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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Pages

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

2005 General Hospital Predictions and Rumors

12/7/05 by Randee

There is a lot of contradiction, all of these aren't from the same people are some of them are agenda based.

Here goes nothing:

(These are from the same person)
Jason and Sam have a lot of things coming up. Some think the baby will come before they get married, but I have heard differently. Robin was said to be a non issue, but that's not the case.

Jason and Sam will get married if someone will allow them to. Someone stops their wedding.

Robin will have something to do with Jason and Sam's wedding stopping. Don't know if she is the one that stops the wedding or some people from Sam's past start to surface. People she knows and family she never knew she had.

Robin comes between Jason and Sam. I don't think it's for long though. Someone from Sam's past will do the honors.

Could be a past lover. The way it was written, it also hinted that Sam may already be spoken for.


JaSam wedding before baby reveal.


Jason and Sam spend x-mas with CarSon and the boys.


Sam's mother may be a Cassadine.

Robert would be Sam's father, her mother would be a Cassadine.


About the upcoming trial:
I originally heard that it was Sam's trial and that Helena would be involved as well. But now that CT may be going to B&B, it could be changed to Manny's trial, with him blackmailing Alexis to defend him and possibly Sam in some way, telling her he knows things about her past.
The Robert tie-in is the plot point, so that Robin will have a sister and some family on canvas. Mac is fine, but being a support character, she needs a lead character to be a part pf, and that's Sam and to some extent Jason.


Sam being related to Mac is very likely.


Members of Sam's family start to surface when they realize Sam is with a rich man. Jason is suspicious of them and it causes a rift between Jason and Sam.


There is no romantic quad between Robin/Patrick and JaSam. It's all about family.


No RoSa, no meaningful relationship will develop between then two.

(These two insiders were on the same night and kept contradicting each other)

Insider 1: Baby and wedding for JaSam.

Insider 2: Wedding is coming, but that won't be a god thing.

Insider 1: Robin will be a red herring for JaSam. Jason and Sam will be married soon and have a baby on the way. Unless they are planning on ruining Robin, there will be no JaSam/Robin.
Robin's only story in 2006 has already been spoiled in SID (Sam's past and reveals) and her story is more with Sam than Jason.
Story coming up is about Sam and Robin.


Patrick is being tested with other women Emily, Carly, Sam, Liz, he might not be for Robin in the long term but Robin's involvment in the story has more to do with Sam than Jason. That does not mean she will not cause angst for JaSam.


Sam is not a Cassadine. The only thing is she might be a Scorpio. Mac is supposed to have a daughter he doesn't know about.


Sam wants to start a family which may not be able to happen.


Jason and Sam get married with a few interruptions along the way.


(from the same person)
Courtney's baby lives, Ted King wasn't used during the Christmas shows, Sam will get her baby.

Baby for Sam is being set up NOW.

Sam has been on schedule to have a baby since last February.


Jason and Sam will have their marriage and baby, and much happiness, but Sam will wonder about her past. Will her father resurface the cold hearted gent who fell into a pit (in case you guys don't know who this person is, that would be Stavros).


About Sam being a Cassadine: No, and no new Cassadine on canvas.


The looking into Sam's past is a HUGE story that will dominate the show for sometime. No other specifics.


From GHH

Expect Sam's exploration of her past to impact several PC citizens, as well as her relationship with Jason. Major storyline.

Sam's next angst will be "family".


From Soapstuff:

Sam finds out she is related to someone unexpected.

Jason will be involved with Sam's discovery of a secret to do with her family.

11/28/05 by Randee

From: General Hospital Happenings Two

Seems Familiar...
(Related to older Deja Vu item, further below) Is it time for another kidnapping? Could be! Rumor has it that Alexis' daughters will be snatched. We hear baby Molly disappears first.

So, who dunnit?
Sonny and Ric's new venture makes them obvious targets in mobland, but obvious is not where the answer lies. Alexis later zeroes in on a Cassa connection but, once again, obvious will not be where the answer lies.  Word is the answer emerges.

Sam takes the rap for Jason.

Just To Confuse Matters More...
Last week, picked up the rumor that Rebecca Budding (Greenlee, AMC) read for the part of Courtney. Some rumored that the role was really for a recast Brenda. Meanwhile, Rebecca's reps are allegedly denying that she is seeking another role in daytime. We can't confirm that Rebecca read for GH, but we can throw in what we heard about two months ago, which was that GH was looking at Rebecca for the role of Sarah Webber. (Last year, we had heard they had Alicia Minshew in mind.).

The Quartermaines are in for several shocks and bumpy times ahead. Will Edward survive them? Its not looking good.

The New Year is when Carly really begins to hit her stride.

It seems Courtney and Jax's demise as a couple is inevitable.

Carly and Lorenzo divorce.

Looks like the PC Courthouse is going to get busy with at least two trials on the horizon.

Wedding bells ring before a delicate procedure.

Will a kiss banish a crush?
Not likely.

