We get "Mikkos/Petros" being posted, and then someone said that Mikkos didn't die, Petros did.
-We have a scooper over at SS saying to pay attention to the IP story
-Alexis tells Nikolas about her Long!Lost!Baby the week of the 13th.
-Week of the 6th: Rexis on everyday
-Week of 3/13: All about Manny and Sam calling Rexis on their "hypocrisy".
-Sam decides she wants to go to law school and gets "jealous" when she sees Alexis being loving to Kristina.
-Alexis is on at least 3 days the week of 3/13 or every day. Sonny finds out on 3/20. Alexis still doesn't know. Sam finds out on 3/10.

3/3/06 by Randee

From Soap Sistahs

-Maurice Benard is violently opposed to a CarSon reunion and has said he won't play it.
-Tyler Christopher has won a part in an ABC pilot, Secrets of a Small Town, which is being written by none other than our own dear Chuckie Pratt.
-Guza's breathlessly spoilered (by Guza himself) upcoming May sweeps adventure with Robert, Luke, and Holly? We hear it's a "cotton candy" story; makes everyone happy, but no substance. Yes, the three go off on an adventure, yes they all end up in one sleeping bag, yes, they all kiss and make up (hopefully NOT in the sleeping bag), and yes, Holly goes free. That's it. No long term story, no repercussions, no nuthin'. Also, we hear that Tristan Rogers's May return is also a limited run, which tends to lend credence to this story.
-Don't expect any kind of a story with lasting implications for "legacy" characters or vets; remember the promised father/son story we were told we would get with the Dr.'s Drake? How much time have they spent together lately? It's possible that story has been shelved.
-So, seems Diego Sanchez Alcazar, who will be returning in the person of Ignacio Serricchio, turned jailhouse snitch to get out of prison. Now, can Daddy protect him from Manny Ruiz?
-Is Holly the perfect puppet? If so, who's pulling the strings.
-So, Liz tells Lorenzo that she doesn't need him to "owe her," but how will she feel about it when calling in that favor could save Lucky's life?
-If a mob moll wants to become a lawyer, and she sits home reading the law, does that make her hitman fiancť uncomfortable? Can they be serious with this? We've been warned that Sam - the drifting, con-woman, salvage operator, wants to become a barrister. Just like mommy?
-Kelly Monaco has said that Sam will be getting "extensive" family in Port Chuck, which seems to lean more towards her being Nik's twin than Alexis' daughter. Add this to rumors we're hearing that Alexis' child actually died in a car accident years ago, and it seems more and more likely that SaNik, and LuSam can never happen as they'll all be related.

2/26/06 by Randee

From Soap Sistahs

-We hear a small, quiet murmuring that Genie Francis may be nearing an agreement for a limited-run return to GH.
-Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick "Dimples" Drake) is currently dating Alyssa Milano.
-Jason won't attend Courtney's memorial after all, is what we are hearing now. But you can still count on drunken Nikolas, who will go off on everyone present over their treatment of the latest "love of his life." Great. Then, back at the penthouse, Nik shows up, blasts Jason again, insults "Sonny's whores" (apparently includes Sam in this group) and gets cold-cocked for his trouble. We spoilered this scene a few weeks ago, and it seems that it will air.
-Ingo Rademacher will leave Port Charles after his contract is up this spring.
-Nikolas and Emily will be drawn to a reconciliation over Courtney's baby and his paternity. It is Emily who finds out the truth and breaks it to Nik.
-Luke and Nikolas team up to track down the origins of the virus and the antidote; this happens after they realize that Helena is in this up to her well-arched eyebrows.
-Look for plenty of Bobbie/Lucas grieving and bonding over Tony's death. Also, expect Lucas to get a love interest soon.

2/24/06 by Randee

From: Jason and Sam Always and Forever

Has GF secretly inked a 6 wk deal with GH, to return briefly for either the Sam story, or to be involved with Luke/Skye/Lorenzo?
Rumor is:
"Lorenzo brings back Laura to keep Luke away from Skye. GF is signed for at least six weeks. She got a deal similar to TR for May sweeps. It probably won't be announced until late March/early April, but its a done deal.

2/22/06 by Randee

From Soap Sistahs

We have it on good authority that a spoilered scene with Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer, sharing a drink and their regrets as fathers, has been edited out and will not be aired. Apparently, they needed more air time for Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam, and Emily?

Don't expect Ingo Rademacher to stick around Port Charles after his contract is up this spring; word is that, regardless of other projects that may or may not pan out, he's going. Can't blame him. Little screen time, his character being vilified and "AJ-ized", and now being turned into a babystealer? Who wouldn't want to leave?

There are rumors that Becky Herbst wants out of L&L2 for some reason.

