General Hospital: Night Shift Update Thursday 7/12/07


Written By Anney

“Frayed Anatomies”

      The Nightshift begins with Patrick and Robin in the shower. He had decided to join her. While they are busy their pager go off. Robin hurries off and runs into Maxie, who is aware what her cousin was up to. When Patrick and Robin finally get down to ER Epiphany is there to meet them. She asks them why they are both soaking wet and 5 minutes late for a page.

      Meanwhile in the Emergency room’s waiting room the student nurses are still trying to find their way. An elderly woman wonders in and asks to see a doctor. Regina tells her to have a seat and she will be back to get her information. When she returns to the desk Leyla tells her that the woman has been in many times. Regina questions whether or not to treat her like a patient is she is just a lonely old woman. Leyla tells her to still treat her like a patient but that she is fine.

      Later, Epiphany is yelling into the phone. She is telling whoever is on the other end that she cannot understand them. She tells Patrick and Robin that they have an ambulance coming in. She also has the student nurses; Regina and Leyla come along. As they are outside waiting Jolene comes up to join them. Her late entrance does not go undetected by Epiphany.

      Also entering the parking lot is a rather shady looking man. He is wandering around and appears to be looking for a cigarette in his pocket. A young pregnant woman is rounding the corner on her way to the ER as well. Just as the ambulance is coming, Jason, Max and Spinelli pull in. Spinelli has apparently shot himself in the foot. Jason and Max are trying to help him hobble into the Emergency room.

      As everyone makes there way the ambulance pulls in spinning wildly out of control. They nearly hit Jason who helps Spinelli get out of the way. The ambulance also nearly hits the pregnant woman who falls to the ground while trying to get away. The Paramedics come stumbling out of the front of the ambulance, laughing hysterically. They talk to one another about how cool the ride was.

      Patrick asks where his patient is and when he opens the doors something doesn’t seem right. The patient is laughing hysterically as well. Patrick is starting to put everything together when the shady looking man wanders closer and begins to light his cigarette. Patrick screams for him to stop but is too late. Both men are blown back from the blast.

      Jason rushes toward the blazing ambulance as the woman inside is on fire. The man who lit the cigarette begins to hear gunfire and blasts and tells everyone to get down. He is ignored as Jason pulls the woman out and puts out the flames. 

      Robin who was on her way back inside runs to Patrick’s side. She orders the nurses to get a gurney and to have a doctor waiting. As they wheel him inside he is unresponsive. She checks his vitals and they seem to be normal. She is anxious and upset because the other doctor has not answered his page. Patrick wakes and tells her that he is fine. He also tries to convince her that she should make him feel better and pulls her in for a kiss.

      Back in the waiting room Jason and Spinelli sit to wait for a doctor. Jason tries to get help from Ms. Sneed who tells him that they are busy and will get to them in due time. Jolene is finally told to help Spinelli into a cubicle after Epiphany catches him with his leg up in the air in an attempt to “elevate” his bleeding foot. When Jolene comes to get him, Spinelli is obviously infatuated and calls her an “Angel of Mercy.” As they are leaving Mac and Rodriguez come in to investigate the explosion.

      In his cubicle Spinelli confides in Jason that he is afraid that he is going to jail. Jason assures him that he isn’t going to go to jail for shooting himself in the foot. Spinelli isn’t convinced and continues on about not being able to survive in jail. Jason again reassures him.

      When Jolene comes back to let Spinelli know that the police are there to talk to him, he begins to get alarmed again. When Rodriguez comes in Spinelli and Jason try to explain what happened. Finally Rodriguez tells Spinelli about a list of charges that he can use. Jason steps in and tells Rodriguez that he accidentally shot Spinelli while cleaning his gun.

      By now Patrick has been settled into his room and is awaiting an MRI. Leyla is asked to take some test results up to Robin. As she leaves Jolene and Regina talk about how lucky she is. They also talk about Robin and Patrick and don’t think that their relationship is that big of a deal. Meanwhile upstairs Robin is trying to find out what is taking so long on Patrick’s tests. She runs into Mac and tells him that she doesn’t know anything about the explosion.

      When Robin goes back to Patrick’s room she finds Leyla flirting with him. She quickly dismisses her and suggests that she should give test results to the attending and not to the patients. She takes the hint and leaves. When they are alone they talk about how it sucks that they are even there. Robin thinks that it is unfair that they are being punished for helping people. Dr. Ford comes in just in time to hear the statement and smiles when he tells them “Welcome to the Nightshift.”

      Robin leaves, angry with Patrick. She goes to the locker room. She looks for comfort in her friends, Lainey and Kelly. She doesn’t get mush. They do however tell her that Patrick is a flirt. They think that he will probably always be a flirt.