From Soapdish

Alexis will defend Sam in a "big" Manny murder trial that will kick in after the first of the new year, going into Feb sweeps. I haven't heard of anyone either [ie, love scenes]. I heard Nikolas and Emily are locking lips, but that's about it. There is probably another implied JaSam scene though. (1st scooper)
Because the baby storyline is next on the horizon for them (JaSam). (1st scooper)

Yes, but I heard the reveal of the baby angle isn't immediately in the new year. It's planned at a couple months in, after a lot of angst for Jason and Sam. (2nd scooper) Robin angst or Trial angst? Both. (2nd scooper) I only know of one planned marriage - Jason/Sam. (lst scooper) Robin might be getting a brother - Jesse. (1st scooper)

I've heard nothing of Jesse being Robin's brother. He was suppose to be Ric's, but I think that has changed so maybe they are going the Scorpio angle? - (2nd scooper) Is Sam getting more family? [this question went unanswered]

more.. this is the plan going into FEB.

If it flops (Soily) then it is Nem and Carson?

Indeed it will be. Look for a lot of Nem and Carson teases throughout the Soily phase.(2nd scooper)
Oh yes, it's one great big Jax/Courtney/Nikolas/Emily/Sonny/Carly/Lorenzo mess. Those are your main players, with Sam/Jason/Robin/nuDoc on the side and intermingling through Sonny and Carly.(1st scooper) Finally... something we have similar. I can back this up. (2nd scooper)


Will the trial go into February?

No, but the fallout will.
Will Sam go to jail? Then she will learn she is pregnant and Jason will help exonerate her? am I close?

Sam's not spending any prison time.
Manny probably kidnaps her and make it look like she left or something.

Sam's not kidnapped, but she does have a lot more Manny interaction coming up.
Interesting, so he will mess with her before meeting his "demise"

His demise will be interesting and Manny might not go out as who you think. Things, even right now, are not as they seem.
He doesn't go out as who you think? Does he have another identity? [question unanswered]

3rd scooper today
Just so you know, I'm not one of the two people who were on here last night, but I can vouch for some of the info that was posted.

Actually, last I heard of a JaSam baby being pushed back to an ulterior date, there was supposed to be a baby reveal back in July. It was planned, it was supposed to happen a little after the surrogacy started and what happened?

There was the whole re-write about Dr Thomas killing AJ.

There are plans for a baby for Jason and Sam as well as a real wedding for them during the next period of sweeps.

11/10/05 by Suzanne

From various websites:  It's rumored that Kelly Monaco (Sam) has been approached to star in her own VH1 reality show, and that Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) will be the next vet fired and will exit with Rick Springfield next year.

11/10/05 by Randee

From: General Hospital Happenings Two

Someone from Justus' past may resurface with some very surprising but maybe not-so-good news for the attorney and the Q's.

Dr. Kelly Lee, the new female doctor, draws suspicion.

Carly's mental health issues may be "organic" in nature.

11/3/05 by Randee

From: General Hospital Happenings Two

Deja Vu
Everything old is new again--or at least it may seem that way as storylines that were started and dropped nearly a year ago are picked up, dusted off, and put back into motion. So, don't be surprised if GH looks like re-run city for a little while. Hang in there though, this time they plan to see it through, with a different ending.

Although it might appear to be Family business, it may turn out to be family business.

Will a frighteningly familiar face return? Hopefully he will, if GH (and I) have anything to say about it!

Now that Liz and Lucky are wed, there's just one more to go for 2005.

Is there a doctor in the house? Carly needs to know. First for a friend, and then for herself? A little birdie could be involved.

As for Courtney, disappointment may be the order of the day, especially for one particular diner.

10/29/05 by Randee

From: General Hospital Happenings Two

Sonny, Emily, Carly, Lorenzo

Lots of differing viewpoints around the inner circle regarding the future of the potential pairings of Sonny and Emily vs Sonny and Carly vs Lorenzo and Carly. Maurice is gung ho to give the new pairing a try, but Frons and bigwigs think pairing his character with Carly is the way to go. Meanwhile, the head-writers think they may have better success giving Lorenzo and this particular Carly a serious try. Round and round and round they go, where they'll end up, nobody knows!

Alexis may not mind her hubby going back to work for his big brother this time around. Ric could have "legitimate" reasons for doing so.

First, the good news: Rumors are swirling that if GH can get Rick Springfield to extend his stay, or work it in between concert dates, that his character, Dr. Noah Drake, will be returning to be paired with Bobbie Spencer. (Jackie Zeman).

The bad news: This might be Jackie Zeman's exit storyline

We've heard that Kelly Monaco was indeed lined up to appear in several episodes of Desperate Housewives. However, gossip has it that when wind of it got to the reigning DH Queens, they put up such fuss that they shelved the idea.

10/29/05 by Michelle

Emmy and Nicholas will get back together. Courtney will have the baby this time, and the father is ...... Jax. Sonny and Emily will become more than friends, they'll consider each other as family.

11/1/05 by Randee

From: General Hospital Happenings Two

Sam need not worry about Robin for long. Robin will be getting her own love interest down the road. Supposedly, it will be a new actor playing a character previously on GH.

10/24/05 by Randee


Word is that the role of Kristina, Alexis' daughter, is being recast and SORASED.

Dr. Meadow's prescription calls for sex! Will her overdue patient and hubby comply?

Looks like Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) is out the door.

My thoughts: I guess they have to age Kristina since they aged Morgan. Sorry to see those cute little girls go.

10/14/05 by Randee


It seems that Lucas is getting a love life, but it will be wrought with complications.

