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The General Hospital Rumors & Predictions Pages

What Might Happen on General Hospital!

2002 General Hospital Predictions and Rumors

12/21 by Suzanne

"Summer" is real and being paid by Scott to make Luke think he's crazy.
The old lady who ID'ed Brenda as the murderer and Jason as the one who paid her off--her vision is much worse than she admitted. It was really A.J. she saw both times. A.J. wore a women's wig to frame Brenda for murder when he pushed Alcazar off the balcony. He is the one who paid off the old lady. She recognized Jason's "cold eyes"--the same ones he shares with A.J.
Felicia will solve Alcazar's murder. She will continue to have a long-distance relationship with Roy.
Ned's vendetta against Sonny will indirectly lead to Sonny finding out about baby Kristina.

12/7 by Suzanne

Carly's insecurities will finally get the better of her and she will mess things up with Sonny, pushing him towards Brenda. The secrets between Jax and Brenda will force them apart. Sonny and Brenda will be put in another dangerous situation similar to their time on the island with Alcazar.
Skye will continue her downward spiral and cause more problems for Jax and Brenda.
Carly will ask Jason not to annul his marriage to Brenda, in order to keep her away from Sonny.
Alexis will forgive Sonny.
Scott or Taggert killed Alcazar.
Things will get creepier with Luke and Summer until he almost hurts her and realizes what he's been doing.
Alexis will get closer to the psychiatrist and pull farther away from Ned.
Ned and Felicia will get close.
Edward will use Ned's distraction with Alexis and the baby to try to take control of ELQ again.

9/24 by Danielle

There is definitely a thing between Georgie and Lucas. They will be hooking it up soon; young romance is a General Hospital favorite.

Courtney/Jason/Liz: There is absolutely nothing going on with Courtney and Jason, and the writers would be completely dunce to make something up. It's a great way to get out some of those insecurities in Liz that we never get to see though, and a great way to pair up her and Carly.

Carly/Liz: Okay, there's no way on God's green earth that Carly and Liz will ever be the best of buds, but I can see them teaming up a time or two after this ordeal. They are complete opposites when it comes to right and wrong, but they both go after what they want and take no prisoners. And Liz is acting even more like Carly that usual with her feelings toward Jason (isn't it extremely Carly-esque to not listen to a word that the people around you say, but to rather pursue the knowledge on your own?) Elizabeth won't be getting involved in this whole Sonny ordeal (Jason and Sonny are just now trusting Carly enough to let her partake), but it wouldn't surprise me if she earns the "good faith" award much earlier than her nemesis turned, shall I say, "friend," and partake in an adventure of her own soon.

Liz/Jason: Will these two ever get together? They'd better, and soon, most of us have been waiting FOREVER. I expect they'll hook it up once the whole Sonny/Jax/Brenda ordeal has commenced. Until then, don't expect the juices between them to flow too steadily.

It's that time of year again, Luke's portrayer Anthony Geary is off of vacation, and this time Genie Francis got some time off as well. Don't look for much from either of them for at least a month or two, and when they come back, there's a good chance Laura won't be fully recovered (what fun would that be)?

The rumor is that Lucky is out. That wouldn't surprise me since the character has gone no where since his split with little Lizzy Webber. Didn't the writers understand that the Lucky/Sarah storyline would suck, just like it did the first time they tried it? I don't know if Lucky is out for good, but I wouldn't be surprised if he disappeared for a while as well on his own excursion to help the family. I mean, like father, like son, right?

AJ/Courtney: This storyline is driving me mad. These two are the most boring people in the world with their "I'd do anything for you" attitude. My deductive reasoning? The writers have already figured that out, so I would plan for the duo to get sucked back into the Quartermaine war (with AJ remaining a Quartermaine).

Sonny/Brenda: Will he or won't he? Well, if Brenda's staying, he has to, right? I think he'll let her in on his secret, but not before Jax is out of the hot pot. My guess is, that Sonny and Jason have Alcazar right where they want him and will be ready for him when he comes to get Jax-personally. The chances are that Sonny will have to reveal himself to Brenda in order to keep her from completely screwing up his well thought out plan and will end up revealing to everyone that he is still alive and ticking. And when will all this occur? Right in the middle of Jax's wedding to Skye of course.

Jax/Skye: Marriage? I say not. I seriously doubt these two will make it through their nuptials if my previous prediction comes true and Alcazar attempts to kill Jax in THE SAME CHURCH as Sonny. Coincidental? I think not! Besides, once Jax sees Brenda again, he won't know what he wants.

Scotty/Luke: Did Scott let Luke escape? Of course he did. Wouldn't you feel like crap sending an innocent guy to prison for protecting his wife- even if you hated the guy's guts? It might not have been planned between the two, but Scotty didn't pull over the van for nothing, and Luke couldn't have goaded him into it. Besides, Scotty didn't spend too much time pursuing Luke's accessory, did he?

Skye/AJ: Okay, these two are about to get thrown back into a swamp full of alligators (it's about that time right, and with Skye's marriage coming up and Brenda back in town, it's more than obvious). Chances are (and my opinion is) that one of these two will be on the receiving end of the worst of it and hit the bottle - again. Which one will it be? My personal opinion? AJ never had the strength to do it alone - Skye did. Either they'll have to support one another or AJ will be headed back down that long cold road.

