General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 8/9/07


Written By Laurie

"Bed, Bath and Be Gone"

The episode starts with Kelly having a dream.  There’s a guy in a mask on top of her – she wakes up startled.

Toussaint mops the floor in front of the nurse’s desk.  Epiphany has a lovesick look on her face as she smiles at him Patrick and Robin walk over near the desk and reminisce about the weekends they used to enjoy before the nightshift.   Epiphany scolds them for walking on Toussaint’s freshly mopped floor.  A curious Jason comes over and Toussaint calls Epiphany a “guardian angel.”  Toussaint seems amused by Epiphany’s attention.  They smile at each other.

Kelly runs into Pablo (the orderly she had sex with) in the locker room and he obviously wants more.  She refuses him and he storms out of the locker room.  Andy walks in and Kelly accuses him of wanting the same thing.  He only wanted to take her out after their shift Andy says, as Kelly storms out on him.

Dressed in scrubs, Spinelli comes to see Jason at the hospital.  As usual, he needs advice on his love life.  Jolene comes over and wonders what Spinelli is up to.  He says he is “undercover” to help Jason.  Epiphany tells Spinelli to get out of the way and she eaves. Jolene advises Spinelli to lose the scrubs.  She walks away.

Outside Jared’s room, Robin begs Patrick to go on vacation with her.  They agree to meet up on the roof later.  They go into Jared’s room and talk to his parents. 

Back by the nurse’s station, Jason encourages Spinelli to ask Jolene on a date but Spinelli is afraid of being rejected again.  Jason advises Spinelli to use “normal words” to talk to Jolene.  Leyla brings Jason a package, which contains the embroidered clown that Mrs. Storch made.  It’s for Jake.  Just then, a person in full clown attire comes in laughing uncontrollably.  Spinelli is clearly uncomfortable.  The clown continues to laugh.

Miss Sneed walks the halls and yells at an orderly for sleeping on a gurney.  Maxie and Coop walk in and apologize again to miss Sneed.  Miss Sneed drops her purse and some handcuffs fall out. Embarrassed, she claims the cuffs are for her nephew.   Coop helps her collect her things.  Maxie feels dizzy.

Miss Sneed warns Regina that there can be no more “slip ups” in the hospital.  She also tells Regina that she has an “excellent track record.”

Regina goes to Miss Barrett’s room and finds her missing.  She goes to look for her.

Still laughing hysterically, the clown waits to see a doctor.  Spinelli is very rattled by the guy.  He tells Jason that he finds clowns “spine chillingly horrifying.”  Epiphany comes over to yell at Jason for failing to help Toussaint.  Miss Barrett wheels herself near Jason and watches him.  She admires Toussaint’s work and smiles at him like a schoolgirl with a crush.  Toussaint tells Jason to go to the ICU.  Regina finds Miss Barrett and takes her back to her room 

Andy sees a patient that seems to be a sleepwalker.  The guy acts out his dreams while he’s sleeping.  Andy hooks the guy up to some monitors to see what’s going on with him.

Outside of Jared’s room, Robin talks to Jared’s mom.  Robin tells Jared’s mom about Jason’s accident years ago.  Jason comes down the hall. 

Patrick sees the clown.  Jolene is there too.  The clown tells of how he can’t control his laughter.  Patrick sends him for an MRI.  Spinelli looks in on the clown.

Leyla is napping in another part of the hospital.  The sleepwalker comes and lies down beside her. He puts his arm around her and she screams.  He claims to be sleep walking.

Back in Miss Barrett’s room, Regina tells her patient to stay put for her own good.  Epiphany comes by and lets Regina off the hook for losing track of her patient.  Epiphany walks away when she sees Toussaint down the hall.

In Dr. Ford’s office, Pablo is fired – there have been complaints from the staff.  Pablo assumes that Kelly got him fired.  Pablo tells Dr. Ford that Kelly sexually harassed him before storming out of the office.

Outside of Jared’s room, Jason talks to Jared’s father.  They talk about the rocky relationship Jared has with his dad.  Jared’s dad leaves Jason to go get coffee.

Back with the sleepwalker, Andy is perplexed.  He says the patient appears to be a “chronic” sleepwalker and that he can be cured.

Walking down the hall, Andy and Leo talk about the sleepwalker.  Leo thinks the man is faking it.  He walks away laughing.

Maxie is in a hospital room with Coop.  She tells him to go and Robin comes in.  Robin explains that Maxie’s infection is resistant to most antibiotics.  Maxie just wants Robin to be honest with her.  Leo comes in to see Maxie.  He tells her the infection is now in her blood stream and she must be treated with antibiotics until one works.  She can’t leave the hospital just yet, the doctor says.

Spinelli looks in on the clown.  He picks up the clown’s hat and wig from the floor.  The clown starts to laugh again.  Spinelli tells the clown that he is “facing his demons’” and he tells a story about his childhood.  Spinelli says his granny had a pitcher with a scary clown on it.  She used to make him drink milk out of it.  When granny got rid of the pitcher, Spinelli says he was “totally bummed.”  The clown responds to Spinelli’s story by laughing hysterically.