Hearing the teeniest of whispers of a possible Brenda recast coming on for December. (10/14)

10/3/05 by Randee


Ever wonder if there was more to the story? How did Reese's family earn their wealth? Why did Reese's mother suddenly pack them up, have them leave town and insist she and her daughter change their first and last names after Reese's accident as a teen? What was the real cause of her car accident? Why did her father really die? Is it a mere coincidence that she is from the same state as the Ruiz Family? Is Reese really connected?
Ya think???


10/3: Jax throws Liz and Lucky the wedding of their dreams.

Oh...if Courtney's Royal Heir is in Danger...could Jax become the Ned Ashton of this story???! Don't count it out, people.

I hear a high-profile guest-star may be close to signing (not Finola...someone else!)

The butcher, the baker, the stalker maker. Supposedly the stalker will tie up at least 2 stories at once. Can't wait (yawn).

With Lulu back, will Denise Alexander make an appearance? I sure hope so!

9.26: With her contract up soon, speculation is running high about Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) renewing her contract. Soap Opera Network is hinting at a possible recast. As of yet, I have not heard if she's leaving.

Will Kristina Wagner (Felicia) go to Days? That's what they are wondering over on my fave gossip site The Soap Zone

Is Hell's back to find out if Courtney is carrying a Cassadine heir? Will the Dynasty of Cassadine go into battle with the House of Corinthos? Yummy.

9/30/05 by Michelle

Courtney is pregnant, and the daddy is Jax, but it will take a while for it to come out. nick will try to get back with Emily, but she will not give him the time of the day. Sonny will have Carly committed to a mental institution. Jason will remember his life and go back to working for Sonny.

9/20/05 by Randee


Sources around the set say that these days, the actors are only receiving their scripts just about a week ahead of taping.

9/16/05 by Randee


9/13: (see Scoops Page for big casting rumors)
Ok, here goes! Will Reese be killed off..and if so by whom? Some say Hells does the deed--I tend to go with the mobular connections. I also think with Skye getting hot with Lorenzo, that will bring TG into the whole mob-mix. They'll be dying to get he and Robert La Sardo together on screen. You also have to wonder about the younger set. Seems TPTB finally figured out that keeping with history and a more mature cast just might be the way to go. Not to say that the key players will leave, but watch for some of the newbie 20 somethings to exit.

Since Laura Wright (Carly #4) is a lot taller than Maurice Benard will they employ the "Tom Cruise special effects factor" while filming their scenes? I can't wait to watch.

Helena Cassadine rumors are also flying. As of today, she hasn't been asked to return to GH. I'm keeping the faith however. They can't live without Hells for long!

9/10: BIG Rumors Hit the NET!
Laura Wright (of Loving, the Guiding Light) coming in as Carly #4?? I'm checking on that.
Robin and Sam ...related? Come on, Sam looks like a Scorpio, doesn't she?

With Kari's real life pregnancy, will Reese be PG with either Ric or Sonny's baby? Come on, this is a great one. She can talk to Alexis and get NLG's old scripts on this one. The writers LOVE to Blue-Box, people

Will Emily be PG with Nik's kid? Will Courtney? If either one winds up with a bun in the oven, my money would be on Emily.

Helena back yet? Well, I can tell you with certainty that Connie has NOT taped nor has been asked to to date.

Here we go again, but I am hearing SKYLO. Will Luke and Lorenzo fight for Skye? Could be a great thing to watch.


Don't close the book on Jax and Courtney quite yet. While this may seem to contradict the rumor below, we hear there are a lot of twists and turns to come.

Been There Done That...

Its possible that we may be looking at a Ric/Alexis/Jax "triangle" of sorts. What follows is rumor. Some, all, or none of it may happen. Got it?
Do with it what you will.

We hear that since Liz loses the baby, she and Lucky do not move into the house that Jax purchased for them. At the same time, Jax makes plans to leave town, perhaps forever. Meanwhile, Alexis decides she cannot reconcile with Ric. Jax tells Alexis he is leaving Port Charles and that she is welcome to live in the house he bought with her children since she'll need the room. Alexis accepts with the caveat that Jax stay in Port Charles and in the house with her.

As Alexis nears her due date, Ric remains connected to the high voltage  mob action surrounding Sonny. The real question is, will Jax and Alexis consider a marriage of convenience (for a second time), to protect her children and prevent Ric from having parental rights? And what will happen after Alexis and Ric's child is born?

9/8/05 by Randee

Rumor: Bransford Out as GH's Carly
Posted Tuesday, September 06, 2005 1:53:52 PM

By now nearly ever Internet user knows of the implicit technological perils of using the Internet - viruses and scams. But many of those same users that surf the web on a regular basis are not fully aware of some of the other dangers that are lurking out there - dangers like disinformation.

Over the past few days, posts on messages boards across the 'net have stated that actress Jennifer Bransford (Carly Corinthos) has been let go from General Hospital. While an ABC spokesperson has declined to issue an official statement - was reminded that is not network policy to comment on rumors -- that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning at full steam.

On a web site purported to be Jennifer Bransford's official web site, a message informed fans that Bransford was on her way out.

"The rumors you may have heard are true," read a message on the site's main page. "We have confirmed that they are in fact going to try and recast the role of Carly."

