General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 8/30/07


Written By Laurie

"Employee of the Month"

The episode opens with Jolene and Leyla reading a staff memo in the locker room at GH.  The memo is regarding a seminar on “sexual harassment in the workplace.”  The girls say that they all have to “give depositions.”  Jolene makes a joke about Kelly.

Kelly is also at GH – she’s taking a shower.  Pablo is watching her.  He approaches Kelly when she gets out of the shower.  When Pablo tries to make a move on Kelly, she gives him a kick in the groin.

In the ER, paramedics bring in a dog bite victim.  Regina and Stan are there.  Epiphany comes by holding a package.  She tells Regina to mind her own business and Regina leaves.  Toussaint comes by but just as Epiphany is about to talk to him, Spinelli approaches him.  Spinelli tells Toussaint that tonight “the Jackal’s quest will be fulfilled.”

Jolene and Leyla leave Maxie’s room.  Leo goes in to see Maxie. She can tell by the look on his face that something is wrong.   He tells her that she has “an abscess in her heart.”  Leo says that Maxie needs surgery, but he won’t do it.

Robin is in the nursery with Stacey’s baby.  Patrick is watching her through the window.

Epiphany is in the ER when Lainey’s dad is brought in – he fell and hit his head.  He’s not very cooperative.  Lainey is there too.  Epiphany tells Regina to page Patrick.  Cody is there too and he’s bleeding.

In the nursery, Robin sees Patrick watching her.  He gets a page and leaves. 

Pablo isn’t very happy with Kelly.  She accuses him of fooling around with most of the staff.  Pablo hopes to get some “settlement” money out of the deal.  He leaves Kelly in the locker room.

Dr. Ford and the GH attorney are near the nurse’s station with Mr. Lovell from MedCam.  Mr. Lovell recounts the problems that the hospital has been having.  He says that MedCam intends to take over GH.  Mr. Lovell starts to walk away.

Patrick tries to examine Mr. Winters.  Lainey is there and she tries to calm her father down.  Mr. Winters gets violent and pushes his daughter away.

Georgie and Mac are with Leo in Maxie’s room.  Maxie says she wants Leo to operate on her.  Leo says another doctor will take care of Maxie then he leaves her room.

Toussaint and Spinelli are still talking and laughing by the desk.  Epiphany and Jolene are behind the desk.  Jolene comments on the package and Epiphany chases her away.

Lainey is upset about her father’s condition.  He keeps asking for a Dr. David Detwiler.  Patrick and Lainey talk outside of the cubicle.  Patrick wonders who the doctor that Mr. Winters is asking for is.  Lainey explains that he’s an old boyfriend.  As she talks to Patrick, Lainey notices Stan nearby.  She tries to convince Stan to pretend to be David.  He’s not so sure about the idea.  Lainey convinces Stan to help her.

Leo calls Monica to see if she can take care of Maxie.  Regina overhears Leo and asks him why he won’t operate on Maxie.

Back in Maxie’s room, Mac is angry that Leo won’t operate.  Georgie tries to quiet Mac down.  Leo comes in and says he can’t reach Monica so he’s going to operate.

Andy hooks himself up to an IV so he can take a nap.

Miss Barrett watches Robin walk down the hall.

Patrick goes to the nursery – Robin comes up behind him.  She tells Patrick that all of the baby’s tests came back ok.  She also tells him that she named the baby after her mother.  Robin walks away but Patrick follows her.  She tells Patrick that she wants to adopt the baby.  Patrick is stunned. 

Spinelli is in a room with Toussaint rehearsing a speech for Jolene.  He wants to ask her out on a date.  Toussaint tries to help Spinelli reach his goal.  Epiphany watches them from the desk.  She walks away with Jolene and Spinelli follows them.  Toussaint has another dizzy spell right after Spinelli leaves. 

In the nursery, Patrick disagrees with Robin’s decision to keep the baby.  He says Robin “needed” Stacey and she got “invested’ in the situation.  Robin insists that she wants to “help a child in need.”  Leyla interrupts when she brings over a social worker to discuss the baby.  Leyla leaves and Patrick is a few steps behind her.  The social worker says the baby has no known family.  She says the baby will go into foster care. 

Patrick confides in Leyla. 

