General Hospital: Night Shift Best Lines Tuesday 10/21/08


Favorite Lines Chosen By Gisele

"Past and Presence ~ Part 2"

Patrick: I sent your biopsy reports and your MRI images to your Swiss team. Once your trial's done, you'll have a follow-up CT scan, tumor marker in about 3 months, then in about 6 months you'll have a PET scan just to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment.

Robert: When do I lose the portable latrine?

Patrick: The colostomy can't be reversed for probably about another year. I'm sorry about that.

Robert: Nothing to apologize for. I mean, you saved my life.

Patrick: The oncologist did that.

Robert: You were there every step of the way, even though you had to run this place.

Patrick: Yeah, it turns out I'm not very good at multitasking.

Robert: You can't let stuff like that get to you. Somebody throws you a curve ball, you snatch it up and stuff it down their throat, then you get back in the race.

Patrick: It's not my job to keep.

Robert: Chief of Staff--that's just a title. I'm talking about life, and I...I speak as someone who almost lost his.

Patrick: Get some rest.

Robert: Patty-cake.

Patrick: Yeah.

Robert: You promise me one thing. You'll treat your little girl a whole lot better than I treated mine.

Patrick: Sir... you're a great father. And I'm sorry for giving you a hard time about that before.

Robert: Nothing I didn't deserve.

Patrick: Robin loves you. And I promise that I will look at my daughter the same way that you look at yours.

Robert: Thank you. Son.

Jagger: And I'm sorry if I caused some tension between you and Patrick.

Robin: Oh, no, you didn't. [Laughs] Ok, maybe you did just a little bit, but don't worry about it. It's good for him. A little jealousy keeps him on his toes.

Anna: So I'm gonna head down to New York tonight, so I can be at the consulate first thing in the morning to get our visas. All right, now...these are applications, passports... oh, my God. You are 2 years older than you said you are. Tsk, tsk.

Robert: Mind if I see your passport?

Robert: I don't want you doing this.

Anna: It's the only way. Really, it's the quickest way, because we don't have time to wait for these papers to be processed.

Robert: I mean...taking care of me. I want to be that man that you fell in love with, not this invalid.

Anna: I don't know about you, Robert, but I was serious before, about what we said. I always did think that we would find our way back to each other. I always thought that.

Robert: Bucket of mai-tais?

Anna: Yeah. I'm not willing to wait anymore. And I can't risk not getting to that day.

Robert: [Sighs] Oh, I do love you.

Anna: You do? I love you, too.

Robin: Where's Dad?

Anna: He's gone.

Robin: What do you mean, he's gone? He was just here.

Anna: Yeah, he left...without me.

Robin: [Sighs] I'm gonna call you a car. You can meet him at JFK.

Anna: No, don't. He'll be fine.

Robin: Mom, he can't do this alone.

Anna: He has to do it alone.

Robin: Oh, Mom. I'm so sorry.

Anna: It's ok. I suppose, um... deep down I kind of knew that it had to be this way. You know? Your father, he... he has to put himself back together. You know, he has to... become Robert Scorpio again. I just...I got... caught up in the moment. You are so lucky... get to spend the rest of your life with the man you love.

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