Later, however, the site seemed to backpedal away from their statement. The information regarding Bransford's dismissal, the site announced, "was 100% accurate as of this morning/early afternoon [August 31st]. Some people are now saying that Carly is not being recast, which if that is true, it must have changed over the course of the day."

Meanwhile, other fledgling sites are trumpeting their "unnamed sources" as having confirmed the news. Still others are urging fans to flood the network with fan mail urging the network to rethink its apparent plans to ditch the actress.

Some web sites have gone on to claim that ABC had gone as far as to lure back the previous Carly, Tamara Braun; making her "an offer she couldn't refuse." Braun exited General Hospital in April to pursue a career outside of daytime television.

Other sites say that the role has been recast, but no names were mentioned for Bransford's replacement.

It should be noted that some fans of General Hospital have been extremely critical and often times downright cruel when it comes to Bransford's work. It is this hostility that also lessens the credibility of online reports of Bransford's status with the show.

Obviously the vagueness of the so-called reports also makes believing the stories difficult at best. has received several emails from persons identifying themselves as "insiders," but these claims remain unsubstantiated. While some of these so-called "accurate" stories may, in the end, turn out to be true -- it doesn't necessarily confirm that these sites provide truly accurate information. Many sites simply put out theories, hoping that they will eventually end up being true. Sooner or later, these sites are bound to get at least one story right.

As previously noted, an ABC spokesperson has declined to comment on the rumors of Bransford's release from General Hospital.

9/3/05 by Randee

From Kelly Monaco's official message board:

Sam and Jason will marry. Several things will happen that will convince Sam that Jason is still in love with Robin. This will climax when Sam learns that she is pregnant. She'll go home to tell Jason and will overhear a conversation he is having, misunderstand something he says about Robin being the love of his life and freak out. Sam will not want Jason to feel tied to her because of the baby so she will leave town with Allegra who promises to take care of her and the unborn child. Jason and Robin will spend the next several months bonding as they look for Sam.

It keeps Jason on the frontburner while she's gone and it sets up a relationship for him after she has left to go on to even better things. It also sets up some great material and a front burner storyline for her when she returns. IF I were a Jasam fan or a Jason/Robin fan, I think I'd be over the moon right now because both are going to get the story they want and neither actress is going to get the shaft to make the other storyline look better.

As for the twins question: I don't think Sam and Robin will be twins. But, if they come to some agreement to bring back Finola I would not be at all surprised to see her sister Alex come with her long enough to talk about the little girl she lost. SHHHH! That is a big top secret scoop. Don't tell anyone. LOL

9/1/05 by Randee

from GHH2

Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, Courtney, Jax, Liz, Sonny...we hear that one of these characters will become married to another one on this list this fall, the question is....who will marry who?

Don't count Sonny and Carly out yet as romantic partners. This November could prove to be interesting. (You have to crawl before you can walk)

When Reese turns bad, the men in her life won't see it coming. But the other women in these men's lives, will.

8/29/05 by Michelle

Jax will try to work things out with Courtney, but she will be too into Nicholas to stay put with him, for
the time being any way. The two couples Emily, Nicholas and Jax and Courtney will find their ways
back to each other. Lucas has a big secret he is keeping from his family. And the secret is... he is

8/28/05 by Randee

from GHH2

There are signs that GH is working on the recast of Steven Lars Webber.

Lucas becomes a victim of blackmail.

Lorenzo Alcazar=Innocence Lost

Ric Lansing may discover something quite shocking about his father this November--Trevor Lansing is "Mr. Big"!

Anna (and Robert if it works out) will appear briefly on GH during the holidays to reveal that they are together and how that came to be. (They may connect a few "dots" in an unexpected way...if so, we will hear about Faison but don't expect to see him.). Then they will ride off into the sunset together.

8/26/05 by Randee

Finola Hughes is being approached about making a cameo around Christmas time! Nick Lachey's people said "No Comment" when called on the rumor he may be playing Steven Lars. So far, Constance Towers (Helena) has not been asked to film for the fall yet! I will let you know the second she's asked.

8/23/05 by Randee

This is from General Hospital's Rumorville:

Michael Starr reported in the July 22nd issue of the New York Post that some of the actresses on Desperate Housewives are treading softly on their diva pedestals due to the rumors of Kelly Monaco joining their show mid-season.

Ric gets the standard initiation into doing business with Sonny: a bullet. We hear its slated for the first
or second week of September.

Look for Alexis to tell Reese to back off during the second week of September.

Don't Look for Ric and Reese' one night stand to be revealed until at least mid-October. The focus of this story is actually on the two brothers, Sonny and Ric, their relationship with each other and the impact Reese has on both of them.

So where does that leave Alexis until the reveal? Pretty much on the bench for the time being. She will be interacting with a few people we haven't seen her interact with in a while. We just won't see her do it a lot or in great depth. Alexis and Sonny's friendship is renewed.

This is from WUBS:

8/18: Update: Just a little note to my Wubbers out there. I shall never, ever mention the coming back of a certain character/actress until and if ABC announces it AND she shows up on my screen. Then and only then will I acknowledge anything. I've learned the hard way that scorpions can bite. LOL. Thanks for all the emails.

