General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 7/19/07


Written By Anney

“Skin Deep”

      Since Jason has admitted to shooting Spinelli in the foot he must begin working at General Hospital. He is working has a janitor and going about it in his normal “tough” way. This is where he meets Toussaint, who decides to show him the finer side of mopping the floor. He tells Jason to be gentle with the mop and let it glide across the floor. Jason continues to work with less force but force none the less.

      Spinelli is in the Hospital and stops to see Jason. He tells him again how grateful he is that he took the blame. To show his gratitude, Spinelli tells Jason that he has a gift for him. He does this while holding his beloved laptop. Jason says asks if Spinelli is going to give him his laptop. Spinelli quickly tells him no but he does still have a surprise. He opens up his laptop to show Jason what he has done for him.

      Jason’s reaction is a bit mixed. It is somewhere between confusion, baffled amusement, and genuine gratitude. That being said, many people would have reacted poorly to being the star of their very own video game. Not just any game mind you, but a game about the adventures of Stone Cold.

      As they are discussing this, they happen to be outside of the room of patient Barrett. This is the woman who Jason saved by pulling her out of the burning ambulance. She is awake but bandaged beyond recognition. She overhears them and has a flash of the attack. She them quietly speaks the word “Jason.” 

      In ER a woman named Christine comes in complaining of pain. Robin tells her that she is a doctor and that she can help her if the woman would only explain. The woman then says that she needs to see a male doctor. Robin leaves to go and find a male doctor for Christine.

      As she is looking she finds the lovely Leyla giving Patrick a little too much attention again. She tells Patrick about the woman while Leyla stands by. She then scurries off. Patrick tries to explain but Robin simply tells him that there is a woman waiting to be seen. He tells he that the woman can wait. She makes a comment about him actually making an attractive woman wait. He says since she is attractive he will go.

      When he goes into the room the woman promptly removes her shirt to show him her newly done breasts. She tells him that she was married for 15 years and has kids. She tells him that the marriage is over and she wanted to feel beautiful again. She tells him that she made up the story about pain in order to have a male tell her that she was still attractive.  

      The resident cardiologist and hottie Dr. Leo Julian is preparing for a major heart surgery. As he is doing so, he notices that there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the heart. He is angry but grateful that he hadn’t actually started the heart surgery before he figured that out. The patient turned out to have had a case of appendicitis.

      Dr. Ford, of course, accuses Dr. Julian of being careless. He claims that he isn’t careless and that it wasn’t his mistake. Later Dr. Ford accuses Regina of putting in the wrong code and nearly killing someone. He tells her that she is better than making careless mistakes. He also tells her that because of her race she is lucky to have even made it this far.

      She leaves and heads to find a place where she can be alone to work through her emotions. As she is crying Toussaint finds her. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him about what happened with Dr. Ford. He says he isn’t surprised that Dr. Ford would act like that. She then tells him that it wasn’t her mistake.

      Regina goes on to tell him that she knows how lucky she is. She also tells him that she has always wanted to be a nurse. This is because her grandmother was not lucky enough to have the chances that she herself does. She finds comfort in Toussaint, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. 

      Cody comes into GH to try again to score some pills. He begins by telling Lainey that he is ready to talk about Iraq. He then tells her about a fabricated dream that he had. He goes into gory detail and he thinks that he has tricked her. To his shock she tells him to get out and not come back. She also tells him that she knows better.

      Later while she is going to her car she is grabbed from behind. She tries to scream but is unable. When she turns around she is angry to find out that Cody is behind the act. He tells her to take that fear and multiply it by a hundred. He tells her that is what he lived with.

      The two of them head back inside where she prescribes him a week’s worth of pills. He is upset that she prescribed so few. She tells him that it is her guarantee that he will show up for his appointment. He tells her that he will. She looks as though she wants to believe him.  

      Meanwhile Stan is in the hospital. He is trying to get the staff to protest for higher wages. He is passing out flyers. Some seems interested but most seem afraid to come forward. While in the process Epiphany catches him. She tells him that she cannot believe he would disrespect her. She tells him that he being in the hospital, dressed like he works there is a slap to her because it was her dream.

      Maxie comes to visit Ms. Sneed, who is busy trying to work from her hospital room. She is not all that happy to see Maxie. Maxie has brought her flowers, though Ms. Sneed doesn’t want them after she sees her scratching her backside with them. They get to talking before Epiphany comes in; Ms. Sneed wants to know if being restrained makes Sex better.

      Maxie convinces Epiphany to look at her butt. Epiphany decides that she has a staph infection. Maxie is curious as to why the infection is on her butt. Epiphany tells her it was probably the incident in the closet that caused it. Later, Maxie is visited by Dr. Julian. It is only when he visits that she realizes her staph infection could be life threatening due to her heart transplant.

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