In the locker room, Leyla tells Regina and Jolene about the sleepwalker.  Regina comments on the silence and lack of “screw ups” in the ER tonight.  Miss Sneed interrupts and tells the girls they will all be questioned about Mrs. Storch's death.  Regina looks at Leyla and accuses her of being “defensive.’  Leyla accuses Regina of blaming her for the patient’s death.  Leyla walks out and goes up to the roof.  Patrick comes up as well.  She cries on his shoulder and he tells her that she is doing fine.  Leyla tells Patrick about her family’s poverty and how hard she’s worked to get where she is.  He comforts the crying Leyla with a hug.  Robin sees them and walks away unnoticed.

Leo comes back to Maxie’s room – Georgie is there.  They introduce themselves.  Leo says that Maxie’s infection is now affecting her heart.  Georgie is worried that the antibiotics won’t work but Leo assures her that “something will work.” 

Jared’s parents talk outside of his room.  Patrick comes out and tells them that Jared is awake   Robin is explaining to Jared that he was in an accident.  His parents come in and he seems happy to see them.  Everyone is touched.

As the sleepwalker’s wife talks to Andy, the sleepwalker makes his way to another sleeping nurse.  He lies next to none other than Epiphany, who gives him a black eye.  Andy is amused as the sleepwalker ices his bruised eye.  The man gets sympathy from his wife.  Andy refers the man to a sleep clinic.

Dr. Ford and Miss Sneed tell Kelly that both she and the hospital are being sued for sexual harassment.  She seems surprised.  Kelly tells Dr. Ford and Miss Sneed that Pablo has been harassing her. 

Outside Jared’s room, Patrick asks Robin why she never came up to the roof.  She lies and says she got paged.  They agree to meet later.  Robin tells Patrick she is worried about Stacey since it’s close to her due date.  Patrick says she is probably fine.  Patrick and Robin go back into Jared’s room.  Jared’s mom is telling Jared about the accident.  Jared has no memory of his difficult relationship with his parents.  His dad hopes that his personality change is permanent. 

Georgie catches Maxieby the elevator trying to leave the hospital.  They argue and Maxie collapses.  Georgie calls for help.  Jolene gets Maxie settled into her room again and goes to get Leo.  Georgie thinks Maxie is determined to die and she leaves the room in tears.

Mac comes to visit Maxie.  He questions Leo about her condition.  Mac wonders why Monica hasn’t been called in.  Leo says that Monica is good but he’s better.  Maxie says she trusts Leo. 

Spinelli finds Georgie in the waiting area crying over Maxie.  He tells her about his new “friend,” the clown.  Spinelli tries to comfort Georgie.  He passes on advice that Toussaint gave him about love. 

Patrick tells the clown that he has a brain tumor that can be treated.  The tumor is called the “Joker face.”  Patrick wants to operate immediately.  The clown goes into hysterics.  Toussaint catches Spinelli listening in on Patrick’s conversation with the clown.  Spinelli tells Toussaint that he tried to “reach out’ to the clown.  Toussaint says that the clown might just need a friend.  Spinelli thanks him and walks away on a mission.

In the hall, Leo tells Andy that the sleepwalker was faking.  He used Epiphany to make his story believable.  Andy is still skeptical.  The sleepwalker leaves the hospital with his wife.  On his way out, the sleepwalker does a double take as Regina bends over to pick something up off the floor.

Robin stands outside of Jared’s room.  Jason is there – they talk about the situation.  Patrick comes up, unnoticed and listens to the conversation.  Robin talks to Jason about parenthood as Patrick continues to listen in.

In Maxie’s room, the girls cry together.  Maxie admits she’s scared and she passes out.  Mac and Georgie call for help.

Much of the staff goes up to the roof.  Regina is there with Jolene.  Someone turns on some music and everyone starts to dance.

Kelly runs into Andy in the locker room.

The doctors rush to bring Maxie back.  Leo pumps Maxie’s heart.

Regina starts dancing on the roof – she gets Jolene to follow suit. 

Epiphany gets on the elevator – Toussaint is there.  They exchange smiles.

The staff continues dancing on the room – Leyla comes up.

Leo continues to try to revive Maxie.  Mac comforts Georgie.

Spinelli follows as the clown is wheeled down to surgery.  Spinelli puts on the clown’s wig and red nose.  The clown laughs.

Patrick comes up to the roof and motions for Leyla to dance with him.  At first she refuses but then she gives in.

Back in the locker room, Andy shares pastry with Kelly.

Robin and Jason stand outside Jared’s room and share a quick but loving hug.  She leaves him to meet up with Patrick on the roof.  She sees Patrick and Leyla dancing and walks away before Patrick sees her.  Everyone continues to dance off his or her night in the Emergency room.

Leo shocks Maxie’s heart one more time as Mac and Georgie look on.

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