8/18: Just heard a goodie. Seems that with Jason "Changing" and his mob-ways being put behind him, a certain blonde someone may just be smitten with him again. Could a Journey reunion be instore down the path? Hmmmmm. Will ALW stay long enough? Hmmmmmmm. We'll just have to wait and see--but this transformation will be a big, HUGE canvas altering thing that Guza and Co. are so proud of pulling off!

8/21/05 by Randee

This rumor is from JasonAndSamAlwaysForever a Yahoo Group:
Sonny's going to see a whole NEW side of Jason. No more lap-dog for him! Dillon and Lucas are living together while at PCU. Will Dillon learn Lucas' secret? When Lucas' love-interest comes on screen later this month, there will be no hiding anything! When Carly goes haywire it's an all out temper-tantrum; Reese gets the bad end of things while Sonny finds himself in danger. He realizes Carly shouldn't be around her children. Jax gets focused on keeping his baby...while Courtney seems to be more focused on the Prince Of Wyndemere. Liz and Lucky start to realize this maybe wasn't such a great idea. (ya THINK?!) Durant continues to get under Lucky's skin. Jason's mind starts melting while Sam continues to dance for their lives. Who's stalking who may turn into something quite surprising for all involved!

Hey, won't it be nice when a "gay character" can come on a show and not be a big hooplah? You'd think in 2005, it wouldn't be, but Lucas being gay is going to be a BIG DEAL. Bet on it. Reeses' and Ric's trist will come to light and both Sonny and Alexis will be quite peeved. (like that word? LOL) Jax and Courtney are going to split. I haven't heard one way or the other if Liz loses the baby.

GHH2 is reporting she does, however. That may be true since there are already mucho babies on hire to play the kids already on the show. Can they afford ANOTHER set of twins (if Alexis gives birth??) to play the babies? Maybe it will all come down to money in the end.

8/20/05 by Randee

This rumor is from JasonAndSamAlwaysForever a Yahoo Group:
Rumors are flying that Kimberly McCullough's return to GH as Robin Scorpio will be announced during the airing of Soap Secrets (word is for six months or so).

8/18/05 by Michelle

Courtney and Nicholas will have sex, and oh my goodness, Courtney can have kids after all.  Who's the father, is it Jax or Nicholas?  Sonny and Reese will get back together, but it will not last once Sonny finds out that she slept with his brother. 

8/16/05 by Randee

JaSam Rumor from Kelly Monaco's Official Message Board

I have been told that if Kelly were to leave General Hospital (I'm not saying it's definite or when she will leave if she will ever leave) for any other show/job/etc. that the Sam/JaSam storyline would be ended up with Jason and Sam getting married and Sam being pregnant with a JaSam baby. Unfortunately, during the birth of the baby Sam would die.

8/15/05 by Randee


  • Will Lucas' secret be that he's gay or the stalker of Maxie and Brooklyn? Either way, more airtime (or any I should say) for JZ.
  • More nudie pics on the net lead to a characters eventual departure (just the beginning of the story...)
  • Felicia will be back in the form of the newbie that took over the role when KW left.
  • Lucky and Liz get married to make sure the baby she's carrying doesn't go to Jax. But will Jax change his tactics in the end and try to win Liz's heart?
  • Jason's brain does a double-take and he realizes he does miss those miserable Q's after all.
  • The Idiots In Charge think Sonny's mob stories are a "hit" look for more of that in the fall. Will he find a horse head in his bed--or something more deadly?
  • Carly will need a rest.

8/15/05 by Randee

This is from SoapZone: General Hospital News & Gossip

A few of Kelly Monaco’s (Sam) fans went a little crazy on her board ragging on John O’Hurley, the runner-up to Monaco’s first place in Dancing With The Stars. O’Hurley is rumored to not have taken the loss well, and in response, these fans decided to create a kind of sour-grapes disco ball trophy for him. Monaco apparently heard about this and put a stop to the bashing, having the thread pulled and asking fans to cease and desist from such bad behavior.

Monaco’s Dancing With The Stars’ win riled up Patrick Swayze (Ghost, Dirty Dancing) too, as he was quoted on an entertainment show as saying, “If you’re gonna rig [this thing], at least have the decency to cover your tracks,” or something to that effect. (Swayze is the has-been movie star/dancer who helped O’Hurley move his hips in one of the Dancing With… rehearsal segments.) In a fairly recent People magazine issue, Samba-gate divided viewers into two camps: O’Hurley was too consistently good throughout to lose versus Monaco beat O’Hurley in the finale because her dancing routines were more exciting.

In the recasting the recast rumor that hurts my heart, there’s talk of finding another actress other than Jennifer Bransford to play the next Carly. In what alternate universe is Bransford worse than Tamara Braun?

Here’s a case of a fan base exhibiting more creativity and heart in support of a non-existent (by now) on-screen couple than the current writing team on GH. Fans re-christened the fledgling Nikolas and Emily, NikE, and sent TPTB missives encouraging a fairy tale happy ending. The campaign motto is especially touching: “A man with his face, destroyed her life (and his). Now, he’s got to teach her to see him all over again. Through Cancer, Through Fire, Through Amnesia and A Rape … Their Hearts Hear Love Unspoken.” This is far better than GH deserves. (Any campaigns for cheaters Courtney and Nikolas, like used condoms and broken vibrators?)

