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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Pages

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

2003 General Hospital Predictions and Rumors

(see more predictions in Kelly's Weekly Commentary)

9/23 by Niki

The ghost of Lily will haunt Sonny, and he will be freaked out and lose control, yelling at Carly. He will try to send her away to the island. Ric will put suspicions and lies in Courtney's head to make her think that Jason wants Elizabeth. Jason will get mad at Courtney because she will start doubting him and asking questions. Georgie and Dillion decide to wait a little longer to make love. Elizabeth gets her sight back. Sonny will keep Ric away from Elizabeth. Emily and Nikolas give in to their passion. She and Zander will get a divorce. Elizabeth and Jason will start spending more time together.

9/15 by Niki

Courtney will be found out that she is the one that ran over Elizabeth and everyone will accuse her of doing it on purpose out of jealousy because she was scared she would lose Jason to Elizabeth. Sonny will find out Carly kept a secret and disposed of Courtney's car by herself and he will be mad that Alky knows and that she didn't tell him. Dillion and Georgie will be the teen supercouple, first one in a long time. Elizabeth will eventually get her sight back. Nikolas and Emily will not be able to fight their feelings for each other so they will stay away from each other but finally give in to their feelings. Ric will stick by Elizabeth's side through everything and try his best to get her back. A.J. will end up somehow delivering Carly's baby.

8/12 by Niki

Once again, Alcazar will get a hold of Carly and will kidnap her again because he has fallen in love with her. Elizabeth will find out Ric is not really dead and be so happy that he is not that she will forgive him and get back together with him. Nikolas and Emily will finally give in to their passion and make love and Emily will become pregnant with Nikolas's baby. Jason will try to kill Alcazar when he finds out that Courtney was pregnant and lost the baby, he will blame Alcazar for it. Lydia will cheat on Nikolas with Lucky and become pregnant and pretend that it's Nikolas's so they will have an heir. Luke will come back and will be ready to get revenge on Stefan.

7/24 by Niki

Emily will not marry Zander because of Nikolas. Lydia will have an affair with Lucky. Stefan will arrange for something bad to happen to Ned. Alexis will finally have taken so much crap that she will give up and tell everyone that Sonny is the father. Nikolas's wedding to Lydia will be stopped by Lucky. Emily will give in and end up with Nikolas. Zander will run back to Gia for comfort. Jason will be the one that ends up saving Carly (finally).

7/12 by Niki

Carly will be rescued and Jason will try to kill Ric. Sonny will stop Jason from killing Ric and like always Ric will worm out of this one too, he will blame it on Alcazar. Ric will say he blacked or threatened him and made him do it. Jason and Courtney break up because she sees how much Jason loves Carly and is jealous. Elizabeth will leave Ric and Ric and Faith will hook up. Ned and Skye make love. Sonny finds out that Kristina is really his daughter and he will take her away from all of them. Nikolas will call off the wedding with Lydia and tell Emily his true feelings and they will be together. Lydia will go crying to Lucky. Gia and Zander will become a couple.

6/22 by Meghan

~Nikolas and Emily will keep up their fake relationship, but I think Nikolas will end up falling in love with Emily for real...would it be a soap if that didn't happen??
~Ned and Skye will get married to help Ned get custody of baby Kristina, but in the end they will split, Alexis will get her daughter back, and somewhere in the messy court case it will come out that Sonny is Kristina's biological father.
~When Elizabeth finds out about al of Pric's doings with Carly she will divorce him and go back to Lucky for a while, before she forgives all and reunites with Ric.
~Could there be a trouble developing with the relationships of Lucky/Nikolas/Lydia/Zander/Gia???
~Since Sonny knows that Lorenzo and Ric are teaming up and keeping him from Carly, he's going to need help from someone who has ins with Ric...Faith????

5/4 by Anna

~Jason proposes to Courtney and Ric proposes to Courtney. Courtney says yes to both! Liz proposes to Ric, but he says it's too late, he's marrying Courtney.

4/26 by Anna

~A.J.'s moment of glory may hit a snag.  Skye has fallen in love with Baby Kristina, is this what hooks her to Ned?  Carly and Sonny take off for the island for some much needed R&R.  Jason will become his own man and depend on himself for once.

4/18 by Anna

~Skye is not a Quartermaine, Liz is pregnant, and Ric is Sonny's brother.  Alexis goes further into her Cassadine roots and does the unthinkable to get Kristina back, she is a Cassadine after all. 

4/15 by Suzanne

~Stephen Nichols (Stefan) is returning in May (this is fairly certain)!!

3/27 by Anna

~Is Zander the brother Summer is looking for?  Lucky decides he wants to be with Summer even after all of his brother's warnings.  Emily comes back doing very hard drugs and they have her shooting up behind closed doors.

