General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 9/13/07


Written By Laurie

"Falling Star"

As Jason mops the floor, the three student nurses talk about how quiet GH is.  Leo comes in and says it won’t last.  Regina and Jolene talk about who’s cuter – Jason or Leo.

While Robin and Kelly are in the nursery with the baby, Kelly gets paged and leaves.  Curtis brings Robin the paternity test results proving he’s the baby’s father.

Toussaint gets promoted to maintenance supervisor and tells Jason.  Spinelli comes in with a bowling ball and drops it on his bad foot. 

Andy comes to the desk commenting on the quiet night.  Epiphany is there.  When a young girl in labor comes in, Epiphany announces, “The party is over.”

Dr. Ford is walking the hospital with Mr. Lovell.  They run in to Kelly and tell her Pablo is dropping the charges.  He wants to settle out of court.  Lovell insults Kelly by calling her Mrs. Lee.  She’s also mad that the lawsuit damaged her reputation.  Andy comes over and whisks Kelly away from Lovell.  She gets mad at him and leaves.

Robin and the social worker meet with Curtis.  Robin questions him about the last time he saw Stacey.  Robin wants what’s best for the baby.  Curtis says he and Stacey broke up because he didn’t want children.  He never even knew she was pregnant.  The social worker says she’s sending the baby home with Curtis.

Regina is in with the young pregnant girl.  Kelly comes in.  Regina is nervous and Kelly tries to calm her.  Kelly leaves Regina in charge of the young girl.

A group of shady looking young men come into the ER.  One is looking for his pregnant girlfriend.  Cody comes in and the group approaches him.   They exchange unfriendly words.  Jason notices the tension between the guys.  They leave.

The shady looking men find their way to the pregnant girl’s room.  She tells them to leave.  Kelly is there and she asks the guys to leave.  The leader (the father of the baby) makes advances on Kelly while Regina watches from outside the door. 

Toussaint keeps mopping even though he’s now the supervisor.  Jason is there.  A woman comes by and recognizes Toussaint and asks for an autograph.  Epiphany comes over and asks the woman to leave him alone.  Regina runs over and says she needs security. 

Back in the young girl’s room, Jason shows up.  He takes the guys to the hall and gives them a beating.  Cody comes by in time to help out.  The young men leave.  He is clearly in pain.  Cody leaves the scene of the fight.

Patrick asks Leyla to observe an operation.  She declines the offer.  She doesn’t want “special treatment."

Toussaint talks to Spinelli as he ices his foot.  Spinelli is studying bowling to impress Jolene.

Jolene meets up with Lovell.  He praises her work so far.  Lovell says someone else must die – it must be a doctor.

Andy goes to take a nap.  Leo asks him to be a part of his surgery.  He warns Andy not to goof up again.  Leo leaves Andy to his nap.

Andy hooks himself up to an IV so he can sleep.  He locks the door.  Jolene tries to get into the room where Andy is napping. 

Leyla goes to see Patrick while he prepares for surgery.  He tells her they should pretend that they never kissed.  Patrick leaves.

Robin tells Curtis it will be hard to be a single dad.  Curtis says he makes more money than Robin.  He wonders why Robin is so “attached” to the situation.  Curtis fills out the paperwork and tells Robin he plans to raise the baby alone.  He leaves the room.

Spinelli catches Jolene trying to get into the locked room.  He offers to pick the lock for her.  To distract him, she takes Spinelli to a secluded spot.  She tells Spinelli she’s interested in him, not Jason.  Jolene tells Spinelli how “smart and funny” he is.  Jolene takes Spinelli to OR 4.  She starts to get undressed.  Spinelli is very nervous.  Jolene unbuttons Spinelli’s shirt.  She kisses him.  Spinelli says he’s not experienced.  Jolene kisses Spinelli and has her way with him.

Lainey is with her father when Cody comes to check on him.  Lainey offers Cody a prescription.  Mr. Winters is being kept alive by life support.  Cody doesn’t approve.  He tells Lainey to “let go” and “release” her father.

Jason sees Robin in the nursery.  She tells him that Curtis is the baby’s father.  Jason asks if her should “talk to” Curtis but Robin says it won’t help.  Both Jason and Robin wonder if Curtis is only interested in Stacey’s money.  Jason offers his help again.

Jolene tells Spinelli to keep their tryst a secret.  She leaves before he even knows she’s gone.

Epiphany finds Toussaint in the hall.  He’s not well but he hides it from her so she leaves.

Patrick and Leyla discuss the surgery after the fact.  Robin sees the two of them together.  Patrick tells Leyla she should take more “risks.”  He leaves. 

Kelly delivers the baby.  Regina helps her but she panics.  Regina gives the young mother the wrong medicine and the girl almost bleeds to death.  Kelly fixes the mistake.

Regina and Kelly are in Dr. Ford’s office. Ford puts Regina on probation for her error in the OR.   Kelly tries to point out that this was Regina’s first delivery but Ford stands firm on his decision. 

Regina collects her things in the locker room.  Jolene tries to make her feel better.  They talk about Regina’s abortion and Leo over hears.

Spinelli runs into Epiphany (literally) from behind.  He mistakes her touch for Jolene’s. Epiphany tells him to watch his step.  Spinelli pays Epiphany a compliment but she’s not having any of it. 

Diane Miller gets off the elevator and talks to Spinelli.  Jason comes over and sends Diane to talk to Robin.  Diane says she can’t help Robin get custody of the baby.  Patrick notices Diane and Robin talking.

Leo tells Regina he needs her help with a patient.  She objects due to her probation but he insists.

Jason walks Diane to the elevator.  She notices Toussaint and of course she’s a big fan.  She talks to Toussaint.  Epiphany tells Diane to get lost.  Epiphany says that Diane is “ancient.”  The two ladies have it out verbally.  Jason pushes Diane on to the elevator to save her from the wrath of Epiphany.

In Dr. Ford’s office, Kelly says she is responsible for Regina’s mistake.  Lovell makes a comment about Kelly’s sex practices.  Kelly leaves the office and strips down to her underwear.  She climbs on the desk and has a momentary breakdown.  Kelly offers herself to the men who are watching.  Andy comes over and covers Kelly with his lab coat.  He holds her while she sobs. 

Andy talks to Kelly in the break room.  She confides to him that she uses sex as a tool to be “in control.”  She describes it like a drug addiction.

Regina gives Leo the test results for his patient.   He asks Regina to assist him in surgery.  Regina wonders why Leo is helping her.  Dr. Ford looks on but says nothing. 

A lovesick Spinelli leaves the hospital.  Jolene ignores him when he bids her goodbye.

The young mom decides on a name for her baby.

Robin looks in on Stacey’s baby in the nursery.

Leyla calls Patrick to an operating room.  She takes his hand and puts it on her heart.  Patrick kisses Leyla and they fall together on the operating table.

Toussaint collapses in front of Jason, Jolene, and Epiphany.  A frantic Epiphany calls for help.

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