Co-head writer Bob Guza Jr. might sometimes be tempted to leave GH – take the Dancing With The Stars rip-off with Sam and Alicia, please – but his job is pretty safe, according to some sources.

Genie Francis does the unthinkable, and considers taking back GH, as well as her role of Laura Spencer… she’s just waiting for the request to trickle down?

Nick Lachey, formerly of the boy band 98 Degrees, could join GH as a contract player. Talk about last resort.

Another GH fan personally witnessed the kindness which Adrianne Leon (Brook Lynn) showed to her fans at the July GH Fan Club Weekend, as well as Lindze Letherman (Georgie)… as a back-up to my defending them last week. So lay off!

8/15/05 by Suzanne

Courtney and Jax will work out their problems.  Nikolas and Emily won't.

Jason and Sam will have a long story about her "twin" and their family, which involves dancing.  Sam will be attracted to the Aussie Andrew, despite her feelings for Jason.  Ali will have a thing for Jason, but he will stay true to Sam.  Sonny will get dragged into their story.

Sonny and Carly will reunite.  Lorenzo will want revenge.  Alexis will forgive Ric for sleeping with Reese, but Sonny won't.  Skye will grow closer to Lorenzo while Luke is away.

Brooke will be assaulted; Lucas will rescue her.

Georgie will continue to feel neglected while Dillon is in college.

Maxie and Jesse will get engaged.

8/13/05 by Randee

This is from General Hospital's Rumorville:

Jeanette Walls, of MSNBC'S, The Scoop, is reporting that Nick Lachey (best known for his former boyband, 98 Degrees, and for his MTV Series, The Newlyweds, with his wife Jessica Simpson), is in talks to join an unnamed daytime serial. According to In Touch Weekly, it is said Nick is mulling over an offer to sign a three-year deal. We at GHH hear there is some indication that he is ABC bound, but we can not yet confirm if GH is the soap in question.

8/12/05 by Randee

Let's start with NiCo and the torrid affair they are going to have! Jax will see them and Em will find out. Since Liz has already seen them on the dock's, the stress of knowing this information and having to keep it to herself will make her miscarry and Jax will want to divorce Courtney and Nik and Em will work things out because this is what they needed to overcome their problems. Jason and Sam will be reunited but not before Jason looses his memory and they will have to fall in love all over again. Alan and Monica, Tracy and Luke will all stay married. The Quartermaine's will get ELQ back thanks to Skye and her seduction she plays o Lorenzo. The teen scene .... everyone goes to college except for Georgie and she will feel left out like always and she will find a new person to occupy her time while Dillion is away.

8/10/05 by Randee

Rumors from

After denying it for awhile, Jax finally sees Courtney and Nik kissing. He is hurt and starts drinking and is comforted by Liz. Jax kisses her impulsively, witnessed by Courtney of course, Liz will immediately pull away. Courtney leaves before seeing Jax apologize. Courtney will tell Lucky about the kiss which causes more problems for Liz/Lucky. Courtney will run to Nik, who just had another fight with Emily and the two sleep together. Jax will catch them in the sack.

8/5/05 by Randee

Rumors WUBS:

8/4: Rewrites are happening all over, but not why you think. It's mainly to make room for the Ballroom Dancing stuff, which is happening because Kelly Monaco won DWS. (Her new costar appeared on the Australian version). Writers are also waiting to see who decides to stay and who decides to walk in contract talks.

8/1: They're hearing Sonny and Emily. I'm hearing Emily and Lucky.

I don't think Reese will be gone this year.

With all the messing going on with Jason's head, you can bet there's going to be one heck of a character change coming!

TPTB are toying with a Jax/Liz family...that's no lie!

Three people want OUT--and I'm not naming names (not yet anyway..and they are all major players!)

I don't know if Robin Christopher is leaving. Thanks for the emails, but I just don't know.

Maxie will become the uber 20-something gal on GH. You think she's featured now? Just wait. And I do think "Faux-Flea" may be back sometime.

7/12: Maybe it's just me, but isn't this "backyard burial" a bit blue-bin of the Rick story? What's next? A dog carrying a leg bone??

TPTB are desperately trying to lure in the youngin's this summer, hence the millions of newbies streaming in and the Jesse/Maxie on the run with a BOOM storyline. Notice how Dillon and Georgie seem to be on the sidelines? Big Mistake, as Mr. Clifton is one of their best players, imo. There's another teen coming on as well before this is all over. (eyeroll)

Some people have emailed me about why the heart transplant didn't take place. I do believe it's all due to Kristina Wagner's untimely exit from the show. They decided to cure Maxie as fast as possible to avoid the fact that no one knew who Mom and daughter were when they tuned in! John J York fans are happy though; I hear he'll have his hands full (and some much needed airtime)dealing with Georgie and Maxie for the rest of the summer.

Kelly Monaco is looking at quite a few endorsement deals, I hear! Pantene is one; and another cosmetic company is another. Hot property after her win on the Dance Show!

