General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 8/23/07


Written By Laurie

"Mother's Day"

Kelly is in Dr. Ford’s office – she’s telling the GH attorney and Dr. Ford about Stacey’s plan to deliver her child via C-section.

The story goes back to Jason and Spinelli in the elevator with Stacey.  Spinelli walks Jason through the end of the delivery.  Jason gets the baby out, and the guys notice that she isn’t breathing.  In the elevator, Jason tries to get the baby to breath by doing mouth-to-mouth on her.  It works – the baby starts to cry.  Spinelli holds the baby while Jason finishes up with Stacey.  Jason is nervous because Stacey is bleeding so much. Jason can’t stop the bleeding.  He has Spinelli check to see if Stacey has a pulse. Spinelli can’t feel a pulse.  Jason does CPR on Stacey with Spinelli’s help. Spinelli and Jason keep trying to revive Stacey. Jason continues CPR on Stacey.

Epiphany goes to the control room to check on Toussaint and Stan.  They are still trying to get the elevator working.  Epiphany leaves the room.  Toussaint has what seems like a dizzy spell. Robin, Epiphany, Andy, Jolene, and Regina are still waiting by the elevator.  Kelly is there too. Miss Sneed comes over to Robin and tells her to put an end to the wait for Stacey. Toussaint and Stan continue to work in the control room. Miss Sneed is with the staff by the elevator.  She says that enough time has been wasted and the hospital is understaffed.  She says the “mother and child are already dead,” referring to Stacey and her baby.  Robin argues with Miss Sneed.  Dr. Ford walks up and tells her to let the staff continue to wait for Stacey’s arrival. Robin thanks Dr. Ford for supporting her decision to wait for Stacey. Toussaint continues to work with Stan on the elevator controls. Toussaint turns a few more screws in side the control box. The elevator light flashes on.  Epiphany sees the light flashing.  Robin notices it too and she runs to the door.

Patrick and Leo are operating on the accident victim. Epiphany is in Dr. Ford’s office telling the attorney about the situation with Stacey – this scene is taking place after the incident happened.

The elevator opens and Spinelli hands the baby to a nurse.  Kelly talks to Jason about what he did.  She goes to tend to Stacey and tells Robin to stay out of the operating room.  Kelly says Robin is “too close” to the situation.  Robin asks Jason what he used to do the c-section.  He tells her.  She gets mad at him for taking matters into his own hands.  Robin storms off.

Robin watches as the team operates on Stacey.

Patrick talks to Epiphany at the desk.  She tells him about Stacey.  Patrick looks inside the elevator – there’s blood everywhere.  Patrick is horrified.

Stacey is in intensive care with Kelly and Robin.  She’s unconscious.  The two doctors don’t agree on the hysterectomy that Kelly performed on Stacey.  Robin thinks there were other options.  Patrick comes into the room and interrupts.  Robin apologizes to Kelly for being “out of line.”

A pregnant woman comes into the ER – Leyla checks her in.

We hear Kelly’s voice talking about Stacey almost dying and her needing the hysterectomy.

Back in the ICU, Robin walks out of Stacey’s room.  Kelly tells her that Jason performed a “text book” c-section.  Leyla comes to get Kelly – she tells her about the pregnant woman.  Kelly asks Patrick to take over Stacey’s case.  Robin is mad that Kelly is walking away from Stacey.  Kelly and Leyla leave.  Patrick tells Robin all they can do is ‘wait” to see if Stacey will recover.  He walks away.  Robin stays and watches Stacey through the window.

Epiphany finds Stan sitting in a chair.  Stan tells his mom he’s on a “break.”  Epiphany leaves after telling her son to “get back to work.”

Spinelli and Jason go to the nursery to see the baby.  A nurse is taking her to Stacey’s room on Robin’s orders.  Spinelli is wearing scrubs.  Spinelli has coined the baby “the charmed one.”  Spinelli thinks he caused the elevator to stop because he hit the button too hard.  Jason says that he couldn’t have done the c-section without Spinelli’s help.

Robin is in Stacey’s room as Stacey begins to wake up.  Patrick is there too.  Robin talks to Stacey to help her wake up.  Stacey is emotional when she sees the baby.  Patrick watches as Robin introduces Stacey to the baby.