Someone comes into the room where Andy is sleeping.  They mess with the machine that he’s hooked up to.

Leyla catches Cody rummaging through some supplies in a cubicle.  He won’t tell her how he got hurt.

Lainey takes Stan to see her dad.  Stan kisses Lainey in front of her father.  Mr. Winters is convinced that Stan is David.  Stan puts Mr. Winters at ease.

Jolene is trying to wake Andy up.  He’s really sleepy.  Kelly comes in and tells Andy he’s got a “drug habit.”  He tells her she’s as out of control as he is.  He’s referring to Kelly’s addiction to men.  Andy tries to get himself together and he leaves. 

Maxie is in the operating room.  Leo, Regina, and Andy are there.  Leo has a flashback about losing a patient.  Leo freezes as he’s about to make the incision. 

Dr. Ford and his attorney are still talking to Mr. Lovell.  He says that MedCam wants to keep Dr. Ford on.  Mr. Lovell leaves.  Jolene and Leyla watch from the desk.  Leyla blames Kelly for her unprofessional behavior.  She calls Kelly a “bloody nymphomaniac.”  Kelly hears the comment and is about to confront Leyla but she is interrupted.  Jolene walks away and Spinelli follows her.

Toussaint is by the desk.  Epiphany gets the package and takes it to him.  Epiphany rambles on but she doesn’t give Toussaint the package.

Spinelli follows Jolene and presents her with flowers.  Jolene calls him a “freak” and a “stalker” and tells him to leave her alone.

In the OR, Leo is unable to begin the surgery.  Suddenly Maxie turns “blue.”  Leo jumps in and sees that Maxie is “suffocating” because Andy made an error. 

Stan continues to comfort Mr. Winters and Patrick comes in with test results.  Patrick says Mr. Winters is getting worse and he needs surgery.  Dr. Ford interrupts and says the surgery is “unnecessary.”  He says that Mr. Winters has to be transferred to County Hospital.  Lainey gets upset and returns to her dad.  Patrick disagrees with Dr. Ford.  Dr. Ford walks away.  Mr. Winters tells Lainey to let him die. 

Patrick watches as a couple walks down the hall.

Robin is in the nursery holding the baby while Miss Barrett watches her.

Cody visits Mr. Winters.  He tells Mr. Winters to keep fighting and let people help him.  Lainey listens, unnoticed.

A patient approaches Stan with a question about medication.  Epiphany steps in and suggests that the woman talk to her surgeon.  She tells Stan that he did “a good thing” for Mr. Winters.  When Toussaint comes by, Epiphany finally gives him the package.  Inside is an “employee of the month” award. 

Leo is scrubbing after Maxie’s surgery.  Regina compliments him on his work.  Leo tells Regina that “a career in medicine” needs a “short memory.” 

Kelly is having another sexual encounter in the morgue.  She stops when she realizes that there’s a dead body close to her.

Leo tells Andy to get his act together.  Andy says “somebody upped the dosage’ while he was napping.  Both doctors question why someone would do such a thing.

Someone goes into Maxie’s room and messes with her IV.  The person walks out of the room as Maxie’s monitors go off.  We see the person’s face – it’s Jolene.

Spinelli is nursing his broken heart at the desk.  Poor Regina tries to talk to him.  Spinelli doesn’t understand why Jolene was so nasty to him.  Regina walks away and laughs at Spinelli’s dramatic account of the experience.  Jolene walks by and gives Spinelli a warm greeting.  Spinelli is confused.

Jolene meets Lovell in the morgue.  She tells him that a heart patient (Maxie) almost died from the wrong meds.  Now we see that Jolene is behind all of the strange and tragic things that have been happening at GH.  We see flashbacks of Jolene throwing water on the elevator controls, among other things.  MedCam has been paying her to make the hospital look “incompetent.”  Jolene has negative feelings about doctors since her dad’s death.  As she goes on and on about how evil doctors are, we see Andy getting an oxygen fix.  We also see Kelly rip the “sexual harassment” memo to pieces.  We also see Toussaint and Epiphany share a smile.  And Robin signs an adoption petition.

Meanwhile, an upset Patrick is on the roof.  Leyla approaches him.  She takes his hand and strokes his cheek.

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