Rumors from

Overheard on the boards (so don’t shoot the messenger), from a “reliable” source named Passport:

  • ABC Daytime president B.S. Frons may have acted too soon, without his bosses’ approval, regarding the lucrative contracts of GH’s co-head writers, and this hasty move could cost him. Included amongst the writers’ perks could be the odd hire of Bob Guza’s wife Meg Bennett (a former writer, and actress) as Allegra, coming soon. A replacement for Frons’ job, from the East Coast, is poised to take over.
  • GL’s budget-cutting syndrome will soon hit GH, i.e., the cast must take pay cuts, accept recurring status or leave. Not all of the cast, however; those who signed contracts in 2005, are fairly safe.
    Carly shows her fertility with yet another pregnancy—if this passes the quality control of the higher ups into an actual script.
  • Courtney gives birth to her own baby with Nikolas (it’s Miracle Hospital, remember), and the three leave the show for good.
  • With Nikolas gone, there’s Alexis, a restored Stefan, and trouble for Ric.
  • Elizabeth and Lucky together hinges on Ingo Rademacher (Jax) not re-signing.
  • If ABC Daytime President B.S. Frons doesn’t get his GH soap act together by the end of summer, he must give pink slips to co-head writers Bob Guza Jr. and Charles Pratt Jr. This edict was supposedly issued to Frons in July from the top down. Personally, rumors of Frons, Guza and Pratt’s exit seem awfully convenient. I doubt ABC honchos harbor anything but respect for these three, who have most assuredly conducted themselves professionally throughout.

Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) denied rumors of her wanting to leave ASAP in the same manner as AMC’s Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), referring to her contract, which isn’t up for renewal yet. And yet, rumors such as these have proven true in the end (think Tamara Braun/ex-Carly).

Right now, until Labor Day, it’s a jumble of chemistry testing and plot pointing until firm, workable foundations are discovered, so don’t invest in any couples. And, don’t be surprised if a lot of this summer stuff comes from left field. May I suggest pulling a Dallas for the fall season?

New GH head writer? Think, Karen Harris.

The SZ boards lit up last week over rumors then confirmed news (Soap Opera Weekly & Digest) about Tyler Christopher (Nikolas/ex-Connor) and Natalia Livingston (Emily) ending their months-long relationship. Actually, according to insider accounts, the couple ended their romantic relationship weeks ago, but did not divulge, in keeping with their professionalism to the show (one of those inside sources e-mailed me about the matter, alleging that Livingston ended things prior to their post-Emmy, New York public appearance). The board posts flew fast and furious, dropping rumored bombs that another woman – Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) – may have affected the outcome (similar to the story playing out on GH now), that Livingston spotted Christopher and Willis together, felt horribly, the cast and crew felt horribly for Livingston, and this reflected in the GH Fan Club Weekend (July 14-18, 2005) of events. In defense of Christopher, my inside source added, in the e-mail, that it’s doubtful he did anything wrong, that he is always fully committed in his current relationship, whether it was with former fiancée Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda), Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella, Y&R) or Livingston.

John Durant may be a principled, unyielding, matter of fact character, but he’s also a corrupt and racist DA. The guy’s been dancing the fine line between verbal taunts and ethnic slurs against Latinos. Had he tried the same on someone black…

Kelly Monaco (Sam) had to field accusations via the press recently about the odd voting process on Dancing With The Stars, as well as rumors that the fix was in, allowing her stunning victory over expected winner John O’Hurley. She maintained that she did the best she could, the voters did their thing, and whatever happened, happened. When a re-match dance-off was suggested, Monaco said, “Bring it on.” Hey guys, I am officially sick of this subject. End of subject.

Rumor: When Luke returns he will have some very surprising news for Lorenzo that involves Lo's past.

Nik and Court feel great remorse immediately after hopping in bed together. It suddenly dawns on Courtney that Jax is the man she really wants to be with. In fact, one could say their regreat seems to take on a life of its own.

Seems Jax has something in common with Sonny and Alexis on this awful day, when Jax learns about Nikolas and Courtney's sexual encounter.

7/25/05 by Randee

From GHH2:
Sam will have a "twin". TPTB hope she will dance into the viewers hearts.
The latest from GHH2 reports that actress Kelly Monaco (Sam) will be playing a dual role. Sam is said to be getting a twin in late summer/early fall. Still, no official confirmation has been made SO take this with a grain of salt. I'm a little confused as to why Sam needs a twin? How will this play into current storylines? Comments...

7/24/05 by Michelle

Jason will remember something from his past and it will prove that he isn't really a Quartermaine after all. Emily and Nicholas marriage will come to an end.

7/23/05 by Randee

Emily may tell Sonny about Ric and Reese's One Night Stand in order to get closer to him. And Sonny is beginning to feel the same way about Emily.

According to SOD, it is rumored that someone from Justus' past may resurface this summer with some not-so-good news for the attorney and the Q's.

Reese turns out to be helpful with Michael's situation which earns her points with Sonny. But is all as simple as it seems?

6/27/05 by Michelle

Predictions: Elizabeth and Lucky are having a baby. It will turn out that Liz was pregnant before the artificial insemination. This is another mess within a big mess.

Rumors: Durant can really feel his legs and is just trying to stick it to Bobby for not telling him that he had a child.

6/7/05 by Michelle

Reese came to Port Charles to destroy her old best friend Carly, but was side tracked when she met Sonny, and this will be a major set back for their relationship, or should I say the end of it? Maxie needs a new heart and Brooklyn may just be the person to give it to her or Georgie or Tony or Bobbie etc....