Toussaint is outside of the elevator with Jason.  Jason plans to clean up the mess – Toussaint hands him some gloves.  Epiphany tells the two to hold off  but they insist on cleaning the elevator.  She praises both men for their actions.

Robin is still in with Stacey.  She explains how the baby was delivered.  Patrick is still in the room.  Leyla is watching through the window as Regina walks up.  Leyla walks away – she’s uncomfortable around Regina since the accusation regarding the death of Mrs. Storch. 

Spinelli is still in the nursery as Jolene comes by.  She makes a comment about his scrubs.  She tells Spinelli he and Jason are “incredible.”  Jolene gives Spinelli credit for helping with the delivery.

Toussaint and Jason clean up the blood in the elevator.  They talk about how unnecessary the situation was.  Toussaint says the elevator was tampered with deliberately.

Jolene takes Spinelli to the ICU.  They stand outside of Stacey’s room.  In the room, Stacey tells Robin to thank Jason.  Stacey tells her baby she loves her.  Stacey “crashes’ and Patrick calls a code blue.

Patrick is in Dr. Ford’s office explaining to the attorney and the doctor how Stacey’s heart stopped.

Spinelli and Jolene watch as Patrick and his team try to revive Stacey.  Robin is still in the room.  Patrick can’t bring Stacey back and he pronounces her dead.  Robin wants him to try again.  He refuses.  Patrick takes a hysterical Robin out of the room.  He tells her that “patients die” and if she can’t handle it she doesn’t “belong in medicine.”  Patrick storms off.

Robin is in Dr. Ford’s office telling the two men what happened with Stacey.  She says Patrick did all that he could to save Stacey.

Robin comes by the nurse’s station and apologizes to Epiphany for being “rude” and “unprofessional.”

Leyla is in a room putting away meds.  Regina comes in to tell her that Stacey died.  Leyla and Regina get into it and Regina leaves.  She calls Leyla a “stuck up bitch.”

Kelly is sitting in the stair well and Andy comes by.  She tells him that she diagnosed Stacey’s condition three weeks ago.  Andy tells Kelly not to blame herself for Stacey’s choosing to go to full term with the pregnancy.

Patrick walks into the room as Leyla drops some meds.  He tells her not to blame herself for Stacey’s death.  Patrick praises Leyla.  He tells her to “stay focused” and he leaves the room.

Spinelli looks in on Stacey’s baby – he apologizes as he watches her from the window.  Spinelli is shaken and emotional.

Robin catches Jason in the hall to make sure he had an HIV test.  She blurts out that Stacey died – Jason didn’t know.  He asks Robin if he caused her death.  Robin tells Jason that he “nothing wrong.”  She apologizes for yelling at him earlier.  Robin is emotional and Jason comforts her.  Robin tells Jason that she wanted to live with HIV and have a baby.  If Stacey could do it then so could she, Robin sobs.

In the control room, Toussaint slams the door to the elevator controls – he breaks down.

Epiphany instructs Jolene, Leyla, and Regina to go get Stacey’s body.  She gives them a stern warning to be professional in their task.  Stan walks up and tells his mom she was “hard” on the student nurses.  He walks away.

Jason is in Dr. Ford’s office – he’s explaining his version of what happened.  The attorney asks Jason if he has any medical training.

Kelly and Leo talk about their night near the desk.  Patrick walks by.

Spinelli decides not to ride the elevator.  Toussaint tells him not to blame himself for Stacey’s death.  He tells Spinelli he would be “proud to ride the elevator” with him.  The two of them get on the elevator.

The girls go to retrieve Stacey’s body – Robin is in the room.  Robin and Leyla apologize to each other.

Jason tells Dr. Ford he “takes full responsibility” for his actions.  Dr. Ford praises Jason for his actions then tells him he can go.  Jason leaves.  He runs up the stairs and goes on to the hospital roof.

Robin watches as the girls cover Stacey’s body then she walks away.  Patrick walks up behind Robin, unnoticed.  He follows her down the hall to the nursery.  Robin picks up the baby and holds her close.

Stacey’s body is accidentally uncovered, and we see her face.  She is gently covered up. The girls take Stacey’s body away.

Robin cradles the baby as Patrick watches through the window. Robin sees Patrick watching her.  She forces a smile, as does he.

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