We hear that not only are Natalia and Tyler ON again, but that Nikolas and Emily will be drawn to a reconciliation over Courtney's baby and his paternity. The gossip is that it's Emily who finds out the truth and breaks it to Nikolas.

Tamara Braun will soon appear on an episode of House, and hinted at a recent fan event that she has something big coming up.

Look for plenty of Bobbie/Lucas grieving and bonding over Tony's death. Also, expect Lucas to get a love interest soon.

From  General Hospital Happenings Two

Someone turns out to be the perfect puppet; guess who is pulling the strings!

While everyone worries that Sonny will hurt Emily; in the end will Emily break Sonny's heart?

Someone has a "false alarm". Someone else doesn't.

Diego comes into a whole lot more than he bargained for, when he returns.

02/10/06 by Elayna

Tony will not be the only character to succumb to the epidemic. Elizabeth's son will also not make it through.

2/6/06 by Randee

This was emailed to me from JasonandSamAlwaysAndForever, it is a Yahoo group

Luke really is sick. His immune system fights the virus though, which is why they want to use his antibodies.

The MediaNet pics have Patrick with Liz. He IS the one she "leans on" during the crisis. He is the one who supports her during Lucky's kidnapping. Showing the audience Patrick's softer side with women other than Robin is for a reason. Patrick is headed to Robin toward the end of sweeps when she falls critically ill. Should be some great scenes..

Danny just dies of the virus, there's no cure for him because he has no relatives to provide the blood

Jasam pregnancy reveal was taped on January 20, 23 (audience reveal) and 25 (Jason reveal) and 27th (Sam reveal) apparently Sam is way sick and that's how Jason finds out before her.

The popular heroine "dying" is Alexis. It was a play on words for the magazine. The serum affects Alexis' personality and she becomes more like Natasha Cassadine than ever before. And everyone around her who has screwed her over better watch out.

This is going to be what tears Alexis' life apart because Natasha is going to remember what happened with Sam/Nik/Laura and Stavros when she was 16. That is that she took the girl baby (Sam) and gave her away to protect her on Stefan's orders. She is also going to take control of the Cassadines and finally give Helena a run for her money.

They don't need Stefan, Laura or Stavros right now to play this out.

This is the story that NLG wasn't thrilled with because she never wanted to go back to the Cassadine roots, but now that they have given her the outline, she's excited for it.

And yes, this could be the start of her exit story.

2/2/06 by Randee

From General Hospital Happenings Two

Jason agrees to keep a secret to protect someone he loves.

Where is "Anastasia"? Hidden beneath a nurturing web. Females have no value in this family. Unless...

1/30/06 by Randee

From General Hospital Happenings Two

As we spoiled, Cameron may be the last one to get well, Liz will definitely have reason to fear she is going to lose him, and family members become an important part of the cure, Unfortunately, little Cameron's father, Zander, is dead, as is his grandfather and uncle. That leaves just Liz.  Unless... someone comes home.

1/28/06 by Randee

From General Hospital Happenings Two

"The plague" was released accidentally and hitches a ride to PC with Luke, via the Chimp. Scorpio has been following the virus. The real question: how was the virus created in the first place? Keeping in mind Tony Geary's original Endgame and the appearance of Holly, it is the creation of either a Cassadine (not necessarily Helena), or Cesar Faison, hiding behind the guise of a corporation.

It seems we misinterpreted some info we were given regarding Sonny and Emily. Apparently
they will be doing the nasty in the middle of February. However, there are changes coming in their story shortly afterwards which indicate the beginning of their demise as a couple.

Long ago, in another lifetime, did Alexis switch one baby for another?

Will Manny kill Danny?

What if Sam is carrying the next Cassadine heir?
Sam comes to Alexis' defense. Later, Alexis comes to Sam's.

It looks like Georgie and Dillon elope, for real.

Rumors are getting stronger that both Stephen Nichols and Robert Kelker-Kelly may make limited returns to GH, as brothers Stefan and Stavros Cassadine, later this spring.

1/17/06 by Randee

From General Hospital Happenings Two

Hope its not true but there is a persistent buzz is that Lorenzo is shot and killed by Jesse. Carly is involved.

1/9/06 by Melissa T.

Kin Shriner (Scotty) & Genie Francis (Laura) may return.

1/4/06 by Randee

These rumors were found on Llanview Avenue

Which one of the three rumored fan favorites that ABC is bragging on, is returning to GH? (Sean, Robert, or Anna?) As in our rumor from last August (scroll down), we hear its Anna in the form of Finola Hughes. However, there has been no formal confirmation. She may return during the epidemic for Robin.

With the memory of her part in the loss of Liz's baby still on her mind, will Carly try to make amends when a crisis strikes?

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