General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 8/16/07


Written By Laurie

"Love's Labor"

The episode opens with Patrick and Robin trying to revive a patient – the patient flat lines. 

Dr. Ford is talking to a serious looking man in his office.  They are talking about an “unavoidable disaster” that happened in the hospital earlier that evening.

Robin and Jolene are at the nurse’s station.  Patrick is talking to Leyla, which annoys Robin.  Spinelli and Jason walk by.  Spinelli shows Jason the “Stone Cold” video game

He created – the latest edition features a “cackling clown.”  Jason isn’t impressed.  Toussaint comes by.  Spinelli and Jason get on the elevator.  Leyla wheels Stacey (who’s obviously in pain) on the elevator.  When Leyla sees a couple at the nurse’s station that need help, she rushes off the elevator.  She tells Jason and Spinelli to make sure Stacey gets to the 10th floor.  Stacey screams in pain as the elevator suddenly stops.

Robin is called to Dr. Ford’s office to talk to the serious looking man.  It turns out that the man is an attorney representing the hospital.  He asks Robin to explain what happened earlier that evening with Stacey.  Robin says that Stacey came in because she was in pain.  Then we are taken back in time as Robin and Epiphany are at the nurse’s station discussing a school bus accident.  Robin walks away to find Patrick.

Regina is at the ER desk when Stacey comes in and asks for Dr. Lee and Dr. Scorpio.  Stacey is taken to a cubicle and Kelly examines her.  She’s bleeding and Kelly says she’s bleeding from the placenta.  Kelly has to get the baby out immediately.  Kelly goes to scrub up and she runs into Leyla.

In the locker room, Robin takes her meds.  On her way out she is told by Regina that Stacey has been admitted.  Robin finds Kelly scrubbing up – Kelly fills her in.  She tells Robin that they only have an hour to save Stacey. 

At the desk, Epiphany gives a nurse some instructions.  Regina is there.  Stan comes by.  Epiphany wonders what her son’s intentions are.  Stan wonders why his mom brought him into the world.  He says all his mom wants him to do is “apologize.”

In a cubicle, Leyla is speaking a foreign language to an Iranian couple – they don’t speak English.  Leo comes in to see the man – he is able to communicate with them in their language.  He tells Leyla to get Patrick.  As she goes to do so, Leyla runs into Robin who wants to know why she isn’t with Stacey.

On the elevator, Jason says there is a power failure.  Spinelli is very nervous.  Stacey screams in pain. 

Toussaint is in Dr. Ford’s office talking about the elevator problems.  The attorney asks him if the elevators break down a lot. 

Back at the nurse’s desk, Leyla tells Robin that Stacey is on her way to the 10th floor with Jason and Spinelli.  Robin yells at Leyla for sending her patient up without a medical professional.  Leyla says she had to communicate for the non-English speaking couple.  Toussaint comes by and tells Robin the elevator is stuck.  Leyla says it’s the one Stacey is on. 

On the elevator, Stacey tells the guys that she is HIV positive.  Jason tries to calm Spinelli down.  He tells Stacey to keep breathing. 

Regina and Jolene are in the break room.  Stan comes in and Regina yells at him for his treatment of Epiphany.  She storms out.  Stan looks confused.

Patrick examines the Iranian man.  He has a brain aneurysm.  Leyla explains the doctor’s diagnosis to the couple in their language.  Patrick leaves and goes out to the desk.  Robin fills him in on the Stacey situation.  The couple thanks Leyla.  Robin walks away from Patrick.

In Dr. Ford’s office, Leyla explains her position to Dr. Ford and the attorney.

Dr. Ford, Toussaint, Epiphany and Stan are standing by the broken elevator.  Toussaint and Stan offer to try to fix it.  They go down to the control room.  Toussaint says he knows electricity, not elevators.  He sends Stan up to shut down the 2nd elevator so he can try to transfer the power. Toussaint says it could be hours before the elevator is fixed.  leaves.  Stan leaves.

