General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 10/4/07


Written By Laurie

"Time Served"

In the final episode of the season, Leyla and Patrick discuss a patient at the desk. 

Robin, Lainey, and Kelly are in the locker room.  They talk about Patrick and Leyla.  Patrick is eavesdropping on the conversation.

Jolene and Regina are talking as they go toward the elevator – it’s their last night before they officially becomes nurses.  Dr. Ford and Mr. Lovell are having a conversation by the elevator.  Jolene watches them.

Epiphany goes to Toussaint’s room.  Jason is outside the room. Toussaint is still comatose after his brain surgery.

Regina and Jolene discuss their graduation.  Leo overhears as Regina says she might “sleep with a doctor” to ensure she graduates. 

A pregnant woman and her husband come into the ER.  Regina takes care of the woman.

Patrick approaches Robin in the locker room.  He tells her he overheard her conversation.  Patrick says he was unprepared for Robin’s reaction to Stacey and the baby.  Robin is disappointed because Patrick “made absolutely no attempt to help” her through the situation.

Regina tries to make the pregnant woman comfortable.  Kelly comes in.  She sends the husband to the waiting room so she can examine the patient.

Robin goes to the ER to check on an accident victim.  She orders Leyla to page Patrick.

Jason cleans the floor outside Toussaint’s room.  Epiphany asks Jason if he’s “standing guard” over Toussaint.  Jason says he is, so Epiphany tells him to carry on.

Regina tells Jolene about the expectant couple.  Jolene is preoccupied.  Spinelli walks by and Jolene stops him.  Spinelli tells her he knows she’s not interested in him.  Jolene tells Spinelli he’s “attractive’ and “smart.”  A group of young men come in looking for some other victims.  Jolene tells them to take a seat.  One of the men has a gun hidden under his arm.

Patrick examines the accident victim.  Robin and Leyla are there.  Robin assures the man that Patrick is “the best, just ask him.”

A young girl comes in looking for Kelly.  She’s the same troubled young girl who gave birth two weeks ago.  The girl runs past Regina to find Kelly.  She finds Kelly in with the expectant mother.  The girl keeps looking at the men in the waiting room.  She tells Kelly to move the expectant woman to a room upstairs.

Spinelli goes to see Jason.  He tells Jason he got “irrefutable results” regarding Jolene.

Jolene is in a room talking to Lovell.  Lovell wants Jolene to kill Toussaint.

Spinelli says he couldn’t tie Jolene to the crime scenes.

Lovell tells Jolene he was a fan of the Saints.

Spinelli tells Jason Jolene has a bank account that has a regular pattern of large deposits.

Lovell tells Jolene not to “get emotionally involved.”

Spinelli tells Jason that Jolene is “being paid by a dummy company owned by Med Cam.”

Lovell reminds Jolene she must “finish” the job.

Spinelli feels like a fool.  Jason tells him not to.  Miss Sneed comes by and gives Jason an assignment so he leaves.  Miss Sneed tells Spinelli to leave the hospital.

Epiphany is on the phone.  She pulls Toussaint’s bracelet out of her pocket.  Lainey comes by and asks about Toussaint.  Dr. Ford comes by and Lainey tells him she’s going to testify for Cody.  Lainey says Cody “set” her father “free.”

Meanwhile, Toussaint is in his room hallucinating.  He is having a conversation with a younger version of himself.  Toussaint wonders out loud if he’s dying.  The two Toussaint’s talk about the old days.  The older Toussaint says he would “make some changes” in his life if he could “do it all over again.”

Jason catches Jolene outside of Toussaint’s room with her deadly syringe. 

Toussaint continues his conversation with himself.  Toussaint tells his younger version to “enjoy it while it lasts cause it all goes so fast.”  The younger Toussaint vanishes.  All that’s left of him is the bracelet lying on the chair.

Patrick wonders if Robin wants to “get out of” working with him.  She says she does unless it’s “unavoidable,” and walks away.

Regina apologizes to Leo for her earlier comment.  He kids her that they could sleep together anyway.  Leo tells Regina she’s becoming a “great nurse.”

Kelly’s former patient is still hanging around in the ER.  She’s on the phone telling someone that “they’re sitting by the exit.”  She hangs up and tells Kelly to move the pregnant woman to a room.

Spinelli tells Regina it isn’t over with Jolene.  Dr. Ford interrupts with a question for Regina.  Jason drags Jolene over and tells Dr. Ford what he caught her doing.  Jolene denies the accusation.  Jason notices the young men in the waiting room.  The young girl watches as some other young men (gang members) dressed as ambulance drivers come into the waiting room.  The girl says, “It’s too late.”  The two gangs of young men eye each other.  Jason watches and tells the staff to “get behind the desk.”  Shots are fired.  Jason takes a gun from one of the casualties and starts shooting.  Leo gets hit trying to help a victim and Patrick pulls him to safety. 