3/4 by Anna

~Skye is going to realize the man she's been looking for is sitting right under her nose, Cole.  When the Sonny/Jason duo finally ends, they will become enemies and Carly will have to choose sides.  I predict she will choose Jason over Sonny.  When Emily comes back to town, she's going to have a big dark secret. Summer and Jax?  Are they the next supercouple?

2/26 by Meghan

~I think that Alexis faked her split personalities... planning her own defense against Alcazar.
~Jax will need to find a new girl since Brenda left, and my guess is he gets with Courtney. He likes the girls who need help, she needs someone to make Sonny mad, and get Jason to notice what he gave up (which he never should have done).
~Ric... I have a lot to say about him. First of all, I think he set up Carly... he needed something to blackmail her with to get to Sonny. I don't think anything happened with them.
~The other thing I have to say about Ric... I think that he has some connection to Sonny. Actually I think that he is related to Lily (maybe her brother?) and I think that he wants revenge on Sonny for Lily dying.

2/21 by Anna

~I predict that Ned and Felicia have the next love child.  They are rumored to heat up the screens soon. Skye wins back Jax then dumps him for Coleman. (A girl can hope!)  Faith and Ric, are they sister and brother, lovers, or just old friends out for the same thing?

2/10 by Anna

~Ned confesses to the murder to cover for Alexis, because he believes she did it.  But Alexis did not murder anyone, as Alexis or Kristina.  As rumored before, it's someone we wouldn't even guess.  A few more people will be let go from GH.  Who will it be? Jason, Courtney, Nic?  Jason goes into a deep depression from his break up with Courtney and Liz is the only one who can snap him out of it!

2/2 by Glynis

~Jax finds out that Brenda wants to be with Jason and he slowly makes his way back to Skye. He is hot for Brenda but has suspected all along that she really didnít want to be with him. He has proposed to her and she has accepted, but the truth is that she really doesnít want him. He will see that when he finds out that Brenda wants to be with Jason and she refuses to sign her divorce papers. After a while, Jax will make his way back to Skye who has wanted him all along.

2/1 by Anna

~Cameron is not Zander's biological father.  That's why they never got along.  Liz warns Ric about Sonny's world, while she questions his eagerness to become a part of it.  Ric has some suggestions for Carly about going, or looking legitimate.  Ric finally becomes close to Sonny, but Sonny still has his doubts.

1/27 by Glynis

~Brenda will marry Jax, but then run off and leave him. 
~Sonny finds out about Courtney and Jason. He will still help Jason get out of jail, but he will warn him to stay away from Courtney as he doesn't want her any more involved in the life than she already is.

1/24 by GALOR

~Alexis has a split personality as Kristina and that it was while she was "Kristina" that she killed Alcazar.


~Don't get too invested in Jason/Courtney
~Same with Ric & Liz (I understand they LOVE his chemistry with Tamara, and Sonny/Carly will be over by summer)
~Vanessa's not going anywhere, whether it's signed or not
~They have no idea what to do with the teen s/l...which is why these characters pop in and out for no apparent reason, but they have high hopes for the new Georgie.
~The plan is to do something dramatic to change the landscape, but will they go through with it? Certain elements feel the show has WAY too many characters, and they want a mass bloodletting. Especially as more people are joining the show than are leaving.

1. There will be no more babies for a while. They are boring stories after the initial exposure, and I think the "who's the daddy" quota is full right now after baby Kristina.
2. I know there was discussion that Michael will die. And he's only signed through this month. Will they kill another kid? Hell, the BJ story won them Emmys!
3. There won't be a Jax/Brenda wedding. In fact, I think those two will end by summer as well.
4. Once the new Lucky and Emily arrive, they'll play around with the twenty-something couples.
5. I think all the ABC shows are focusing on smaller casts like PC. They won't cut GH down that far, but I wouldn't be surprised if contracts aren't renewed or a lot more people go onto recurring.

1/20 by Anna

~Liaison Fans - Jason and Courtney will be split up at the end of February Sweeps. Carly may become pregnant. Seems an accident will have Courtney hating Jason and re-examining her feelings for A.J. That same accident will temporarily break up Jason and Sonny.

1/12 by Anna

~Alan killed Alcazar. He saw Skye get into to the limo with him and he followed them to the hotel. Than he saw Brenda struggling with him and how upset she was when she left. He is such a big guy; it took nothing for him to give him a little push.
~When Brenda finds out about Jason and Courtney, she goes ballistic! That's when she decides she has deeper feelings for him than she thought.
~Brenda decides to get Jax out of her life because he's become so controlling and leaves him at the altar.
~Courtney is pregnant with Jason's baby. But she dies during labor.
~Gia and Zander get close and when Emily comes back, it will make an interesting triangle.

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Page updated 7/15/12

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