9/7 by Nick

Roy will fake his death and leave town (September)

When he leaves town, Mac and Felicia will reunite (September-October)

Brenda will break up Sonny and Carly (September)

Luke will go to the dark side when Laura is gone (September)

9/5 by Suzanne

I think Zander is faking his amnesia.

8/24 by Nick

*Sonny and Carly will break up because Brenda returns.
*Jax and Skye will reunite.
*Alexis will have her baby she will raise it with Ned.
*Laura will go missing.
*Neither Roy nor Felicia will be killed. Roy will leave town and Felicia will reunite with Mac.
*Tracey Quartermaine will return and cause trouble for Edward.
*Alcazar will die.

8/16 by Glynis

Jax doesn't find Skye nearly as interesting as Brenda.

8/13 by Kamarie

Here is something I've been thinking. Ever since Zander was trapped in the crypt with Liz we found out his name is not Zander Smith. Not only that, he's this poor little rich boy.
Got me to thinking. We know GH is romancing Jane Elliot (Tracy). I have a feeling that Zander will turn out to be none other than Dillon, Tracy's son and Edward's grandson.
I can see Edward having another heart attack alone with that knowledge. I also like this idea because it then brings Zander into one of the main PC families.

8/13 by Danielle

The Brenda look-alike that Alcazar is housing seems to still have a thing for Jax. Being the good guy Jasper Jax is, and undeserving of any retribution, there is a possibility that she could foil Alcazar's plans to take out her old beaus. Remember, he keeps her drugged up half the time.
Gia always wants in on Nikolas' business, but I'm not sure she'll get in on this one. My prediction - she'll let the brothers bond and they will get caught - but only by Luke. They haven't done anything worth Scotty's DA wraith. Scott may find out eventually, but he will go with the flow, just to keep Laura and Bobbie at ease.
Speaking of Luke and Laura, where did the romancing couple run off to? There's a good chance Luke did the running and drug a comatose Laura along for the ride. Rick probably got the drug in her before she could remember that she killed Teresa Carter (as self protection, of course)
Skye will surely find a way out of Edward's blackmailing scheme, seeing as how she finally has things going for her. Doubt she'll use the truth as her way out though - that never seems to compliment her character. Jax will make it through his troublesome times and be into something else soon (i mean how many times can you snatch a man's entire family fortune out from under him?)
Elizabeth seems to have smartened up and went with Jason, as predicted. Elizabeth's feelings for Zander were never love, simply obligation, and Zander hit the nail on the head with his pity project comment. She and Jason's relationship will be troubled for a while, but Zander won't be the cause of it (his character has to go somewhere soon, and I assume that somewhere will not be Port Charles). How do I know Elizabeth won't turn back to the sulking former druggie? Simple. She hasn't put up with the bull crap any other character dished out and Zander's full of it.

7/23 by Danielle

Well, now that the word's official and Vanessa Marcil is returning to GH, could the mystery woman holding the attention of the man out to get Sonny be the one and only Ms. Brenda Barrett? That's a definite possibility, though the puzzle pieces don't all fit quite yet (Hannah would actually be a better prediction, the pieces fitting with both Roy and Sonny, but I don't think she's coming back).
As for Felicia Jones, has she sided with Jason due to her recent enlightenment about Roy's financial holdings? I actually think, that despite the fact that Roy told her himself, Felicia may attempt to help Jason and Sonny in this one. She doesn't want Roy in danger, and if Jason promised her that he wouldn't be, she would hold up her end of the bargain to help find out who the man behind the mask is.
Will Courtney get caught at the Oasis? Certainly, but by whom? Sonny has no real reason to return to the club now that his business dealings with Roy are over, and it would be no fun listening to a husband/wife argument over her newest employment choice. But, finding her gambling father in a strip club probably wouldn't be that big a surprise. However, there are always Jason and Jax. Somehow or another one or the other manages to rescue every lady in Port Charles at one time. My prediction: Jason hits the lounge for something business related and happens upon his sister in law. I don't think she'll be putting on a show for much longer.

7/16 by Suzanne

I think the mystery of the attic involves something traumatic in Laura's childhood that she is blocking out. Whatever it is, Rick is trying to protect her from remembering it (no, I don't think he molested her). Scott, also, wants to protect her. Luke is clueless about whatever it is.
Sonny will finally dump Carly when he finds out that she conspired to keep Alexis' baby from him. He won't get back together with Alexis, either. He gets a clue about Brenda's whereabouts and finds her, without telling Jax.
Sarah and Kristina will leave town. Lucky will hook up with Gia, causing further problems with Nikolas. Ned and Alexis will be together again because of her baby, that he claims is his, to keep Sonny away. This is also what drives Kristina away.
Sonny comes after A.J. for letting his sister strip in a club. A.J. is forced to get his act together when he sees what he's done to her.
Monica and Alan will unravel the mystery of the attic, but not necessarily together.
The money that Felicia found is from either someone in town (like Jax) or someone who left town but is coming back (Brenda?).
Jason will win out in the Jason-Liz-Zander triangle, at least at first.

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