Spinelli tries to help and he is in the path of a bullet.  Jolene puts herself in front of him and takes the bullet for him.  Spinelli holds an injured Jolene as gunshots ring out. 

A gunman grabs Robin as she goes to get something.  Patrick watches, horrified.  The man holds his gun to Robin as Jason aims his own gun.  Spinelli is still holding Jolene, who is bleeding from the back of her body.  Robin moves her head so Jason can get a clear shot at the guy.  Jason shoots and Robin and the gunman fall.  Patrick looks on.  Jason approaches Robin.  She’s fine, just terrified.  The staff rushes to help all the victims.  Spinelli carries Jolene to a cubicle as Robin holds on to Jason.

Patrick takes Leo to the OR.  Jason explains his side of the story to Cruz.  Kelly talks to the young girl about the incident.  The girl tells Kelly her boyfriend planned to kill the rival gang members at the hospital.  The girl says she was sent to GH to tell her boyfriend how many rival gang members were in the ER.  She says her boyfriend and his gang “jumped the paramedics and took their uniforms” so they could discretely go into the ER and kill their rivals.  Kelly is sympathetic. 

Mac comes in to check on Robin.  Robin says Jason “saved” her “life.”

Robin tells Lainey her story in the locker room. 

Mac questions Jason.  He’s not happy with Jason.

Cruz Rodriguez questions the young girl.  Kelly covers and says the girl was there to see her for a postnatal exam.

Mr. Lovell goes to see Dr. Ford.  He starts talking about the MedCam takeover of GH.  Dr. Ford tells Lovell that MedCam’s employee, Jolene, was shot.

Jason goes to check on Spinelli.  He’s confused about why Jolene saved him from the bullet.

Leyla and Regina try to comfort each other in the locker room. 

Epiphany goes to see Toussaint.  She sees the bracelet and wonders how it got on the chair.  Toussaint wakes up and wonders where his younger version is.  Patrick comes in to examine Toussaint.  He seems pleased.  Epiphany says Patrick was “extraordinary” in the operating room.  He leaves Epiphany alone with Toussaint.  Epiphany gives Toussaint his bracelet.

Kelly’s young patient goes to see her again.  She finds Kelly in a room with the expectant mom who has had her baby.  The young girl thanks Kelly for “covering” for her.  The girl is lost and has no idea what to do.

The doctor removes the bandages from Miss Barrett’s face.  She’s as good as new.  We only see the back of her head.  The doctor says she is “gorgeous.” 

Spinelli goes to see Toussaint.  Jason interrupts as Spinelli fills Toussaint in on all that he missed.  Spinelli says Jolene’s condition is “critical.”  Jason sends Spinelli home.  Toussaint knowingly comments that Jason is more than “a coffee importer.”  He tells Jason to use his talent “wisely.”  Jason shakes Toussaint’s hand and tells him he was honored to have “worked with” him.

Spinelli goes to see an unconscious Jolene.  He thanks her for “saving” him.

Kelly and Andy talk in the break room.  She suggests that he get some help for his addiction.  The two make a date to meet in 74 days for sex.  The catch is they both have to stay clean until then. 

Regina goes to see Leo.  She’s wearing blue scrubs.  He’s going to make a full recovery.  Leo says Regina is no longer afraid.

Leyla and Patrick are on the roof.  She’s sad about Jolene.  Patrick says he wants to enjoy life while he can.  The two make breakfast plans.  They share a kiss.  Patrick is paged for a “head trauma” so the two head to the ER.

Toussaint tells Epiphany he wants to get the Saints back together.  The younger Toussaint appears and gives him a salute of approval.

Dr. Ford praises Jason for his work at the hospital.  Jason’s time is officially served.  Dr. Ford lets it slip that he knows Jason lied about shooting Spinelli.

Spinelli heads to the elevator.  He sees Miss Barrett and offers her assistance.  She says someone is coming for her so Spinelli goes toward the elevator.  He bumps into Epiphany, who tells him to get lost.  She tells Spinelli, “The night shift is over.”

Robin comes over to the desk and asks Epiphany if all is well.  Epiphany takes a phone call as Jason comes to talk to Robin.  Miss Barrett sits close by, unnoticed.  Jason tells Robin his time as night shift janitor has been served.  As he talks, Jason watches Miss Barrett walk away.  He can only see the back of her, but it seems like he recognizes her.  He doesn’t say anything to Robin.  Jason makes sure Robin is ok before he leaves the hospital.  Robin walks Jason out as Patrick, Leyla, and Regina tend to the “head trauma’ patient.  Regina goes to page another doctor, at Patrick’s request. 

Meanwhile, Jason is on his way out with Robin.  Robin thanks Jason for the rescue earlier.  Jason heads out the door – Sonny is waiting for him in his car.  Robin watches as Sonny’s car drives away then she goes back inside to help with Patrick’s patient.  Patrick tries to stop Robin from seeing the patient.  He claims Robin is “too emotionally involved” to be in the room.  Robin looks at the patient anyway.  Robin is startled to see that the patient looks like her.

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