At the desk Patrick wants Robin to consult on his surgery.  She says she can’t – she’s waiting for Stacey.  Leyla walks by.  Epiphany is behind the desk.  Leyla tells Robin it’s her fault.  Robin accuses Leyla of helping the Iranian man to impress Patrick.  She threatens to get Leyla kicked out of the nursing program.  Epiphany reprimands Robin and accuses her of abandoning Patrick’s patient.

Patrick is in surgery with his team.  They are short handed.  Robin comes in to help.

In the elevator, Spinelli is banging out an SOS on the walls.  He’s driving Jason crazy. 

Stacey talks to Jason about Robin.  Jason tells her about the two women in his life who have had babies.  Stacey begs Jason to deliver her baby.

Epiphany is in Dr. Ford’s office – the attorney asks her why a repairman wasn’t called in.  She says they did all they could.

Back by the elevator, Epiphany stands with two hospital workers as they try to pry the doors open.

Back in the OR, Robin and Patrick continue to operate.

Leyla is waiting in the lobby with the Iranian man’s wife.  Leo walks by and Leyla goes to talk to him.  Leo tries to make Leyla feel better about her decision.  He says sometimes you have to “flip a coin” in life.  Leyla worries that she made the wrong decision.  Leo gives her a coin and walks away.

In the elevator, Stacey begs Jason to help her.  She passes out.  Jason tells Spinelli to find a website that will instruct him on how to perform a c-section. 

Patrick and Robin are still in the OR. 

Kelly is called to Dr. Ford’s office.  She says, “what happened tonight was nobody’s fault.”  The attorney asks her to describe Stacey’s condition. 

Kelly is at the elevator – she is told that Robin ordered her team to stand by for Stacey’s delivery.

Jolene and Regina are on a break in the hall.  They talk about Stan and his mom.  Regina tells Jolene that she had an abortion when she got into the nursing program. Regina’s boyfriend abandoned her when he found out what she did.  She says Stan doesn’t understand how much Epiphany has sacrificed for him. 

Spinelli is successful in his search.  He tries to discourage Jason from “operating.” 

Stan and Toussaint are in the control room.  Stan thinks the hospital is “cursed.”  Toussaint says the “breakdown is not an accident.” 

Patrick comes out of the successful surgery.  He finds the Iranian man’s wife waiting with Leyla.  The woman hugs Patrick.  Leyla tells Patrick to say something in their native language.  He repeats what Leyla says.

Robin is washing up.  She’s worried about Stacey.  She overhears as Jolene and another employee talk about Stacey’s slim chance for survival.

In the elevator, Jason tells Spinelli to focus.  Spinelli reads Jason the instructions from the computer.  Jason reminds his friend about the hostage crisis.  He says he can’t do the procedure without Spinelli.

Robin runs past the elevator.

Leo brings an accident victim in.  Jolene looks on as Leo examines the man. 

Robin goes and waits by the elevator.  Patrick is there but he gets paged.  Andy comes over and Robin tells him to stay with the team that’s waiting for Stacey.

Jason yells at Spinelli – they agree to try their best to help Stacey.

Patrick and Leo look at the accident victim.  Patrick wants to use the operating room that Robin has reserved for Stacey. 

Jason uses Spinelli’s lighter to sterilize his knife.

Toussaint and Stan think they fixed the elevator.  No such luck.

Jason puts his knife to Stacey’s abdomen.  Spinelli’s hand shakes as he holds the light.

Stan and Toussaint keep working, frustrated.

Jason makes the incision.  Spinelli does his best to help.

Robin is in Dr. Ford’s office talking to the attorney.  He questions her about Stacey.

The frustrated team waits outside the elevator.  Kelly says Robin is keeping “a lot of people tied up.”  Epiphany tells Robin to “stay professional.” 

Jason and Spinelli forge on.  Jason gets the baby out.  She’s not breathing.

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