General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 9/27/07


Written By Laurie

"What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"

Patrick and Regina get off the elevator.  They discuss Toussaint’s “delicate” procedure.  Leyla looks on.  Patrick dismisses Regina.

Miss Sneed stops Leyla as she prepares to go into an “unoccupied” room.  Miss Sneed leaves and Leyla goes in the room.  Patrick is waiting for her.  They fool around.

Robin is in the locker room upset over the loss of the baby.  Lainey comes in.  Dr. Ford comes to tell Lainey the police are there to see her.

Jason questions a nurse about Jolene.  Spinelli overhears and is upset.  He thinks Jason is interested in Jolene.  Spinelli figures out that Jason is “investigating” Jolene.

Lovell meets up with Jolene in a supply closet.  Lovell gives Jolene her last “assignment.”  He says there must be “a high profile takedown.”  Jolene asks if Lovell wants her to kill Toussaint.

Epiphany goes to Toussaint’s room.  He’s worried about the surgery.  Epiphany tries to reassure him.  Epiphany wonders if she can contact anyone for Toussaint.  He says she can’t.  Jolene watches from outside the door.

Mac questions Lainey about her dad’s death.  Cody looks on.  Dr. Ford stands with Lainey during Mac’s questioning.  Mac arrests Lainey for Roger’s murder.

Jason tells Spinelli to run a “background check” on Jolene.  He also wants to find out where Jolene was when all the “accidents” happened. 

Regina preps the OR for Toussaint’s surgery.   Jolene comes in and offers her help but Regina turns her down.  Jolene leaves the OR.

Epiphany tells Toussaint that visiting hours are over.  He seems confused.  Two men come in to see Toussaint.  They are former members of the Saints.  Toussaint is happy to see them, which makes Epiphany happy. 

Robin talks to Jason about her loss.  She says she’s more upset about losing the baby than she is about Patrick.  Regarding Patrick, Robin says she’s “moved on.”  Jason doesn’t buy it.

Patrick and Leyla get dressed.  She says she’s had enough.  Leyla wants to “invest’ in a relationship with Patrick but he’s not interested.  Leyla leaves after telling Patrick to “consider” her “another notch” in his “belt.”

Toussaint and his former band mates reminisce and sing songs.  Epiphany watches them silently.  Toussaint looks at the Saints record the guys brought.  He looks at the picture of the woman on the back of the record.  Epiphany says she tried to contact the woman.  Another member of the Saints suddenly comes into Toussaint’s room.  The man seems angry.  Years ago, he and Toussaint had a misunderstanding over the woman on the album.

Mac reads Lainey her rights.  At the same time, Cody tries to steel some medication and he’s arrested.  He claims he “pulled the plug” on Roger.  He says he did it to cause pain for Lainey.

Spinelli finds nothing to link Jolene to the crimes. 

At the nurse’s desk, Regina and Jolene talk about Patrick and Leyla.  Jolene says there’s more to life than being a nurse.  Regina is surprised by Jolene’s outburst. 

Toussaint talks to his estranged friend.  They talk about the end of the band.  The man blames Toussaint for losing his career and his woman.  He says he wanted Toussaint dead back in the day.  Toussaint thanks his former friend for “the time of his life” as he vacates the room.

Jason goes to see Toussaint.  Jason tells his friend about his own brain surgery.  Epiphany comes in to chase Jason out of the room.  Jason leaves and Epiphany says it’s “almost time.”  Epiphany tells Toussaint he “inspired” her when she was a teen.  She says she saw him perform and was “forever impressed.”  Epiphany says Toussaint said something to her then that “changed” her life.

Robin runs into Patrick.  He wants to talk about the “breakup.”  He pulls her into a closet to talk.  Patrick says Robin owes him an apology about her “attachment” to the baby.  She says Patrick never even tried to comfort her because he was obsessing over Leyla.  Robin wishes Patrick a sarcastic happiness with Leyla and she walks out.

At the nurse’s desk, Dr. Ford calls Leyla on a mistake.  Regina listens in.  She asks Leyla if she can help.  Leyla is upset with her mistake.  Regina offers words of encouragement.  Leyla is appreciative. 

In Toussaint’s room, Epiphany continues with her story.  She says when she was young, Toussaint offered her the chance to “be a Saint for the day,” if she agreed to his terms.  She says soon Toussaint broke her heart.  He told Epiphany to get lost after her big day was over.  Toussaint told Epiphany she was “special” and “different” and she should go after her dream.  After she’s finished telling her story, Toussaint gives Epiphany his bracelet to hold. The orderly comes to take Toussaint to the operating room.  Jolene is lurking in the hall.

Lainey goes to see Cody before he’s taken to the PCPD.  He says he gave the police what they wanted.  Lainey says she “misjudged” Cody.  They seem to be on the same page.

Patrick operates on Toussaint.  Robin comes to assist.  Leo, Andy, Leyla, and Regina are in the operating room.

At the desk, Epiphany looks at Toussaint’s bracelet.  Regina says she’s worried too.  Epiphany tells Regina to pray.  Regina sends Epiphany on a much-needed break. 

Outside of the OR, Jolene starts to mess with Toussaint’s meds as Jason comes upon her.  He wonders what she’s up to.  Jolene gives Jason an excuse and he offers to “walk” her to her next destination.  Jolene has no choice but to go with Jason.

Epiphany watches the operation from above.  Suddenly, Patrick says one of Toussaint’s blood vessels has burst.

In the stairwell, Jason tells Spinelli he thinks Jolene is guilty.  Spinelli tells Jason about Cody.  Spinelli disagrees with Jason about Jolene.

Lovell corners Jolene and tells her to complete her assignment.   Jolene says, “Jason interrupted” her before she could “switch Toussaint’s meds.”

Patrick tries to save Toussaint as Epiphany looks on.   Toussaint’s blood pressure drops and he flatlines.  The doctors work furiously to save Toussaint.  While all this is happening, we are taken to a flashback of the Saints performing “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.”  The woman from the album is there.  So are Epiphany and all of the people from the hospital, including Stacey and Mrs. Storch.   The group gets a standing ovation.  Back in the operating room, the doctors keep trying to revive Toussaint.

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