General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 9/6/07


Written By Laurie

"Gutter Ball"

Leyla and Patrick stand at the nurse’s desk and discuss something top secret.  Robin sees them and goes in the opposite direction.  Dr. Ford comes by and Leyla leaves.  Dr. Ford tells Epiphany to be on the lookout for the “MedCam people.”

Jolene goes into a patient’s room and Spinelli “spies” on her.  Regina catches him and tells him to “stop following” Jolene.  Regina leaves.

Jolene is in a room with Mr. Lovell – he tells her “MedCam wants another accident.” He says someone must die this time. 

Miss Barrett watches Jason in the nursery.  He’s holding Stacey’s baby.  Robin comes by and asks Miss Barrett why she’s “so interested” in the baby.

Patrick and Leyla are in the break room and Lainey comes in.  Soon, Kelly joins them.  She thinks that everyone is discussing her situation.  Patrick says that he is operating tonight, in secret on Mr. Winters.  Kelly says she’ll help out.  Patrick warns everyone of the consequences if they’re caught.

Lainey runs into Cody, who asks about Mr. Winters.  Cody asks for pain medication for his arm.  Lainey resists at first then she gives him a very small prescription.

Robin goes into the nursery to see the baby.  Jason is still in there.  Robin thanks Jason for paying the baby’s medical bills.  She asks Jason his thoughts on children.  Robin tells Jason that he should be a father. 

Toussaint wheels his cart by the nurse’s desk.  Spinelli asks Jason to see if Jolene is still upset with him.  Jason notices Jolene smiling at them.  He tells Spinelli.

Leo asks Epiphany for an OR for Monday.   Leo asks Andy if he’s up to being there – with no mistakes this time.  Leo says that Maxie is well and has been released.

Stan tells Toussaint he can get him a job at the Metro Court.  Toussaint refuses.  Stan asks his mom why Toussaint has “no ambition.”  Epiphany yells at Stan for his comment.  She praises Toussaint’s past career and his choices.  Epiphany orders Stan out of the hospital.  Most of the staff can hear Epiphany, including Leyla, Jolene, and Regina.  Stan leaves.  Epiphany tells everyone to get back to work. 

Robin goes to see Patrick.  He wants her to help with the operation.  Robin declines, saying she has to meet with the social worker.  Dr. Ford comes by so Patrick takes Robin to the stair well.  Patrick yells at Robin for refusing to help with the operation.  Robin suggests that Patrick “ask Leyla.”  Patrick says he’s not ready to “be a father.”  He storms off.

Leo asks Toussaint about his music career.  Epiphany interrupts and tells Leo they need him in the ER.  Leo leaves and Epiphany apologizes for her outburst.  She praises Toussaint and his former band.  Toussaint leaves.

Regina and Jolene talk about Mr. Winter’s operation in the break room.  Leyla comes in.  She and Regina argue about the surgery.  Patrick comes to get the girls.  Jolene stays behind as the “look out.”

Cody goes to visit Mr. Winters.  Lainey tells Cody he has to leave.  Mr. Winters thinks that Lainey is her mother.  Patrick comes in to get Mr. Winters.  Lainey accepts Cody’s offers to help take her dad to the operating room.

The team is in the operating room.  They start the operation as Lainey waits outside with Cody.  Lainey asks Cody to be discreet.  She tells him about the cost of the operation.  Cody wonders if Mr. Winters would want the operation if he were competent to decide for himself.  Cody leaves so Lainey can “be alone.”

Jolene drops a tray on purpose so Jason will help her.  As he cleans up, they talk.  Spinelli watches them, unnoticed.  Jolene asks Jason to go bowling with her.  He politely declines.  

In the OR, Regina knocks over a tray.  Patrick yells at her and Leyla takes over for her.  Robin talks to Lainey while she waits.  Dr. Ford comes by and reprimands them for “standing around.”  Trying to put Dr. Ford off track, Robin gives Dr. Ford some major attitude.  She tells him she will deliver her resignation “in the morning.”   A confused Dr. Ford walks away, hoping Robin will “come to her senses.”

Spinelli approaches Jason about Jolene.  Jason explains what happened.  He tells Spinelli that Jolene asked him to go bowling.  Spinelli is upset that Jolene is interested in Jason. 

Robin talks to the social worker.  She wants to adopt the baby and is temporarily approved as her foster mother. 

Patrick tells Lainey the surgery went well.  Jolene is sneaking around.  Mr. Winter’s monitors go off and Patrick rushes to him.

Jolene tells Lovell that Mr. Winters will probably die.  Lovell tells Jolene that they “are just getting started.”

Patrick comes by the nursery.  He sees Robin with the baby.  Robin asks Patrick about the operation.  He says Mr. Winters is on life support.  Robin says she’s taking the baby home.

Patrick is in the locker room.  Leyla comes in – she tries to reassure him about the surgery.  Leyla says, “something else went wrong” with the surgery.  She says it wasn’t Patrick’s fault.   Patrick doesn’t feel any relief and he refers to Leyla as just “a student nurse.”

Epiphany talks to Toussaint about his group, the Saints.  She wonders if the breakup involved a woman.  Epiphany wonders how Toussaint went from singer to janitor.  They share a laugh.

Lainey and Patrick visit Mr. Winters.  Dr. Ford comes in and says he knew about the operation.  He says they all have to stick together to help patients.  Dr. Ford says that “MedCam is the enemy,” he’s not.  Patrick says he was “wrong” about the doctor.

Robin goes to the nursery to check on the baby.  She is told that a “friend” of Stacey’s wanted to see the baby.  The man is still outside of the nursery. 

Robin and Patrick talk in the break room.  She says the baby was brought to her for a reason.  Robin says she can’t “walk away” from the child.  She says she’s “ready to love” the baby.  Patrick tells her to do what she must.  Robin says Patrick will be “fine without” her.  He tells her what a great mom she’ll be.

Toussaint gives Epiphany a picture he drew.  She asks if Toussaint will sing.  He declines and walks away.  Toussaint has another dizzy spell and Epiphany is concerned.  He says he’s “fine” and goes on with his work.

Cody sees Lainey and asks about Mr. Winters.  Lainey accuses Cody of being nice to her so he can get more pills.  Cody says he understands Mr. Winters because they are both “damaged.”  Cody advises Lainey to consider her father’s wishes.  He walks away.

In the nursery, Robin tells Jason that she’s taking the baby home.  He is “surprised” and happy for Robin.  She tells Jason that her and Patrick are finished. 

Spinelli makes a makeshift bowling alley in the hall.  Jolene comes by and gives him a strange look.  She walks away.

Lainey visits her dad.  Dr. Ford walks into the room.  Lainey tells him she doesn’t want her father resuscitated. 

In the locker room, Regina is worried that she’ll get kicked out of the program.  Jolene tries to console her. 

Jason looks in on the baby as Miss Barrett watches.

Robin asks Stacey’s “friend” about his connection to the baby.  The man says he’s the baby’s dad.  He says he’s come to take the baby home.

Patrick runs into Leyla on the roof.  He apologizes for the “student nurse” comment he made earlier.  Patrick wonders if he should change careers.  He praises Leyla’s performance in the OR.  Patrick kisses Leyla.

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