General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 9/2007


Written By Laurie

"Fools in Love"

Patrick and Leyla are in the locker room changing.  She addresses him as “Dr. Drake.”  Robin comes in and tells them to “get a room.”  Patrick leaves.

Spinelli goes by the desk but Jolene ignores him.  Regina makes a comment.  Spinelli talks to Jason.  Jason comments on Spinelli’s cologne.  Epiphany asks why Jolene is watching Spinelli and Jason rather than working.  Spinelli watches Jolene.

Epiphany goes to find Toussaint in his room.  Instead, she finds him mopping the floor.

Jason finds Robin in the nursery watching the baby.  Robin is sad that she’s not allowed to hold the baby.

Kelly is practicing admitting her sex addiction to Andy.  She says she can’t go to a meeting and admit her addiction.  Andy tries to assure her.  Kelly goes to tend to her patients but Andy follows.  She says she feels silly going to a “sexaholics anonymous” meeting.  Spinelli overhears the conversation.  Kelly agrees to the meeting.  Andy says Kelly is required to go “90 days without sex.”  Kelly walks away because she thinks Andy has no faith in her recovery.  Regina approaches Spinelli.  He tells Regina what he overheard.  Spinelli is shocked that sex can become an addiction.  Jolene walks by.

Lainey goes to see her dad.  Patrick stops by the room.  Lainey feels hopeless.

Epiphany gets Toussaint back to his room.  Jason comes in and Epiphany yells at him.  Jason says he’ll handle all the work.  Spinelli rushes into the room.  Epiphany pushes Jason out of the room so he can get back to work.

Leo asks Regina to help with a patient.  She says she is still “on probation.”  Leo tells Regina not to worry about the probation because he needs her assistance.

Robin tells Leyla to clean a “supply closet.”  Leyla objects but Robin insists.  Patrick calls Robin “petty” for bossing Leyla around.  Patrick says Leyla shouldn’t be “punished” for “sleeping with” him.  Robin is affected by the comment.  Patrick walks away.

Dr. Ford comes in to see Lainey.  She’s still with her father.  Dr. Ford says the insurance is “running out” and Mr. Winters must be transferred to another hospital.  Cody comes by.  Lainey gets emotional in front of Cody. 

Dr. Ford approaches Regina.  He says her “probation has been lifted.”

Toussaint comments on Spinelli’s cologne.  Spinelli asks for advice on women. He asks Toussaint about sex addiction.  Spinelli runs out of the room to get ice.

Andy hooks himself up to an IV.  Jolene stands outside the door.  Jason approaches her.  Jolene makes small talk with Jason.  Jason says Spinelli has a crush on Jolene.  She is offended that he wants to “set her up.”  Jolene walks away.  She comes back after Jason is gone.  Jolene goes into the room with Andy.  She messes with his IV.

Leo asks Regina about his patient.  Andy is needed but nowhere to be found.  Kelly goes to look for Andy.  She breaks into the locked room.  Kelly tries to revive Andy.

Leyla finishes the supply room.  Patrick talks to her outside in the hall.  He shows Leyla some test results.  Patrick says he “cares” about this patient. 

Epiphany goes to check on Toussaint.  She asks Toussaint about his days as a singer.  He tells her he loved to play at a place in Chicago.  Epiphany asks Toussaint to sing.  He says he’s not “good without backup.”

Spinelli goes to see Jason.  He tells Jason about Kelly’s addiction.  Spinelli fears that he himself is “addicted to sex.”  Jason is surprised when Spinelli says he and Jolene had sex.  Spinelli says, “sex is better than orange soda.”  He tells Jason about some sexual fantasies.  Jason tells Spinelli to “focus on something else.”  Jason can’t get away from Spinelli fast enough.

Lainey sits with her dad.  She goes for a walk.  Cody goes into Mr. Winter’s room.  Cody says he knows what Mr. Winters wants.  He disconnects the machines and leaves the room with a salute.  Lainey comes back as Cody walks away.  The nurses come in to resuscitate Mr. Winters but Lainey says there is a DNR (do not resuscitate) order.

Kelly tells Andy he was close to “dead.”  He says someone “upped the dosage.”  Kelly says Andy is addicted as she leaves the room.

Regina tells Leo her good news.  Regina asks Leo why he “froze” in the OR.  He says he “lost a patient” with Maxie’s illness. 

Spinelli approaches Jolene.  She tells him she’s too busy to talk to him.  Jolene wonders if anyone knows she slept with Spinelli.  She gets mad when Spinelli says he told Jason.

Mr. Winters dies.  Dr. Ford and Mr. Lovell go to the room to see Lainey.  A hospital guard brings Cody into the room.  Dr. Ford questions him.  Lainey gives Cody an alibi.

Mr. Lovell praises Jolene for killing Mr. Winters.  She denies it and tells him about Andy.  Lovell says someone else must die. 

Patrick goes to see Toussaint.  Epiphany stays to hear the test results.  Patrick says there is a cerebral aneurysm.  He’s not sure if he can operate.

Spinelli finds Jason again.  He asks Jason to talk to Jolene.  Spinelli worries that Jolene still has a thing for Jason.  Spinelli leaves. 

Curtis storms down the hall looking for his baby.

Regina tells Andy Leo is using another doctor for his surgery. 

Curtis comes to the desk and tells Leyla Robin took the baby out of the hospital.

Kelly and Andy argue about their addictions.  She doesn’t want Andy treating her patients.  Andy insists on “doing the c section” with Kelly.  He storms off.

Dr. Ford, Lainey, and Cody watch as they take Mr. Winters away.  Dr. Ford leaves.  Lainey feels guilty for not saying goodbye to her dad.  She says Cody “set him free.” 

Spinelli tells Jolene he will keep himself under control.  Spinelli gives Jolene his blessing if she wants to pursue Jason.  She says, “Jason’s not interested” in her and walks away.  Spinelli realizes that Jolene doesn’t have feelings for him.

Dr. Ford tries to cover for Robin.  Patrick approaches and stands up for Robin. 

Robin is on the roof with the baby.  Jason comes upon them.  Robin is emotional.  Jason tries to help. 

Epiphany goes to see Toussaint.  She apologizes for “acting like a fawning fan.”  Epiphany sings a Saints song to Toussaint.  He sings along with her. 

Robin returns the baby to Curtis. 

Leyla and Patrick share a kiss in the locker room.

Lainey cries and Cody offers comfort. 

Andy and Kelly scrub up for the delivery.

Regina takes Toussaint to the OR.  Epiphany watches them leave, emotional.

A broken hearted Spinelli walks to the elevator as Jolene looks on.  Jason watches.

Jolene walks away and starts to cry – Jason follows her. 

Patrick and Leyla have sex as Robin sits alone on the roof, devastated.

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