5/29/05 by Michelle

Sonny and Reese will have a on again - off again relationship for the time being, and Carly will do what ever it takes to make Sonny jealous. Jason and Sam will hit a rough patch when she is willing to risk
her life to have a child.

5/3/05 by Michelle

Michael killed A.J. He is in such shock that all he remembers is seeing Carly come in after he had already done the job. Jason will be torn on whether he should stand by Carly. Carly will cut Durant out of her life when she finds out that he was involved with A.J.'s kidnapping scheme from the beginning.

4/23/05 by Michelle

Alexis is the one behind the money being given to Durant to fabricate evidence to put Sonny behind bars. Michael will learn the truth about A.J. and he will slowly open back up to his parents, or will he? Something will get in the way of Courtney and Jax wedding. Alan will recover from the gun shot, but he and Monica are headed for a divorce, but someone or something will bring them back together.

4/16/05 by Michelle

Alexis is using these doctors appointments to find a way to keep Sonny out of Kristina's life.  Agent Marshall could be the one to turn Sonny's life around for the better.

3/28/05 by Michelle

Jason will find himself in trouble with the police, but it won’t last for long. Carly will be upset with Sonny for the actions he decided to take and she will start to wonder if she should distance her and Morgan from him. Sonny will lose his visitation with Christina after a doctor finds him unstable.

3/15/05 By Eva

Rumor:  Sean Kanan, who recently left Bold & The Beautiful, might return to GH as A.J.  Billy Warlock has been playing the character for many years, left and then recently returned, but he is scheduled to return to Days in the summer.

3/10/05 By Michelle

-Michael is alive.
-John paid Faith to kidnap the kids.
-Sonny and the FBI agent will form a relationship.
-Emily will not be able to deal with what happened to her and she will have a break down.

3/9/05 By Suzanne

Carly will finally stop fighting Lorenzo.  Steven will take a dark side to win Carly back.  Courtney conspires with Carly to fight against Rachel.  A.J. is not really dead; he took Michael from Faith.  Rachel and A.J. are working together.  Sonny and Agent Reese will get physical.  Jason will resent Sonny's involvement with law enforcement.  Skye will work to get Luke and Lucky back together.  Nikolas will find out from an unlikely source about Emily's rape (Helena).

 2/14/05 by Michelle

A.J. Quartermaine dead, don't hold your breath. This young lady claiming to have killed him for Courtney is as real as my prediction of Alexi kidnapping her own child *smile*. This lady is working with A.J. to stick it to Courtney. Faith will eventually be found out and she will run to Justice for help. Justice will be all helped out.

2/10/05 by Suzanne

I read that Courtney will be blamed for A.J.'s murder.   Jax will want to stand by her, but she will try to be noble and break up with him.  Other suspects include Jason, Skye, Sonny, Emily, Carly.  The real murderer will be someone much more shocking, like Alan, Monica, Edward, or Michael.

Bobbie and Durant will get back together.  Carly will learn to trust Durant and depend on him, but he will betray her again.  Alexis will be forced to admit she is wrong about Sonny when it is revealed that Faith wanted revenge on her, too, not just Sonny (and that's why she took Kristina).  Justus will leave town after Faith is killed.

Nikolas will get out of prison but Emily still won't tell him about the rape.  This will cause problems between them.

2/6/05 by Michelle

I hear there is another woman coming to town for Jax. This can only mean an end is near for him and Courtney. How can that be since Jax just proposed to her? Well, Jax will be tired of her going off on her own handling things and not being able to come to him for help. After she leaves to take care of things with A.J. and come back in a world of trouble, Jax just won't be able to take it any more.

2/2/05 by Michelle

Poor little Kristina has been kidnapped, but by who? I predict that it is Alexis who has kidnapped her own child. What better way to make Sonny look like an unfit father, Kristina being kidnapped under his supervision should do the trick. Carly will explore something with Alcazar. What it will be exactly, I don't know. Courtney and Jax will soon come to an end.

1/20/05 by Michelle

Emily will become pregnant after being rapped by Connor. She will keep the baby and plan to put it up for adoption. The child will be sick and need a blood transfusion. Nicholas blood will be a match, leaving everyone to believe that he is the father of the child. Helena will then tell him that Connor is his identical twin brother.

1/20/05 by Michelle

Courtney will try to help Jason and Sam keep Hope. This will cause more problems for her and Jax. Jordan and Sonny will remain strictly business, but Carly will be jealous of how close the two of them are. The mystery man working in Sonny’s new house is working for Durant.

1/6/05 by Michelle

Connor is helping Emily, Lucky, Luke, and Skye prove that Helena is still alive, but he has an ulterior motive. He is falling for Emily and is doing this to get closer to her. Why is it that he looks so much like Nicholas even before the minor hair color change and tattoo? Connor is Nicholas’s twin brother. The only person that knows this is Helena. She has enlisted the help of Tracey and others to make sure Connor hasn’t traded places with Nicholas. Lucky and Elizabeth will become an item. Carly will use Steven to make Sonny jealous, but will start to develop real feelings for him. It is just too bad that this woman from his past will make her jealous, and lead her to do some crazy things, and in the end, she will be with no one. Don’t worry this will not last for long because Sonny and Carly will find their way back together and this time stronger than ever.

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