      Back in the waiting room, Leyla had helped the pregnant woman and she is sitting with the elderly woman. They are talking about babies. Robin comes to check the young woman out. She tells the elderly woman that they have been really busy and that she will send a nurse right over. She takes that young pregnant woman into a cubicle.

      She explains that Kelly is in emergency surgery. She and the woman begin to talk. The woman tells her that even though it is in her chart, she wants to be upfront about being HIV Positive. Robin smiles and says that it never does get any easier when you have to tell someone. The woman is surprised but comforted by the fact that Robin too is HIV Positive.

      As they are talking the woman talks about how hard it is to be having a baby. She tells Robin about the stigma that people have. It touches Robin and they seem to be kindred spirits. They both agree that it isn’t wrong to bring a child into the world when you are HIV Positive. This is because with the drugs the chance of passing it on is very small.

      After she is finished with the woman, Robin stumbles upon Jason waiting for Spinelli. She offers to look at his hands. He is curious to know how she got stuck on nightshift. She tells him but tells him that she is happy because she got to meet the pregnant woman. She tells him about the woman. Even Jason can see how much it is something she wants for the future. As he is reassuring her, he tells her that she can do anything, including being a mother. Kelly walks in and is more than happy to have some new gossip to spread around.

      While Patrick is down waiting in the hallway for his MRI, he becomes convinced that he can hear singing. He asks if anyone is there and doesn’t get any easier. He tries to get up to locate the source of the voice but is stopped. To his dismay, Epiphany has just happened to be walking by. She orders him to get his butt back in bed and he obeys.

      When he is back from his tests, Dr. Ford comes in for a visit. He wants to talk to him about Robin spending her shift with him instead of on paying patients. Patrick is still upset about being on nightshift in the first place. To prove a point he gets up and says that he is sure that there are plenty of paying patients to fill the spot.

      Patrick goes to the locker room to get changed. As he is doing so Lainey and Kelly come in. Kelly is telling Lainey about walking in on Jason and Robin. Kelly thinks it is a big deal. Lainey however thinks that it was just old friends sharing a moment. Patrick listens, but seems a little concerned.

      Robin leads Jason back into the waiting room. She again dismisses the elderly woman. Jason sits next to the woman and they begin to talk. As Patrick and Robin are fighting behind them, Jason tells her about his baby, sort of. She tries to get up but collapses. Jason rushes to her side only to see a large area of her shirt covered in blood.

      Robin rushes to get a trauma team and an OR. She and the team manage to get the woman off to surgery. As Jason is waiting Rodriguez comes in to arrest him. Spinelli tries to take but his statement but Jason will not let him. Before her goes he makes sure that Leyla will talk the elderly woman’s things to her.

      By this time the woman from the ambulance has been dead for a while. It appears that she was a guest at the hotel. She was only being brought in for food poisoning. Ms. Sneed and some other staff are anxious to find out who she is. Regina is on hold and has been for most of her shift trying to get more than just a last name. The name she receives in Barrett.

      After the woman is in the morgue the information comes through. Regina is sent to give the information to the attendant. When she goes down no one is there. She is ready to leave when the woman lifts her hand. She quickly calls in a team and they go to work on her.

      Epiphany has called in Lainey to talk to the shady looking man who saw the accident. He is trying to break into the medicine cabinet. She tries to talk to him but he is very unwilling. He tells her that he doesn’t think that talking to her will change the two tours of duty in Iraq or the post traumatic stress syndrome. She disagrees but when she will not give him the pills he leaves.

      Later he watches the nurse’s station to try and snag some pills. When he overhears Epiphany getting an order for a strong drug he lies in wait. When she has the pills and emergency rushes through and she sets the pills down. While her back is turned he takes them and leaves.

      Maxie is happy to see Coop when he comes in to help with the multiple investigations. She tells him that she hates volunteer work and they sneak off. She claims that she wants to get a better look at his handcuffs. As they are getting busy in the supply closet, Ms. Sneed stumbles upon them. She stumbles out of the room and falls and hurts herself. Coop quickly throws a sheet over Maxie and rushes, with his pants down to help Ms. Sneed.

      When she begins to start screaming for help, Mac comes running. He is quite shocked to see his daughter and best cadet in such a compromising position. To make the situation worse, they have lost the keys to the handcuffs. When they are finally dressed and freed, Mac assigns them both to the lovely task of emptying bedpans.

      As the nightshift comes to an end, Robin and Patrick go to the roof to watch the sunrise. They both apologize for their fight. Robin tells him about the woman and it is once again apparent the babies are on the brain. As he wraps his arms around her he rests his hands over he stomach. They are both thinking about a child but neither one mention it as their first night of punishment comes to an end.

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